craspedacusta sowerbii


I dunno how it was possible for me NOT to know there were little tiny fresh-water “jellyfish” (actually swimming hydrozoans, Craspedacusta sowerbii) found basically all across every continent in the world. Originally from only the Amazon, but just that invasive. Like how does nobody ever talk about this. Why do we never hear that little pest jellyfish creatures might possibly be in almost any lake or river down the street from anyone, that’s amazing.


Medusa Freshwater (Craspedacusta sowerbii) Freshwater Jellyfish

Craspedacusta sowerbii is a freshwater jellyfish in the phylum Cnidaria. Since it is classified as a hydrozoan, it is one of many jellyfish that are also known as hydromedusae. Hydromedusan jellyfish differ from scyphozoan jellyfish because they have a muscular, shelf-like structure called a velum on the ventral surface, attached to the bell margin. Originally from the Yangtze basin in China, C. sowerbii is an invasive species now found throughout the world in bodies of fresh water. wikipedia

Viktor Vrbovský photographer