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I call this one: Yet another fictional character broke up with me and I’m still in denial about that

*throws happy Mirana and the idiot doctor in everyone’s face*

first light

based on hotarubi no mori e (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader, taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and (mainly) angst
word count: 24.843
warnings: none

“Have you ever felt like the world is too loud sometimes?”

“No. For me it’s always quiet.”


The soft crackle of the fire is the only sound breaking the deep silence. It smoothly cuts through the murky atmosphere of the night, and the sight of its origins is just as mesmerizing: waves of blazing fire helplessly reach out towards the sky, weak and strong, the flames rising aimlessly as they sway amongst the smoke.

Sitting there, alone and surrounded by trees and the calming waves of the bonfire, is numbing enough to make time still. The temperatures are low enough for a crisp breeze to tickle your cheeks, seeping through the layers of your clothes as your hands seek for warmth against each other. You can almost pretend you’re completely on your own, that voices are not coming closer and that the sound of hearty laughter isn’t overpowering the eerie quietness of nature.

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She’s coming out of the wilderness where we all know her to live and joining the living at SDCC so everyone get out ya cameras and take as many videos and pictures as possible. Savor each moment because YOU KNOW her ass gonna crawl back into hiding (probably because it’s her birthday soon and she don’t want anyone hearing her celebrate)


Meet Cat, who thinks he’s a dog! My character designs from an upcoming short film called “Odd Dog” by Keika Lee @greyscaleanim, campaigning soon on Indiegogo!

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i would be surprised if any of u guys still remember who i was… but anyways a few thousand years late responses to the asks \o/

aa <3 thank you guys so much TT i didnt know there was a jaehee x mc week but a late contribution to it /o\!

AHAHA// im imagining it in a college AU laughs 

thank you!! TT im surprised u still remember me..but it’s my honor to receive such positive feed back on my works!! ;q;)9

1. Aww that sounds really cute i dont think its bad! dont let others opinion affect u on what ever makes u happy …!

2. LOL I MEAN ive been kinda in and out on this fandom…o)–< 

3. paps zenny//….i have drawn him before but ww ill keep in mind in the future to draw him again 

1. Aww thank you! im glad you like this pairings too ^^)9 new season is out so im excited to draw them again +___+ !!!

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I’m absolutely terrified of posting this, but here is a link to the first writing I’ve publicly shared in over two years. 

a short one shot from ChurchTale- the official name of my ‘Fell bros run a motorcycle shop/Kedgeup project. 

The Serpents at some point in time tbh

Fangs: I found this small crawl space in the back of the cafeteria today. We can all hide there the next time the school gets raided.

Toni: Are you including the brooding human tree in that plan?

Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea: First of all…

Sweet Pea: I won’t hesitate BITCH.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Not Alone


i wanted to request a reggie imagine where the reader is friends with archie and the others. she was best friends with jason and before that she was always really happy and a ray of sunshine and reggie always had a crush on her. after jasons death she’s really sad and shy and doesn’t talk much anymore. when they have to do a school project together reggie sees scars om her arms and asks her about it and she tells him that it’s because of jason. he comforts her and they talk and kiss and fluff!

A/N: Okay changed the requests up a bit, but not too much I wanted to do justice to the requestor; hopefully you guys like it. I am back from Hiatus thank you for being so understanding. Remember I love you all and thank you all for following me and being a great support system. Man I missed writing, enjoy.

Words: 2272

Summary: Reader is going through the motions of losing her best friend Jason.  

Spoilers: I LOVE YOU!

Warnings: !!Reader has depressing and suicidal thoughts!! Like one bad word, and if you have depression that leads to suicidal thoughts reach out, don’t suppress it, you’re worth everything in this universe. Remember that harming yourself is not the answer and the world wouldn’t be the same without you babe.


It was a nightmare it had to be.

You woke up your heart racing feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest. The sweat dripping from your forehead, yet you were shivering. You opted out of the dance because doing things without him was hurtful. A nap had always been more your style especially these days when your insomnia seemed to take over. Your nightmares kept you awake any sleep you got was a miracle.

