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1). One movie that you think defines your generation

- Mean Girls - April,30,2004

2). Least favorite color nail polish?

- anything with sparkles inside of it….ughhh

3). Favorite color nail polish?

-black/ dark versions of every color except yellow.

4). Do you kill spiders or put them outside when you see them?

- I throw things at it from the other side of the room, until I either kill it or it scurries to the back of our wall through whatever hole it crawled out of.

5). Favorite drink?

- water.
I know this sounds basic but water isn’t too sweet or too sour, it is neutral. I simply cannot live without it. And neither can you.

6). If you could meet one celebrity on the street, who would you choose?

- mmmm. I would have to say Anna Kendrick, cuz this girl kicks ass. She’s funny, whitty, and looks like the type of friend to give it to you straight.

7). Twitter or Instagram?

- Tumblr- I know this wasn’t an option but… Twitter is not a place for discussions it simply a source that attracts attention to places that need it. Instagram ( to me) is just pointless.

8). Last song that was stuck in your head?

Chains - ( Nick Jonas ) : I’m not proud of it. I have much better music taste, I promise.

9). Opinion on Elena’s departure?

I didn’t really care, I was to busy worrying about the mental state of steroline.

10). Coffee or tea?
It’s complicated, I drink more tea but i will take coffee over tea any day.

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You are to answer the following questions, If you choose to participate.

1). What is the best compliment, that was said, that stuck out to you about your blog?
2). What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
3). unattractive and live forever or attractive and die in a year?
4).What was the strangest thing you placed in your mouth as a kid (please keep it PG-13) lol - mine was glue.
5). What’s your dream job?
6). What was the name of your earliest crush?
7).Favorite midnight snack?
8). What do you think is the most useless class in high school?
9). What is your all time favorite scene of what episode of what season of tvd?
10). Would you rather leave someone at the alter or mistake your soon to be wife’s name for your ex wife’s name at the alter? - this question was inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D.s ( the show)

we dug these holes we crawled into (6/7)

Summary: The look on Rachel’s face is one Santana once told herself she’d never cause. There was way too much crap between them in high school for them to backtrack in that manner, but here they are anyway, at a standstill, practically staring each other off, waiting to see who’ll break first. 

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This is one of famous temple in Kyoto, named Yasui-konpiragu. It’s in walking distance from Gion, the heart of the city.

It’s believed this temple helps you to cut off bad, undesired relationship and be successful with your romance.

To make your wish come true, you donate more than 100yen for the strip of paper and write down your wish on it. And then you crawl through that narrow hole from the front, thinking hard of the bad relationship you want to cut off, and then again you crawl through the hole from the back to the front while thinking hard of your new relationship.

Then at last  you stick your strip of paper on that stone tunnel.

I visited there very early morning, so there was no one there. I was very curious if I could pull up my butt through that narrow stuff. So I tried, in a hurry, making sure no one was looking at me, and I was relieved I could do it anyway!