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you should make a "pets for the zodiac signs" post!! please make libra rats or dogs because they need social interaction and are nervous

dogs are really sagittarius to me, like… big dogs because sagittarians need to be on their feet so something they can run around with and burn lots of energy, and sagittarius has that general unconditional love and that free, active lifestyle. same with aries  

scorpios and cats. well cats know they are goddesses and therefore may be a bit more content in the presence of an underworld god like scorpio. idk. scorpios just have that sleuth cat thing. mysterious. private. so do leos. leo is the big cat in the jungle. one they can worship is worshipping an element of themselves.

virgos… anything that doesnt make a mess? is easily manageable? lol. thats probably not true. virgo rules the 6th house and the 6th house rules domestic, small animals and pets. they like giving care to something fragile or incapable. but not birds, i know too many virgos terrified of birds, and bugs, crawly things. something tender.

cancers respond well to cuddly and protective pets. like a dog that will always come back for cuddles and stay in their bedroom guarding them. even a little one will do, cancers like to feel safe. aquarius…. aquariams… because they are so fascinating, and you can do all lights and wacky decorations in there, and the colours and intrigue of sea life for aquarius can be enlightening, aquarius is the sign of dolphins, but a pet dolphin would be difficult to have 

gemini needs a parrot. the reason is obvious. somebody they can yak to all day and all night, and someone that will yak back to them. what more do they need. capricorn is the unicorn, capricorn and a pony, or a horse, the feeling of the wind as they gallop through the wind toward mountains. and horses are probably so hard to look after capricorns have the responsibility factor lol. 

libra… peach faces, or parakeets, or little birds that will swing to them, little birds that sit on their hands in balance, making music and chirpy sounds, rainbow colours, blue, pink, and beautiful. i have visions of taurus with a deer. i dont think you can have deer as pets. but they have that hallow, misty, eerie beauty, in fog in the dawn, now thats taurus.

pisces out of all respond to pets the most, doesn’t matter what one, dog,  that unconditional comfort, that hug that can come whenever and forever, the companion that never judges, has a listening ear, represents something higher and peaceful because it is non verbal. 

Headcanons about Team Voltron and bugs

Shiro is unfazed by crawly things because his younger brother adores them and kept a pet tarantula for years so Shiro has a kind of fondness engendered from that- he’s the nice guy who gets a cup and paper and shoos them outside. Alternatively he might exploit the fact that he has a metal arm now to just scoop stuff up because it can’t bite him like that.

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I'm heading to New Mexico in a week. What should I know?

I may not be of much help since I don’t know why you’re coming or what you’ll be doing here, but I can probably provide a few helpful hints! (This post got a little long, so bear with me…)

I do not say any of these things to scare you away, I just want you to be prepared for all that the Land of Entrapme—I mean, Enchantment—has to offer!

More under the cut, since this got so long!

The following goes for the whole of New Mexico:
• WEAR SUNSCREEN. I don’t care how dark you are, New Mexico itself is at a higher altitude than most other states, and it is in a desert area, which means you’re closer to the sun and it’s BLOODY HOT almost all year-round. Albuquerque, New Mexico sees around 340 (or more) sunny days a year. Most of them with no clouds. I have a friend from California who had literally never had a sunburn before IN HER LIFE. She got her first one here after spending twenty minutes outside jogging. It is also dry here, which means your skin will probably dry out mere moments after you take a shower. FOR YOUR SKIN’S SAKE; BATHE IN SUNSCREEN AND ALOE LOTION IF YOU HAVE TO. Don’t let this state destroy your beautiful complexion. Or…you know…give you skin cancer.

• Continuing on the fact that New Mexico has a high elevation: If you jog or ride your bike out here, you may run out of breath faster than you do in other states. Don’t worry, it’s only because the air is thin. Another thing that altitude affects is alcohol tolerance. You might not be able to handle as much as you’re used to in other states. Don’t worry, that’s just New Mexico fucking with you. But also because the air is thin. PLEASE don’t go to Sandia Crest and think you can still get away with six beers. You will probably be wasted before your third one.

