Hello!!! I’ve been away for quite some time lmao well im on my final year of uni atm so everything is crasy cheeseballs ; ngl i miss goofing around drawing the things i love but my health’s been going south lately and my homework keeps gettin pilled up so it might take a longer while before i can share my doodles again;;;; ;; ;

also P5 is just like me extending the borrowing period of library books that i havent got around to finish reading   


SORRY FOR EVERYTHING!!!/*Ignored That (?)

ok… Listen.. my Internet Was Broken For 2 days…
So My Head was In The Stupid Crasy UnFuckWorld(?)
so… I Drew This (?)
And (again) Sorry For the Colour…

Funtime Freddy Design Belongs To @bell15yusvita

Funtime Foxy Design Belongs to

Art By meh.

Hope you Burn This Shit(?)


A si biri crasi.
See you tomorrow.
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