anonymous asked:

What are your favourite Carol Channing stories?


This list is by no means comprehensive BUT:

  • Getting fired from understudying Eve Arden during Let’s Face It in her Broadway debut because she tried to sing as fast as Danny Kaye did WHILE HE WAS SINGING
  • That time she sang a Haitian corn chant and a funeral dirge at an agent audition and got it
  • Doing Dolly in a wheelchair
  • accidentally getting involved in a communist revue during the red scare
  • losing a carol channing look alike contest
  • the yul brynner dressing room ordeal
  • accidentally singing an offensive french song at Joan Crawford’s wedding which pissed everyone off except Joan Crawford
  • falling asleep under a car during love boat
  • having to keep Ethel Merman from screaming the word c*nt during the filming of the love boat
  • the fact that she refuses to watch skidoo
  • her and clint eastwood trying to figure out how a screen kiss works
  • forgetting an entire scene of Dolly because she didn’t have coffee that day
  • her predicting that she would be back on Broadway 15 years after Dolly closed in 95, which she was then honored as the gypsy of the year on Broadway in 2010
  • the fact that she’s had 4 husbands and outlived them all
  • Trying to hold a conversation with tallulah bankhead while tallulah was stark naked
  • her rapping at the 2004 tonys
  • taking the cast of dolly to see Interview with a Vampire in theaters not knowing what the content of the movie would be like