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Alright Gage. Answer truthfully with the Hot or Not scale. Kaworu Nagisa

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY

like i wouldn’t answer truthfully about my favorite character in eva

crashmanx said: See in that case that’s when I get PO’d and start locking shit up. When my cousins came over one day they were coloring my old Pokemon Comics I had because they were in Black/White.


Man I would lock stuff up, but there’s too much to lock up. D:

And if I did lock it up, I’d be viewed as the bad guy for being selfish.

“You don’t play with those anymore, let them play with it!”

1.)  They have no respect and would break everything.  They’re too old to be doing what they’re doing.  (6 & 9yo should not be acting like toddlers.)

2.)  They have their own freaking toys they bring over here.  Why do they need mine????


And holy shit, if my cousins colored in my comics, I would have probably set them on fire.

That is a serious lack of disrespect.

bluecaeri replied to your post: you know i still haven’t even watched the girl who…

you’ve been disowned

excuse you i am your father??? you can’t disown me. i already disowned you anyway. crashmanx replied to your post: you know i still haven’t even watched the girl who…

WHHHHHAT?! You haven’t?! We need to fix this when I install your Laptop RAM.

YEAH… i’ve always wanted to watch it but i’ve never gotten the chance to/found a place to do it. so i’m all for this! JUST NEEDA FIGURE OUT WHEN… i was going to bring the RAM thing with me this weekend but are we even going to your house this weekend– i don’t know what goes on ever omg

crashmanx replied to your post:once i implied heavily to this guy that i liked…

Oh my god… I do hope you’re joking or rectified this later. Do you have any idea what that does to someone’s confidence? That’ll destroy someone!

i wish i was joking and i wish i could say i rectified it but i did not

i can however say that he was the type of guy who would ask someone new out every day and was just a huge player overall so trust me when i say he is a-ok (it was really just a brief infatuation thing for the both of us anyway tbh since we were playing lots of vidya together that week)