crawl (carry me through)

So since I love No.6, I decided to make a playlist. It includes songs that remind me of No.6 and that I really really like (Some of them are not in english. Also, many of them are by Aimer, because many of her songs fit No.6) I recommend for you to look for the translations of this songs to cry harder lmao

1. Rokutousei No Yoru by Aimer (Click here)

2. Utopia by Within Temptation (Click here)

3. Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams (Click here)

4. Shattered by Trading Yesterday (Click here)

5. Colors by Halsey (Click here

6. Voice by Aimer (Click here)

7. Shichigatsu No Tsubasa by Aimer (Click here)

8. Words by Aimer (Click here)

9. Este momento by Camila (Click here)

10. Anata ni Daewanakereba by Aimer (Click here)

11. Control by Halsey (Click here)

12. No fue mi intencion amarte by Rio Roma (Click here)

13. Crawl (Carry me through) by Superchick (Click here)

14. This could kill me by Amy Stroup (Click here)

15. Skinny Love by Birdy (Click here)

I was tagged by my sweet wife @hogwarts-is-calling-me

how old are you? 20

what’s your current job? Suffering™ (still in college)

what are you talented at? making my friends laugh by doing/saying dumb things

what’s your aesthetic? mermaids wearing flower crowns

do you collect anything? nail polish and video clips (for editing)

what’s a topic you always talk about? cute people in the world

what’s a pet peeve of yours? drama

three songs you recommend?  Crawl (carry me through) by Superchick, Colors by Stella Jang, and Sunday candy by Chance the Rapper

nickname: Fry

zodiac sign: Pisces

height: 1m57

last thing you googled: “trademark”

favorite music artist: currently BTS but i’m a sucker for anything Lin-Manuel Miranda produces 

last movie you watched: Okja

what are you wearing right now: a torn sweater and jeans

why did you chose your url: it’s an unholy mix of things I liked when I created this blog

do you have any other blogs: my former main @nyancattingklaine , a sideblog about clothes @dresslikebts , and one to keep the kpop stuff out of this blog @peaches-and-hobi 

what did your last relationship teach you: that it’s okay to say no and that i’m asexual 

religious or spiritual: neither

favourite colour: pastel blue

average hours of sleep: 7-8

lucky number: 7

(lesser known) favourite character: can’t name one they’re all known x)

how many blankets do you sleep with: one, very thick

dream job: bunny sitter

and I tag @fanciful-follies, @hameowlton, @gladerofcabin4 and @anythingelsepls (hello there)

there were days and nights I couldn’t see the end and I swear that music was my only friend ♫


Riptide - Vance Joy // Disconnected - 5 Seconds of Summer // When I’m Gone - 3 Doors Down // Pressure - Youngblood Hawke // Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend // City of Angels - Thirty Seconds to Mars // Keep On Keeping On’ (feat Brendon Urie) - Travie McCoy // Crawl (Carry Me Through) - Superchick // Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan // Brave - Peter Hollens // Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better) - Patrick Stump // Battle Scars - Paradise Fears // This is Gospel - Panic! at the Disco // Marchin On - OneRepublic // Through the Dark - One Direction // Your Bones - Of Monsters and Men // Overcome - New Politics // First Things First - Neon Trees // Into the Wild - Lewis Watson // Ghosts - Mayday Parade // Firework - Katy Perry // Lights - Journey // On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons // Keep Together - Hunter Hunted // I Feel Pretty / Unpretty - Glee Cast // Carry On - Fun. // Flashlight - Hunter Hayes // First You Break It - Filter // What a Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy // Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran // I Will Let You Go - Daniel Ahearn // All The Small Things - Blink-182 // Therapy - All Time Low // If It Means a Lot To You - A Day to Remember // Truce - twenty one pilots // Promise - Ben Howard

We Shall See - A Sleeping Warrior Fanmix // [Listen]

1. Hazy - Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons // 2. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri // 3. Who Am I To Say - Hope // 4. Let Her Go - Passenger // 5. The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin // 6. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie // 7. In My Veins - Andrew Belle // 8. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional // 9. Crawl [Carry Me Through] - Superchick // 10. She’s Got You High - Mumm-ra


rae&finn | crawl [carry me through]

we can make it safe again » songs for two people who were lost and lonely in a world that had been unkind to them, but found hope for a better life in the incredible bond they formed. both willing to go to any length and risk their lives to save each other without hesitation. finding each other in their own versions of hell. giving one another the strength to take a second chance; neither of them blaming the other for the consequences. because it was worth it to see each other happy, even if it was brief. because ‘that’s what bros do.“ they help each other. they love each other. they save each other.

"You saved me first.”

01. UMBRELLA boyce avenue | 02. PONY (IT’S OK) erin mccarley | 03. BESIDE YOU marianas trench | 04. STICKIN’ WITH YOU addison road | 05. LOOK THROUGH MY EYES everlife | 06. LET GO frou frou | 07. HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME bon jovi & lea michele | 08. ALL FALL DOWN onerepublic | 09. ONLY ONE alex band | 10. SAFE AND SOUND taylor swift | 11. BE WHAT YOU WANT robin loxley & oliver jackson | 12. OVERWHELMED rachel platten | 13. CRAWL (CARRY ME THROUGH) superchick | 14. IF I LOSE MYSELF onerepublic | 15. LITTLE TALKS of monsters and men | 16. HOLD ON MY HEART sarah blasko | 17. SHAKE IT OUT florence + the machine | 18. SHELTER birdy