You sat up wiping the sweat off with your sweater sleeve. You hated these vivid nightmares, hoping that’s all they were, nightmares. Something in your heart just hoped that maybe just maybe he was still alive and well somewhere away from this horrid town.

Those thoughts pushed away as your father entered your room. You caught the look in his knowing the news you were about to receive. He sat in bed next to you as he revealed that Jason’s body was found in Sweetwater River. He was gone, he was finally gone, no more hoping he was alive. Much to your dismay the story was everywhere, your best friend was murdered, and the asshole who did the deed was nowhere to be found.

He was shot.


The sound made you shudder, maybe you weren’t there, but the sound felt fresh in your ears and you couldn’t escape it.

Who would somebody do that to him and why? You didn’t know. What did Jason do? What did the person want to accomplish murdering your best friend? But you couldn’t handle it anymore. You’d never see his charming smile, his crappy jokes. The person who you had formed a strong bond with since your childhood was gone. Tears started dripping out of your eyes as if their life depended on them.


The weekend was over, it was time to go to school. To roam the halls without him next to you. Sure you had other friends, but no one could compare to Jason Blossom.

You looked into the mirror the bags under eyes revealing your lack of sleep and your nonstop crying. You almost crawled back in bed, but you couldn’t hide in your room forever. Walking into your closet choosing a black sweater he had gotten you for your birthday. As you placed on you were about push your sleeves up when you saw your handiwork. This weekend was hard and the razor sharp blade helped you realize that this weekend wasn’t a nightmare. The scar was fresh and you hid them and made your way to school.

You swore people were looking at you, at the bags under your eyes, that the color of your skin seemed to drain as well. Whispering making its way through the little cliques. You were so distracted that you didn’t realize the red-haired boy made his way towards you, you almost lost it, he reminded you too much of Jason.

“Hey (Y/N), How are you?” Archie gave you a sad smile as he pulled you in a small hug.

A tear dripped from your eye as he pulled away, he was reminding you too much of Jason, you couldn’t do it. You didn’t want anyone to see you have a freak out so you made a run for it. The closest place being the empty girl’s locker room.

Archie almost ran your way, but someone stopped him, someone who maybe felt the same loss you felt.

“I got her Arch” Cheryl spoke bravely as she opened the door to the locker room seeing you crying in your hands coiled up in one of the benches.

“Hey (Y/N)” Cheryl spoke shyly as she sat next to you.

“I’m sorry Cher, I just I don’t know how to do this without him” you cleaned up your tears.

“I was his sister, his twin (Y/N)” she spoke a bit coldly and you grew confused and hurt.

“I know that, I- I didn’t mean to” she cut you off.

“Oh no I get you, you were his friend, but me (Y/N) I was his sister. I am also a Blossom so I can’t look pathetic or else people will talk” she kept on and you grew even more hurt “Look (Y/N) he’s gone, he can’t come back, so do yourself a favor and stop dwelling in the past.”

Here you sat hoping that maybe she was going to comfort you. That maybe Jason’s loss would somehow help you two connect or least maybe she’d stop hating you. You wondered how she could function with him gone. She said it best he was her brother, he was always there for her. You heard the stories you often watch them unfold as The Blossoms favored Jason more than Cheryl. She was never fond of you because Jason spent time with you, time he didn’t spend with her. Jason always tried to get you both to hang out, he wanted his two girls to like each other.

The bell rang, you waited a while to get to class because you didn’t want to face anyone. You washed your face so the puffiness of your crying didn’t show so much and made your way to class.


You started to shut everyone out, your friends grew worried, but also respected the fact that you wanted your space. Any day going to school they tried to get you to contribute to their lunch conversations, but your mouth stayed shut.

What the point of living without him.

It got to the point where you skipped lunch and snuck into the library and hid yourself from all of them. You started cutting more often to release the pain. Your wardrobe was only long sleeve clothing. The color of your skin felt like it was losing its pigment. Your eyes were lifeless, the bags under eyes covered with the bit of makeup you wore just to cover up your pain. Your appetite grew small until it was no more. You started to lose weight, everyone was worried about you.

You looked dead.

