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How many times do you think Merle or Magnus wake up to Taako just stealing their body heat? Like the elf wasn't there earlier but he's here now

All the time.

Much more than anyone would expect for how far he keeps himself away from everyone.

The cuddling starts right at the beginning, when it’s just the three of them and they barely know each other. They’re out on the road, and he doesn’t mean to, but Taako just drifts to one of their bedrolls - no preference, just whoever is closer. They wake up to an armful of elf, quietly sleeping and closer to them than he usually gets while awake. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s doing it until he wakes up the next morning and he’s not where he fell asleep. Magnus and Merle don’t mind, but Taako doesn’t want to talk about it.

When Taako makes a point to stay away, he has night terrors. It happens every night without exception; he shifts and cries out, clutches the sheets and reaches for something. Magnus and Merle manage to put up with listening to that for three nights before they can’t stand it anymore. One of them climbs up to the top bunk every night, and climbs back down before he’s awake in the morning. Taako knows, but he doesn’t say anything; none of them say anything. It should be weird, a weird thing to do for three people who have just met, but it doesn’t feel weird to them. They don’t need to talk about it.

When they’re in the bigger apartment, Taako doesn’t sleep right next to them in the same room anymore. He assumes that means the end of the cuddling - he won’t keep anyone up with his noise now - but Magnus is at his door before bed, standing awkwardly.

“Thought you’d like some company,” he says. Merle is right behind him.

It’s a tossup over who is sleeping in any room at any time, but Taako is usually not alone. Sometimes one or both of his roommates will be in his room, and sometimes he’ll wander to one or the other’s room. The rest of the Bureau starts to catch on, especially after Angus walks in one morning for a magic lesson to find all three of them passed out together on the couch. 

Angus, as it happens, has no objection to cuddly naps. After-lesson naps become part of their routine, along with snacks and occasional pranks.

Carey and Killian tease Taako for the cuddling when they find out, until Magnus quietly tells them what it’s like to sleep nearby while Taako is sleeping alone. Taako feels like he should have an explanation - some kind of story about a traumatic past - but he really doesn’t

When asked, he just shrugs. “The bed feels too empty.”

I’d just like to point out that nobody knew Taako was dating Kravitz all the way until Lup was realeased from the umbrastaff. That gave Taako quite a bit of time to make absolutely stellar death jokes, a la millennial style of “praying for death” and shit like that

The lunar interlude before wonderland consisted of the summer spent training. Taako, despite being visibly happier, has been saying some pretty morbid things about how he “misses the sweet embrace of death” after a particularly hard training session… The other 2/3 of the tres horny boys plus team sweet flips have been getting worried, but knowing Taakos sharp attitude nobody approaches him about it until Carey calls for an intervention.

They all sit in a semi circle when Taako is escorted in by Magnus. Once that they explain they’re there to help him, he bursts out laughing, “I sure as FUCK don’t have to explain myself to y’all, and at, uh, at this point it’s funnier not to.” He swoops out of the room with his cape and the umbrastaff hanging from his forearm. Everyone is kinda stunned but they all somewhat expected that.

It isn’t until Lup shouts about his relationship status with the grim reaper that it clicks, he LOVES death. Carey and Killian realize they’ve already met him, Magnus and Merle have already fought Taakos boyfriend, and everyone would be more surprised if the room wasn’t shaking.