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oh my god did he really invent the word dude? i need to know this story

so dear anon, the legend states that once upon a time in a really not-pretentious-enough land called victorian london lived a fine young fellow called oscar fingal o'flahertie wills wilde, who consecrated himself to the mighty aesthetic ™.

now, tales about oscar’s fabulousness spread all over the world, arriving even in his homeland, ireland, where some not really tasteful nor graceful individuals begun to call him “dood”, word that in irish dialect meant something like “strange looking, funny dressed fellow”. this rumor arrived, as you can imagine, all the way to oscar’s ears, while he was gaily (and very gay-ly) dining at his favorite restaurant with his dandies squad.

he considered the matter for a while and, after a brief thoughtful silence, he turned to one of this friends and went “hey dude”. everyone looked at him really confused, asking what this weird word was supposed to mean. he explained he just invented the term, a crasis between “dud” = “awesomely dressed fella”, and “attitude” = the grace and aesthetic of behaving, stating he obviously plenty owned both. from that day on, everyone in the squad started calling one another “dude” and the word spread pretty much everywhere.

btw, this is not the only word oscar invented. once he and his friends were bored and oscar made a bet that he could introduce a word into the english language within twenty-four hours. he then went out and hired a group of street boys to write the word “quiz”, which was a nonsense term, on random walls all around the city. within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning, because many people started to think it was a secret treasure hunt hint or something of that kind, thing that made oscar the winner.

this story is honestly controversial tho, because it was attributed to a 1700s theater owner and several other people too, but still. it’s awesome to know.

Hello!!! I’ve been away for quite some time lmao well im on my final year of uni atm so everything is crasy cheeseballs ; ngl i miss goofing around drawing the things i love but my health’s been going south lately and my homework keeps gettin pilled up so it might take a longer while before i can share my doodles again;;;; ;; ;

also P5 is just like me extending the borrowing period of library books that i havent got around to finish reading   

pretty crasy that gamer youtubers are replacing people with actual talent in various careers like voice acting or journalism