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The Hustle, part two

Part one

John x reader

Words: 2730

Warnings: smut, sorta kinky, unprotected sex (stay safe), control!kink.

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Lately it felt like your life was on hold. Summer had turned to fall, and you were standing still. Stuck in a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, dreaming of escape. You wanted out, didn’t want your life to be what it most likely would; you taking over the roadhouse when your dad got too old, maybe getting married to a boy from town, living and dying by the tap. You craved excitement and adventure, the closest you’d gotten was your one night escapade with John Winchester, but he hadn’t been back. You’d worked hard on pushing the man out of your mind, but it had proven a hard task even as the days turned into weeks and months. A glance over at the pool table had you vividly remembering your failed attempt at hustling him, and the antics that followed.

“Hey!” Your dad pulled you out of your train of thought, blushing you met his eyes, “Lots of people are waiting to get served, honey. Get moving, please.”

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Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel from Block & Hans located in Epcot’s American Adventure.

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Gemini compatibility with other signs

Aries: Great fun. As a Gemini, you crave adventure and constant entertainment. Aries will do you more than just fine!

Taurus: In most cases, you don’t like each other. You like to share your information while Tauruses tend to keep quiet. They’re too stubborn for you.

Gemini: Socially, you’ll get along together just fine. Although, you might lack deep conversations regarding your emotional state.

Cancer: You guys will be okay friends. Cancer is either a kind or psychopathic sign, either one will be sufficient. Although, you might hurt them or say something accidentally that will cause them to be distant. Your non-chalantness might make them insecure as well.

Leo: Pretty normal bunch. Lots of laughs, you’ll listen to each other, etc.. But as a Gemini, you need more than just that if you want a relationship with them.

Virgo: At first glance, Virgo might be surprised to see you being so social and open. They might not talk much, but you can easily connect with them just for the sheer fact that you share a kind of intelligence. Although you might not understand each other very much.

Libra: This. This is your dream sign. They can keep up with conversations, won’t get mad if you talk to him or her, and will suite your emotional needs perfectly. They understand your perspective and will love how knowledgeable you are. If you have some sort of passion, they’ll admire that.

Scorpio: As a Gemini, you make constant jokes and unnecessary comments, and because of your curiosity ask too much questions sometimes. This annoys the Scorpio, but they will try to play nice and pretend they like you. However, Scorpios are also very cautious. They might think you’re saying something against them and will maybe threaten you. You will smh.

Sagittarius: You’ll have a blast with this one. They’re practically just like you but they run on heart instead of mind like you, though they won’t show their emotion in a social situation. The only downside to this one is it’ll be hard to focus on group projects or on what actually matters since both of you are too distracted by your conversation. But when you are focused, you will most likely agree on decisions.

Capricorn: You hate how they constantly tell you to do this or that. You respect how responsible they are but them expecting you to be like that as well is just not part of your nature. Capricorns are very easy to make conversation with however, they’ll keep up the conversation but getting emotionally attached to them might not work out.

Aquarius: Adventure, adventure, adventure. You’ll learn so much from them but they can be seen as distant, which might bother you if you’re in a different mood, but you understand.

Pisces: You think their understandingness is pretty cool. But when talking they might try and talk over you or they’ll lead the conversation, which annoys you because you need to talk to keep yourself entertained.

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I Know by Jude
Will Do by TV On the Radio
I Would Do Anything For You by Foster the people
Stars by the XX 
Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities
Good Enough by Evanescence 
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by the Police
Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
All the Same by Sick Puppies
House of Cards by Radiohead


TOUCH - A Harry Hart x Eggsy Unwin Fanmix (on 8tracks)

I want to touch you but it’s too late
I want to touch you but there’s history

A fanmix for sincethenoughties because she’s gr8 & is Hartwin trash


Shura - Touch // The Weeknd - Earned It // Beyonce - Crazy In Love (chill vers) // Lana Del Rey - Million Dollar Man (remix) // HONNE - The Night // SOMBEAR - Love You In The Dark // The Weeknd - Wicked Games // Sir Sly - You Haunt Me (AMTRAC Remix) // Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) // James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier (Moors Remix) // Disclosure - You & Me - Flume Remix)