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Fixed - final part

Fixed - part 2/2 | Jack Maynard | Imagine
Word count: 2986
Request: Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a tickle fight? | Can you do a jack one?
A/N: This imagine is inspired by Fixed by New Hope Club! Thank you for those whom asked me this! I loved write this one, so if you have something in mind about Jack, be my guest: requests are open! If you don’t remember the first part, let me refresh your memory in here! Bye bye sweeties! See you soon!
You can find my other Buttercream Squad stuff in here | Requests are open


        “Conor…” You started speaking to the phone.

        “Hi, Y/N!” He picked up. “How are you?”

        “Fine. You?”


        You bit your lip, hesitating. “Ok, so, please, don’t freak out, but I…”

        “Kissed my brother?”

        “Hum… Yes?”

        “Yeah, Jack told me.”

        “Oh, the bastard! I wanted to tell you myself.”

        “So… Are you ok?”

        “Yes.” You knew Conor were only asking because the last thing he wanted was stay between you and Jack or, worst, have to choose one of you. “We are not serious or anything. I mean, fine, we spent the night together and, oh boy, he doesn’t have the reputation he has out of nothing, you know…”

        “Y/N, you’re still talking about my brother, please, stop.”

        You laughed. “We are fine, Con.”

        “Great then. I’m really happy for both of you. I mean, Jack is a player and you are one too. I don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

        “We won’t.” You assured.


        “So…” Jack started saying, sat on the sofa by your side.

        It was Saturday. Jack arrived at your place by morning and you decided to watch a film after lunch.

        “So…?” You encouraged him to continue, not really paying attention in what he was about to say because you were watching the movie.

        “You met Andrew yesterday.” He pointed out.

        “Yes.” You smiled, seeing where the conversation was going.

        “And how it went?”

        “Since when are you interested on my love life?”

        “Since you decided to kiss dickheads.”

        “I don’t kiss dickheads, moron.” You pushed him softly. “I mean, I kissed you, didn’t I?”

        “Yeah.” Jack gave a smirk. “But, first: I don’t throw up if I’m insecure; Second: I’m a great kisser.”

        You laughed. “I don’t know… Andrew is a pretty good kisser too…” You teased.

        Jack looked at you astonished. “What?” He turned his body to you, not starring the TV anymore. “Are you saying I am not the best kiss you had on your entire life?”

      “You are so convinced of yourself.” You rolled your eyes, knowing he was only kidding.

      “Oh, am I?” Jack asked, approaching you.

      You started giggling. “Yes…”

      “You just love to play with fire, don’t you, Y/N?” He asked, his hands getting closer to your body.

      You were laughing as if Jack were already tickling you. “Jack…”

      He started tickling you for real, you couldn’t breathe.

      “Say who was your best kiss, Y/N.” He ordered.

      “No!” You exclaimed, laying down on the sofa with Jack on top of you.

      “You don’t want to admit it to me? Fine. I will just continue to tickle you then.”

      “Jack!” You whined.

      “Say, Y/N.”

      “Ok, ok! I’ll say it, I’ll say it.”

      He stopped and you smirked.

      “Say…” He suggested.

      “I will! But…”

      “I will start tickling you again, Y/N.” He threatened.

      “No!” You protested laughing. “I will say you are the best at kissing, however I’m not sure of it.” You smiled your flirty smile. “I think I need a test proof.” You argued and Jack responded to your actions by bending down.

      “You think so?” He teased when his lips were almost touching yours.

      “Yes.” You told.

      Without a shadow of a doubt Jack was the best kisser ever. The way he moved had the right precision and the right speed and, when he bit your lips, he almost drove you insane. This kiss thought wasn’t for real. It took all your strength to concentrate and move your hands to fit your original purpose: In the middle of the kiss, you started tickling Jack.

      “Y/N!” He complained while laughing and getting out of the sofa. “You play dirty!”

      You couldn’t stop laughing. “You should know that by now.” You teased with a wink.

      “We need to have a little chat, young lady.” Jack declared, turning the TV off.

      “We need?”

      “Yes, we do.” He affirmed. “A little chat on your bedroom.”

      You gasped. “Jack!”

      “Come on, on your way.” He started lift you up. “We have some business to solve.” He told and started tickling you again while carried you through the apartment.


      Jack was kissing a random girl on one corner of the club. The music was loud and there was one of the only places that were empty enough to fit both of them.

      “Yeah, not quite like that, love.” He said, pushing the girl away. “You need to…” Grab my hair, scratch my back, move your hips. That was how Jack would be addicted to a kiss, that was how he would be crawling for more, that was how… His eyes glimpsed you on the dance floor. That was how you kissed him. And drove him crazy. “Excuse me.” He asked before walking away and letting the girl alone.

      Your hair flew everywhere and you had a wide smile on your face, after all it was your favorite song playing at the club. You always loved when the right music came out, it gave you confidence and you would be even more excited than you normally was. When it was your music through the speakers, you could have the whole crowd staring at you that you wouldn’t even care.

      Jack went to you, interrupting your dance moves. Without saying a single word, he pulled you to him and gave you a kiss, a profound one, not only catching you by surprise because of the moment but also because of the intensity. He proved that sweet naughty kiss only you could give, the one he missed if he didn’t taste it every day.

      “What was that for?” You asked laughing when you finished kissing.

      He was looking at you, noticing how your eyes shinned. “I don’t know.”


      “When will you give up in going out with him?” Jack asked you with an arm around your shoulder.

      You were at the supermarket doing your food shopping for the week. Jack was at your place and agreed to go with you.

      “Stop being against Andrew.” You asked while you were choosing what type of bread you wanted. “He is a really nice guy, you know.”

      “What I know is that he throws up more than the average people.” Jack teased.

      “Oh my God, when you will give up remembering this?” You complained, putting the package on your basket and walking through the shop.

      “Maybe when you admit to yourself he is just a route mistake you made.”

      “What if he is the one for me?” You asked going to pay your stuff.

      “He isn’t.” Jack said.

      “How can you be so sure of that?” You raised an eyebrow and putted your shops on the bags, Jack helped you carry those.

      “Well, if he is the one for you, why you keep liking going to clubs and being with other people?”

      “We agreed we would take things easy, Jack.” You told going out of the supermarket and walking through the street. “I am fine with the things now and he is too. We don’t need to rush.”

      “That’s what I’m saying, Y/N.” He pointed out. “If he is the one, you shouldn’t want to be with anyone else besides him and, let’s face it, you and me make out more than you and him.”

      You laughed. “So what are you suggesting? That you are my true love?”

      “Who knows? Maybe I am”

      You rolled your eyes. “You go out with more girls in one week than I go out with boys in one month, Maynard.”

      “Yeah…” He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s quite boring wait for you to realize I’m the only one, Y/N. You’re quite slow, you know?”

      “Yeah, ok, Jack.”

The fact: Last week

        You were craving for a cupcake after seeing Zoella’s Insta story. She was having a lovely lunch and had a marvelous dessert, so you decided go get one for yourself before losing your mind.

      You and Jack now were boyfriend and girlfriend, though only the close friends knew that. It was a bit hard date a youtuber and with everything going on in your lives, like his channel growing and you having your college stuff, you didn’t want any pressure about having a relationship open to the public eye.

        “Y/N! You heard someone calling you and looked around the shop, trying to discover who the source of it was. “Over here!”

        You were about to pay your order, Brittany, an old friend, was sit on a table on the other side of the place. You waved at her and she went towards you.

        “Hey, Britt.” You smiled to her.

        “Hey girl! How are you?”