You caught the eyes of one of Jason’s friends, Reggie Mantle. You knew him, you often hung out with him thanks to Jason. You had worked with him for a school project recently, it was a while since you had smiled and somehow Reggie helped ease a bit of the pain; but sadly not all of it. Recently he was the only one who didn’t get the memo you wanted to be alone. He even let you hold his hand during the funeral to help you get through it in one piece.

With the recent current events Reggie sure missed Jason, he missed his friend and teammate. Something that he missed the most though was the smile that used to take place on your face. He missed how you were the only last good thing in Riverdale. He hated how you were in pain and it seemed that all his efforts weren’t working. He missed the light in your eyes, if only you knew how much you meant to him. He remembered when he started crushing on you he felt terrible because he thought you were with Jason. Jason went out of his way to get you two together, but it never happened. You both didn’t know why since you returned those feelings.

Now your mind wasn’t occupied in crushes no matter how amazing Reggie was being. Your depression was at an all-time high. You couldn’t bear it anymore. The cutting wasn’t helping anymore and you were tired of the pills.

You were tired.

Tired of living.

You decided on something, you wanted to be Jason again. You made it seem as if you got better, you fake smiled and started to contribute to your friends conversations. You pretended to be the person you used to be. You wanted the image you were showing to be how your family and friends remembered you. You even gave one of your most prized possession that Jason gave you to Cheryl. You went on a few more dates with Reggie, you didn’t take it too far though; you couldn’t live with yourself if you hurt him.

You decided on a day, you left a letter for your parents at home, and you sent a message to your friends. You made sure you sent it at a moment when they were all together.

They sat in a booth at Pops, you asked them to meet you there knowing well enough you weren’t going to show up. You just wanted them to be together. No one deserves to be alone at this time, you didn’t want to hurt them; but this is all you could think of. The group coincided with Archie, Kevin, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie.

The thought of them together made you smile, you sure as hell were going to miss each one of them.

“Where is she?” Reggie broke the conversation that was taking place. Betty was about to speak up when they all received the text.

(Y/N) Messaged ‘The Sad Breakfast Club’:

Thank you guys, you have made my time amazing and I couldn’t ask for better friends than you, but I’m gonna be with Jason now. ❤❤❤❤❤

They all stood up and got out of Pops.

“Where would she go to be with Jason?” Reggie fidgeted.

“Sweetwater River” Jughead added and so they ran, hoping to be on time to rescue you. They arrived to the river wanting to find you as quickly as possible. They all separated in hopes to get you sooner.

“There she is” Cheryl shouted and the ice cracked and you fell right in.

The water was freezing, the current took you.

Reggie ran as fast as he could and they all followed.

“The current has her” Betty grew scared.

“Fan out” Kevin added.

“Over here” Veronica yelled.

Reggie ran towards it, trying to break the glass, Archie helped as well.

The cold water taking effect, you started to lose consciousness. Water started to fill your lungs, you swore in those last moments you saw Jason.

You missed him, but was this the right thing to do?

They were successful in breaking the glass. You were out, Reggie’s hand dripping blood as he settled your body on the ice. He gave you CPR trying to get a pulse and get the water off your lungs as the others had notified the hospital.

“Come on baby, breathe for me” Reggie kept trying a tear steamed down his face.

“The ambulance should be here soon” the others notified, but Reggie kept trying.

They all watched as Reggie tried his best and winced at the look of your arms at the scars you had tattooed on yourself.

Soon the water escaped your mouth, and you started to cough it out and trying to regulate your breathing.

Reggie and the rest of the group sighed in relief you were alive and you heard the sirens coming closer.

The tall handsome caramel skinned boy saved your life. He took off his sweater and wrapped it around you and carried you bridal style closer to the ambulance as it arrived.

“Thank you” you smiled at Reggie looking into his eyes.

“I couldn’t lose you too” he spoke as he placed his lips on yours.

Those lips electrified your body you forgot what it felt like to actually feel alive. All the pain in that moment was no longer there, with one simple passionate kiss he washed it all away.

You both pulled away as the paramedics place you on a gurney.

The hospital called your parents and your friends were awaiting for the clear to see you.

You weren’t ready to explain your reasoning to everyone. Yes you did what you did, it was a planned, but impulsive move and you felt terrible for putting everyone on edge. Thankfully Reggie snuck into your room to talk to you, he was tired of waiting.