• There are indeed four seasons in New Mexico, but they are not the same as everyone else’s. They are: WinterLiteTM, wiND, ATOMIC SUMMER, and then comes WIND PART II, THE VENGEANCE. We also have dust, dust, and more dust (I have probably seen more dust devils in my life than ice cream trucks. And New Mexico has a lot of shady-ass ice cream trucks). If you are asthmatic, PLEASE use your inhaler/nebuliser and sleep with an air humidifier in the room. In fact, everyone should sleep with a humidifier on, asthmatic or not. It can help prevent dry-weather nosebleeds.

• It’s not a fun subject, but here are some BUGS and CRAWLIES to watch out for:
-As with everywhere, if you’ll be spending time outside, wear bugspray and avoid mosquitos, fleas, and ticks like the plague (haha see…cos in New Mexico, the fleas and ticks might LITERALLY be carrying the ACTUAL plague. Be safe out there, kids, and don’t touch the prarie dogs).

-If you see a spider that looks like this:

It’s harmless. Its mouth is literally too small to bite you. These long-legged angels may be everywhere, but they help keep the fly population to a tolerable level. You can leave them alone and they’ll just sit there looking pretty and creepy.

-However, if you see either one of THESE fuckers:

Either leave it alone, relocate it, or if you can’t…I guess you can kill it. Just do NOT let it GET ON YOU or BITE YOU, WHATEVER YOU DO.

-We also have some problems with scorpions and centipedes. A good rule of thumb is to leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone. But if it’s little, and it’s ON you, either relocate it or kill it.

-In the more rural areas of NM, there are bullsnakes and rattlesnakes! The bullsnakes are pretty much harmless, and I can tell you stories about catching them as a wee lad. But if you encounter a rattlesnake, get THE HELL OUT. Chances are, you’ll hear it first. Back away slowly and then when you’re a safe distance away, RUN LIKE FUCK. They like to hang out in tall grass, so if at all possible, avoid running through a wide open field of grass.

• MANY OF THE PLANTS HERE WILL TRY TO KILL YOU! Don’t take it personally, they’re just angry and jealous that we have less water than everyone else. It’s quite understandable. I am too. If you see a green park and wish to run through it barefoot DON’T DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. SPARE YOUR POOR FEET. If the plants don’t get you, THE SPRINKLER HEADS WILL.
Anyway, here are some evil New Mexican plants to watch out for:

-Goat heads

These fuckers don’t care who they take out, they just care that they take out AS MANY FEET, TOES, HANDS, AND FINGERS AS POSSIBLE. You thought getting a splinter was bad? These will stab your foot, stab the fingers that you use to pull it out, and then hurt for DAYS afterward. Think stepping on a lego, only it’s a stabby plant whose seedpods hide in crevices waiting to kill your feet and hands year-round.

-Foxtails and “stickers”

These will stick to everything you love and POKE THE FUCK OUT OF YOU INCESSANTLY UNTIL YOU BEG FOR FORGIVENESS FOR WHATEVER YOU DID TO DESERVE THIS PUNISHMENT. Don’t walk through grassy areas unless you’re wearing jeans and close-toed shoes. Even then, they may still poke you if they get a hold of your socks somehow (and they ALWAYS find a way).

-I don’t know what these are called so I call them “FUCK-YOU-plants”

They have a million reeny-tiny needles on their stems that will be the bane of your existence if you have to weed a garden here. Just don’t touch them. You aren’t even safe if you wear gardening gloves. NO ONE IS SAFE.

-Our thistles are spiny and look like they will MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP

This is why I was always confused about why it says in Whinne the Pooh that Eeyore ate them. He was obviously eating the less-murderous variety.

Tumbleweeds. Wind garbage. Harmless, right?

THINK AGAIN. You think these things won’t kill you? They are ACTUALLY out to take over the WORLD. These fuckers can grow to be GIGANTIC and WILL NOT HESITATE to ABSOLUTELY TOTAL your car if you try to run over them. They will also bury houses and vehicles as they are allies with the wind. But hey, Albuquerque makes a cool giant snowman with them every winter, since we don’t usually have any actual snow to play with.

CACTUS. Our entire state is pretty much COVERED in cactus.

