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“Queen of Diamonds”

I’m crawling back down the rabbit hole and getting into the Wonderland AU again. This time with a proper character design for Ethan. I don’t want to give too much away, but yes, that is a mechanical arm, and that is also not his real eye.

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  • Garrus: Shepard. So I guess this is--
  • Shepard: Just like old times?
  • Garrus: Hm. Might be the last chance we get to say that.
  • Shepard: Think we're going to lose?
  • Garrus: No. I think we're about to kick the reapers back into whatever black hole they crawled out of. Then, we're going to retire somewhere warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids. Maybe even find out what a Turian-Human baby looks like.
  • Shepard: I'm game. Though I think adoption's a better idea--biology may not cooperate.
  • Garrus: Hmm... I suppose there will be a lot of little Krogan around soon.
  • Shepard: We just have to beat the reapers first.
  • Garrus: James told me there's an old saying here on Earth. 'May you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead.' Not sure if Turian heaven is the same as yours, but if this thing goes sideways and we both end up there, meet me at the bar. I'm buying.
  • Shepard: We're a team, Garrus. There's no Shepard without Vakarian. So you better remember to duck.
  • Garrus: Sorry, Turians don't know how. But I'll improvise. And Shepard... forgive the insubordination, but your boyfriend has an order for you...
  • Garrus: Come back alive. It'd be an awfully empty galaxy without you.
94 line appreciation

i know im supposed to be on hiatus but… the 95 line is adored by everyone and for good reasons but i want to see 94 line just as much if not more because im so deprived of it. why have we not started a petition for more hoseok and namjoon interactions yet???

[under a cut for a lot of pics and gifs and aggravated fangirling]

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Ash: Part One

“Age Five”

No. No. Lucien thrashed against his brothers’ arms. They held him down as Amarantha drew near. Her red lips stretched into a smile, “Get away from me,” he growled, “Get the fuck away-”

Amarantha tilted her head, her red hair cascading down her back, and her eyes, her ebony eyes shone with amused malice as she purred, “My dear Lucien, I need you to send a message to Tamlin.”

He pushed back against his brothers, trying, trying so hard to break free, he growled, “ Go crawl back into your shit-hole, you bitch.”

Her lips set into a harsh line and her eyes sparked as she said, “That was the wrong thing to say.”

Her slender fingers clasped onto his jaw, forcing him to look at her. A finger traced just below his left eye. No. No. She was going to take it, just like Jurian’s. He tried shaking her hands away from his face, but her fingers were locked in. Her nail pierced underneath his eyelid-



Lucien woke with a start, covered in sweat and looked around. The manor. He was in the Autumn Court manor. And that voice. He looked down to see a shock of red hair and vibrant green eyes.

His five year old son’s eyes looked in his direction and were filled with alarm, he breathed, “Ash. What are you doing awake?”

“I heard you screaming from my room. Are you okay?”

“I’m-I’m alright. Let’s get you back to bed.”

Ash narrowed his eyes, “You’re lying.”

“It was just a bad dream, Ash. You need to go to bed. Come on, I’ll tuck you in.”

Ash sat on the floor, planting himself, refusing to move, “I can help. Let me help.”

His son’s magic had begun to manifest itself. He had his fire but also his mother’s influence with nature and healing. Lucien’s own healing magic amplifying his son’s, making Ash wanting to help as much as he could. Lucien didn’t know if that was just a five-year-old thing or if it was from his magic. Either way, his son had extraordinary healing abilities.

He sighed, “If I let you help you go to bed right after, understood?”

Ash’s face cracked into a grin, “Understood.”

He got down to the floor, his contact with the ground letting Ash ‘see’ him. He didn’t want his son to see in his head, to see his nightmares. But that was how he healed, through mending trauma of the mind. He reluctantly led his son’s hands to his cheeks, near flinching at the warmth of his fingers.


Ash closed his eyes and furrowed his brows, concentrating. He saw flashes of red hair and black eyes.

He poured his magic into helping his Papa the best he could. Maybe he’ll sleep better now.

He opened his eyes, ‘seeing’ his father through the vibrations in the flooring. Flooring he knew were specially placed all throughout the manor, allowing him to see through the earth, allowing him to see almost as well as others, he smiled towards his father,  “Okay. Now I go to bed.”

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can you not use bob morely as james please? literally no one likes him

you are not obligated to reblog my edits and you certainly don’t have to come in my inbox and whine about my edits because you don’t like the fc. and i am certainly not obligated to coddle you because you don’t like my choice of fc for an edit i put time and effort into.

you don’t like him? make your own fucking edits with some stupid pinterest white boys. i happen to like him, and frankly, i know a bit more than a handful of people who like him too so miss me with that ‘literally no one likes him’

so go back to whatever hole you crawled out of thinking that i actually give a shit about stupid ass opinion and fuck off mmkay

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I AM SO SORRY for killing an entire language, I only did this because it seemed fun, now I’m crawling back to my hole ready to delete this in 24 hours or less

And I’m tagging you guys because I’ve tried to do a shout out by the en but I’m such a mess!! @inhellwithbands, @demidorks, @isle-of-the-blessed, @justparabatrying, @lesbabeths


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I want to fuck you over and over till you're raw. You don't know when but I'll find you. And I can't wait to see the tears flow like the little whore you are as I fuck the life out of you. Put a smile on for me baby.

You just described rape. You have 0 right or consent to touch me. NONE. Get the hell out of my inbox, and anyone else’s’, and climb back into the hole you crawled from.