i could not give a sideways flying fuck if you are mad at the police.

or even if you are justifiably so.

do not harm firefighters.

do not harm emt’s.

do not harm civilians.

or your neighbor, or the shop down the street.

stop being gross pieces of shit.

this is not revolutionary.

this is mob mentality, opportunistic violence.

this doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a fucking asshole.

go crawl back into the hole you came out of.

I have so much god damn shit to do and physically I feel fucking terrible and I want to crawl in a hole n die

Cold weather honestly is the biggest thing that is bringing me down mentally and holding me back.
It is just a constant reminder of this past winter and all my mistakes and that dark fucking hole I crawled into.

I hate it when people ask me what I’m going to do once I finish school, like I just want to crawl into a hole and hibernate for a year or two and strengthen my imaan and just pray and be away from all these sins, like is that too much to ask for? 😭

when you embarrass yourself in front of someone you think is pretty cool and wanna be friends with it’s the absolute worst and your anxiety makes you wanna crawl slowly into a hole or something

Okay but what if Harry is an older gentleman at a part and he is told there are rent boys there (compliments of the host). And he meets Eggsy and starts trying to court/hire him, and Eggsy is all receptive and smiling and blushing a bit.

So they go back to Harry’s fool around, Eggsy sleeps over but has to leave early. Harry asks if he can see him again, and Eggsy laughs and says of course. And they start spending time together, Eggsy is practically insatiable and Harry can’t help lavishing attention and gifts and affection on him.

Finally, Harry decides to ask Eggsy if he might consider only being with Harry, because Harry has fallen madly in love with him.)

Cue the very awkward reveal that Eggsy was only a waiter at the party and has been under the impression that he and Harry have been dating for the past six months.

What if Mika has double personality? He’s usually so calm and mature but when he’s hungry for Yuuichirou’s blood, he switches personality and the more ‘demonic’ Mika comes out?

Mikaela breathes heavily, his parted lips hover just a few inches away from Yuuichirou’s bare neck. The veins underneath the skin are tempting him, filling Mikaela’s entire body with the urge to sink his teeth into the flesh, tear the skin apart and taste his blood.

“Wha… What’s wrong?” Yuuichirou pants, his pupils are blown and his thighs still feel a bit shaky after the last orgasm he had just a few seconds ago. Mikaela is still halfway buried inside him, his pants hanging around his thighs while Yuuichirou wears none. “Mika…?” The raven-haired boy swallows, feeling his throat sore from all the screaming he did–Mikaela was not holding himself at all before and that was the first time he ever became that rough. He usually stopped moving so fast whenever Yuuichirou raked his nails across his spine, muffling his cry with his lips slanted across the blond’s ones. But just now, he didn’t.

Mikaela doesn’t answer him. Instead, he runs the tip of his tongue over the soldier’s neck once. Yuuichirou shuts his eyes, his toes curling in excitement of what’s going to come next. “Yuu-chan…” Mikaela presses a small kiss on the right side of his collarbone. “Yuu…”

It seems like he is asking for Yuuichirou’s permission, but the boy–the soldier who’s supposed to be his enemy on the battlefield–does not know what to say. Of course he will give his blood for him willingly. He’d sell his soul, if that’s what Mikaela desires. But to know… To know that the ‘other Mika’ is going to come out when he gives his blood to him…

It scares him.

But Mikaela, knowing nothing that he has another ‘demon’ waiting inside him, takes Yuuichirou’s silence as a sign of permission. With a small snarl, he bares his teeth, pointy fangs glowing in the darkness of Yuuichirou’s room.

“Mi–” Yuuichirou gasps. It hurts. The bite hurts but he quickly embraces Mikaela by his shoulders and mutes his pain by nibbling on his own lip. Mikaela drinks once, twice, taking another big gulp before Yuuichirou’s taps his shoulder, begging him to “S-stop, I can’t–Mika, you’re drinking too much–”

But the blond boy is no longer the person Yuuichirou knows. And this Mikaela does not stop until Yuuichirou faints and nearly dies on his hands.