“Hey” Reggie scratched his neck making his way next to you.

“Hi” you smiled “listen I’m so sorry about-” he cut you off by kissing you once again, the familiarity of them made your stomach go crazy.

“It’s okay (Y/N/N), you missed Jason, we all do; but he meant a great deal to you. I just feel bad that none of us could change your mind” he frowned.

You reached your hand to his and intertwined your fingers. He looked down at them and caressed your scars and he started to cry.

“It’s not your fault Reg, this was all me. I suppressed everything because I didn’t want to deal with it, I didn’t want to burden anyone with my pain. I made myself think I had nobody when I clearly don’t” you cupped his cheek and cleaned his tears.

“You Mantle and the ones out there, you all saved me. I miss Jason and sadly I’ll never have him in my life anymore, but I do have some amazing friends and I wish I would’ve seen that sooner.”

“I don’t want to be your friend (Y/N)” Reggie replied and you pulled your hands away shocked at his revelation “No, no (Y/N), I want to be more than friends, I always have” he collected your hands once again and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

“I’d like that” you smiled.

You kissed one last time only to be interrupted by your friends. Cheryl being the one who ran in and pulled you in a warm embrace, then the rest all followed and did a full on group hug. And you couldn’t help but smile like a fool because clearly you weren’t alone.

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Double Tap Mishap

Otayuri Week 2017 - DAY TWO (Feb 21): Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, selfies, online relationships) OR Celebrations (medals, holidays, birthdays)

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Yuri was always extra careful when it came to his Instagram likes; especially so when a certain Kazakh he happened to fancy appeared in other people’s pictures. But, what happens when he accidentally taps twice on one of Phichit’s pictures of Otabek instead of saving it like he had intended to?

Warnings: Language.

Art by: @nachi0-art

‘Shit,’ he exclaimed in the quiet room as he saw the red heart appear underneath the picture of Otabek, shirtless at a pool, that he had been trying to save a second ago.

He let the phone fall on top of the covers as he put his right arm over his eyes. He could feel a heavy blush and a minor panic attack forming but, he pushed his worries and anxiety away as he tried to come up with a plan. Besides, he was Yuri Plisetsky and he would not panic over such trivial a thing as an accidental like on Instagram.

Or, you know, he would.

He put his phone on the nightstand next to his bed, still displaying his horrendous mistake for the entire world to see, and hid himself under the covers.

‘Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,’ came the endless string of curses.

Why was the universe so cruel to him? It was enough that Otabek, the subject of his year-long crush, was in freaking Detroit training for the summer, but now both him and Phichit would know that he was very much checking his damn phone every morning to see what they had done in those eight hours that he had been wasting away by sleeping.

It was 10 am in St Petersburg, which meant that it was 2 am in Detroit. Remembering the time difference between the two cities helped him relax enough to at least get up and go through his morning routine without wanting to crawl back into bed and hide for all eternity.

In retrospect, he might have been overreacting a little, but this was a shirtless Otabek on Phichit’s Instagram. Of all the people in their circle of friends, Phichit was the biggest gossip of them all. Sure, he meant well and all, but that didn’t erase the fact that Yuri knew the Thai would start plotting something the moment he saw that damn notification.

Of course Yuri toyed with the possibility of backing out, but that would make it even more obvious because Phichit would still get the notification and would see which picture Yuri had liked and disliked in the 3.2 seconds it took him to realise the gravity of his mistake.

Especially considering the fact that Otabek was going to fly to Almaty in just a few days and that afterwards Yuri would not be able to escape seeing Otabek when he inevitably called him over on Skype for their regular chats. He sighed as he put on his trainers and went out for a run. He would have to face the consequences at some point, but for now, music and exercise would be his outlet until the two on the other side of the world woke up.

Surprisingly, the calm remained. No one said anything about his like, not even after Otabek flew back to Almaty. Nothing.

This apparent peace was even more nerve-racking than being on the receiving end of Phichit’s onslaught of messages when he got excited about something. And Yuri had seen the speed at which Phichit was able to message Katsudon one too many times when he went over for dinner to Viktor’s apartment. It was a truly well-developed skill that only those two shared, and they were the only ones able to keep up with each other.