        “Fine.” You thanked the employee that was charging your order. “What about you? I saw you went to Spain last week.”

        “Yes, I went!” She smiled. “It was amazing! I’m starting to have a thing for that country. I know it’s my philosophy never go to a place twice until I complete my wish list, but it was so pretty in there!” You laughed at her enthusiasm, was really cute.

        “It seemed really nice. I loved your pictures on Instagram.”

        “But, girl! This is not about me! I mean, yeah, I went traveling and it was amazing, but I heard you are dating Jack Maynard! Is it true?”

        You blushed. “Yeah, we are kind of hanging out together…”

        “Are you crazy or something?” She asked. “You two look adorable, I get it, but you know how that worked out to Shelly.”

        You felt like Britt has just punched you on your stomach. Shelly was Jack’s ex girlfriend. You met Jack when they were broke up already and you never really thought about it.

        “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Britt apologized. A little late for that now, love. “I really think you two make a beautiful couple, Y/N.” She took your hand into hers. “I’m worried because I think you deserve more than a cheater.”

      You knew Britt considered cheaters the worst specie on the planet, she was cheated once and never wished that for anybody else. You knew that she was only saying that because she was in fact afraid of you getting hurt.

      What Britt didn’t knew though, was that you never thought about Jack being a cheater. You forgot it. You knew he was, but you completely disassociated him from that image. Now, it hit you.

      “That’s fine.” You forced a smile and took the cupcake you ordered. “I gotta go now, but I see you around, right?”

      “Text me if you need anything, Y/N.” She asked, realizing the mess she made. “I’m really sorry.”

      “It was good, Britt.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I just needed a little remind of one of the reasons why I avoid Jack Maynard at the first place.”


        You sighed, finally sitting on your sofa. You were really tired of thinking about that subject by yourself. It was burning your mind, corroding your thoughts, eating you inside out.

      You always knew Jack wasn’t the type of settle down. He went to a club, kissed a few girls on the same night, and then chose one to go home. You were alright with this fact, after all, you hooked up with a considerable amount of people at the same night too… But you never cheated.

      Cheating was something you always felt it would be horrible to do. It was something worst than a heartbreak, it was humiliating. Not only the person who promised to be faithful to you had broken this vow, but he/she chose to kiss another, thinking he/she was better than you.

      You get that the feeling of cheating should be amazing. Being with someone while having another waiting for you? It sounded really powerful and seductive. However, how you could handle the guilt afterwards? How could you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend knowing you did that to him/her?

      And, you couldn’t argue: Everybody knew your boyfriend was a cheater.

      Jack sat next to you.

      “I don’t want to be the insecure girlfriend who doesn’t let her boyfriend have night outs or stuff like that. I’m fine with you going out with the boys and everything, but honestly? I can’t say I’m not worried. I love you, but since last week, I have trouble sleeping.” You admitted.

      “Why since last week? I didn’t even go out last week.”

      You bit your lip. “Okay. I might have met Britt and she remembered me about Shelly.” You confessed.

      It was Jack’s turn to sigh. “I knew it.” He ran his hand through his hair. “I knew something triggered you.”

      “But it doesn’t matter, Jack!” You exclaimed. “You don’t understand? I sincerely don’t know how to deal with it.”

      “What are you trying to say? Do you want to break up?” He asked, looking at you afraid of the answer.

      “The last thing I want to do is break up with you, however it’s not because of it I won’t. I won’t wait for you to get sick of me and throw me away.”

      “Y/N…” He exhaled. “I will never get sick of you.”

      “How can you say that? How can you be sure of it? I doubt you didn’t like Shelly before you went sleep with other.”

      “It wasn’t like this.” He defended himself.

      “But you cheated her anyway, Jack.” You could feel the pain throbbing in your heart. “I love you, but I can’t handle this, babe.”

      He took a deep breath. He needed to say something because he felt you slipping through his fingers and he would never forgive himself if he let you go away just this easy.

      “Y/N, look.” He said, taking your hands into his and looking into your eyes. You were almost crying when saw that beautiful pair of jewels staring at you. “I won’t lie to you, ok?” Your heart started racing. “I am not good at relationships. I probably will forget our date anniversary and eventually gonna say something I won’t think about and hurt you and be stupid and stuff like that. But honestly? I won’t cheat at you.”


      “I know you and me seems something that came out of nothing for you, that we were really casual and, suddenly, we weren’t. But for me, it wasn’t like this that things happened.” He told you. “It started really calm, really quiet. I flirted with you for the first time and you blushed, something that I found really cute. Then I was noticing how beautiful you are every time you would hang with Conor and we started talking about the most silly things like ‘I hope the club won’t be crowded’ and shit like that when we met because we didn’t know each other.” He gave a soft smile when the memories invaded his mind and then again he was serious as you two were on the edge.

      “When I started flirting for real, you showed me that you weren’t an only-blush girl: You shutted me down every single time because you thought it was nothing, that I was doing that just because I wanted to bang you. And let me be honest with you now: I only wanted to bang you really.” You let a little laugh escape and he smile from seeing you better, a little relief coming to his heart. “But you didn’t let me, because you were worried about how it would affect you friendship with my brother and, in the extent to which our conversations evolved, my heart would race a little more when you showed up.” You felt your feelings squash inside you. “Since our first kiss I knew something would be different. I didn’t know what exactly, but it would. It felt so… Real.”

      “I was chilled about how things were, even with the Andrew guy around.” You rolled your eyes, Jack couldn’t let Andrew go. “Don’t roll your eyes to me, okay? It’s real. You never saw me in that state. Honestly, I don’t want to go back for that either. Not because I would get more drunk than ever or because I would be with any girl that showed up, but because it would mean we would break up and it is something I never, never, want to do, Y/N.” Your heart broke seeing him say that in that way, it was something that you never knew Jack felt and never knew he was able to feel.

      “You have your doubts, I get it. You can call me a dick if you want to, Y/N,  but I didn’t even care about Shelly. I thought I liked her, but now I know I didn’t and I’m fucking in love with you, Y/N.” You felt your breath escape through your lips. “It isn’t something I was looking for, I admit it too, but it happened and now I don’t know how I would work things out in my life without you. You put everything in balance.” He caressed your cheek. “I know words are only words and it is not much however I need you to trust me when I say that I won’t cheat on you.”

      His blue eyes were staring at you with such intensity, as if his whole soul was depending of your answer. He looked anxious and scared, but also relieved. You didn’t have doubts at all in that moment.

      “Why you didn’t tell me this before?”

      “I thought it was quite obvious.” Jack said, turning shy.

      “Silly.” You hugged him, finally crying. “I’m sorry, I was such an ass in the past week. I didn’t want to though.”

      “That’s alright, babe.”

      “I love you. I’m so afraid of you breaking me. I’m not sure I will be able to recover if you break me.” You confessed.

      “You won’t need to.” He promised, holding you tight.

      “Thank you.” You said breaking the hug.

      Jack smirked exactly how he did before kissing you for the first time: “You’re welcome.”

anonymous asked:

You were sat eating alone at your favourite bistro. Your friends had canceled on your plans, like they usually do when it was your turn to pick where to eat. You were vegan. You had nothing against others who were not, but apparently your friends had issues with your diet. The bistro catered to their wants too, but because it specialized in vegan options there'd usually complain saying they were eating at a specialty place just for you. Waiter!Bucky had become accustom to you coming in alone. 1

Due to small banter between the two of you he had learned of your friends opinions and why you ate alone so often. He was not a vegan ,but understood and respected the choices anyone made with their diet. When it came time for dessert Bucky came out from the back with his normal clothes on and approached you.“How you you like to grab a cupcake from that bakery down the road? They have options for you and I’m craving a double mocha cupcake.” All of a sudden your night took a turn for the best. 2

I feel like maybe he’d be the one who started making vegan desserts at the bistro you like - Gen

Spinoff Saturday

Just us.