They are the most angry of all about the fact that there is no water. It is best not to argue with them or try to console them. In fact, stay a safe distance away and try not to make eye-contact. They’re pretty, but they are also murdery, so don’t be fooled by their seductive and colourful spring flowers. Some of them have delicious fruit, but the tingling sensation you feel after trying it may be due to the THOUSANDS OF TINY NEEDLES that were just deposited into your tongue. Many people plant prickly pears or chollas under their bedroom windows to deter burglars, because falling into one is literally one of the worst experiences you can imagine, shortly followed by the horrible experience you’ll have at the doctor’s office as they pluck cactus spines out of your bare bottom for forty five minutes while you bemoan every single life-choice you’ve ever made.
Also, there are often little tiny cacti with GIANT SPINES just chilling under pine trees and such, so watch where you step.

Anyway, let’s stop talking about the scary murdery stuff and start talking about the fun stuff!

New Mexico has a very chile-centric culture. New Mexicans joke that we put chile on EVERYTHING, and we’re actually not wrong. We put chile on our pizza, we put it in our brownies and cakes…we got chile chocolate, chile chips, chile candy, chile cornbread, chile WINE, chile COFFEE, and CHILE PEANUT BRITTLE (which is SO GOOD I would probably actually kill a man for it. Or I’d let the cacti do it and feign non-involvement).

If you are dining at a New Mexican restaurant, you may hear the words “Red, Green, or Christmas?” ass-smack in the middle of July. Don’t worry. They are not trying to sell the jolly holiday of winter to you as a side-dish with your meal. They want to know if you want red chile, green chile, or both (т.е; red + green = christmas). If you like it hot, I would suggest going with the green. Hatch chile is usually hot and delicious. If you’re on the fence, you can get it on the side, or go for the usually milder red chile (which stains like a MOTHERFUCKER do NOT eat it if you are clumsy like me and any part of your clothing is light-coloured! If you must eat it, wear BLACK), but if you’re feeling adventurous, go with both.

Here are a few must-try New Mexican dishes with chile in them (ok they pretty much ALL have chile in them, who am I kidding)

Huevos rancheros: The New Mexican breakfast of CHAMPIONS.

You can get this at most restaurants if they advertise New Mexican food. I’d get it at Frontier if you’re gonna be in Albuquerque.

The Frontier/Golden Pride breakfast burrito

The Frontier/Golden pride restaurants are a MUST-VISIT if you end up in Albuquerque. As for their burritos? They’ve been voted best in the city (if not the state) COUNTLESS times. Whether it’s a #9 or a #11, the tortillas are fresh, the chile is hot, and the burrito you get is DE-FUCKIN-LICIOUS.

Posole and Tamales

These are usually a winter favourite served around Christmastime, but I think I speak for a lot of New Mexicans when I say that they are delicious no matter WHAT time of the year you’re enjoying them.

Green Chile Rellenos

Because a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed green chile is ALWAYS a good idea.

Green chile Pepperoni Pizza

You can ONLY get this in New Mexico, but you can get it literally ANYWHERE in the state. My favourite is served at a tiny pizzaria in Ruidoso called Cafe Rio, but I guess it’s ok at Dion’s too.
(Fun fact: most New Mexican chains/franchises also carry green chile. For example, New Mexican Subway carries green chile, and you can put it on literally ANY sandwich you want).

New Mexico has breathtaking views, a whole lot of must-see tourist attractions, and yes we are the state where Breaking Bad was filmed (there RV are tours for that). It’s a place with a lot to offer. It kinda sucks to live here, but it’s awesome to visit! I won’t go into detail on the sights since this post got a little long, but if you have a question specifically about the sights to see, I can definitely make a post about them! Let me know!

(And to all the New Mexicans seeing this post: feel free to add anything I might have missed)

The Beholder is the best idea Gary Gygax ever had and nobody can be assed to say why. I’ve seen people agonize over the Beholder, trying to improve on the overall model, and it’s never worked for me. Thing is, you can’t deliberately improve a monster until you have a working theory for why it worked in the first place, and I couldn’t have told you what makes Beholders good until like a couple of days ago.