But the calmness didn’t last long.

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jin + yoongi | drabble | mornings

[ thanks so much for requesting, im glad you love my blog ^^ decided to make this into a little drabble for the both of them, enjoy! ]

Mornings with Seokjin could mean two things: 1) he has a day off, and you two could lay around all day or even cook breakfast together. or 2) you have to fight him to get out of bed when he’s about to be late to practice or something. Unfortunately it was a number two kind of day.

  • “Jin, you told me no matter what you tried to say to persuade me to let you sleep for five more minutes - to ignore it and force you out of bed.”
  • “Ok, ok, but what if i do the laundry AND wash the dishes for a month, THEN will you lemme sleep for a few more minutes?”
  • it ending up with him just being late, and somehow you ending up being smushed underneath him as he cuddled into you, showering your face and neck with small kisses.

“You’re now even more late than you were before, you know that right?”

“Shh, jagi, I’m sleeping~”

“You are an idiot,” you’d chuckle, only making him kiss your face even more as he snuggled in deeper.

“I’m YOUR idiot.”

Mornings with Yoongi meant one thing and one thing only, every time. Staying in bed no matter what the circumstance - unless he had to be somewhere, of course. This meant that - as his girlfriend and personal pillow - you were to share this by being in his arms all day. Unfortunately, laying around for that long didn’t sit right with you - you could do it for maybe an hour, but after that you just had to move. He was the opposite of Jin - instead you had to fight to get yourself out of the bed.  

  • “Yoongi, I gotta pee.”
  • “That’s a lie, you peed last night…”
  • “I’m thirsty”
  • “Drink your spit, you’ll be fine.”
  • “I think I left the stove on”
  • “We’ll burn together in this bed - you can try all you want, jagi, you’re not leaving this spot.”

You were starting to run out of ideas, until finally you thought of one that was so crazy it just. might. work. Reaching into his shirt, you didn’t hesitate to start tickling him until he became squeamish and rolled over to the other side of the bed until he eventually rolled off & onto the floor with a small thud. Wincing slightly, you peered over the bed to make sure he was okay, seeing him already staring at you with a deadpan expression.

“Seriously?” He rasped, making you giggle softly.

“It worked, didn’t it?”

“You are an idiot.” He responds, crawling back into the bed.

“I’m YOUR idiot.” Yoongi couldn’t hide the smile as he patted your head affectionately, before watching you sprint for the kitchen.

“Yes, yes you are.”

Requests [OPEN]

heavyartillery  asked:

(I asked this once already, but I think the app ate it--it makes me want to throw my phone! Grr! If it didn't get eaten, I'm sorry for the double post.) WinterShock, awkward first meeting themed, #4 please?

@heavyartillery you got it! (ps: pretty sure the tumblr app did eat it, grr.) hope you like it <3

Prompt: Awkward first meetings, #4, Trapped in a bank during a robbery

Pairing: Bucky x Darcy

Rating: T, for language

“Don’t panic,” came a voice from beside her.

She startled anyway, jumping as much as one could when one was crouched beneath a check writing table at the bank.

The bank that was currently in the process of being robbed.

Robbed badly, as it were.

The tall, skinny burglar with a perpetually reddened face choose this day, the day Darcy was at the bank, to hold up the wrong bank teller.

Rhonda, as her nametag said, had her finger on the police call button almost as soon as Robber Guy shiftily stepped up to her station with an empty duffel bag and a gun.

What looked like the entire precinct soon rolled up to the parking lot, red and blue lights flashing, causing Robber Guy to immediately lock the place down and take them all hostage.

Of all the days to run her damn errands, she thought to herself. She knew she should have switched to paperless.

With a narrowed stare, she took in the man now crowding in beside her in her hiding place.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

She knew Barnes was at the facility, but she’d only ever glimpsed him in passing. She did attend one intensely uncomfortable ‘briefing’ by Captain America in which he’d basically said that no one was to bother his bestie and that he was laying low for the time being. Which, after the fiasco with the UN, seemed to be a logical idea.