I combined two prompts for this.

(…) something about mikadam. like, both of them starting to feeling things about each other.

(…) maybe some angst? like adam saying ‘why do you keep fighting it everytime you feel?’ and some sad mikael

I’m going to be honest here, I have no idea how this turned out. It’s the first time I’m writing them as the focus and since we didn’t see too much of them in the show I might have written them out of character. So any comment is very welcome.


As always the boys are hanging out together. 
Honestly, it’s a relatively cold day but Mutta wanted to eat ice cream and the boys had not left the house in hours so they ended up going to the ice cream parlour.

“Mutta, I’m not giving you any of my ice cream!”, Adam exclaims while taking a step away from Mutta.

Doing that, he crashes into Mikael, who tries to give Adam a bit of support with his free hand so that he doesn’t stumble more.

“Why not? You gave Yousef some of it!”, Mutta complains taking a step closer to Adam.

They had left the ice cream place a few minute ago but Mutta finished it quickly. Seeing as they are too far away to go back now, Mutta tries to eat some of the other guys’ ice cream.

“Because Yousef just wanted to try and not eat all of it!”, Adam responds and laughs. 

Mutta pouts and while Elias hands Mutta his ice cream, Yousef says: “It wasn’t too good anyway.”

“No! This…”, Adam lifts the cup in his hand, “…is delicious!”

Adam feels a light jab to his ribs. Confused Adam looks to his left side, his eyes finding Mikael looking at him with wide eyes and shaking his head.

Mikael leans closer to Adam and whispers: “It’s better if he thinks it’s bad.”, and nods towards Mutta.

Adam cannot look at their hungry friend as quickly as Mikael does. He is very close. A few more centimetres and their noses would touch. It makes Adam gulp and having to actively remind himself to breathe.

When he finally manages to look away, and to his other friends, Adam thinks to himself.

Why did that close proximity just make him feel like that? A bit nervous, but somehow in a good way.

He never feels like that with the other boys.

They walk around for a while, just goofing around and having fun until Yousef stops them.

“I need to go in there and buy something. It’ll be just two minutes.”, Yousef says while pointing at the little bakery they are walking past.

All of them stop walking and turn to Yousef.

“Are you getting something for Sana again?”, Adam asks.

Whenever Yousef sees something that he thinks Sana would like, he stops and goes and gets it or takes a picture or something like that.

Mikael finds himself smiling at that thought. He teases Yousef a lot about it but secretly he admires it.

“Actually, no. My mom told me yesterday she craved the cupcakes from here.”, Yousef answers.

Mikael smiles at that and sees how Elias rolls his eyes.

“This is the reason why my mom tells me to be more like you!”, Elias complains but ends up laughing along with the other four.

Yousef just smirks. “Sana loves those cupcakes too so I’ll get her some, too.”

Adam and Mikael roll their eyes at the same time.

Elias joins Yousef to buy his own mom something sweet and Mutta runs after them just to see if he wants something to eat, too.

This only leaves Adam and Mikael who then sit down on the stairs leading to the little bakery.

They start talking about the last football game they watched, which was the night before at Adam’s house, only Adam, Mikael and Mutta.

Mikael leans on the right banister, Adam on the left, they’re facing each other.

As Adam is waving around with his hands animatedly while talking about the amazing goal that fell last night Mikael smiles, nodding along. He has never been too into football but whenever Adam talks about it, he feels like maybe he’ll like it more the next time he watches a match.

“Are you listening to me?”, Adam asks after noticing Mikael stop nodding along and just looking at him with a small smile playing on his lips.

Mikael is pulled out of his trance and nods. Then he looks towards the door of the bakery and still no sign of the three other guys.

“You know, we tease them a lot but Yousef and Sana are really great together.”, Adam says out of nowhere. He had followed Mikael’s gaze.

Apparently he was done talking about football and Mikael didn’t even notice.

Again, Mikael nods and looks back at Adam, who has to shade his eyes with his hand a bit because the sun is shining right in his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s always thinking about her.”, Mikael says and asks himself if him thinking about Adam so much lately means anything similar like that.

Then, it gets weird between the two friends. Only for a few moments in which Adam wrings his hands together and keeps looking from Mikael to the bakery door nervously.

“About that.”, Adam starts slowly, gathering the confidence to say what he wants to say. He has been thinking about how to say it for too long now, he just confuses himself more. That’s why he decided to do it like he would want someone to open up to him.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.”, Adam continues.

He can see how Mikael’s face quickly changes but he doesn’t know how to interpret it. Does Mikael know? Does he feel the same way? Is he freaked out because he doesn’t?

“Let’s go!”, Elias shouts, hopping down the stairs and over Mikael and Adam’s feet.

Adam jumps at the sudden loud interruption but stands up. Same as Mikael. While he goes over to Elias, Adam curses himself for not speaking faster. Who knows if he’ll ever gather the courage to bring this topic up again? It was hard enough now. Mikael is his best friend, after all. Having these confusing feelings now is not easy and messes with Adam’s head but in that moment, a few minutes ago, it feel like the right time.
The way Mikael kept looking at him, the tone of his voice when talking about Sana and Yousef…

Maybe he did imagine it all, the signs that Mikael might return the feelings.


Once again, Adam spends his day with his best friends. They are his second family by now, some weeks he sees them more than his actual family. 

Today the plan was to go watch the new Spiderman movie after Elias, Adam and Yousef said it looks better than the other ones just from the trailer.

If there is one thing anyone should know about this group of friends is that they are very well adjusted to each other. They know when to leave the others alone, when to try and help and when to just accept how they are and not question it.

Another thing all of them know is that Mikael won’t shut up during a movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in the cinema. He will not shy away from commenting or criticizing the movie and the actors, not even when other people shush him. That’s why none of the boys fight over who gets to sit next to Mikael. Well, not until too long ago. Now Adam just does it without thinking or talking about it. He started to care less and less about Mikael not shutting up about something he is so passionate about it. 

And when Mikael started to lean over to Adam to tell him something and just stayed like that, Adam had a harder time concentrating on the movie. 

Little did he know that Mikael didn’t even realize what he was doing. It just felt very comfortable being so close to Adam. Not in the way he feels with the other guys. He feels comfortable with all of them but Adam… there is something else to it. 

However, when Mikael notices that he’s almost leaning his head on Adam’s shoulder he quickly sits up and leans the other way. He shouldn’t feel differently with Adam compared to the others. 

The movie ends and without even talking about it all of them start walking towards the Bakkoush house. 

“I’m just saying… Imagine one of us would be a secret superhero!”

“Mutta, we spend pretty much all day together. We would notice.”

“No, but that’s what the family of superheroes usually think, too.”

“The only one that spends less time with us lately is Yousef … but then he is with my sister.”

“See, maybe they are a badass crime fighting couple.”

Their very interesting conversation gets cut short by a group of girls. Some of which are girls the boys went to school with. They all say hi and hug and start catching up a little. Some of these girls Adam has not seen since they finished school.

Ten minutes they stand there and talk until the girls say they should get going. With that the guys start walking again too. 

Adam puts his hands in the pockets of his coat because it has gotten pretty cold and just standing around didn’t help.

“She just gave you her number?”, Yousef asks. He sounds surprised but at the same time not at all. 

