crater man


I was traveling to find a new Freighter, and I still cannot understand how I spend so many hours on this planet. It is my first encounter with those huge craters! The must have formed years ago. Even life has begun again in this planet!

It is still unexplained by me, how those ancient temples, keep the flag levitating though. Those mysteries keep going around. 

Am I one of them?

Winged!Loki x Reader

From my collection of monster/creature fics on AO3, posting this will hopefully encourage me to add more:

Tonight was a meteor shower. You watched in silent awe as the thousands of stars fell through the sky. It was truly a sight to behold. Until one seemed particularly close to you, growing larger and larger. You screamed as it landed in a crater mere feet from you. Slowly you struggled to your feet, belatedly realizing that this wasn’t a rock. At the base of the pit, a pile of black feathers and… was that a person? A man surrounded by a pile of feathers, all charred, lay crumpled on the ground. You couldn’t fathom where he came from.

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Kingdom of Red snippit #2

Another snippet from my continuing journey of reading the novel. Because I was surprised to see that Ichigen and Yukari made cameos in it and have an obvious Totsuka bias.

If someone has already done a translation of this, or picks up the translation of the light novel, let me know and I’ll remove this. Also, please don’t read if you don’t want spoilers for the novel

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brandentheking  asked:

The news did not say anything about a violent storm, but it soon came and started shooting strikes near ground, till three hit it, making three smoking craters, till the third made a portal.

Marie looks out a window where the craters were at. “Man, that sure looks normal.”


The first of quite a few Spacedogs stories I’ve written for @hannibalcreative     #SpacedogsSummer event. 

Written in the Stars by nightliferogue 

The mark was fading.

Adam ran his fingers over the mark on his side, frowning as he wondered what would make the marks fade so much.

Maybe his soulmate was a police officer who almost died so often that the mark doesn’t know whether or not to disappear.

Or they could be in the army fighting and trying to protect the country.

Or the secret service agent protecting the President from attacks from all sides.

He buttoned up his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror with a smile.

He couldn’t wait to find out.

The mark never faded.

Nigel ran his hand over the cluster of stars on his side, permanently ruined from the knife a year ago from the goddamn Russian job.

Gabi had used to touch it sometimes, joke that it meant that Nigel’s soulmate was a fucking alien.

Nigel thought otherwise.

The stars could mean they were training to be an astronaut, floating out among the stars

Or possibly a teacher, showing the bright fucking minds of tomorrow what it meant to soar.

Maybe it fucking meant nothing at all.

Everyone’s marks were all different: plants, words, animals.

He’d never seen stars besides his own.

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UKRAINE, Donetsk : A man stands next a crater following shelling in the Kuybeshevski area in Donetsk on November 6, 2014. Ukraine’s tattered ceasefire came under new strain on November 5, as shelling killed two teenagers playing football in rebel-held Donetsk and President Petro Poroshenko said he was deploying reinforcements to face a threatened separatist offensive. AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF

January: The Game of Refutation

Adapted from the The Surrealist Group in Paris (Ce Qui Sera, p. 56-57)

  1. One player should select a (more or less) intriguing photograph or art collage and write a short text that offers an imaginative, deliberately ‘unreasonable’ interpretation of what is taking place in the picture.
  2. The photograph/artwork and the text are then passed to the other players, who each write a refutation of the interpretation.
  3. Submit the photograph/artwork and textual interpretations as a single submission. Select the January tag.

Example from The Surrealist Group in Paris:

Guy Girard:
Firstly, you should know that this scene takes place on the edge of a crater of Etna. The man in the trilby carefully holding a crystal crocodile is none other than the last descendant of Empedocles. He is about to throw it into the volcano, together with a dozen other small crystalline monsters. But, beforehand, he must convince three prominent members of the Academy of Sciences of Pétrusmok–Malcolm de Chazal (wearing a cap), Alexandria David-Neel, and the young Jean-Jacques Rousseau–that this magical practice is needed to combat global warming.

Claude-Lucien Cauët:
This man in the trilby is naturally very interested in claiming a prestigious ancestor the better to dupe the bystanders. In reality, he is simply trying to sell amulets made in Pantin by poor African immigrants, and the scene, far from taking place at the edge of Mount Etna, is located at the North Pole on an ice floe converted into a film set after a partial melting that was suspended by an injection of cement mixed with a synthetic foam, allowing it to float. This means that global warming is welcome here and not to be combated. As for the characters seen in the picture, it really can be those specifically named, but played by amateur actors recruited from the local Inuit population, excited about this career change.

Joël Gayraud:
Not at all! This scene did not take place! But it could happen in the middle of the vast steppes of the Ukraine. The behatted man holding with unfeigned glee the coccyx stolen fromTrotsky’s skeleton is none other than the grandson of Nestor Makhno. He is about to place it into a display cabinet of the Museum of the Makhnovist Revolution of the Gulai Pole Soviet, but he must first convince three comrades of the Soviet of Ex-Workers of the Ukraine of the need to conserve this 'precious relic of an enemy of the revolution’, rather than follow their inclination to add it as an incongruous ingredient to the gigantic annual stew to commemorate the defeat of the Red Army by the Maklinovists in 1923 at the Battle of Bakunin (formerly Odessa).

A large flash could be seen for miles, a large lighting bolt flashed brightly but many could also see a thing arrow like projectile flying through the air at speeds unmatched by most. When the object finally hit the ground a large flash was seen again then.. Nothing but a small smoke rise. In the crater lay a man. A man that would not remember anything past his name.


Korra was out taking Naga for a walk around the city when a bright light flashed into the sky, wondering what it was. She directed her polar dog best friend towards the light, hoping it wasn’t some kind of threat to the humans or the spirits. 

What was discovered as he approached the scene was a figure, not something she recognized, who looked from a far away place, not here. He was laying on the ground, not moving. Korra came near, slowly, crouching down to see if the person was alive, shaking him a bit. “Hey, are you okay?”