Barnes’ lips quirked up a little at her using his rank, giving her a glimpse of annoyingly cute dimples.

“At your service, ma’am,” he replied in dry voice that told that he and Steve must have practiced the troll-y tone together in the olden days. “And you can call me ‘Bucky’.”

“Are you here to bust this guy? ‘Cause y’know,” she gestured to Robber Guy over by the front doors, waving his gun around, cowing all of the other hostages. He was sweating through his jacket and his eyes were crazed. “He’s over there.”

“Actually, I was here to tail you.”

“Tail me? Oh, for - !” She rolled her eyes.

You get kidnapped a time or three and they send you out with a babysitter.

Which would be fine except her ‘babysitter’ is apparently the Winter Solder aka Bucky Barnes. And she’s never had thoughts of the making out variety about her babysitters before.

You’re my babysitter?”

“I am not a babysitter. I was sent to keep an eye on you so you wouldn’t get taken. Again.” He gave her a sideways glance. “You sure do go to Starbucks a lot.”

“It’s Peppermint Mocha season,” she huffed, trying to keep her voice low. “Don’t judge me.”

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Don’t Let Go

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Ship: Tree Bros (Connor Lives AU)
Summary: Sometimes you have to go back and finish the fight. You keep digging and don’t let go.
Possible Triggers: I mean swearing,,,intrusive thoughts, and break ups? (I’m bad at tagging triggers)

Word count: 1860


Silence festered between the two, souring the air. Evan clenched his fist around the navy blue duffel bag strap, taking in a shaky breath.

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À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU:  Art Thief!Bangtan

Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part: Nine / Eight / Seven / Six / Five / Four / Three / Two / One

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

Originally posted by jungsooneul

They had him under lock and key, strict supervision.  Six accounts of manslaughter, two accounts of domestic abuse.  He played back the punishment fit for the crime in his head; Death Row. He would be sent back to Korea the following morning. If only he was actually to be blamed.

Jimin sat in the corner of his cell, his back pressed against the wall as he gazed at the window across from the cell bars, the only light showing being the glow of the full moon. It was curfew, with only a few other prisoners within his cell block still awake.  The sound of heels clicking against the metal catwalk echoed.

“Jimin Park,” a husky voice berated.  Jimin groaned, refusing to turn his head.  “What do you want? I told you, I—“

The cell doors slowly glided apart, creating a riff in Jimin’s attitude.  He turned his attention to the guard behind him.  “Now you know how I feel, right?”

Jimin quickly bounced to his feet, tugging his arm as the shackles constraining him to the wall pulled him back.  “What are you doing here? They’re going to fucking kill—“

Jimin was hushed as the black haired boy pressed a finger to his own lips.  His eyes wandered.  “Do you hear that?”

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Intro: So it’s finally here.  My freaking child I swear.  This is the Bones x male reader that was requested by such a sweet anon I am sorry it took so long.  

Pairing: Bones x male!reader

Word Count: 5,200 (whoops)

Warnings: swearing, lots of kissing, ummm not much else?

Summary: So thanks guys for helping me decide to keep it one big fic because I just think it flows so well together so I apologize for the length (I just went with this one to the ends of the earth I couldn’t stop myself). 

ALSO: This is my first time writing a decidedly male reader so please be gentle.  I absolutely adore this fic and everything about so I hope it’s alright and the reader came off as male, I tried really hard.  <3

ALSO (p.t. 2): While I was writing the embarrassing story that the reader tells in the middle of this fic (you can’t miss it) I was channeling my best friend so I kinda wrote it how she would tell a story like that, so hopefully it makes sense. 


It started with an accidental kiss. 

It was a night you couldn’t really remember that well, but from what you do remember, you had passed out behind a control panel in the engineering room, with no idea how you got there.  Your drunk ass had been found by none other than Dr. Leonard McCoy, who was looking for Scotty, but had found you instead.  And this was all well and good except for the fact that you were a handsy drunk and had had a major, life-altering crush on the grumpy southern doctor. 