Adam was deep in his own thoughts and didn’t hear who it is directed at. But that the other three guys look at Mikael gives him his answer and immediately he presses his lips together. 

“Who gave you her number?”, Adam presses out and tries to be casual about it. 

Mikael just shrugs, looking uncomfortable but Mutta answers for him. “Luisa, the blonde one with the freckles.”

Adam just nods and looks away. His eyes are directed to the way they are going when he hears Elias laugh and say something that makes him look up quickly.

“Aww, Adam. Don’t be jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous?”, maybe he says it too aggressively. 

Mikael looks between Elias and Adam and lets his gaze rest on the latter. Why does it bother Adam this much that a girl gave him her number? Could it be the same reason he really wanted to interject when the girl with the long hair hugged Adam for a second too long?

“Because Mr. Looking-like-a-model over there..”, Elias points at Mikael,“…doesn’t even have to try and gets phone numbers thrown at him.”

The whole way to Elias’ house Mikael notices how Adam doesn’t look into his direction once. 

Elias had once again forgotten his keys but luckily his family is home. Sana opens the door and lets them all in. Mikael notices how her eyes immediately find Yousef’s and how they start grinning at each other. 

Elias rolls his eyes at them with a smile on his face and leads the way to the kitchen. Sana and Yousef joining the rest a minute later. 

“Mamma made way too much food again so if you’re hungry help yourself.”, Sana tells the guys .

“Thanks!”, Adam says, “Hey, why didn’t you join us at the cinema?”

“I had to join a study group for an exam next week.”, Sana explains with a smile.

She’s standing behind the chair Yousef sits on. 

Elias and Mutta started looking through the pots to see what they could eat even if it wasn’t long ago that they ate.

A phone beeps and all six people in the room take out their phones. It was Sana’s.

Mikael observes how Sana reads the text and rolls her eyes. Before she has the chance to put it back in her pocket, it beeps again and again and again. 

Yousef, Adam and Mikael turn to her and look at her with an amused looks. She sighs and shakes her head as if she can’t believe what she is going to say now but she still does. 

Turning to Adam she says: “I can’t believe I’m saying this but this girl from my school, Ingrid, has not stopped asking about you since the Eid party in the summer. And she’s still not stopping so I’m supposed to ask you if you’re free to go out with her sometime soon.”

Sana looks like saying this puts her in great pain. Hearing it puts Mikael in great pain and he hates it.

That Adam’s gaze wanders over to him right after hearing what Sana says doesn’t help the fact that the uneasy feeling in Mikael’s gut grows. 

“I..”, Adam says and it’s all Mikael wants to hear. Quietly he leaves the room and knows he needs fresh air. 

When he gets out of the house he starts walking up and down the street in front of it. All he needs is to clear his head. Even if clearing his head works, ignoring the feeling in his chest is impossible.

Avoiding feelings that arise whenever Adam is near him while they are in a group is easy. He can just concentrate on the other people around. But he can’t do that when the topic of the conversation is Adam being set up to go on a date with someone else. 

“Hey.”, he hears being called out and turns around to see Adam walking towards him. 

Get it together, get it together, is what goes through Mikael’s head the closer Adam gets. 

“What’s up? Are you okay?”, Mikael gets asked which he just nods to.

“Yeah, just felt like getting fresh air.”

“Are you feeling sick? Elias’ mom has this great tea that helps a lot. I’m sure we can make you some of that.”, Adam says and looks at Mikael with a very worried look on his face.

Sighing, trying to ignore what he thinks, Mikael declines and says he just needs a minute. Adam nods and turns around to go back inside and give Mikael his space but then remembers what he wanted to say.

“I didn’t accept it.”, Adam says and makes Mikael stop in his tracks.

“That date with Sana’s friend. Not happening.”, Adam continues, taking a step towards Mikael.

Mikael raises his eyebrows, hoping not to show how that new information relieves him a bit.

“Oh, why not?”, he asks. Why is he doing that? He knows he is bad at things like this. 

Adam, who is more forward with what he’s thinking and feeling, takes another step closer.

“Mikael, look. I need to tell you that …”

Mikael doesn’t let him finish. He panics. He’s bad with this kind of things and he knows where this conversation is going. 

“I should get inside. It’s cold.”, Mikael stutters out and quickly walks past Adam to the Bakkoush house. Being in a group of people makes it easier. 

“Why do you keep fighting it every time you feel it?”, Adam calls behind him, before he is too far away. 

He doesn’t turn around, he just leaves Adam to look after him and wonder why he even bothers. 

As soon as Mikael is in the staircase, he stops. Why does he always do that kind of stuff? He messed up. If Adam doesn’t care enough anymore it’s all on Mikael and he knows it. 

Maybe he should have thought about it more but he takes his phone out of his jeans pocket and opens the chat with Adam. 

I’m sorry.”

Want to meet tomorrow? Just us.

After doing that he goes back inside and anxiously waits if Adam will come back inside and if he will answer. Elias and Mutta are too busy with the food and Sana and Yousef are too busy with being sickeningly cute to notice it.

Mikael’s heart stops when his phone vibrates. He takes it out but hesitates to look at it.

Sounds good”, is all the text from Adam says but it makes Mikael grin like an idiot. 

Exactly then Adam joins them in the kitchen and his eyes find Mikael. They look at each other from across the room with a smile that promises a better day for them together tomorrow than it has been today.


Summary: The reader feels like surprising the avengers and whilst doing so, suffers from a bit of a shock

Warnings: Potential swear, fluff - lots of fluff

Word Count: 1,301

A/N: This idea came to me when i was craving some cupcakes. I hope you like it, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated!

It had been a long few months for the team. No one had been in the tower longer than a week before they were called away for their next assignment and it was beginning to take its toll on everyone.

The idea had come to you in a dream, you were craving something that always managed to put a smile on your face, and when you woke the next morning, you knew exactly what you were going to do to try and lift everyone’s spirits. You were going to make cupcakes.

You were thankful that the majority of the team had arrived back at the tower last night, but Steve and Wanda were due to arrive in the afternoon, so your plan was to make the cupcakes in time for their arrival and call everyone down to the common room.

You headed into the kitchen after lunch when the coast was clear and got out the eggs, flour, butter, caster sugar, milk, and vanilla extract (something you were shocked to see because you were pretty sure no one actually baked in their spare time). Try as you might to be quiet, the sound of eggs cracking caught Bucky’s attention and he watched from the doorway of the kitchen as you brought the mixture together until it was nice and smooth, a dumb smile gracing his face. As you turned around to get the muffin tray, you spotted Bucky out of the corner of your eye, your heart jumping out of your mouth as your hand flew to your chest.

“Jesus Christ, Bucky! You scared me!” You say as your heart rate slowly starts to beat at its regular rhythm.

“Sorry about that. What are you doing?” He asks, walking over to the countertop and grabbing the muffin tray and lining it with cake cases for you.

“I’m making cupcakes for the team. Everyone seems so worn out recently and I thought we could all do with a pick-me-up.” You say, smiling brightly as you spoon the mixture into the cake cases.

“You’re so cute.” He says with a chuckle, your cheeks turning crimson as you spoon in the last dollop of mixture into the cake cases, swiftly taking the muffin tray and placing it in the oven.

“Would you mind helping me clear up?” You ask shakily, your heart beginning to pound against your chest as you turn around to face Bucky, praying that the blush on your cheeks had faded.

