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Jimon "You want me to do what?”

Jace stirs in his sleep when he feels the bed dipping.

“Shhh, it’s just me,” Simon’s breath puffs out against his hair. Jace smiles lazily, despite himself.

“You’re freezing,” he murmurs, craning his neck to look over his shoulder where Simon is making himself comfortable against his back. Simon presses closer to him and Jace giggles. “Stop it,” he says, turning around to face Simon. “I’m serious. I was so warm…”

“Well, I’m a vampire. It’s not like I can help it, is it?” Simon smiles at him and runs his knuckles gently over his cheek. Jace doesn’t even flinch, he just leans into the touch, closing his eyes and humming contently. 

“Always with a convenient excuse…” Jace whispers, carding his fingers through Simon’s disheveled hair. He opens his eyes and lets the grin spread over his lips. Simon’s frowning at him, but he’s grinning that bemused crooked grin of his. 

Simon arches an eyebrow at him. “You want me to do what? Warm myself up before bed?”

The hand running through his hair slides down to cup Simon’s face and he presses their forehead together. He makes a show of pursing his lips and looking upwards, as if considering the option. “Maybe dip yourself in hot water?” He presses a kiss to the corner of Simon’s mouth, shuffling closer to him. “Stand close to a fire–”

Simon giggles. “Yeah, that’s a good one, actually! And I’ll turn around every few minutes to make sure I’m warm on all sides. Like a roast, or something.”

Jace smiles, eyes closing again. He’s still impossibly exhausted, but he kisses Simon again, this time squarely on the mouth. A chaste, lazy press of lips. “Exactly,” he murmurs. He hooks one of his legs over Simon’s. 

“Next time, I promise,” Simon murmurs back and the last thing Jace is conscious of before he slips back into sleep is Simon’s arm protectively around his waist.

A Craving For Apple Crust

Lemon meringue, apple, blueberry pie,
Always catch my eye
In the window of the store.
How can I ignore?
Pie, pie, pie!

The savory scent of cinnamon,
The sweet aroma of fruit.
When I rush in the store,
My nose begging for more,
The feeling is so absolute!

My most favourite of all is pumpkin.
The taste is so divine!
There’s whipped cream on top
When it’s served in the shop.
Pie, pie, pie!

Some pies are hot out of the oven,
Others are as cool as icecream.
Like chocolate cream pie
With icecream on the side,
Layers of chocolate supreme!

Have you tasted the rhubarb?
Well, you better get in line.
Or coconut cream?
I still can’t believe,
Pie, pie, pie!

Finally I choose one,
Simple apple crust.
I can’t help but succumb
The most popular one,
The choice is a definite must!

I bring it home to Allen.
He doesn’t like apple, oh my!
But I bring out pumpkin,
Now isn’t that something?
Pie pie pie.

Accent Challenge
this ain't art
Accent Challenge

I was tagged by @berribaek to do the accent challenge game, so what better time than a lazy sunday to do it ♥

I wanted to keep this short but staying true to my nature I failed, i’m sorry y’all…(also for half the thingie you can hear messenger binging in the bg, pls ignore)

You may also notice I loose train of thought easily, but also my cat decided she wanted to cuddle halfway through and i got distracted 

tagging: @namjooneh (who i know has a beautiful beautiful voice), @jonghyunis, @jongkookie, @eatchim, @whateverjimin, @performanceunit and @everbad ♥♥


Remember a couple of days ago I asked for BotW playthrough recs? I can’t remember who recced it, but I finally settled on one of them and have basically been watching it non-stop since. I’ve finally caught up to their one episode of the playthrough released per day, but I ended up marathoning probably 20 hours of it up to that point. @_@

This is the reason I have been neglecting Tumblr. I have so much stuff in my inbox and drafts I gotta sort through now, oops.

(Also remix challenge which I have had on my mind the entire time but haven’t actually sat down and written anything for yet because of no reason other than personal character flaws. >>;;)