Help Crasis

Short Summary

This is a fundraiser to help our friend Crasis (Daniel Douglas) help deal with the immense amount of damages he suffered during the recent Hurricane Sandy. He lost his home and now has to handle not only moving his things out of toxic conditions the flood has cause in his home, but has to deal with all the expenses of damages, storage fees, moving fees, and finding a new place to live.

What We Need

Just money, to assist Dan and his family with whatever they need it for to help them survive for the next few months. As always with Hurricanes, and sudden natural disasters, no one can ever be prepared to wake up one day and find your home in utterly unlivable conditions. This fundraisers entire goal is to make sure he can support his family, while handling the immense and sudden financial strain this has put on them.

The Impact

Any little bit will help. This is a enormous expense for him and his family to undertake, and while we don’t expect this to buy him a house, any extra funds right now will help him get on the right track.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please just help us spread the word, as every little bit can and will help.

Disclaimer: this is a donation drive set up by Crasis’s friends for the sole purpose of helping him through this terrible time. He has no direct involvement with the set up, or inception of this fundraiser.

Crasis/Dan is a wonderful person and any help that can be spared would be great. He and his family returned from an evacuation to a home that was flooded with water and various oils from neighboring businesses to the point that the very wood in his house is now toxic and too costly to be repaired, rendering them homeless. His friends in the Transformers fan community are also making these offers on Dan’s behalf: #1, #2, #3, #4

I’m also offering $5 sketch commissions with all proceeds going straight to Dan. You can see my drawings on this tag or on DA. Contact me via

In the way of far better artists, Silas Zee is making the same offer.