Aeonium arboreum var. holochrysum & the cultivar ‘Blushing beauty’, Crassulaceae

I photographed this large Aeonium plants at Glasgow Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago, and I wish I had had a chance to observe a native plant while I was in the Canary Islands last summer, they are so impressive. The black name tags you see in the photos were about 4 inches long so that should give you an idea of how large those rosettes were!  

In Latin, arboreum is the adjective derived from the noun arbor, ‘tree’, and refers to the growth habit of this species, which is that of a subtropical subshrub reaching a height of about 5 feet over a decade or longer.  

Burnirót ist der isländische Name für den Rosenwurz (Rhodiola rosea). Diese  Pflanzenart gehört zur Familie der Dickblattgewächse (Crassulaceae).  

Burnirót is the Icelandic name for the roseroot (Rhodiola rosea). This plant belongs to the family of the thick-leafed plants (Crassulaceae).

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