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Be My Guardian Lion (pt 2)

Hey, @sir-scandalous, I made a second part.

ya’ll i’m shance starved as well. so much to the point i’m writing this sick asf

If you looked at the preview, this part will be mainly fluff with only a little angst, but none of the less, please enjoy :-)

Alright Shiro. No big deal. Just a week at Lance’s place. All you’re doing is making sure he is protected and-



What was that about this being no big deal again?

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I was soooo hoping someone would send me xiuhan for this, yessss.

Who said “I love you” first
Luhan did. They were just sitting, watching a movie at Luhan’s apartment and he was watching Minseok instead of the movie and he just had one of those moments… he couldn’t look away from him and he could just feel it. He just randomly blurts it out and Minseok looks at him and just smiles and says he loves him too and it takes everything in Luhan not to cry like a baby.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background
Minseok would, but not by choice. Luhan took a selfie with Minseok’s phone one day and set the picture as the background and said that he’s not allowed to change it because it’s a really good picture of himself.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror
They’ve made a game of playfully insulting each other in the steam on the mirror. Last time Minseok wrote, ‘about time you showered, nasty’, and Luhan replied the next day with, ‘hey ugly’. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts
Though they both like to buy each other gifts frequently, Luhan is guilty of getting the cheesy ones. He once came home with two full matching outfits and couldn’t understand why Minseok was so against wearing them. (they wore them the next day to the beach and Minseok only wanted to die a little bit)

Who initiated the first kiss
Luhan, and he was much too eager and ended up banging their teeth together really hard. But Minseok just laughed it off and pulled him back in for a less painful kiss.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning
Minseok gets up way too early and Luhan would complain, but Minseok likes to wake him up with kisses, so it’s really not so bad.

Who starts tickle fights
Luhan refuses to be ticklish and it makes Minseok so mad. He always starts tickle fights just to try and find somewhere that Luhan is ticklish. He never does, and it ends with Minseok in tears begging Luhan to stop tickling him.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower
Every single time Minseok showers Luhan follows him to the bathroom, asking over and over if he can shower with him, only to have the bathroom door shut in his face. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows what showering with Luhan would lead to and he really just wants to get clean.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch
They work different schedules so it’s hard to have lunch times that align. But sometimes Minseok will take a much later lunch so he can buy food to bring into Luhan’s office to eat with him.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date
Definitely Luhan. He likes to pretend to be this big, tough guy but when Minseok said yes to a first date Luhan was nothing but nerves for the next week in anticipation of that coming Friday night. To this day, Luhan is still surprised he managed to dress himself for the date, his hands were shaking so bad.

Who kills/takes out the spiders
Neither. They’re both terrified of those creepy crawlie little nasty things. If it’s a tiny one Luhan usually can manage the courage to squash it, but more often than not, they end up calling Kyungsoo, their neighbor, to come get it for them.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk
Minseok is more reserved and quiet, but when he drinks, he’s no stranger to dancing and screaming, singing loudly and hopping up on tables at the bar. It’s one of Luhan’s favorite things about him. Once when walking home, Minseok stopped in the middle of a busy street to raise his arms and scream ‘I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!

Scott Lang Relationship Headcanons

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Scott Lang Relationship Headcanons

Prompt: Could you do a Scott Lang and/or Clint Barton relationship Headcanons? Thank you!

Scott taught you how to pick a lock with a paperclip.

He also taught you to hotwire a car with nothing more than a penny and a bobby-pin.

At first, Cassie is skeptical of her Daddy’s new girlfriend, but she likes you a lot and embraces you as a member of the family.

Whenever you visit Scott at the apartment, Luis always offers to make waffles.

Scott is really funny and never fails to make you smile when you’re sad or laugh when you’re mad at him for doing something stupid.

Scott finds your fear of creepy crawly things hilarious, considering his ant teammates.

He uses the above fact to scare you in every way possible and as often as he can.

Scott uses the Ant Man suit to sneak into and out of the house, thinking you won’t notice, even though you do. Every time.

Scott says he can never ever take you to Baskin Robins, although you’re not quite sure why.

Scott is always introducing you to his jail buddies. Some of them are pretty cool, actually.

Have a Request? Just ask!


Request:  If requests are still open, can I request Slender/reader? You can write it in any context, but if you could make them oblivious to the other pastas/proxies shipping them like hell, it would be cute. Thanks!