Bucky simply nods and begins to wash up as you grab the tea towel and start drying up the used mixing bowl and utensils. As you place the mixing bowl back in the cupboard, a splash of warm water lands on your face, a shocked gasp leaving your lips as you turn to face Bucky, your mouth agape. “Sorry.” Bucky says, shrugging his shoulders as he flashes you a devilish grin.

You playfully hit Bucky with the wet tea towel and before you knew what was happening, you and Bucky were engaged in a full on water war. The warm liquid covered almost every surface in the kitchen as peals of laughter rang out through the kitchen, your clothes becoming sodden with water. As Bucky chases you around the kitchen with a wet rag, you lose your balance on the wet tiles, going flying backwards. You squeeze your eyes shut tight as you wait to collide with the hard floor, yet it never comes. Slowly, you open your eyes to see Bucky looking down at you, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist as his blue eyes glisten with concern.

Your heart beats rapidly in your chest, no longer because of the fall, but because of how intense Bucky’s gaze is. His eyes never leave yours for a second as you wrap your head around the feeling building in your stomach. It sounds cliché, but you could feel the wings of butterflies beating against your insides, a ridiculous smile lighting up your face as you lose yourself in his eyes. You can’t help but wonder if Bucky feels the same feeling burning deep inside of him. Your thoughts are confirmed as he leans in closer, but something inside of you shies away, a small voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re being ridiculous and imagining the whole thing.

You place your hands against Bucky’s chest, using his sturdy frame to help you straighten yourself up. You send him a warm smile as you pull yourself out of his grasp, backing away to head back to your room. “Thank you for your help… and catching me…” You say before making a quick exit and practically sprinting down the corridor, shutting yourself inside your room.

You slump down on your bed, running your hands through your hair as you try and steady your breathing. The one time a guy shows interest in you, you convince yourself that you’ve made it all up. Only you would be able to do something like that when their face is inches from yours. You pace around your room, trying to think of what you could say to Bucky when you saw him again.

“Sorry I freaked out earlier, I just have this constant doubt that you don’t actually like me, but I really like you, so do you want to go on a date sometime? No, that’s what I thought… Oh for god’s sake I’m being stupid, I need to be honest with him.” You say to yourself, pausing in front of your mirror as you take in you soaked appearance when you realise you forgot about the cupcakes.

You swing open your door and rush back into the kitchen, stopping in your tracks as you see Bucky icing the cupcakes, a small smile lighting up his face, the sound of your shoes against the tiles alerts him to your presence. As he looks up, you see a light blush covering the apples of his cheeks; he’d never looked so adorable before.

“Sorry if I freaked you out earlier-” He begins, but you cut him off, shaking your head as you walk a little closer, admiring the cupcakes he’d iced.

“You didn’t freak me out, I freaked myself out.” You admit, your hands fidgeting nervously. “These cupcakes look good though.” You say, hoping to change the subject.

“Well, I felt like I needed to do something to apologise. I was kinda the reason you slipped over.” He says, handing you a cupcake he’d kept hidden behind his back.

You take hold of the cupcake in your hand, smiling up at Bucky before looking down at the cupcake, your mouth forming a small ‘o’ as your breath catches in your throat. He’d iced a love heart onto the cupcake and for the third time that night, you felt your heat begin to beat erratically. You look back up at Bucky, a ridiculously large smile lighting up your face as you see he’s holding a cupcake in front of him with the word ‘DATE?’ iced on top. You take the cupcake from Bucky’s hand, placing it on the countertop beside your own before you close the distance between the two of you. You wrap your arms around his neck and lean up on your tip toes, pressing a fleeting kiss to his lips as his hands slide down to your waist.

You pull away, biting your lip as you nod your head, a cheesy grin gracing his lips. “That’s the most adorable way anyone’s asked me on a date before.” You say, a breathy laugh escaping your mouth as Bucky’s hands linger on your waist. “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.” You say as you realise how stupid of you it was to believe the voice in the back of your head.
Cupcakes and Coffee - Chapter 1 - damnyoudaddario - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/3
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood
Additional Tags: Barista Magnus Bane, Baker Alec Lightwood, Bakery AU, Magnus has a sweet tooth, Cupcakes

Magnus has a sweet tooth and he’s not happy until it’s satisfied. But the new baker at his favorite bakery just might cause a whole new craving.

crack/funny fics 🙊

1. Just Me, You, And This Box of Matches (87k)

Louis is fairly sure that his new neighbour is going to destroy him. And also their apartment building, and the dumpsters outside, and all the forests within a thirty mile radius. But. Mostly him.

2. Fake it Till You Make it (136k)

In a twisted turn of events, Louis finds himself posing as the brother of his fiancé, Harry, for an annual company retreat. 

3. Rinse Me Down (8k)

Louis just wanted to raise a bit of money for his Uni political party.                   Niall and Zayn decided on a ‘people wash’ because “nobody drives cars anymore”.

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SNSD reaction to waking up next to you after your first time together

Originally posted by taengs

Taeyeon cuddled up to you when she woke up. She hugged you as tight as she could, a smile on her face. Overall she felt very calm with you lying beside her, still sound asleep. She wasn’t in a hurry anywhere, so she reveled in the moment, listening to your slow and even breaths. She went through all of last night step by step, trying to ingrain it in her memory. She remembered the dinner, the candles, how much you’d put into this and how much she’d loved every second of it.
“I love you, jagi,” she whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear her, hoping that one day she could say the words to you when you were awake.

Originally posted by girlsqeneration

Tiffany was a bit confused when she realized you weren’t in bed with her. With a small frown on her face she took the sheets with her and got up to look for you. She opened the door of the bedroom and was greeted with the sight of you stretching with your ass in the air on top of a yoga mat on the living room floor. Tiffany grinned and let her hands slide down your back.
“Good morning,” you said and straightened yourself. You turned around to face her and she dropped the sheets on the floor.
“Ready for round 2?”

Originally posted by sooyyoung

Sooyoung couldn’t really believe everything that had gone down last night. She made sure that you were still asleep when she went outside on the balcony, closed the door and with a jump in the air, let out a yell that was loud enough to send a few birds flying off the roof of the building. Sooyoung was practically beaming as she looked at the city down below, a few people looking up as they heard the noise. Sooyoung heard the balcony door open and turned around to see you wearing her t-shirt, grinning like a fool.
“Someone’s happy,” you said and wrapped your arms around her. “I am too.”

Originally posted by sooyyoung

Yoona woke you up by leaping on top of you. You hit her with a pillow and groaned. It was too early for this. Or was it? You rolled over so that she was the one under you and looked at the clock.
“It’s 1 pm?”
Yoona hummed in agreement, her hands sneaking up your back to hug you. You let your forehead rest on hers and kissed her lazily, still a little bit groggy from just waking up. The kiss ended up turning into both of you giggling like idiots and rolling over into a slightly more comfortable position.

Originally posted by thesoshisone

Seohyun woke up to you singing a song she didn’t recognize, but one that sounded beautiful nevertheless. She tried to reach for you but when her hand hit thin air, realized that you were nowhere to be found. Seohyun put on her discarded shirt and underwear to go look for you. She followed your slightly muffled voice all the way to the shower and leaned heavily against the door, not making a sound. She couldn’t hear you sing that often, so she wanted to get as much out of it as she could. Suddenly the door opened and Seohyun was greeted with your unclothed body and a question.
“Care to join me?”

