I’m here for you okay, I’m here for everything about you.

I’m here for when you’re being goofy and “annoying” and tell pathetic jokes

I’m here for when you’re clingy

I’m here for your awful handwriting and the fact that you love carrots and hate tea 

I’m here for your insecurities

I’m here for when your voice cracks 

I’m here for your tummy and your fluff and when your hair falls in your face

I’m here for your sleepy voice and sleepy snoring 

I’m here to worry about your shitty eating and sleeping patterns, and make sure you look after yourself

I’m here for your highs and lows, when you’re sweating and your head is hurting and you just want to crawl into a hole and die

I’m here when you’re exhausted and you can barely function

I’m here to warm you up with cuddles

I’m here when I disagree with what you’re saying

I’m here for when you don’t want anyone to see you cry

I’m here for when you’re angry and want to smash something, or stressed and want to give up, or ill, or tired, or you just want someone who isn’t gonna judge.

I guess what I mean is that when I say I love you that doesn’t mean “I love you when it suits me” or “I love the way you make me feel”…It means I love you for you, all of you, I love you for the things that you hate, and I love you when you don’t always love yourself.

Fuck Meninism in Media

I turn on the news for five minutes. See that mattel are bringing out a wider range of dolls for different races, ethnicities and body shapes. Then the male interviewer says “but what a bout ken?. Apparently there is outrage that their should be a dad bod ken.I had to swear at the tv. Meninists please can you just return to that dank hole you crawled out of. You know..your mothers vagina..shame she didn’t sew it up.