Alien AUs
  • “Okay, I know I told you I’m an alien and everything but I swear to god if you try to get me to say ‘greetings earthling’ I will punch you. Of course no one says that! What is this an ‘80s film!”
  • There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien. 
  • “What am I if I fall in love with a being from a different planet? … No, i’m just wondering of course.”
  • “Uhm, hey, long story short I’m not from around here and there are people (with guns) chasing after me please please please let me hide in your house?” 
  • “I don’t know what would’ve been worse, me finding a bear in my kitchen at 4AM eating all my food or a cute alien eating all my food at 4AM.”
  • “Are all humans this cute?”
  • “I got hunted down and dragged out of hiding and now I’m in some scary lab (pretty sure I’m about to be dissected) but just before the operation this scientist came in to check everything was alright, wait what you’re unhooking me from the machine now we’re running away out of the science lab. man, maybe humans aren’t that shitty afterall.” 
  • “We crashlanded on Earth and despite being rivals we’re too scared to think straight and we keep clinging onto each other for dear life, oh god those humans think we’re a couple, quick you zogloid kiss me before they realise anythi— damn, you actually did it.”
  • “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and I can’t get over the fact how you’re so fixated on the screen and characters, omg you’re adorable.”
  • (Alternatively) “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and honestly I’m about to lose it because all you’ve been doing throughout the whole film is rant about how it’s so inaccurate and how that would never happen and watching you get so (adorably) angry about it is a lot more entertaining that watching the film.” 
  • “I was meant to only come to Earth to get information about humans so my race could figure out how to dominate the planet but I think I’m falling in love with my test subject, shit.”
  • “I don’t understand human emotions or motives but who the sparax made you cry I’m GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM — too much?”
  • “I was always taught that humans were really horrible creatures, but something must be wrong with your DNA because you’re the most adorable, funny human I’ve ever seen… did I say that outloud?”
  • “Dude, just because I come from a different planet doesn’t mean I can’t understand English. Yes this does mean I did understand that comment you made about my butt.”

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First of all, I was a little… disappointed with, let’s say, the lack of development for McCoy in the second movie. So there was that. Even though I had an amazing experience with JJ and that cast, in the end of the day, I didn’t have much to do. And when they came to me with the offer for the third Star Trek movie, I was literally in the final stages in negotiating another film. It all happened in a rush and very late. And I go, ‘Guys, I’m already committed to this, we’re in the final stages of wrapping this down’… And there was no script they could show me. They were basically asking me to take a leap of faith with them. And I was unsure. I know that if I didn’t do it, I would’ve regretted it, because […] it’s like family with those guys and we have so much fun. And it was really Justin Lin. I was on the phone with Justin, and even though I couldn’t read a script, he told me the story and when he explained the situation of Bones and Spock being shot out of the turbolift into space and them crashlanding together on the planet and being marooned together, and I’m like, 'IN. I am IN in a big way’ […] And it was sort of me letting them know that I somewhat expected a higher calibre of contribution from the character of McCoy. I think it also prompted them to develop it more. And I certainly had a great ally in Simon Pegg.
—  Karl Urban on his initial doubts about being in a third Star Trek movie. (X)
N7 Month Challenge

I present to you the N7 Month Challenge 2017! The last two years we had great people participating and we are hoping for even more this year! 

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More scenes from my Simulator AU!! Lol honestly I just scribbled out this comic really fast, sorry that my lines are messy ^^’

Let’s see…this takes place shortly after Keith gets out of the sim and crashlands into a nearby planet…and Lance’s AI cube is super corrupted, so Keith begs these somewhat familiar people to save him ;w;

The original post for this AU is here if you want to look at it! And everything else is under the tag “Sim AU” on my blog c:

Fluffy bonus:

I’m considering making a sideblog where I go through all the Game Theory videos and timestamp each innacuracy / inconsistancy / failure of research.

The Metroid episode got me legitimately angry. Here’s a list of everything wrong with the video.

1. Nitpick, but Matpat accompanies his explanation of X parasites with a photo of an Omega Metroid. This photo has no X in it. That’s a real Omega.

2. Metroids never “rolled around” attacking people of their own volition. The Space Pirates stole and weaponized Metroids against the Galactic Federation and its citizens. Had the Metroids remained undisturbed on SR388 there wouldn’t be any problem.

