One of my hopes for season 2 is that Keith is the last paladin to be found because Red is super busted up from the fight with Zarkon. So while everyone is scrambling to find Keith, said mullet head is struggling to survive on the planet he crashlanded. 

And while he’s alone, I want Keith to bury his whole ‘Lone Wolf’ thing. I want him to miss his friends; I want him to miss Shiro’s unending support, Pidge’s witty retorts, Hunk’s unending ability to make him laugh, Allura’s awe-inspiring strength and willpower, Coran’s irritating but comforting tendency to mother hen him, and even Lance’s… Everything. 

I want Keith to step out of Red’s wreckage, gaze at the empty landscape around him, and realize how alone he is. I want him to realize that he doesn’t like being alone anymore, but only when he’s given no other choice.

already a few months, and i’m still not over

  • the way keith’s expression turned tender and vulnerable upon finally seeing shiro after a whole damn year
  • how a special kind of force lets keith actually find shiro in a short span of time after his unexpected crashlanding on earth
  • how he said it’s good to have you back as if he never believed shiro to be dead, but that he would someday return
  • the way they’re so familiar and at home with the other
  • the way keith looks at shiro especially when shiro is not looking at him
  • the way shiro’s hand always finds a home on keith’s shoulder
  • how keith bounced back after getting his ass kicked by the training droid just to put himself between shiro and the said droid
  • how keith somehow has shiro’s clothes and eyeliner
  • how shiro and keith have a shared yet unexplored history together (be it platonic or romantic or somewhere in between)
  • how “keith latches on to shiro because shiro’s the only thing that can calm him down and keep him in check”
  • he is looking at keith and shiro loves you baby


Which I think might have something to do with him being such a jerk to the Chorus armies. Because he didn’t want to fight in THAT war, either. He didn’t want any of it. He never wanted to be a soldier, he never wanted to be a hero. He just wanted to go home, but then they crashlanded on this planet and once again he gets dragged into a war that he didn’t care about.

Sure, he cares now. Charon and the mercs made it personal. But honestly? This is just the story of his life. War with the aliens? How about you come fight that. Except you’re not good enough, so come guard this pointless base in this box canyon in a manufactured war against the Blues. Then they find out that it’s all bullshit and Sarge inspires them to fight the Meta. For once, Grif went into a battle that he wanted to fight in- and you know what? Grif was a hella badass there.

And once that’s over? Carolina turns up and drags them into her own personal war on Project Freelancer. Then they finally sort that out and try- AGAIN- to go home, and what happens? They crash-land on Chorus and get dragged into yet another war that he could not care less about. And in wrapping up that war? They start another one. And while he cares, I think he’d still prefer not to have to fight at all. But he’s kind of partially responsible for starting this one, so he doesn’t have much choice there, either.

The past twelve years of Grif’s life have been him being dragged into one war after another against his will, and with that in mind it suddenly becomes obvious why he’s behaving the way he is. Because he’s tired. He didn’t want to be a soldier and he still doesn’t want to be a soldier. So he isn’t going to train and he’s going to throw his rank around and he’s going to mouth off at authority and demand extra rations and just be in general a colossal pain in the ass.


L8 Upd8 m8 I can’t w8 to masturb8 for a week and a half str8 because doing this upd8 made my hand fill with h8. New comic in two weeks! I have to  catch up on penciling issue 2 of Welcome 2 Crashland, though next week if my writer okays it we might just GIVE YOU a PRE-VIEW of ISS-UE TWO.

Since 10/25, Terezi Has:

  • Broken out of her depressive character arc that she’s been stuck in since the Summer of 2012. 
  • Survived multiple stab wounds that would have killed any other troll.
  • Jetpacked off a dying planet and navigated to another fucking planet while blindfolded, crashlanded on said planet, and still manages to not die.
  • Created a plan to literally fix the universe while bleeding out.
  • Manages to face death so much goddamn agency that she literally outlines where her own corpse will land.
  • Solved her own boyfriend problems and managed to break out of several unhealthy relationship cycles. 

And is about to potentially kill her abusive boyfriend, a character who was previously considered immortal.


The Peregrine Mendicant appeared outside the window of Jade’s room and fell right into the ocean, at the mercy of a local sea monster. Before she was eaten alive, she was rescued by a dog trained for just such a purpose, and welcomed into the private island of the Harley family.

Hass “the Flame” Harley, also known as Jacob English, is Native Hawaiian and an American citizen, adopted and raised by a wealthy colonial army man named Colonel Algernon “Sassacre” Harley. Hass developed a strong taste for adventure and a love of the hunt at a young age, and fled his home at the age of 18 to serve in the military and see the world. He is alive in 2016, and is 92 years old (but still a spritely ol’ chap!) born on June 4th, 1923. 

Becquerel is a descendant of Hass’ dog old Halley, and he is just a regular big friendly guard dog. He’s fiercely protective of Jade and a great asset when Hass is out hunting or exploring his private island. He was trained by Hass to be a lifeguard dog, and Bec is quite possibly the best there is when it comes to saving people from being eaten by the sea monster that lives around the island.

At the turn of the millennium, Hass discovered and attempted to tame a mysterious two headed sea monster. He named the green, nicer head Calliope and the red, meaner head Caliborn. In the year 2008, Caliborn went on a rampage on a small miscellaneous pacific island family. In the aftermath, only a little baby girl was left behind. Hass took took it upon himself to take care of her as recompense for letting his sea monster kill her family.

Jade Harley has little to no connection to the outside world without the use of the internet. She grew up on her Granddad’s stories of his travels across the globe and streaming cartoons and television shows with Netflix and Hulu and shit. She is 8 years old and was born on November 17th, 2007.