Originally posted by asoomatic

Hyoyeon felt giddy. The kind where you can’t stop smiling, can’t stay still. She was also craving cupcakes, the kind you’d baked her as a gift back when she’d taken you out for your first date. She gently ran her fingers down your side, making you shiver unconsciously. 
“Wake up, jagiya,” she said quietly. You turned around to face her with a hand covering your eyes.
“It’s too bright in here. First I thought it was the sun but no, it’s you. You’re so gorgeous you’re actually lighting up the room,” you mumble, earning a slap on the arm and a kiss. 
“Come on, get up. I want those cupcakes of yours.”
“So you just want my cupcakes, huh?”
“Oh, shut up.”

Originally posted by kwonyeori

Yuri was wrapped around your body as you slept. She brushed her fingers through your hair and every now and then left a soft kiss on your forehead. When you started to stir Yuri slid her hand from your shoulder to your palm and intertwined her fingers with yours.
“Sleep well?” she whispered into your ear and brushed your hair away from your face. You nodded and wrapped your arms around her without a single intention of moving for a long while.

Originally posted by gigglebug93

Sunny wanted to surprise you when you woke up, so she snuck out of bed and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. You woke up to the smells wafting to Sunny’s bedroom and decided to go see what she was doing. You were greeted at the sight of her sipping tea in front of a small table, the morning sun illuminating her hair.
“What are you staring at?” she asked in a playful tone.
“You are absolutely beautiful,” you replied. Sunny tried to hide the blush on her face as she got up to hug you, but failed miserably and buried her face into your shoulder instead.

          ( “Banoffee cookies and double choclate chip cupcakes.” )

Halley announced holding up the tray of baked goods to the next person who entered the coffee shop, she’d set up a little stand with permission from the owners in an attempt to raise money for charity. Everyone loved cupcakes and cookies, and where better to try selling them than in a place where people drink coffee and tea, and crave cupcakes.

          ( “The cookies are still a little warm.” )

Deaf Destiel, part 1

Originally posted by multifandomfilmhoe

Yay, its time for another segment of Disabled Destiel. I think I’ve recced every fic in this part 1 of the Deaf fics at least once before, but that just means that they are that good! When I was younger I really wanted to learn sign language but unfortunately I was too young to participate in the classes they offered in our area and there for nothing came of it :(
So yeah, thats one thing I kind of regret becauce now I’m too old and busy to be learning new skills like that.

Anyway next week I will be posting about Mute Destiel and here’s links to our previous disability related recs. - Admin A

Autistic Cas

Title: Catch the Wind, See Us Spin

Author: prettify

Rating: Explicit

Words: 12,000 - Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This one of the most recced and most talked fic in this genre, but I personally like many other fics more. This is, however, so angst and I feel so, so bad for Dean. Remember what I said earlier about being ready for a djinn to eat? Re-reading this made me to re-think things. It hurts everytime.

(Read here)

Title: To Fill the Silence

Author: Bones (thepieandthebees)

Rating: Mature

Words: 2,724 - Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is one of my all time favorite fluff fics ( I know I say that about every other fic I rec here, but who cares!). I really wish I knew how to summarize my thoughts into a short oneshot like this and not end up writing 100 +k fics every time I come up with a plot… Seriously, if I could, I would be writing like 10 oneshots a week.

Summary: Dean is attending an ASL class for his deaf brother, Sam, and the professor happens to be Dr. Castiel Shurley, who’s very attractive and mostly deaf.

(Read here)

Title: Cupcakes

Author: diceandpokerchips

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,701 - Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Now I’m craving for cupcakes too! Fuck my stupid allergies that limit my already limited diet even more… I really should not be reading these types of fics when I’m hungry.

Summary: Chocolate and maple bacon cupcakes are the best things that Castiel has ever encountered. Except maybe the guy who bakes them.

(Read here)

Title: A Good Sign

Author: through_shadows_falling

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 905 - Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Why is it so short?! WHY! This is like the best moment ever and it needs to be continued with at least 10 more chapters. I need to know what happens next!

Summary: Dean rocked Emma desperately, but she just wailed even louder. Now the other bus patrons looked really annoyed. All except for a man sitting directly across from them.

(Read here)

Title: Hear You Me

Author: Through_shadows_falling

Rating: Mature

Words: 82,738 -  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: A personal favorite of mine. I’m not even sorry that I’ve recced everything into this list at least once before.

Summary: Castiel is a college graduate stuck in two dead-end, part-time jobs. Oh, and he’s Deaf…which to his oldest brother Michael makes him something to constantly fret over. It’s not Castiel’s fault that he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, right? Not like it’s Michael’s business anyways.

Enter Dean Winchester. A chance encounter with the man has the power to change Castiel’s life - and in the end, maybe, just maybe, it will help him finally understand and accept who he is and what he’s meant to do.

(Read here)

Edited at: 11:30 am

Title: Blank Space

Author: HalcyonStars

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 3,265  -  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I was saving this fic for the next part of my Deaf recs but since it was sort of requested/recommended by appleschloss, I’m going to add it on the list! Besides, it’s one of my favorites too :)

Summary:“That’s my soul mark.” Mary said.

Dean prodded the skin back and forth. “Does everyone have one?” He asked, and Mary hesitantly whispered ‘yes.’ Dean pondered for a moment, dumbstruck by the revelation. “Why don’t I have one?”

In which most every person has the words of their soulmate written on their arms. Every one except for Dean Winchester, that is.

(Read here)

Vanilla cupcake from Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory located in the Port Orleans French Quarter.

BTS reaction: you having really bad nightmares about your past

Thank you for requesting, and I’m really sorry that it took me so long! xx

Jin: He would be a total sweetheart. Like, first he would always make sure that you fell asleep before he could even think about falling asleep himself. And I personally think that he is a light sleeper, so he would wake up immediately if you started to move around more and wake you up to calm you down a bit. And even if he didn’t wake up, he would always tell you that you could wake him up if you needed him. So when you woke him up, he would immediately pull you closer and whisper reassuring things in your ear, and make sure to get you to sleep again as soon as possible.

Originally posted by daesbulge

You’re Jungkook

Suga: Whenever he was home and not too tired, he would be like Jin and make sure that you fall asleep before him. And when he was working late in the studio, he would make sure to check his phone more often to make sure that you didn’t need him. And he’d told you several times that you just had to call or send a text whenever, and that you’re not disturbing him. And when it comes to comforting, he wouldn’t say much. He would of course say some things, but he would be a much more physical person. Like, pull you close, kiss you wherever he can reach and stroking calming patterns on your back until you relaxed again.

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan

J-Hope: He would not stay up to make sure you fall asleep, but he would always hold you tightly in his arms, to sort of make you feel more protected. It doesn’t matter if he thinks it’s really too hot for cuddling. He’ll still do it. And he’d reassured you several times that you can wake him up whenever, because he really wants to help. And he’d be the one to cuddle you and calm you down at first, and then suggest to do something before going back asleep, to get your mind off of the nightmare. 

“Jagi, you know what? I’m suddenly craving some chocolate cupcakes. Let’s go make some before we fall asleep again!”

Originally posted by saltysyub

Rap Monster: Again, someone who would tell you that you can always wake him up/text him whenever, because you would never disturb him if you need him. And Then he would cuddle you and tell you reassuring things. But he would mix that up with asking about the nightmare and analyze it, since dreams are always a bit different, even if they’re about something that happened. He would just turn into a sweet, cuddly, philosophical teddy bear.

Originally posted by pure-wreckxge

Jimin: I think he also wakes up quite easily. And he would be very quick to react and pull you to rest you head on his chest in 0.163576 seconds. He would kiss the top of your head sweetly before starting to rub your back in a calming while telling you every reassuring thing that came to mind. When you had calmed down again, he would start to sing you back to sleep. Once you were asleep again, he would make sure to sleep extremely lightly for the rest of the night, in case you would need him again.