3. The animals weren’t “randomly passed over” by the X, as MatPat claims. They were locked in one of the few areas on BSL that wasn’t compromised by the security bypasses, and bolted straight for Samus’ ship once they were free. Remember that one of them knows how to SHINESPARK. It’s more than possible to make the trip unscathed.

4. Adam ran a full diagnostic and found no X on the animals.

5. HOW THE FUCK WOULD ANYTHING ON ZEBES BE INFECTED WITH X? THE X IS ONLY ON SR388. The animals would have had to be infected during Super Metroid for the theory to work, and that’s impossible.

6. How did the Dachora perform a Shinespark, Matpat? WITH A SPEED BOOSTER, DUH. THE DACHORA LIVES IN A PLANET FULL OF CHOZO RUINS. THERE’S MORE THAN 1 SPEED BOOSTER ON ZEBES. (Or the SpeedBooster is based on Dachora abatomy. The Chozo were very close to nature.)

7. The animals get along because they’re the only Zebesians left, Patrick. Their planet exploded. They need eachother.

8. The animals knowing how to pilot a ship is proof that they AREN’T X infected. The X need to copy an able pilot to leave BSL, and they never figured out how to do that during Fusion.

9. The Wrecked Ship didn’t belong to the Animals. It was a Chozo ship. It crashlanding on Zebes is the reason they colonized that planet in the first place.

10. The animals aren’t flying planet to planet spreading X after leaving Zebes. They are TRYING NOT TO DIE. After they left, they launched a distress signal and got moved to BSL.





Please research your goddamn topics, Mathew. Please stop throwing your half-baked brain trash onto Youtube. Your audience and the fans of the games you talk about both deserve better. Also, next time how about you DON’T spend half your video gushing about GDQ and actually talk about your theory? Goddamnit, MatPat.

I just want everyone to know that I own a real comic that got published where Vader crashlands in a savannah thing and a bunch of fucking space lions try to attack him, but he kills their leader and then becomes the leader of the pack. And then he roars like some kinda space furry and his lion friends kill some imperials who were slacking at work and that’s the plot

Men of an RAF Repair and Salvage Unit working on a damaged Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX of No 403 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, at B.2 forward airstrip Bazenville in Normandy, 16-19 June 1944.

Airfield Bazenville (Advanced Landing Ground B-2 Bazenville or B-2 Crépon) was an Allied wartime airfield in Normandy, France.
The airfield was built by the Royal Engineers 16th Airfield Construction Group together with the RAF’s 3207 and 3209 Servicing Commandos starting just after midnight after D-Day. The groups built a runway, dispersal areas, communications facilities, landing lights and many other requirements to run an airfield. It was located between the villages of Crépon, Bazenville and Villiers-le-Sec.
ALG B-2 would have been completed as the first ALG in Normandy on 9 June, but a B-24 Liberator crashlanded at the uncompleted airfield that morning and ripped up a lot of SMT. Instead it was completed two days later, on June 11, and serviced the first 36 aircraft (Spitfires) of 127 Wing that same day. The complete Wing (403, 416, 421 and 443 Sqns) moved in on 16 June 1944.

(Photo source - © IWM CL 186)

(Colour by Doug)

“Goodbyes aren’t allowed in my town. Just see-you-laters.”

And here’s the most annoying thing to shade since a craptastic ton of pearls: bead curtains.

I still don’t know crap about this AU (not even who made it), so I might borrow the concept and steer it in whatever direction the pencil wants to go… as long as it doesn’t crashland in Victorianhorrorland like the Roaring Falls did XD
Because I’m mostly inspired by film noir, I had to imagine this guy being like The Great Private Investigator Papyrus while reamining completely oblivious to what his brother hides in that trombone case.

SU Theory to quench the Hiatus Thirst.

Ok so this is more like two theories that relate to each other: 

1) Lapis leaves Earth for Good

In the SDCC Trailer, Lapis seems to be turning her back on Peridot and Steven, literally and metaphorically. The show has already addressed Lapis trying to find a better place on Earth to stay, it would be redundant to do again. This leads me to believe that Lapis is leaving Earth forever, or at least plans on it. This leads me in to my next theory. 