When Jade met her first real friends online on an ATLA roleplay forum she was inspired to see them physically somehow, or find a way to send them gifts at least. A physical science prodigy, Jade immediately set to work creating a robot that could travel such distances as the ones between her and her friends while she was dreaming. After many failed prototypes, the final form of Dream Bot is nothing short of a technological marvel. She uses it for mail more than anything.

All of this is incredibly overwhelming for PM and she has come to call the island Hellmurder Island in her frustrations.

shiro literally just came back from a year of fighting for his life in zarkon jail, crashlanded on earth only to be picked up by some four random kids and transported via a blue fucking lion through a wormhole and he is then given command of a godamn sentient robotic lion and this is his face. he’s just like. ok. i’ll try to make sure these other four kids don’t die. not the weirdest thing to happen so far.


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Teen!Kylux Au

In which Teenage!Hux finds himself thoroughly disillusioned with the Order and flees the Academy only to crashland his stolen shuttle in the arseend of the galaxy otherwise known as the Resistance Base.

There he of course encounters Teenage!Ben, who finds himself troubled by weird visions of a dude looking a lot like Gollum and rambling about Ben’s granddad and unlimited power.

And they fall in disgustingly cute teenage luuuuuuurve.

Knowing the true face of the First Order through Hux Ben is suddenly able to easily ignore Gollum-Dude, do the mature thing and tell Master Skywalker about it.

All is great except when the Order kidnaps Hux and brainwashes all his doubts about the First Order away. After all he is a very valuable asset coming from an old imperial family and always being top of his classes in the Academy.

Some 15 odd years later a resistance pilot is captured on Jakku.

And General Hux has the shock of his live when he enters the interrogation room currently containing one Ben Solo.

Prompt: role reversal

Winteriron or Stony:

A MCU role reversal AU for Tony and Bucky.

Tony is Steve’s friend in the 40s, about Steve’s age. He’s pretty rich and smart and a Ladies man. He helps in the war by building weapons and gear, and Steve follows him and becomes Captain America. At some point, Tony gets hit by a grenade or something, and Steve thinks he is dead, and crashlands the plane in the arctic.

Tony is found by Hydra, they keep him alive with some experimental drugs and he builds himself the arc reactor. They can’t completely wipe him, as they want him to build weapons for them, but still manage to implant some trigger words. Tony builds them weapons, not the best he can do, but still pretty ok, because he has to. Tony is a genius, and seeing all the technological evolution happen first hand only helps him understand it better.

Bucky grows up as a pretty normal guy, and ends up joining SHIELD. After he gets captured by their enemies and looses an arm, SHIELD injects him with a version of the serum, because otherwise he might die of his injury. He is lucky and survives the process and SHIELD builds him a metal arm. He is a lot less easy going and has some things to work through.

Steve is found, and he and Bucky work for SHIELD and become good friends. Tony set Steve as his heir, so Steve gets the mansion and some money, and they can have the Avengers living in the Mansion.

When Steve realizes that HYDRA has done something to Tony (maybe he recognizes the designs as Tony’s? Or Tony can send a message out when they don’t watch him enough?), he goes after HYDRA (maybe with Bucky’s help?). Eventually he has to fight a brainwashed Tony, who has a repulsor gauntlet and some boots, maybe, but manages to make him snap out of it (as HYDRA’s brainwashing would be a lot less harsh on him than on Bucky, because they still needed his mind).

Tony builds himself a full suit and joins the Avengers as Iron Man.

(If anyone wants to write something like this, please do! :) And let me know :D I might possibly also try to bribe you with fanart.)

So has anyone noticed the most blatantly obvious clue in Gravity Falls yet? No? Take a look at the picture above? Notice how the local geography of GF resembles nothing found naturally occuring in nature in any of the geologically similar places? I mean, take the crack in the cliff, the steep cliffs, the strangily placed waterfall, the odd lake, the very different geology behind the cliff, … Something’s not right here - and I think I know why.

What if, years before the founding of Gravity Falls, before the colonisation of the USA, an UFO had crashlanded here, breaking through the cliff, driving itself into the ground & at least partially exploding, causing the steep cliffs, the crack, the anomalous geological features all together.

What if the Author, on his quest to explain the origin of everything weird happening in GF, stumbled upon the remnants of this UFO, beneath the current location of the Mystery Shack? I mean, the show has shown the author being the one building or at least owning the Mystery Shack prior to Gruncle Stan’(s current ownership.

What if the Universe Portal itself is either an alien artifact or a human invention made from alien scrap? I mean, take a look at the strange design & symbols upon the Portal.

See how odd it is? A human mind would not design such a powerfull machine like this. He’d build it with a strong foundation, secure grounding into the bedrock. Also, the symbols, representing starsigns, are a more obscure astrological symbology & could easily fit into this alien theory. But more importantly, what if the Author’s discovery was recognized by another very interesting figure? Someone like…

Yes, Bill Cipher. Bill Cipher is a demon, the journal says so which implies the Author figured out as much. If Bill is a demon, than - so traditional demonology says us, he should have a True Name. A name by which he can be summoned, banished, used as a tool or weapon against his will.

If so, if the Author figured out Bill’s True Name, than the Author will most assuredly have taken measures against Bill - which would explain why Bill can not appear at will in the laboratories & outposts build by the Author. He simply is unable - as appearing there would instantly banish him back to his own dimension. 

I think there’s a lot of things we have missed that shall appear as blatantly obvious whenever this series has been concluded & right now I think we should starts focussing on those anomalies that would not be recognized as anomalies unless seen by experts in their fields. We’re talking Hirsch here - we’ll be sure to miss a lot.