Requested by Anonymous

A/N: I went a little off topic with it, I hope you still like it! It was a cute request! <3

“Hello, dearest.” Slender man says, gently taking your hand. You had come by the mansion to hang out with your infamous best friend, Slender Man. You used to wonder the woods all the time by yourself, getting lost every once in a while. Slender found you one day, fascinated by your lack of fear toward him. Eventually you two became friends, wondering the woods together. In time he brought you back to his home, he told you about all his secrets and introduced you to the others. He always made you feel safe, especially since you learned of all the creepy crawly things in the dark.

“YEEE Y/n!” Sally yells, bouncing down the stairs and running up to you. Jane followers her down, smiling when she sees Sally wraps her small arms around her. Jane swaps her hips and drops down on the arm rest beside Eyeless Jack, lazily throwing her arm around his shoulders and grins.

“They’re cute together” She whispers, and EJ nods.

“I totally ship it, when are they going to get together?” Clockwork asks, fiddling with a pen while looking at you both.

“Can you imagine the sex?” Masks pipes up, making Jane role her eyes.

“Do you guys think Slender’s a bottom?” BEN asks, he and Masky start cackling. You and Slender glare at them.

“Come now, let’s go.” Slender says with disdain in his voice, clearly bothered by the situation. He gently pulls you along outside and away from the laughing boys.

“Holy shit, Slender is totally a bottom!” Masky yells, clutching his side from laughter. The boys kept on like this for a while, Jeff even joined in at one point to make crude jokes about Slender’s “tentacles” and their role in your sex life. Needless to say, you and Slender don’t hang out around them much anymore.

I just went into Alien: Covenant a second time and realised that not only did David name the animals on the planet - if I’m not mistaken, he named one after Weyland- A centipede-worm-creepy-crawly thing. It’s on his desk right next to his picture of Shaw. (Not the one with her and Holloway, which SOMEONE must have dumped into the puddle in the mud where Daniels and Walter find it earlier on in the movie)

The Snake in the Eye

Title: The Snake in the Eye

Pairing: Hodgins x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hello! Would it be possible for you to do a Hodgins x reader where Y/N is sort of an intern but for entomology/herpetology (bugs, reptiles, and amphibians) If you do thanks so much!!

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like it! XOXOXO

Originally posted by nightatthebonesmuseum

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“You guys choose this. Turning people over like rocks and looking at all their creepy crawly things underneath. And I get it. I do. It’s the only way to catch them. But I want to see the good in people. I choose to see the good in people. And getting into someone’s mind and trying to find the god-awful thing that happened to them that made them do the god-awful thing to somebody else has seriously impaired my ability to giggle, and it makes my brain all wonky, and I don’t like it.”

What Grosses out the Zodiac Signs:

Aries: People who “look gross” (subjectively), hair stuck in the drain, pet or baby drool, and rusty things.

Taurus: Gross textures like something that is slimy or scabby, bad smells, mucus, and sitting in a chair that someone else just got out of and the chair is still warm.

Gemini: “Gross words” like groin, moist, spit, etc., uncooked meat, and when people spit on you when they talk.

Cancer: Food that is under or over cooked, gum stuck to things, unexpected sticky things, and dirty socks or underwear.

Leo: Spit on the sidewalk, people who “look or sound gross” (subjectively), gross animals like rats or snakes, people who snore, wet clothes, and dust.

Virgo: Dirty dishes, toilets, door knobs, really anything dirty. People peeing in pools, coughing or blowing your nose in public, sick people, and long dirty fingernails.

Libra: Vomit, gore, acne, burping, farting, blood, body hair, and snot.

Scorpio: Bringing food or drinks into the bathroom, gross food, wet door knobs, or warm beer/drinks that should be cold.

Sagittarius: Snotty-nose children, people who chew loudly or with their mouth open, people who chew gum, those who smoke in public, or people who smack their lips when they eat.

Capricorn: Run down buildings, mildew or mold, couples hardcore making out in public, stains, and people with gross laughs or crying.

Aquarius: Really random things like foam, wet paper, the feel of cotton balls, strong chemicals used in cleaners or perfume, the list could go on.

