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oh my god did he really invent the word dude? i need to know this story

so dear anon, the legend states that once upon a time in a really not-pretentious-enough land called victorian london lived a fine young fellow called oscar fingal o'flahertie wills wilde, who consecrated himself to the mighty aesthetic ™.

now, tales about oscar’s fabulousness spread all over the world, arriving even in his homeland, ireland, where some not really tasteful nor graceful individuals begun to call him “dood”, word that in irish dialect meant something like “strange looking, funny dressed fellow”. this rumor arrived, as you can imagine, all the way to oscar’s ears, while he was gaily (and very gay-ly) dining at his favorite restaurant with his dandies squad.

he considered the matter for a while and, after a brief thoughtful silence, he turned to one of this friends and went “hey dude”. everyone looked at him really confused, asking what this weird word was supposed to mean. he explained he just invented the term, a crasis between “dud” = “awesomely dressed fella”, and “attitude” = the grace and aesthetic of behaving, stating he obviously plenty owned both. from that day on, everyone in the squad started calling one another “dude” and the word spread pretty much everywhere.

btw, this is not the only word oscar invented. once he and his friends were bored and oscar made a bet that he could introduce a word into the english language within twenty-four hours. he then went out and hired a group of street boys to write the word “quiz”, which was a nonsense term, on random walls all around the city. within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning, because many people started to think it was a secret treasure hunt hint or something of that kind, thing that made oscar the winner.

this story is honestly controversial tho, because it was attributed to a 1700s theater owner and several other people too, but still. it’s awesome to know.

Behold! The boss of the two idiots that got her kicked out: Pink Lace Agate. (Crazy variant) Current form: Rebel (Second reformation)

While appearing calm and collected on the outside, she is actually a big ball of sass and is pretty proud of herself. Ending up training other slightly off gems was not what she had hoped her job would be, but it proved to bring out the best in her and her soldiers. Even her Pearl is not completely up to par, but not defective. After escaping to Earth, she has toned back a bit and is just content keeping Carnelian, Pink Pearl, and Fire Opal in line. She wants to be reunited with a few other of her soldiers someday in hopes that hey didn’t get caught up in the mess and either shattered or cracked.

Weapon: Chainsword
Type: Commanding Agate

Fun fact: Pigtails were not her idea. She originally had well kept buns.

Humans are wird: Going home??

Next installment in the story about Zhaxu and Whaxu

Zhaxu lay in bed and looked at the moon through the window. Ze was going back to ze home world soon.

The religious zealots had been apprehended and the elders wanted Whaxu to testify about the lies they had told ze to get ze to come to earth and “save” Zhaxu.

Zhaxu had to come along to show everyone, that ze was ok and that the humans had been treating ze alright.

At first Zhaxu had been extremely excited about going back. Ze was looking forward to seeing all the other potlings and ze male and female elders.
Ze wanted them all to meet Milli and to tell them about Birk and Thor.

But now in the darkness of the night Zhaxu was feeling anxious. Ze thought about human-Jesper and all the things they would do together. Ze would help human-Jesper make breakfast every morning. On Saturday ze would wake up him up early, so they could go the the farmers market.
They were always the first ones there and human-Jesper had told Morten that they got the best vegetables and cheese that way.
Zhaxu always helped human-Jesper clean the house and ze set the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
Human-Jesper always said that Zhaxu was very helpful and that he didn’t know, what he would do without ze.

Now Zhaxu began to worry about human-Jesper. How would he managed without ze?
Who would help make breakfast and set the table? What if human-Jesper didn’t get up on Saturday? He always forgot to set the alarm clock and Zhaxu had to shake him really hard to wake him.
If Zhaxu wasn’t there human-Jesper would almost certainly not get up and he would be late at the farmers market and then he would not get the best vegetables!!

Every night human-Jesper would read a story to Zhaxu. They would sit in Zhaxu’s bed very closely together and Milli would lay between them, while human-Jesper read the story.

Right now they were reading a book by one of human-Jesper’s favorite authors Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. It was called Djævelens lærling. (The Devils apprentice)

Human-Jesper said reading to Zhaxu was the best time of his day and he loved sharing his favorite stories with ze. Who would he share his stories with if Zhaxu wasn’t there?

By now Zhaxu was to worried to sleep and ze was feeling really funny in ze stomach. Maybe ze was sick again, like when ze was camping and ze ate snobrød?

Zhaxu finally decided to call the elders. When the call went through the come link Zhaxu told them all about ze fears. How human-Jesper had said, that he didn’t know what to do without Zhaxu and now he would have to. The elders promised to solve the problem and Zhaxu went back to bed feeling much better.

The next day Jesper sat in his office, when Morten came in with a big grin on his face.
“The boss lady wants to see you” he said with laughter in the voice.
“Why? What’s up?” Jesper asked suspiciously. By now Morten was laughing so hard, he was almost crying.

“Well apparently Zhaxu is concerned about you, the little guy’s afraid, that you won’t be able to function without him. Something about you not being able to get up on Saturday, getting inferior vegetables and reading stories at night”

“ He contacted his home world and now they are freaking out, because the human who took care of the most famous potling on their planet is being left to fend for himself and they fear you might not make in”

Morten was now having difficulty talking do to the laughter. “They are…. Oh my god this is just sooo funny. Wait till I tell this to the guys!
They are demanding, that you acompany Zhaxu back to his home word, so they can make sure that you’re able to function without Zhaxu’s help”

Dumbfounded Jesper just looked at Morten. “They did what??!”
A part of him wanted to shake Zhaxu but an other part was laughing along with Morten.

His favorite little squid had been so confused, when he tried to sleep in on the first weekend and when they went to to farmers marked everyone had commented on how early they were. Of course that had made Zhaxu worry, that he had done something wrong.
So Jesper had told him, that getting there before everyone else insured they got the best vegetables.

Had he know how serious Zhaxu would take that statement, he probably wouldn’t have said it. But by now he was used to getting up early and the farmers market really was quite nice when they were the only ones there.

“The boss lady doesn’t quite know how to handle this” Morten said “They really are rather insistent and her saying, that she can’t force you to go, isn’t quite getting through to them. Apparently they seem to think, that she’s not taking it seriously enough.”

Jesper took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Well” he said with a grin “I always wanted to go into space”

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Hello!!! I’ve been away for quite some time lmao well im on my final year of uni atm so everything is crasy cheeseballs ; ngl i miss goofing around drawing the things i love but my health’s been going south lately and my homework keeps gettin pilled up so it might take a longer while before i can share my doodles again;;;; ;; ;

also P5 is just like me extending the borrowing period of library books that i havent got around to finish reading   

My son just made a list of all the Star Wars films with his own, occasionally poorly-spelled descriptions. He lists Rogue One as “sadest”, Return of the Jedi as “cute”, The Phantom Menace as “best.” (with the period after it), and for Revenge of the Sith he actually wrote “Anacin goes crasy. Mom’s best. :’( ”