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Rhythm Roulette: Mr. Porter (VIDEO)

Best episode so far! 

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette,  MASS APPEAL met up with one of Detroit’s illest, Denaun Porter. As an original member of D12, Mr. Porter has played an instrumental role in Eminem’s career and the history of Shady Records. His time with Em goes all the way back to the MC’s 1996 debut, ‘Infinite,’ and Porter has handled many tracks over the years for the MC and his crew, D12. Let’s also not forget Porter’s work for G-Unit, because he was behind the beats for such classics as 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” and the group’s “Stunt 101.” Other collaborators over the years include Busta Rhymes, Xzibit and Jadakiss. Who knows where Em would be without Mr. Porter? As his trusted hypeman on tour, Porter truly knows how to turn it up a notch. And that is exactly what he did for this episode of Rhythm Roulette. Making a daring leap in the history of RR, Porter remembers that when he was coming up, he only enough money for one record. So in that spirit, he took his chances and only pulled one piece of vinyl from Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. He ended up with some soulful disco from 1977, a sound that most producers stay away from, but you’ll be surprised to see how he flipped it…into three different beats! Watch the full video above.

CRATE DIGGIN’: Dr. John - In the Right Place

Just a few days ago, as I was frantically preparing my apartment for my impending move, I stumbled upon a dusty old box sitting at the very top of my closet. Peering out from under the flaps was a gigantic fly. A colorful, delicately hand-drawn fly, one of the many creatures and creations that litters the cover of Dr. John’s record In the Right Place (1973).

I think the first time I encountered Dr. John came while watching one of my family’s favorite movies, Sahara. Right at the beginning of the film, you’re treated to the lead track from the record, “Right Place Wrong Time,” a funky, up-beat, horn driven jam. It only took until the first chorus before I was beginning my parents to buy me a record player.

I couldn’t remember the last time I sat down and listened to the full album, and since rediscovering it, it hasn’t stopped spinning back at my apartment. While “Right Place Wrong Time” may have gotten me (and many others since it landed on Billboard’s Top 200 for 33 weeks) hooked, each track on the album is great. Super funky, super soulful, with Dr. John’s unique raspy voice guiding you along the whole ride. It took me a long while to even realize that the New Orleans-style backing band that I loved so much was in fact The Meters, only adding to my appreciation. I can only hope that you get as much out of this ol’ gem as I did this past week.

-Jack Bentsen