Pisces: Bad milk, stinky feet, creepy crawly things like bugs and snakes, and sounds like scratches down a chalk board, Styrofoam moving around, or gagging noises.

I’m almost frightened to say it, but, we’ve been ant free for just over two weeks. Ever since we hired the professional to come rain down firey death on our lot there’s been a drastic decrease in creepy crawly things coming out of the literal woodwork to give me an anxiety attack. It’s a relief.




wantto do something, but fucking parents make that an impossibility.

So I’m doing this instead.

I will MAKE matching binders and boy shorts for trans kids that can’t transition for whatever reason, genderfluid kids that can’t get binders and need them, and nongender kids that sometimes just don’t want to have boobs (I understand, most days I’d prefer not to have them myself).

They will be pretty, funny, cute, whatever the hell you want. I’ll start shipping them out mid-November.

If your parents ask, they’re a gift from a faraway friend or a distant relative.

There will also be several other things in there, like a hand-knitted stuffed animal and a stress bottle for when you’re sad.

But Vaughn, why are you doing this??


I have insanely religious parents. Like, I will never introduce them to most of my friends, they’re so scary. My dad won’t let me go anywhere without him knowing. I don’t have a license because of him. I can’t go on the bus because he has to “teach” me, which will probably never happen.

I’ve been grounded for the last two months.

But yeah, why not be a wonderful person?

Okay, okay, that’s cool. But what all will be in this box?

Good question. Here’s the tentative list. I’ll update it if there are changes or I decide on a permanent list.

1) One, two, or three binder sets, depending on the level of riskiness for said person.

2) A hand-knitted cuddle creature, in the form of the person’s favorite animal.

3) A super cool glitter and glue bottle that’ll have something inspiring painted on it for when the person’s sad.

4) Music, because music is the best.

5) A personalized letter for each person, because you do matter and there are people out there who matter.

Maybe more. Maybe less. It depends. The binders stay, as do the stuffed creatures. I like animals. Sue me. *shrugs*

That’s great. But what do you need?

Measurements, of course. Your favorite stuffed animal. Your favorite color and favorite metallic (gold, silver, copper, bronze - this is for the glitter and glue/galaxy bottle). Your address, eventually. Your name and however you want this box of goodies sent to you (auntie? grandparent? random internet friend?). What do you want the fabric of your binder to be? Any extras? Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to help, that’s cool too. Maybe we can make this a yearly thing. That would be awesome.

I might be convinced to do it for cosplayers. Be super convincing.

Great, great. How DO we contact you?

At this point, go ahead and message me. I won’t publish the asks for this. I know how scary it can be to worry about parents finding out stuff they shouldn’t. If you’re still worried, I do have anonymous asks on. :)

Oh - if you’re an asshole? I will use my many many years of pent up rage to blast your ass and make you feel like a week, pathetic, crawly thing. I am an alexythemic and borderline insane, I will not regret making you cry, dick bags.

That’s all! I’ll start a list (don’t worry, it won’t be found) and get started making these as soon as I can.

Contact me for more information, reassurances, to add yourself to the list, or to volunteer.

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 13: Prairies

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypotheticalthinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found inthe world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Like I mentioned in the last post on beaches and coasts, a lot of major biomes have already been covered, so the rest may be pretty similar to each other and a lot more concentrated. For example, although deserts were already covered I may need to make further posts dividing them into semiarid and coastal deserts, as each are distinct biomes.

This post will focus on prairies. Prairies are actually considered to be part of the temperate grassland, savanna, and shrubland biomes based on their similarity in climates, and composition of grasses. This is where the Pokémon in our Biomes posts gets fuzzy, because all of the mentioned biomes are individual biomes, and because they are so similar it makes it a challenge to distinguish possible Pokémon between them. Prairies are however, a type of grassland, much like there are different types of deserts. Prairies are generally considered to be the huge rolling grasslands of the central United States and Canada, and in South America, Eurasia, and Africa they are all technically called different things but all more or less utilize the same characteristics.

