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Newt Scamander "You can't have both"

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“You can’t have both!” Newt exclaimed as he watched you curling two kittens in your palms. The tiniest balls of fur cradled within your gentle grip, their bright green eyes gazed up at you as their small bodies rattled from the vibrations of their loud purrs.

You couldn’t take your eyes off the kittens, but could see out of the corner of your eyes Newt fidgeting frantically on his feet with panic. You couldn’t take care of two kittens, especially with your mind focused on a full time job and….his eyes shifted to the brown case at his feet. Imagine if a kitten crawled inside and….he felt his body fall ice cold in fear. Frank would find kittens a pleasant appetiser.

“But why not?” You asked, nuzzling the kittens with your nose one after the other, a soft giggle surfaced from your lips and you melted as they both nuzzled back, loving a cheek each. Newt felt himself want to buckle, he hadn’t seen you so content in a while.

 “My love” he spoke, pushing a piece of his thick fringe away from his eyes “I don’t think it would be practical mixing your beasts with mine and…” 

His green eyes locked on yours, he instantly felt cruel. Your eyes filled with tears and your lip trembled 

 “Newty” you fought back tears “these are the last two kittens, we can’t adopt one an leave the other alone” 

 Newt watched you, then down at your hands where the kittens nuzzled your fingers, they had fallen for you. His chest ached, and his heart hurt as he remembered how in love with you he was, and knowing how those kittens feel toward you now you had shown them so much kindness already.

 “Okay” Newt crumbled, pulling a brown wallet from the inside pocket of his coat “you’ll need to decide on two names now” 

 You grinned and pulled the kittens to your face once more, planting kisses on each one “I love you and will protect you always”


Request from anonymous: “Horny jong and Bum just being a tease”

“I’m horny,” Jonghyun announces as he walks into the bedroom. 

Kibum looks up from the novel he’s reading, raising an eyebrow. “That’s great, Jonghyun. Congratulations.”

“Kibum,” Jonghyun whines, flopping onto the foot of the bed. “You’re going to do something about it because you love me, right?”

Looking up from his book for only the span of one page turn, Kibum shakes his head. “Nope. There’s a shower in the bathroom right behind you. I know we have cold water.”

“How mean.”

“What’s mean is you disturbing my reading because you’re a twenty-five year old horn ball,” Kibum chuckles, unburying his foot from beneath the blankets to press into Jonghyun’s crotch.


“Nah,” Kibum doggy ears the corner of the page he’s on before setting it on the nightstand. He crawls down the bed, hanging over Jonghyun so his lips are hovering above Jonghyun’s. “Can you take a guess as to what I’m reading, babe?”

“Uh, well–”

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” Kibum smirks, running his hands down the sides of Jonghyun’s waist. “And it’s tacky, but hell, do I want to try all those things on you,” he runs his index finger down the middle of Jonghyun’s chest. “Fuck you nice and hard all night long. Mm… wouldn’t that be nice? Morning until night.”

Jonghyun squeezes his legs together. “Maybe if we start now, we can reenact the whole book by sunrise.”

“That is a thought, but…” Kibum smacks his palm against the side of Jonghyun’s head. “I’ll never finish the first book if your horny ass can’t keep it cool for one night.”

Jonghyun pouts. “I’m pretty sure that counts as abuse. It stays in the marriage handbook that you can’t act all sexy and then stop.”

“Hm, I wouldn’t know since you won’t let me read that either,” Kibum sticks his tongue out, crawling back of the bed. “Hey!”

Kibum gasps when Jonghyun grabs him by the ankle, playfully dragging him back down the mattress closer to him. 

“Let’s make up our own fantasy. You start. I’ll narrate.”