Leonard had carried your hammered ass back to your quarters, put a cup of water beside your bed and made you promise to come see him in the morning. When he was satisfied that you didn’t have alcohol poisoning and weren’t going to choke on your own tongue, he leaned over you to pull at the blankets of your bed.  And for some stupid reason you had reached up, wrapped your hands around the back of his head, and pulled his mouth to yours.  It was a drunken, stupid kiss, all sloppy and clumsy, but, and you couldn’t say much for your memory thanks to the tequila shots, you felt him reciprocate, if only for a moment, before he pulled away.  He looked down at you for a moment, a hard set to his eyes and mouth, before turning and abruptly walking out of your room. 

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A little somethin’ somethin’

Text message exchange between me and my good friend @dibsonthat1d that made my morning a whole lot better.


He looks like the nerdy lab partner you get stuck with in chemistry and end up falling for after the jock breaks your heart.

Who’s annoyed all class because you keep looking at the jock asshole rather than paying attention to your lab assignment.

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Decline Your Hallucination

Summary: After Dean’s death you and Sam struggle to go on with life. Canon divergence, set between seasons three and four.

Pairings: Sam x Reader, Past Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, depression, prescription drug abuse, angst

Words: 2000

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

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I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination - Scott Adams


Sam drives with white knuckles and a far away stare. He doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, doesn’t stop unless you asks him to. His body sits rigid with two hands on the wheel and foot heavy on gas as if he has somewhere to be. There is no destination and you both know it. There is no reason left, motivation slid down the drain five states back, now it’s just movement. Forward motion to keep it going, can’t stop, won’t stop, Sam thinks he might die of he stops now ‘cause there’s an aching itch under his skin that won’t go away, no matter how hard he claws it.

“I hate this car.”

Sam’s glad you’re the one who said it so he didn’t have do. He hates it too, hates everything about the gritty engine rumble and the screeching hinge of the doors. He thinks about selling the Impala, weighs the thought of someone else driving it with the unnerving feeling of driving the fucker himself. No one else should be sitting behind the wheel - you suggest burning it. You want to buy a gallon of gasoline, drive out into the desert and watch the ancient hunk of metal go up in flames. You beg him, crying wildly and making a scene at the Amoco until he has to pick you and lock you both in the unisex bathroom. You just want to get rid of it, you warn him you’ll walk away, you’ll leave him because there’s too much of Dean wrapped up in the damn car.

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Bid Ye Soft Farewell-Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Eyes in the Hold

The Thistle was a bit worse for wear, but still intact. The crew that had boarded her tried their damnedest, but she was a sturdy ship; built for rough waters and violent men.

           The crew of The Thistle was not so lucky.

           Jamie surveyed the damage caused by the battle. The deck was stained with blood, shining black in the moonlight. Splinters of wood were scattered amongst the stains. Forty-eight men lie dead or dying. Twenty of those men were of The Thistle.

           The had won, but at what cost?

           The other ship had fled. Fair Dawn, it was called. The Thistle hadn’t the numbers or the weaponry to chase. Besides, they needed to bid farewell to their dead and lost.


           “Malcolm McNeil.” The last body, wrapped in burlap, was honored and tossed overboard. Malcolm was a quiet man, but with deadly aim of a pistol. Some men said that he took three enemies to the grave with him.  Jamie was inclined to believe it.

           He leaned against the rails, watching Malcolm’s body bob with the waves until he disappeared beneath the surface. Returning to the sea.

           Would this be his fate as well?

           No. He promised his sister all those years ago. He would return to her.

           He could see her now in the back of his eyes. Dark hair whipping in the wind, blue eyes crinkled in amusement, or consternation. It could be either in regards to Jamie…

           He tried to send her small messages and letters whenever the ship was at port. But he knew he could never receive any in return. He wondered about her life now. Would she be married? Have children? Was he an uncle, and didn’t know?

           “Jamie, lad.” Murtagh came from behind him to lean on the rails next to him. Murtagh was an old family friend that Jamie had known his entire life. Dark, small, and severe, he was never free with his emotions. But Jamie knew he worried about him. “All the men are toasting their fallen mates. Yet, here ye are. Quiet as a dormouse. What’s on yer mind?”

           “Jus’ Jenny.” Jamie could be honest with the man. He always could be. His parents trusted him, his brother and sister trusted him. In turn, he trusted him as well.

