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Okay so how about Barbara paying a visit to Jason shortly after his return as Red Hood to just see him and to try and convince him that he is loved and that they all mourned and missed him.

I should probably start writing again since studying isn’t going as well. I still have 2 weeks to start my brain back up.

“How’s it going Little Wing?” Comes a light voice from the doorway of his beaten down safe house. Jason starts at the surprise and automatically points the gun he’d been cleaning at the intruder. It was a pointless gesture seeing as the weapon was missing half of it’s useful parts, not to mention once he recognized the familiar voice past his instincts, there was no way in hell he would shoot either way. She already took one shot and look at what happened to her.

“Don’t call me that,” He growls out, his voice rough from several days’ disuse. No one around to talk to but the rats who creep in at night. Not anymore. Babs just smirks in that way that conveys both care and power as she wheels herself in through the doorway, uninvited might he add, and breezes past the impotent weapon he still has trained on her. “What are you doing here? How’d you even find me?” He asks as he finally lowers his weapon and resumes his cleaning, if only so he doesn’t have to look the redhead, how she’s aged since he last saw her dancing with Dick in the Cave after patrol.

“Your door was unlocked,” she shrugs as if that answered his question and took a long, judgmental look around the place. He’s cleaned it up as best he could but no matter how much you fuss over something, sometimes garbage will always stay garbage. Bruce found that out real quick. “And you may be a big boy now but the all-seeing Oracle can still track down a renegade bird when need be.” She’s smiling at him again but it’s more tense, less friendly than before.

“So how long do I got before the big Bat and his little slaves come crashing through the windows?” He asks casually, calculating escape routes and alternative hide-outs so off the map, ones not even O could find.

“Probably a while since they don’t know about this place or that I’m here.” She folds her hands delicately in her lap. “I started looking for you once B gave me the lowdown and I finally got a hit on this place late last night. We’re the only ones in the city that know you’re here.”

“Awfully dangerous going to meet a known criminal all by yourself, isn’t it?” Barb wheels up beside his chair and lays a warm hand lightly in the crook of his elbow, he stops his avoidance busy work.

“You’re not a criminal Jay, you’re that bratty little kid who used to give me a hard time for my 'pretentious’ reading habits and said the Batgirl suit made my butt look big.” She smiles again sadly, “I felt like I was just starting to get to know you when you were gone. By the time I’d recovered enough from my own ordeal, you’d already been buried a month.” Her hand squeezes him gently, but firmly. “Bruce told me you were back but that you came back wrong, I had to see for myself.”

“B wouldn’t even let me come see you.” Jason whispered, dropping his head into his other hand ignoring the gun grease he was getting all over his face. “I get it, I was a mess at the time, just the opposite of what you needed. I thought maybe I’d…” Jay trailed off because he didn’t know how he could even end that sentence. There so many things he thought he’d do back then, things he’d wanted that he thought he’d have time for that never came to be. “He really said I came back wrong?” He asks with a sad, bitter laugh. The description wasn’t wrong but it was just another brick in the wall between him and his old life.

“He said a lot of things I know he didn’t mean, you know how he gets when he’s upset, and more than a little drunk.” That raised Jay’s eyebrow. “Either way it didn’t matter. I gave him a piece of my mind, called him a few choice names and ran over his foot on my way out.” Now that had Jason laughing and even Barbara chuckled warmly beside him.

“That’s my girl, the best of all ‘o us that’s what I always used to say.” He let out an angry huff as all those old familiar hurts begin to burn in his chest. He looked up and leveled the redhead with a light glare. “Alright, enough of this, what are you here for Barbara?” And typically Babs, she glared right back at him.

“I’m here because you freaking died you idiot, you died and you nearly took Dick and Bruce with you. I’m here because I missed you and I wanted to see for myself if it was really true or if…” If B was losing his mind which was the scary alternative no one wanted. Not even him. “Because I hear from Bruce and from my contacts that the Hood is killing people by the dozens and because the Jason Todd I knew isn’t like the criminal I keep hearing about.”

“Yeah well,” he says, pushing away from the desk, and Babs’ hand still on his arm. He stands up and protectively crosses his arms. “A lot of things have changed. You more than most know how one bad day can just mess you right up.”

“Don’t talk like that,” she spits out, wheeling forward to confront him. “That’s Him talking, that sick freak who tried to ruin us both. But I refused to play his game and I beat him because I will rot in hell before I let that man have a victory over me. And this?” She hissed, gesturing to him, “this is you, giving in to him. You were always a little shit Jason but I never thought you’d just give up like that.”