Prairies have one feature I found quite interesting, is that unlike the Asian steppes, and South American pampas, prairies have considerably tall grasses, some areas having grasses as high as 9 feet. This feature is usually specified by the amount of rainfall. As you move away from the mountains near the west coast, the climate generally becomes drier as there isn’t a huge body of water to provide rainfall, and even when there is rainfall, there isn’t enough to support tree life, hence why the main type of plant species will be a grass or flower species. Due to this, the animals that live in the prairies have to either burrow to hide from predators, or herd together.

Let’s get started!

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I’m rewatching parks and recreation because I’m a smashy garbage girl and this show is my Prozac when my life is bug barf


I finally figured out exactly how I feel about creepy crawly things and wasps “I want them gone. But not killed, I love animals. But get them out of here they are gross. But make sure they’re happy. But not too happy.”

Difficult Simplicities

Summery: With yours and Deans first child on the way, Dean decided to recruit Sam’s help and build a car seat to surprise you. Too bad building a car seat isn’t as easy as it looks.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

Word count: 695

A/N: anon request

You walked around the bunker, checking in each room for the boys but each room you checked was coming up empty. There was one last place you hadn’t looked.

“Oh for god sakes Sammy!” you heard Dean yell from outside followed by a loud bang and a string of curse words that flowed smoothly from the green eyed hunters mouth.

Rushing out the door as fast as your legs could carry you (which lets be honest, with your swollen belly, you weren’t moving too fast) a smile crept across you face as you assessed the beautiful scene that lay out before you.

Dean and Sam were both beside the Impala, a mess of random plastic parts spread across the ground, a big cardboard box that read ‘Baby’s First Car Seat!’ in bright red letters sat behind them.

“Well if you didn’t throw out the instructions Dean!” Sam yelled at his brother, neither one noticing your presence at first.

“It’s a car seat Sam! I didn’t think it would be like build the fucking enterprise!”

“Everything okay out here?” you asked cutting in before the boys could argue any further.

Dean and Sam’s head whipped up to look at you in surprise.

“Y/N! uh… we were- we just- we wanted it to be a surprise.” Dean said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, something he often did when he was nervous or embarrassed.

“How s’it coming along?” you drawled walking over to the boys and leaned against the Impala to rest your already tired feet. Being pregnant was a real pain in the ass sometimes.


“Terrible!” Dean and Sam yelled at the same time heads whipping to look at each other in annoyance.

“You two hunt monsters for a living, you fight creepy, crawly creatures, things that go bump in the night, you two literally stopped the apocalypse… but you cant put a simple car seat together?”

“Uh- Dean threw out the instructions.” Sam said lamely, pointing to Dean in blame.

“I thought we were building a car seat not the damn-”

“Enterprise yeah, yeah.” Sam said as he waved his hand at Dean.

Dean glared at Sam as he stood up, dusting his jeans off he leaned towards you to give you a quick kiss on the lips.

“How’s out little princess doing?” Dean asked as he placed his warm hands on your protruding belly, thumbing small circles as he looked down.

“I’m doing great thanks for asking.” you replied playfully, grinning widely.

“Funny.” he mumbled as he pressed another kiss to your lips.

“You guys need any help?” you finally asked when Dean pulled away.

“What? No! you just sit back and do whatever it is that you pregnant women do.” Dean said casually resulting in a loud groan from Sam.


“Hey, I can figure it out!”

You couldn’t help but smile, it was yours and Deans first child and you could tell he was freaking out, he had already ‘baby proofed’ the bunker the first night you found out you were pregnant and even insisted on building a crib the next day!

“Dean, you’ve built the Impala from the ground up, you’ve made homemade bombs, you even made your own emf reader…” you patted the plastic car seat and smiled “it’s a car seat.”

“There must be parts missing” Dean grumbled as he knelt down and rested on the back of his heels, you let out a soft chuckle as you watched the great Dean Winchester be bested by a child’s car seat. In his defence, he was trying his best. He went with you to every doctors appointment and baby classes, he even bought baby books!

“I say we just take a break!” Sam groaned again, running his hands through his hair.

“No Sam, we can finish this!”

Damn Dean and his stubbornness.

“Come on, come in for drinks and a snack.” you offered walking towards the bunker doors and looking back at the two brothers.

“Fine, just for a minute though!“

You watched as Dean stood, eyeing the car as he passed and giving the ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture. Boy was this gonna be a long pregnancy.