Mikaela breaks away, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He smirks, swiping his thumb along his lower lip. “Tsk,” he jerks his head back and licks his thumb. “He’s passed out already, huh? Human is so weak.”

Yuuichirou lays on his bed, his neck still bleeds but his breath is getting steadier. “You’re not gonna be up anytime soon, are you, Human?” Mikaela asks, tongue peeking out to swipe the blood off the other boy’s neck. “Your little boyfriend Mika-kun already had his fun.” He licks his way down Yuuichirou’s chest, sucking on his skin and making red splotches appear on the boy’s pale body. “It’s time for me to have mine.” He climbs down even more before he settles between Yuuichirou’s legs. With his hands on each of the human’s thighs, Mikaela grins, showing his fangs to the darkness once again as he spreads Yuuichirou’s legs apart.

“Don’t you agree?” Mikaela asks, his voice melodious. “Yuu~ chan~?”

Haikyuu!!: Modeling Agency AU

Ok guys hear me out: the Karasuno team are all part of this modest little modeling agency. They used to be really famous until some of their top models retired. 

  • Daichi: He would be the main manager of the agency. 
  • Suga: He’s the main photographer of the company who also does some modeling from time to time (look at his face I mean come on). 
  • Asahi: One of the veteran models of the company. A lot of people think he’s super scary and terrifying because most of the photo shoots he does have him looking rugged and beat up. 
  • Tanaka: He sets up equipment, checks lighting, and constructs props. He sometimes gets dragged into photo shoots but he prefers the technical aspects of modeling. 
  • Nishinoya: He’s one of the make up artists. He has a natural ability to bring out a model’s natural beauty. His talent is so amazing that other make up artists from the industry recognize his work immediately. 
  • Hinata: He wants to be a model, but has been rejected by a lot of agencies because he’s way too short. He started out with building props and setting up equipment for Karasuno. Of course, he has a lot of potential because of his charisma and gorgeous smile (which is discovered by Kageyama by accident). After Daichi saw a picture of Hinata he signed him on as a model. 
  • Kageyama: A new photographer to the agency who has an impressive resume. He’s been photographing ever since he was a little kid and has won many awards and scholarships because of it. 
  • Tsukishima: A new model. He got hired immediately because of his height and good looks. He’s a complete asshole to the other models, but he can pose for the camera without trying too hard. He’s not too serious about modeling and sees it as a temporary part time job. 
  • Yamaguchi: He’s actually a makeup artist. He chose this profession because he’s insecure about his own looks and wants to make other people beautiful instead. 
  • Kiyoko: She used to a successful model. She’s been in the industry ever since she was a toddler and is the most experienced employee in the agency. Despite this, she never felt comfortable in front of the camera. When she grew up she realized that she enjoyed helping out behind the scenes instead. She’s now a manager.
  • Yachi: The newest addition to the company. She’s working as an intern underneath Kiyoko. She aspires to be a photographer in the future. 
  • Takeda: The secretary of the agency. He always makes coffee and lunch runs for eveyrone. 
  • Keishin: The president of the company. He inherited it from his grandfather after his retired. Used to be a model. 


  • Oikawa: One of the most famous models in the country. His popularity is so vast that he has been able to branch out into other professions like acting and singing. He already has a huge fan club to where he has had handshaking events. He has a grudge against Kageyama because Kageyama refused to take pictures of someone “so boring”.  
  • Iwaizumi: Acts as Oikawa’s manager and babysitter . He’s can be found either chatting away on the phone like crazy or scolding Oikawa for being an idiot. 

Karasuno gets hired to do photo shoot in Tokyo where they work with Nekoma and befriend them. Later on they get invted to a model meet up where they meet Bokuto and Akaashi and everyone else. 


please don’t be like me and leave your hair in a bun for 4+ days. it’s not worth it. it’s never worth it. I just brushed my hair for 20+ minutes and now I want to go crawl into a small hole and weep. people always suggest that I just brush it out in the shower, but I’m kind of REALLY grossed out by wet hair when it pulls out so that would be a nightmare for me. even bigger than the current one. :p