“You don’t know nothing Barbie,” he responds back, getting right into her face. “You didn’t know shit about me back then and you sure as hell don’t know me now. You think you can wheel in here, show me the error of my ways and cure me of whatever sickness I got going on in my head? What’d you expect? You think after crawling out of my coffin, after getting my scrambled brains back with a goddamn Pit and going through years of deadly training that I’m just going to walk back to being that dumb shit kid who pulled your hair? Is that what you thought?” He’s screaming by the end of it and, yeah, maybe Babs doesn’t deserve that shit but she’s here and he’s pissed as all hell.

“You’ve got plenty of reasons to be angry Jason, same as me.” She responds back, her voice level but filled with just as much spite. “But you need to take a good long look at yourself and your choices and you need to wonder, are you doing what you’re doing for you? For your goals? Or are you doing it for them? For your anger at the Joker or B?” She pushes him back roughly with her palm making him stumble a bit. “Because if you were doing this for any real reason, you would have stayed away from Gotham, would have started over. But no, you’re angry at the people who hurt you and you’re letting that anger run your life. This is exactly the kind of behavior that got you killed and you know it!” She huffs angrily, gripping her wheels and swerving around him to head back towards the door. He’s still standing there, his fists shaking with rage.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he mutters and he hears Barb let out a sigh and stop moving. They let the air between them cool for an extra minute.

“Jason, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re feeling but I don’t think you’re dealing with it the right way. You need help, you need to move on from what happened to you. I can tell you right now that’s the only way you’re going to find any peace.” He still can’t bring himself to turn and look at her. “Do what you need to do, when you’re done lashing out at everyone who’s ever done you wrong, come talk to me. I left my card on your table. And for what it’s worth Jay, I’m glad to see you again.” She’s wheeled out the door now, ready to close it.

“The new kid, Tim, how is he?” He grinds out because he has to know. Has to know what this mystery boy had that made Bruce give over his dead son’s uniform.

“Tim’s great, quiet, eager to please, but nice. You’d have liked him, the old you anyway. He came to us, before you ask. He reminded us that Batman needed a Robin, someone to keep him good, focused. You used to believe that too, now I don’t know what you believe. See you around.” She closes the door and he lets her. There’s no way he can counter that without sounding like a hypocrite. Maybe he is one, maybe he doesn’t care.

Castiel x reader

Y/n’s pov

                                                                                                 I gasped, I found myself stuck in a box, I shoved, and clawed desperate to get out of here. I finally found a weak spot, and dirt filled up the place, I took a deep breath, and started climbing out. Air. Fresh air. I looked back to see that I crawled out of a coffin? I saw that there was a cross with my name, and the day that I died? 

                                                                                                “No.” I gasped out, my voice hoarse, and ragged. I stumbled out of the graveyard, I realized I’m still in Topeka, Kansas, and I quickly stumbled away looking for the bunker. Hours passed, every step that I took hurts, but I didn’t care, I had to get home, I had to get back to my family. 

                                                                                                  I finally made it, I fell to my knees, and the bunker door swung open, and Dean stepped out with a fully loaded shotgun. “If you were a smart monster you’d get out of here,” he growled. “Dean,” I whispered. “It’s me, Y/n, your little princess,” Dean’s eyes softened, but he didn’t loosen his grip on the shotgun. “Prove it.” Said Dean. “Give me salt, silver, and holy water.” I demanded, and Dean got what I needed. 

                                                                                                  I poured the salt over my hands, nothing, then I took a swig of the holy water, nothing, and then the silver knife, and I slit it over my palm not even wincing over the small cut. The shotgun fell to the ground, and I was pulled in for a bone crushing hug. “It’s you,” Dean whispered. “It’s you, my little princess,” I buried my face into Dean’s chest, and held on tight as I could. “I missed you, Dean,” I whispered. “I missed Sammy too.” Dean picked me up. “Come on, let’s go see him.” Said Dean, I nodded, and let Dean carry me away. 

                                                                                                     I rested my head against Dean’s shoulder as he carried me to the library. “Sam! Get your ass in here!” Sam stumbled in, he had dark bags underneath his eyes, and a stubble forming on his face, his eyes landed on me, and they hardened. “No,” said Sam. “This is a joke, an illusion, a hallucination,” I motioned for Dean to place me down on the floor, and he did. “Sammy, it’s me, your little baby girl,” I said, I motioned for him to hug me. “Can I have a hug from you please?” Tears poured down Sam’s cheek. “This isn’t real.” Sam choked out. “It is, Sam,” said Dean, he kissed the top of my head. “Our baby sister is alive.” Sam quickly pulled me in for a hug, and I wrinkled my nose in disgust. “When was the last time you took a shower?” Dean burst out laughing while Sam cracked a small smile. 