           “Aye. I’m sure she’s fine, lad. She’s a braw woman.”

           “I ken she’s fine. She’d fight the devil if she had to.” This made Jamie smile, imagining his sister brawling with Lucifer himself. “I jus’… miss her, is all. I want tae go home.” Jamie had earned his fair share. Enough riches to last them, and generations after them. But Dougal would not let him go. He was an asset to the crew. A bonny swordsman and fighter, Dougal needed him as an ally. Of course, Jamie could leave at any time he wished. But Dougal held the gold over him. He could abandon ship, but he would not receive his share.

He must do his captain’s bidding before returning a success.


Jamie decided to join his comrades in toasting the fallen, as it would be a dishonor to their memory not to. The drinks flowed freely, as memories became slurs.

“De ye’ ‘memberrrrrrrr? ‘MemberWhenJohnFellOff zah ding-eee? He thought he washzzz drownin’, but. But. But… we washz 10 feet from shoooore!”

The best way to mourn a death was to celebrate the life.

“Aye! He washzzz thrasssshhhhing aye? But, hecoulda stood!”

“Nay, ye ‘member when Marcush drrrank 10 pintsh. In fivvve minoots?!”

My ship an’ clothes are all in pawn!” The singing began, and the men answered in kind.

Go down ye blood red roses, go down!”

“But, Malcolmm! He could drink ush all underrr the table!”

Tis mighty draughty ‘round Cape Horn!”

“Go down ye blood red roses, go down!”

“Aye! I’d put muh gold onnit!”

Oh, ye pinks and posies! Go down ye blood red roses, go down!”

Between the recollecting of memories and the chanting of songs, cups quickly ran dry.

“Ish there anymore rum?”

“I’m out!”

“Jamie, be a dearieeeee, and check the hold? Pleeeease?” Rupert begged Jamie, clutching his shirt front and grinning up at him, all teeth showing.

“Och, aye! If it’ll git yer dirty mitts offa me!” Rupert’s grin, surprisingly, grew bigger, stretching his face in an unbelievable way.

“Good lad.”

Jamie descended the rickety stairs into the dark and humid cargo hold. With not but a candle for light, he had to recall where everything was placed. Crates of medicinals and linens directly to the right, barrels of powder diagonal to that. There was a small chest of jewels of inconsequential size against the left wall. A box of mixed gold coins beside that. And the rum. The rum was in the very back left corner, if he remembered correctly…

He heard a scuffling behind him; that usually meant there were rats aboard, somehow. But the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and a shudder ran through him.

He felt eyes on him.  

Not the small, black eyes of a rodent. Human eyes, boring into the back of his head. Intelligent eyes that calculated his every movement. Did a man from the Fair Dawn sneak into the hold?

Jamie spun quickly, the flame from the candle wavering at the sudden rush of air. But, alas, there was no one there. No glint of eyes, nor creaking of boot. Just the crates and barrels that crowded the hold.

Yer three sheets to the wind, Fraser.

Jamie gathered as many bottles of rum that he could carry, and headed for the stairs, giving one last glance around the room.


Claire watched as the man left, his eyes squinted in suspicion. She let out a gust of air then, thankful that she wasn’t caught by the large, Scottish man. He would have either killed her outright, or brought his men down on her. She was a gifted fighter, but she couldn’t take on an entire crew on her own.

She crouched, and quietly made her way to the spot the red-headed man just left. She stole a bottle of rum out of the crate, and crawled back to her hiding spot. She pulled out the orange she had stashed in her pocket, and had herself a small feast. She needed her strength.

After all, she didn’t know how long she would have to stay hidden in the hold of this ship.

Hello, friends! If you wish to hear the sea shanty the men of The Thistle sang, I’ve provided a link! Hope you enjoyed chapter 2. Chapter 3 is where the real fun begins!

Blood Red Roses:

You Know Better - Part 21 - Up Against The Wall

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: You struggle to focus during your next training session.

Warnings/Labels: The gif is all the warning you need @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales

Approx. Word Count: 2,100

A/N: Hottest gif set of Ian Bohen ever right there. Just saying. Let me know what you think about this part. Is it worth it?

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