CrashStat Steers Pedestrians, Bikers Away From Dangerous Intersections | Fast Company

You probably have some idea of the most dangerous intersections in your neighborhood–maybe one street is legendary for being perilous to cyclists, and maybe another is known as a dicey place for pedestrians to cross. But in big cities, not every dangerous intersection is obvious. Hence the need for CrashStat, a site that maps the scariest intersections in New York City.

The site, a project of Transportation Alternatives, relies on data from the New York State Department of Transportation, which has data for every crash involving a cyclist or pedestrian dating back to 1995. The site allows users to search for crashes by an array of factors–location, crash details (pedestrian or cyclist injuries and fatalities), age, sex, what kind of motorist was involved, and contributing factors (i.e. driver illness, unsafe speed, and driver inexperience).