                                                                                                   Sam, and Dean helped me settle in again, I had to use the walls for support as I walked back to the library. I slipped, and someone caught me. I looked up to see a man with bright blue eyes, black hair, and a trench coat holding me close to him. “Hello, Y/n,” he greeted me. “W-who are you?” I asked, he helped me stand before answering. “My name is Castiel, your brothers call me Cas,” said the man. “Castiel?” I repeated. “I am the Angel of The Lord,” said Cas,“ my brows furrowed together. "You’re…….. an angel?” I asked. “Indeed, I am,” said Cas, he helped me into the library. “Ah, so you met Cas I see,” said Dean, Cas helped me sit down on a couch. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Well, we did pray for Cas,” said Sam. “Pray?” I repeated. “He’s our Guardian Angel,” Sam explained. “I am Dean’s Guardian Angel,” Cas corrected. “At least Cas is saving both of our asses,” said Dean. “And we prayed to him since we have no idea who brought you back,” my brows furrowed together. “Yeah, who brought me back?” I agreed. “I did,” said Cas, all eyes went to him. “You brought her back?” Asked Dean. “Yes, yes I did,” said Cas. “You didn’t even know she existed until we brought her up!” Sam said. “Indeed, but when I saw how hard her death has taken a toll to you both, I decided to bring her back,” Cas explained, his blue eyes meeting my own making my cheeks flush. “Well,” said Dean. “As long as our baby sister is back home with us is fine with me.” Sam nodded. “Yeah.” He agreed. 

                                                    *time skip*                                                                              

                                                                                                 It’s been a few months since I was raised form hell, and night fell, I couldn’t sleep knowing the nightmares will kick in. I tossed, and turned, but gave up. I wandered into the kitchen, and poured myself a glass of milk, I turned, and jumped to see Cas staring at me. “Jesus,” I muttered. “I do not see Jesus here,” said Cas, I laughed softly. “That’s not what I meant,” I said. “It’s just a speech us humans say,” Cas tilted his head to the side, and I admit that’s kinda cute, wait, did I say cute…………. shit. “Why did you curse in your mind?” Asked Cas. “You can read minds?” I asked, Cas nodded. “I like to keep my thoughts private thank you very much,” I said. “You had a nightmare,” Cas said out of nowhere, I didn’t say anything. “Nightmares about your time in hell,” I didn’t say anything again. “Perhaps I can help you sleep?” I glanced at the angel with curiosity in my eyes. “How?” I asked, Cas plucked the milk out of my hand, and scooped me up making me squeak, and I’m back in my room. “Sleep, I will be here when you awake,” said Cas, he placed me on the bed, and I pulled the covers up. “I, uh, would actually like if you slept with me,” I admitted my cheeks flushed, Cas settled in next to me. “Angels do not need to sleep,” said Cas. “But I will watch over you.” I nodded. “Thank you.” I said softly, and I nodded off to sleep.  

Castiel’s pov

                                                                                                        Y/n slept peacefully in my arms, not once did she stir from a nightmare, the door opened, and Sam, and Dean peered in only to see me by their sister’s side with eyebrows raised. “She had a nightmare,” I explained. “She would have gone to one of us,” said Dean. “Unless we’re too busy,” said Sam. “Dude, we are never busy for our baby sister,” said Dean, Y/n started to stir. “What’s going on?” Y/n asked. “Cas? Are those your wings? They’re so pretty.” I stilled when she said that. “Go back to sleep, Y/n,” I said to her, Y/n settled down again, and fell asleep. “What did she mean by ‘wings’?” Asked Sam. “If she can see my wings then it means she is my soulmate,” I said, I reached over to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes. “WHAT?!”                                                

                                                                                     *time skip to morning*

Y/n’s pov

                                                                                                           "Hey guys,“ I greeted Sam, Dean, and Cas. "Y/n,” Cas said sternly. “Hmm?” Was my answer as I poured myself a cup of coffee. “Look at me, and tell me if you see something black on my back,” and I did, I saw wings, very large ones that are wide open. “Wow,” I breathed out. “A-are those your wings, Cas?” Cas, Dean, and Sam shared a look. “What?” I asked. “Y/n, if you can see my wings then it means you are my soulmate,” said Cas. “Soulmate?” I repeated. “Yes, soulmate,” said Cas, he slipped his hand into mine. “Perhaps that is another reason why I brought you back.” I glanced at Sam, and Dean. “Are yo-?” Both motioned that they’re fine, and left. “Oh, and no half angel babies!” Dean called out once he left.                                       

                                                                                                              I rolled my eyes at his direction, and turned only to be met with Cas’ lips.