Originally posted by chokemejimin

V: He might be a bit harder to wake up, but once he’s awake, he’s going to start distracting you right away. He won’t give up until he’s made you laugh at least once. He’d give you some sort of physical comfort, like hugging you tighter than usual, while either joking or telling a story. His personal fave would probably be to tell you what he dreamt of. And even if he didn’t remember what he had dreamt, he would think of something on the spot. Once he’s made you laugh, he’ll try to tell you how the two of you should maybe go back to sleep. And then he’d make sure that you fell asleep before him.

Originally posted by taevhyung

Jungkook: He wouldn’t really know what to do the first few times, and just go on his gut feeling, which is probably to hug you tightly and singing to you. But after a while, he would decide to look up different ways to help someone dealing with PTSD. And based on that, he would try until he found what seemed to help the most. And then he would stick to that method.

Originally posted by taehyeonq

Kiss The Cook (Phil x Reader)

Character: Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)

Fandom: Phandom

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Kiss The Cook

Requested by anonymous: 

One shot with Dan or Phil maybe? Whoever you’d prefer to write😊 and like maybe whichever you choose and her are baking and they put music on and have like a dance party and they’re dating and it’s just all fluffy and adorable and stuff please? 

A/N: I’m not so proud of this one, I don’t even know why. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :3

Dan wasn’t home for the weekend, which left the flat free for me and my boyfriend Phil. We could do whatever we wanted to, if you know what I mean.

“Phil!” I stuck my head at his door, and he looked up from the laptop to me. “Wanna bake?”

“Thought you’d never ask” He joked, closing the computer and jumping to his feet.

“I need to get changed, though. I don’t want to get these clothes dirty” I mumbled just as he was coming out of his room.

“Alright, I’ll just gather the ingredients and tools” He smiled at me with his adorable little grin. “What are we making?”

“Cupcakes?” I suggested, since it was what I was craving the most.

“Cupcakes” He nodded, giving me a kiss in the cheek before he hurried towards the kitchen.

When I joined Phil in the kitchen, everything was already set up for the baking. I noticed music was playing, and I smiled wide when I noticed it was Muse. Of course. 

I knew the song playing at that moment, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on its name.

“Are you ready?” Phil asked me, but I held a finger up.

“I need to tie my hair back first” I drove my hands to the back of my neck, where I started gathering all my long hair, but my boyfriend was faster than me.

“Can I braid it, please?” Phil adorably asked me.

“Do you even know how to, Phil?” I giggled, allowing him to place his hands around my hair.

“Kind of” He mumbled, his sweet but clumsy fingers brushing against the skin on my neck as he braided.

My shoulders shook with laughter as I silently giggled. I couldn’t help it as I pictured the result of Phil’s braid.

“What are you laughing at?” He chuckled, carefully sliding his fingers through my hair.

I finally realized the Muse song playing was Mercy. I loved that song so much.

“Nothing” I gave him a hair band as I noticed him finishing and he took it.

“Voila!” Phil triumphantly exclaimed once he put it around the end of the braid.

I brought the braid over my shoulder and looked at it. It actually wasn’t so bad even if it was a little messy and wonky.

“Not bad” My eyes casually landed on the counter, where Phil had gathered the flour, sugar, butter and all the other ingredients.

“Let’s get it started then” He picked up a bowl and a few of the other things.

“Are we following a Delia Smith cupcake recipe?” I questioned him, ready to scold him if it wasn’t the case.

“Of course!”

I smiled at him and started singing along with Resistance as it began playing after Mercy.

Love is a resistaaance” I sang, washing my hands before we cooked.

I caught Phil smiling to himself as soon as I began passionately singing Muse.

We began mixing the dry ingredients as we danced and sang to the music.

A while later, I was left alone in the kitchen mixing the last of the ingredients.

Phil went to his room because his phone was ringing, so I told him I’d finish while he came back.

Everything about you here is eeeeasy to loooove” I sang at the top of my lungs, tapping my foot rhythmically as I stirred the content of the bowl. Bliss was playing in Phil’s laptop, it was one of my favourite songs by Muse.

I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me from behind and a chin resting in my shoulder.

“Was it Dan?” I asked Phil as he gave me a kiss in the cheek.

“Yep” Phil lowered his head and rested his lips against my neck, making me shiver. “He asked me to save him some cupcakes”

“Can’t promise that” I joked, almost done stirring the mix.

Phil then left the tiniest cutest little kiss in my neck, and a chill travelled through my body.

“Phil…” I whined, visibly shivering. He knew the skin in my neck was extremely sensitive, and he liked to kiss it because I’d tilt my head to the side until it touched my shoulder when he did it. And he said I looked cute while doing it.

He giggled a bit, which made him even more adorable in my eyes.

“Is it ready for the oven?” Phil asked me, and I showed the bowl to him to hear his opinion.

He shrugged and nodded, taking the bowl from my hands. I took the opportunity to wash my hands since they felt sticky and dirty from the flour and the food coloring and all. Because of course, we needed food coloring and not plain boring and normal colored cupcakes.

He then started to put the final result in the cases, and I noticed something different in him.

“Are you wearing an apron?”

“Yeah!” He replied in an excited high-pitched voice.

Phil forgot about the cupcakes for a second and turned around to show me.

“Kiss the Cook?” I laughed when I watched the phrase that was on the blue apron.

Phil wiggled his eyebrows and I laughed, leaning in closer to give him a peck.

“That’s cheating, Phil” I teased him, leaning an elbow on his shoulder as he got back to the cupcakes. “You can’t wear that and expect me not to kiss you”

He laughed and looked at me for a brief moment.

“I know, it was my plan all along” He knitted his eyebrows together in concentration as he finished filling the cupcake cases.

He then proceeded to put the red rubber tray into the oven.

“How long will it take to bake?”

“Around twenty minutes” He mumbled, finally closing the oven and facing me.

“Aw, I want to eat them now” I complained, making a pouty face.

“Me too” Phil took his apron off and left it on the counter. “But we can dance meanwhile”

Newborn was playing then, which I knew was one of Phil’s favorites. He then picked up my hand and started spinning me around as I laughed.

We began dancing, basically fooling around most of the time. But we had so much fun just being silly and goofy and spinning around while listening to Muse.

By the time Supremacy was on, Phil and I were sitting in the floor as we waited for the cupcakes to cook. I rested my head on his shoulder and he picked my hand up again and started a thumb war, making me smile again.

Just when I was winning, the beep of the oven told us the waiting was over so we took them out –accompanied by Phil’s little victory tune- and prepared to decorate them once they cooled down.

I couldn’t help myself and I picked one up and took a bite off of it even if it wasn’t decorated yet.

“This is delicious, Phil! Look!” I shoved the cupcake into his mouth, laughing.

He ate it and hummed in delight.

“It is!” He exclaimed, making a cute expression.

I giggled when I noticed his face was stained with white powder.

“You have flour on your face, Phil” I told him as rubbed his cheek to clean it off.

He was smiling as he observed me, letting me clean his cheek.

“What?” I looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled as well when I noticed a twinkle in them.

“You have too, but you look adorable” He gave me a kiss in the nose and I blushed.

“Let’s decorate them already” I mumbled as I tried to ignore Phil’s loving glance. He was still smiling at me.

But to be honest, the decorating took a lot longer than it should have. We kept getting distracted by each other, laughing, kissing and singing.

We completely forgot about the cupcakes when I rubbed the black icing on his face, making it all dirty and laughing out loud. He then chased me around the house and when he caught me, our lips distracted us from the fact that some delicious cupcakes, decorated and all, were waiting for us.