2) Stevonnie crashes on a planet being terraformed 

Stevonnie is seen crashlanding on some unknown planet that looks somewhat similar to Earth. They have no way of escaping unless Lars finds them. Basically, I believe that the planet that Stevonnie lands on is a planet being terriformed by Lapis’ making way for a new Homeworld colony. Our Lapis would easily fit in and could go about her life without ever worrying about Earth or the Crystal Gems again. Unless of course, a human that looks oddly like Steven and Connie lands on her hiding spot. Lapis wouldn’t leave Stevonnie to die so she escorts them back to Earth. If done correctly, we could get confirmation of how Gem colonies are created, other Lapis’ personalities, and gems at work (tbh we’ve only seen Pearls serve, besides that ll the gems have been deflecting from their natural purpose)

missing au part 3

haha i had this ready yesterday but had no idea how to end part 3 so iDKK UUH haha 

anyway (tw for death mentions and a somewhat violent stabbing but its not in detail so idk)

- lance is like not oKAY and he’s trapped in that room all day and he’s been hearing voices in the hallway outside the door, he think’s he’s going to be executed or something but thankfully no

- a mysterious galra (THE ONE FROM THE WEBLUM) unlocks his door and silently leads him to an escape pod !!11!! he’s eternally thankful

- he crashlands on a desert planet and it’s fvckkin hot there

- he finds a city of different aliens and he’s stared at, (i mean he looks pretty beat up) until someone takes pity on him and takes him to her house

- she offers a bath and she makes him soup while he gets dressed (he gets like capri khaki pants and a black tank top, and a crappilly sewn sweater made of ace bandage like material, although it’s so hot he rarely needs it)

- they talk while lance eats and she patches him up. once lance decides this woman is pretty trustworthy he tells her only a little about the galra

- she tells him lots of people in the city are prison escapees from the galra or even galra refugees, and that his fake eye might be a camera as well, he’d better find a doctor to take it out and replace it or something

- she lets him stay with her while he tries to fix the pod (he’s no hunk or pig so it’s taking him a while) (her name is Binne)

- lance likes to play with her children, they remind him of his siblings back on earth, but because his time in the Black Room his perceptions of his friends and family are still warped (he’s still trying to get back to his friends, because he knows something is wrong with him and his friends do care for him and can fix it, even though he’s constantly telling himself that he could just live on this planet forever and his friends hate him)

- he freaks when he sees a galra solider on the streets (they patrol the city, the escapees and refugees hide during their monthly visit) and he think’s they’re here because his camera eye gave away the city

- he takes a nail and jams it into the glass eye, and it cracks, the eye is broken and now he can’t see out of his left eye

- he goes back to the binne’s house and she’s fussing over him because hiS LEFT EYE IS UM WHITE, CRACKED, AND BLEEDING??? 

- she patches him up and they put gauze over his eye, and he feels bad and then she tells him the galra soldiers always come every month so it wasn’t him who made them come

- he’s relieved, and Binne suggests he gets a job and uses the money to buy ship parts rather than get sunburns everyday while searching for scrap parts in the junkyard

- he works in the market, cleaning spare parts for a grumpy eight armed alien slug, he gets money and any parts that no one buys at the end of the week

- so lance has extra money from his job and he goes to buy some weapons to start training, because if he wants to be a paladin again he’s got to get that fighting skill back

- the only weapon they have is a spear, he wants to be the sharp shooter, but how can he if thERES NO GUNS

- he practices with the spear on a hanging bag of rice (it’s wrapped in cloth but it still rips and he has to sweep it up haha) and is picking it up quickly from his time in the gladiator fights

- one day his ship turns on and now he just needs to figure out how to turn on the radio system and find the castle’s radio

- and then he finds out some shit (also he wears an eyepatch because yes)

The Many Escapes of Anders

Okay, so it was played with before, today is ‘Anders On the Run’ day of Anders appreciation week. So here’s a proposed timeline of Anders’ seven escapes:

Escape #1: Swam across the lake 

Anders’ first escape attempt, not long after arriving at Kinloch Hold, was a simple matter of jumping off the dock and striking out across the lake. The Templar attempting to follow him forgot that plate armor is not buoyant and sank like a stone. Especially impressive for the stamina involved in a 12-13 year old swimming between five to ten straight miles across Lake Calenhad to the nearest shore.

