Totally craving:

• flirty conversation
• cuddles
• kisses
• night owl, flirty texting buddy
• butterflies in my stomach
• a girlfriend

I already miss her. She’s been gone for a second and I, once again, crave her. I crave her body being pressed against mine. I crave the emotions I get when our legs are intertwined, and our arms are wrapped around each other. I crave the electricity that shoots throughout my whole body when I feel your breath against my neck, or when you whisper softly into my ears. I crave your soft kisses that you plant onto my cheek, forehead, or the scars on my arms. I crave those gorgeous, warm brown eyes that I get lost in so easily when our noses are brushing against one another’s. I crave that beautiful and adorable smile on your face that appears every time I tell you how cute you are. You’ve only been gone a second or two and I’m craving you all over again. Because, sweetie, you are oh-so addicting to me, and I love you oh-so much.
—  Cravings

Imagine your pregnant and always craving chocolate but because of Loki’s sweet tooth, you have to keep your stash hidden. You wake up in the middle of the night to get some and find Loki with the bag in his lap and he’s eaten it all. “In my defence, you were sleeping.” 

You cross your arms and glare at him with narrowed eyes. “That’s the third bag this month!”

 He squirms in his seat then gives you his best puppy dog eyes. “I’m sorry Darling. You love me don’t you?”

 “You do this one more time and the only thing those puppy dog eyes will gain you is the dog house!”