crawls back into hiding

I really appreciate everyone who left nice comments on the pictures. (ಥ﹏ಥ) I’m not gonna answer all of you individually because I’m embarrassed and I suck, but honestly, thank you! (人・㉨・)♡

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Katie, haven't you gotten my messages? I got locked in the library. It was very, very scary in the library. A tiny cockroach with a tiny note bearing an expletive strapped to its back crawled up to where I was hiding in the Geography section. I followed it and a trail of a strange dark mauve slime to the door. The sun reminded me that the desert was still hot. How long has it been, Katie?

My Night Vale anon!! I’ve missed you, my love!! It has been too long! ❤❤

Why is John Howard suddenly in the news??? I’ve seen his shitty opinions on 4 issues in 4 days?? The eyebrow gremlin hasn’t been relevant since 2007, can he crawl back under the rock he’s been hiding under for the last 9 years please

Rereading Cress and…

“How are your eyes?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve been told they’re dreamy, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.”

Flushing, she turned back to him. Thorne had his arms crossed over his chest and a devil-may-care grin, but there was something strained beneath it. She realized that they lightness in his tone had also rung false, covering up whatever frustrations were simmering just beneath his cavalier attitude. 

“I couldn’t disagree,” she murmured. Though she immediately wanted to crawl back beneath the parachute and hide from embarrassment, it was worth it to see Thorne’s grin become a little less forced.

And I’m like…