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(Anon who's super into the Vader Survives Mustafar thing again) Wow holy shit hi I'm so sorry I'll get out of your inbox any minute now I swear, but EMPRESS AMIDALA wow, just. Yes. Sign me the fuck up. Oh wow that means Luke and Leia would be raised as the children of the Empress and the only surviving Force user in the galaxy Y E S. It's fine, I'm fine, you're great. *crawls into dark hole*

(why would you EVER, friend, why would you leave my inbox, THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANT) 

Actually Vader wouldn’t be the only surviving Force-user–the only surviving SITH Force-user, maybe, but not every Jedi actually died with Order 66 and Vader would literally ignore their entire existences unless Padmé said something, which obviously she would NOT. At ALL. At most she would say “no sweetie it’s fine they’re not a threat like this” and then go hyperventilate in the bathroom while Vader is distracted playing with the babies. He’s teaching them how to float their toys. It would be the sweetest, purest thing Padmé has ever seen in her LIFE if he weren’t doing it while wearing the robe he’d sworn loyalty to Darth Sidious in. 

Padmé has no idea how to destroy a dictatorship from the INSIDE. Fuck knows she didn’t succeed in STOPPING it from the inside; even standing at the top, how is she supposed to take it APART?? The Empire didn’t happen in a vacuum. It wasn’t just one man, no matter how much that one man was responsible for. 

She couldn’t even stop Anakin from turning into Vader. She thinks she can change a whole GALAXY when she couldn’t even convince the man she loved to live? She thinks she can change ANYTHING, wearing Empress Amidala’s robes, raising Prince Luke and Princess Leia Amidala? With her beloved husband and his people all dead in her name and by his own hand, and Darth Vader as her consort? 

She doesn’t. Not at all. 

But she’s going to have to, so–so. 

So it’s time to get back to it, Padmé tells herself, and then breathes out slowly, puts on just enough makeup to remind herself how to wear her mask, and goes back out to sit on the couch and watch Vader and the children play on the floor. They’re doing very well with the toys, and Vader is very proud. 

Padmé paints on a smile, and digs her nails into the meat of her palms. 

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Being swallowed by Birdo's enormous nose/mouth?

I AM VERY MUCH INTO CRAWLING INSIDE OF BIRDOS SLIGHTLY HUMID TRUMPET HOLE (I imagine it to feel like what being vored by Kirby would feel like)
But seriously I wanna investigate birdo, like get some swabs and send them for cultures and really get to know the anatomy of her fucking head.

okay so i have this shirt right its actually a punpun shirt right it has his 4 eyes right and its a cool shirt and ppl compliment it and i always worry if they will ask where its from and i dont wanna say its from a fucking manga because id sound like a weeb also its a reallllyyy dark and weird manga soif they did look it up id b so embarrassed but ANYWAYS my point is once the girl asked what it was from and i panicked and i said a comic and every time i remember that i lowkey wanna crawl into a hole 

Awww yiss! @harrypfreak come discuss all the Stucky with me! For example I have is thing in my head of Bucky having part of a tune stuck in his mind and he can’t figure why he knows it or where it came from until one day he suddenly realises and he looks at Steve with big eyes and laughs and Steves like “what?” And in front of everyone Bucky starts singing Star Spangled Man With A Plan and Steve wants to crawl into a hole and hide but at the same time Bucky is laughing and smiling and he’s jumping on the sofa to perform to Steve and he’s so happy that Steve can’t help but laugh with him and Bucky collapses against him and he’s wiping away tears and coughing because he laughed so hard and he sits up and pulls Steve in and asks him if he still has a plan and Steve just says “only one” and kisses him….

ALSO I only did an extra hour so I was in at two today. It’s weekends that I start at 9:30 so it’s not too bad. Have you had a good day?

i know it’s gonna be real dramatic and stuff but it’d be great if jasper’s return was really anticlimatic. she crawled out of that hole and became like, an ice road trucker or crab fisherman or something, distances herself away from all gem stuff. watches a lot of storage wars in her spare time. her gem is cracked but it’s fine she just put a band aid over it

Open starter/backstory

*Your name is Michelle Zaveri, you’re 5'7, female, have shoulder-length, dark brown hair that’s dyed purple on the ends, you have greenish-blue eyes, have a stick-like, hourglass figure, several beauty marks (two on the tip of your nose and one above the left corner of your mouth), and you’re wearing a female page of breath’s god tier outfit as you sit, panting, at the edge of a hold you just dug yourself out of using a small vortex of wind, you also appear to be on one of your land’s small islands, a few of your purple snake consorts slithering up to you to make sure you’re ok as you tiredly chuckle and finish crawling out of the hole*  “I’m fine guys, don’t worry."  *You then check your wallet captchalog to make sure you still have all your stuff, which you do, but what’s this? You pull out a small glowing rock that you don’t recognize and start examining it until it suddenly flashes brightly and seems to teleport you to an entirely new world*

So…Legends…can we just talk about how quickly Mick tried to find a new partner? The way he just gave this random kid the cold gun? And how it’s not out of disrespect, not at all. It’s just…how much he misses Len and there’s this giant hole in his life that he just has to fill because, even when they were at odds, Len was always there? How much he feels like he needs that other person in his life but, really, there’s no one who will ever fill that spot the same way Len did? And even if Rip will let him come back to that one point in 2013, it’s not the same - not even just because this Len is different than the one he last remembers, but mostly because it’s just this reminder of what he lost, what he’s never gonna get back?

I’m gonna go crawl back in a hole and never come out again