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honestly, my favourite tony trope is him surviving so much bullshit that everyone starts to believe that he's actually immortal. Villains start just giving up on actually killing him, and either incapacitate him or make sure he's unavailable when they start the fight. Some of the more egotistical ones go out of their way to try. There's many conspiracy theories about him, and how it's possible that he's survived. One of his favourite pastimes is reading the more outlandish ones. (Tree)

Listen. It’s common knowledge among the villains of the world. If you’re anywhere close to being a professional Badguy, then you’ve heard the stories. You know the rumours.

Tony Stark Does Not Die. So for God’s sake, do not be stupid enough to try.

Some of the newbies, they ask. They wonder why no-one tries to shoot a fatal hit, why they never even bother to go for Iron Man. 

The older, more weary villains just roll their eyes and mutter “don’t wanna waste my firepower. Save your shots for the ones that will actually stay dead, kid,”

“That asshole crawled out of a cave with a hole in his chest and still managed to kick everyone’s ass,” someone pipes up moodily from the corner.

There’s a sudden bang as a hand slaps on the counter, and the newbie turns to see another grim-looking villain.“I once shot straight through him. Laser right through the stomach. You know what that piece of shit did?” The guy gestures to his lack of foot. “He Goddamn turned around and shot my leg off! and then he just sort of looked down and shrugged at his own fatal wound. He told me I had it worse, and that he was ‘sorry’. Who even does that?”

“I crushed him,” says another, “he just buried out the other way and then caught me a day later. It took me years to get out of prison.”

“I planted a virus in his suit while he was thousands of miles above sea, and not only did he defend it, but he traced my source and sent it back. Thousands and thousands of dollar’s worth of tech, gone,” someone shouts miserably from across the room. “He didn’t even have a fucking keyboard! Every line of code was verbal! He spoke and memorised those lines faster than I could type them, and I goddamn invented the thing!”

A bottle of… something, flies across the room. Obviously everyone is very bitter about this.

The newbie, because they’re always like this at the start; over-confident and stiflingly cocky, puffs their chest and looks them all in the eye. “you just haven’t been thinking about it hard enough. I’ll kill him. Just watch.”

Everyone descends into hysterical laughter. Someone is crying. No one in the room is Okay. 

“Whatever you say, whatever you think or plan, he’s one step ahead. Don’t, for your sake, please. Take Thor. Or Cap. Or maybe the Widow, if you’re feeling brave? But just… don’t waste your time with him. Try and keep him away, instead. That’s all we can ask for,” says someone next to her, obviously taking pity.

“He might be smart, but he’ll have no idea what’s coming when I step on the scene!” Newbie growls. “Listen-”

A few miles across, Tony Stark listens to the whole conversation via a bug he planted in the known Villain Hiding-Spot, and smiles smugly.

“Damn straight,” he mutters, before calling in the rest of the Avengers to gloat.


make me choose: asked by @marisascoulter spirited away or howl's moving castle?

Nothing that happens, is ever forgotten, even if you can’t remember it.

and some modern wondertrev because i’m not done drawing them yet. get you a lady who can lift!

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because it’s the cros dude’s 30th bday,, id like to share a story

last year, the summer after the pens won the stanley cup for the fourth time,, i was eating dinner w my family. i mentioned that i was excited for hockey to be starting up again with the world cup. my sister looked at me, confused, and said “but I thought sidney crosby won.”

“won…..the cup?” i asked.

looking at me like ‘you’re the hockey guy around here you should know this,’ she replied, “hockey”

so congrats to sidney crosby for winning hockey once and for all. we can all go home. it’s been done


Everything already in place: the retired hit man currently sleeping with Maura; his supernatural-obsessed ex-boss currently sleeping in Boston; the creepy entity buried in rocks beneath the ley line; the unfamiliar creatures crawling out of a cave mouth behind an abandoned farmhouse; the ley line’s growing power; the magical sentient forest on the ley line; one boy’s bargain with the magical forest; one boy’s ability to dream things to life; one dead boy who refused to be laid to rest; one girl who supernaturally amplified 90 percent of the aforementioned list.

Theo and Tadashi

in the AU where some travel between dimensions using Portals,
where the space pirate Tadashi crash-lands on D37 
behind the farm of a little girl,
where he helps her with her inventions and she helps him fix his ship,

where four years later, he receives the coordinates to a Portal on earth, but decides to stay,

where his enemies catch up with him and kidnap the girl,

and where Tadashi goes after them to save her.

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Could you please write a one shot where Harry and y/n go on a vacation with their families together because their families are close friends, but their families don't know about harry and y/n's relationship. I really hope you can write this!!! Also I love you're writing xx

You tiptoed past your parents’ room before dashing towards the elevator, pressing the button too many times as you waited impatiently, looking left and right for any sign of yours or Harry’s family. You got inside the elevator, pressing the ground floor.
You peaked your head out first before walking outside. Just when you thought the coast was clear, you felt someone bump into your shoulder. You looked, your heart dropping. “Gemma, Gemma, hey,” You chuckled nervously.

“Hey, Y/N, couldn’t sleep?” Gemma asked before she yawned.

“Yeah,” You nodded, “Wanted to take a walk so I could.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” She chuckled, “I came to replace my kettle, the one I had wasn’t working. Anyway, I’m going now.” She nodded at you, giving you a smile before walking towards the elevator.
You watched her, waving at her awkwardly to make sure she got inside and left.
You released a sigh of relief before hurrying outside, running towards beach that was basically right in front of you.

You tiptoed towards a cave that was hid by bushes that you and Harry found, bending down to see him waiting there, his eyes lightening up when he saw you, opening his arms for you. You grinned, getting inside and sitting between his legs, your back pressed against his chest as he pecked your cheek.

“I ran into Gemma.” You giggled.

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“I never crawled out of a cave that fast!”

Our colleague Sophie Verheyden is a fanatic speleologist. Quite an advantage when you are a geologist studying speleothems, like stalagmites and stalactites. One of her major discoveries was last year, when she could date stalagmite constructions (containing traces of fire) far into the cave of Bruniquel (Southwestern France) as being 176,500 years old. That indicated that early Neanderthals, well before Homo sapiens, knew how to use fire to circulate in enclosed spaces far from daylight. Just watch this cool documentary.

First footprints  

“Speleology is so fascinating”, Sophie says. She remembers exploring a cave in Italy. “We had to dive through a siphon, a section that is flooded to the ceiling, and climb a 50 meter high waterfall, before we could explore a dozen side galleries. I was walking through the very fine, untouched sand… Looking back, I saw my own footprints, and realized I was the first EVER in that place. You feel mighty and humble at the same time. In one of the other galleries, closer to the river, we discovered a bear ‘nest’, not far from the skulls and bones that had already been found in the main gallery. So, there must have been an entrance nearby, but until now we haven’t found it.”


Speleology is not without danger. “In Mexico I was measuring a cave with an underground river. After a rainstorm the water had risen 50 meters: the calm lake on the cave bottom had turned into a wild underground river. After a week, we could re-enter the cave, but we were still wary of the roaring waters. We constantly listened to the sound of the river. Suddenly, the noise was getting  louder, the water was rising! I never crawled out of a cave that fast!”

(Pictures: First two by Saskia Vanderstichelen/VUB in the Grottes de Han, Belgium. The third by Michel Soulier/SSAC during the exploration of the Bruniquel cave, France)

When you read someone’s tumblr bio and they’re literally any type apart from INFP