Dan had some cupcakes when he arrived after all, he thought we saved them for him. He didn’t have to know we just started goofying around and literally forgot to eat them.

Reaction: Monsta X When You Make Them Happy

Hey Anon, so fair warning, I have learned that I’m not very good with Monsta X, so I will try my hardest! I hope you enjoy anyway! - Admin O

Shownu: You weren’t sure what happened, but you could feel the negative aura around him. He wreaked with sadness, and it hurt you to see. He plopped down on the edge of the couch, putting his face in his hands. You knew he would talk to you if he wanted to, but the silence seemed to be enough for the two of you. You scooted closer to him and wrapped you arms around his waist. He hugged you back, sighing and relaxing against you. You couldn’t help him right now, but supporting him was enough.

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Wonho: You patted his back as he cried non stop. You couldn’t understand what he was saying as he explained to you what was wrong, so you could only comfort him and hoped it helped. He Was a big crybaby, but that’s one of the many reasons you loved him. “Wonho, I love it when you’re a cry baby.” He glanced at you, his tears still streaming, but he seemed to be focusing a little more on you. “I also love it when you show off to Monbebes.” You had an idea to list off everything you loved about him, it seemed to distract him. “I love it when you come home and hug me like you haven’t seen me in years. I love the way you smile, and laugh. Your terrible jokes, and your good ones. I love how caring you are,” He kissed you to shut you up and stifle his laugh. “I get it, you love me.” You nodded. “Always.”

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Minhyuk: He sulked as he sat in the kitchen, his arms crossed over his chest. He had been upset for the past few hours. You thought he would have gotten over it by now, but whatever it was, it seemed to be bothering him. “Minhyuk!” You slapped his shoulder, leaning on the counter. “Ouch! Y/N?” “Help me?” He sighed. “With what?” “Baking?” His eyebrows furrowed together, and you could tell he wasn’t hitched on the idea. “I’ve been craving cupcakes, and I wanted you to help me make them.” “Cupcakes?” His ears perked and you knew you had caught his attention. “I’ll let you taste everything,” “I’m in!”

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Kihyun: He was being quieter than usual, and he wasn’t picking up his phone when you called. It had been like this for the past few days. You tried calling again, this time he picked up. “Hello?” You could tell that nothing was going right for him, and you only wanted to hug him and kiss him, but with him being on tour, it was harder for the two of you. So all you did was sing. It was a childish kids song, but you knew that it was one he liked. You weren’t sure, but you thought you could hear him crying on the line. So you kept singing until the song was over, never losing the love and support you wanted him to feel. “I love you Yoo Kihyun.” You said finally, sighing. He laughed, sniffling on the other side of the phone. “Not as much as I love you.”

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Hyungwon: He had been texting you, during practice, and you could tell something was wrong. You showed up to the company, asking Shownu to let you in. Shownu took you to the practice room Hyungwon was in. You knocked on the door, quickly making your way inside. Hyungwon looked at you with wide eyes, then looking down at the bags in your hands. “Y/N, what is all this?” He smiled, shaking his head. “I wanted to cheer you up, so I brought snacks.” He held out a hand for one of the bags, you handed it to him, and he began looking through it. “Did you get,” You cut him off, searching through the other bag and pulling out his favorite snack. He graciously took it from you. “Thank you Y/N.”

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Jooheon: He laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling. He had gone to bed early, claiming to be tired, but you knew that he just wasn’t feeling happy and he didn’t want to drag down your mood. You climbed into bed with him, laying by his side. He looked over at you, forcing a smile. You pinched his cheek. “Look at my cutie!” You giggled, turning onto your side. “Why are you pouting all by yourself? You know, I can pout too.” You started to do extreme aegyo. He sighed, pinching your cheek back. “You better get ready Lee Jooheon.” You got to your knees and towered over him. “Y/N?” With that you started to attack him with tickles. He couldn’t help but laugh and take your tickling until the two of you were wrapped in a mess of blankets. “Are you okay?” You asked, grabbing his hand in yours. He smiled, nodding. “There’s a lot on my mind, and I’m sorry I can’t tell you right now. But thank you for sticking with me. I love you,”

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I.M: He hadn’t moved from his stop in the practice room.You had occupied your time with the others, but they had all left one by one to do their own solo practice, and now you and I.M were the only two people left in the practice room. He had been listening to his ipod, lost in his own world for you could only estimate how long. “I.M!” No response. “Changkyun!” You got up and walked over to him. “Earth to Lim Changkyun! Hello!” Still no response. Growling, you jumped onto his back, wrapping you arms around his neck and showering him with kisses. He ripped out his headphones. “What!?” You paused, sighing. You moved your arms around his waist and positioned yourself so that he was between your legs. His back was warm against your face. “Talk to me.” You squeezed him. “There isn’t much to say.” You nodded. “That’s fine, it doesn’t have to be about anything really, just say what you want. Whatever it may be, I’ll listen.”

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2 a.m. hot chocolate

The first time he comes in, it’s two in the morning, but it’s busy as hell because the bars just closed and everyone is here for their grease and their coffee and their French fries. She barely notices him, alone in a booth, doesn’t even really see him as she scribbles his order on her pad – a coffee with rye toast – and rushes off.

She’s irritated, if she’s honest. A guy taking up an entire table for a bill that’s going to be less than $5. If she’s lucky, he’ll leave her a dollar tip.

The rush sweeps her along, running from one table to another, slinging coffee and fries like she was born to it (it feels that way sometimes). At least Ruby is here with her tonight, the two of them ruling the diner like their own kingdom.

A kingdom of madmen.

She passes him with the coffee pot in hand, her eyes carefully searching his mug to determine if he’s in need of a refill, but he’s not. She doesn’t have time to look much further, though the blue of his eyes is a shock as her eyes lift to move on to the next.

He doesn’t eat the toast. He doesn’t drink the coffee. But there’s a twenty sitting on the table with his check once he leaves. Emma swears it’s a mistake, but pockets the money with a small smile. She wonders if maybe he’s a bartender – industry people are the ones who tend to leave randomly inflated tips just to make another person happy. Whatever the reason, she thanks him silently and moves on.

The next time she sees him, it’s two a.m., but it’s Tuesday, and the bar closing isn’t cause for an influx of drunks and college kids. He slides into a booth, orders coffee and toast, and stares out the window. She notices this time the way the sleeve of his left arm hands loosely at the end of his wrist where his hand should be, and she struggles not to stare.

Those brilliant blue eyes of his are terribly sad, and she wishes for a moment she could sit with him, maybe talk for a few minutes, but Ruby is calling her to cover her tables while she ducks outside for a smoke, and Emma turns with a sigh.

Cold coffee and cold toast are sitting on the table when she makes it back again, another twenty neatly left on top of the bill for $4.58.

She frowns this time, picking up the slip and studying it. Is he hitting on her? Is that what this is supposed to be about? She scowls at the slip, but there’s no writing on it, no insulting message or sleazy line or phone number.

Ruby looks at her like she’s crazy when she mentions it, the man with the blue eyes and the sadness radiating from him. “He’s leaving you a ridiculously good tip and he doesn’t require any work. That’s a blessing, Emma. I’ll wait on him next time if it bugs you.”

“No way.”

She tells herself it’s because she’s not handing over such a good tip to Ruby, but it’s not entirely true. She’s drawn to him, this man who stares out the window into the parking lot, who wraps his hand around the mug of coffee but never drinks it, who arrives in the small hours of the night looking like he hasn’t slept in weeks.

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