Escape #2: Climbed out a window on a rope of senior enchanters’ undergarments 

The doors were all watched, and so were the windows on the lower floors, but not the upper windows. Anders got himself assigned to laundry duty and filched undergarments until he had enough to braid himself 100 meters of rope, which he used to climb down the outside of the Tower to freedom. When asked why he had specifically chosen senior mage’s undergarments, the young apprentice replied they were “bigger ‘n tougher.”

Escape #3: Makeshift hot air balloon

Possibly the height of young Anders’ inventiveness; after many months staring out the window and daydreaming about being able to fly, he read a book about an innovative Antivan design for an airborne vehicle supported by drafts of hot air. While initially planning to build an entire hot air balloon out of stolen materials, Anders eventually resorted to just grabbing a large canvas tarp by all four corners and jumping off the Tower roof garden, using fire magic to heat the air enough to provide lift. Impressively, he managed to get all the way to the other side of the lake before the canvas caught fire and he crashlanded in the trees.

Escape #4: Hid in a crate 

Apparently abandoning the air routes, Anders’ next escape attempt was to conceal himself in a crate among a shipment of potions due to be transported for sale. Protests of ‘No I’m not, I’m an elfroot’ were not believed.

-Hiatus of several years while in a relationship with Karl-

Escape #5: Drugged the Templars 

Anders’ first escape attempt after Karl was transferred to Kirkwall showed a definite step up in ruthlessness over all previous attempts. He stole herbs from his potionmaking class until he was able to fashion a very powerful sedative, which he slipped to the Templars on duty at the gate. (Several years of good behavior had led the Templars to let their guard down around Anders, a mistake they would not make afterwards.)

Escape #6: Just fucking rabbited 

Technically, this could be considered an extension of Escape #5, since the Templars didn’t actually get him all the way back to the Tower before he tried again. While escorting him back to the Tower after recapture, the Templars made the mistake of thinking him considerably more incapacitated from his injuries than he actually was; he managed to slip the cuffs and run for it in a moment of inattention. Several Templars were injured in the ensuing scuffle, which undoubtedly compounded the severity of the punishment that was to follow.

Escape #7: Disguised self as a Templar and walked out the door 

Anders’ seventh and final escape was aided by the chaos at the Tower following the rout at Ostagar. Since many mages and Templars were away accompanying the King’s Army, normal patrol and guard schedules were disrupted. Anders was able to lay his hands on a set of Templar armor, which he used to disguise himself and pass among the other Templars with long practice of their training and mannerisms. He left the Tower only hours before Uldred and his co-conspirators were to return, which led to the significant delay of any pursuit or recapture efforts.

like a river

relationship: Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei
word count: 2,323
additional tags: Friends to Lovers, Love Confessions, Minor Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru


“Is that a confession? Are you actually confessing to me right now?”

“Hm. Yeah.”

Or, they still have a lot to learn (and maybe that’s the thing about being together).

@matsuhanasweek - day 1: music//relationship goals

[ao3] / read below

Being around Matsukawa is a sort of river-like peace.

This is what Takahiro tells him when another morning practice devolves into some dramatic coupledom dispute. Just the usual, really, between two childhood friends so in tune with each other’s subtlest gestures they’ve forgotten how direct communication works. Iwaizumi and Oikawa continue on with their bickering, and even the first-years (read: everyone sans Kindaichi) know it’s simply thinly-disguised flirting, volleyballs thrown at each other in lieu of love letters. (Because of course their language of love involves volleyball.)

If they were strangers, he’d think Matsukawa had just noticed his presence from the way he slowly blinks at him. But his friend is caught slightly off-guard, eyes widening by mere millimeters, before he gives up an amused smile.

“Why so?” Matsukawa simply asks.

Takahiro shrugs. He hasn’t exactly dwelled on such things. “This is chaos,” he says, right as Kunimi sidesteps a stray missile and Kindaichi ends up taking the brunt of it, his yelp joining the Iwaizumi-Oikawa chorus. “Yet here you are, all unbothered, going on with practice drills.”

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random idea: the red dwarf crew crashlands on Risa (the “pleasure planet” from tng) and then they stay there for a vacation and rimmer still can’t have fun bc he’s rimmer :’D

Presenting you officially miss redbot aka IRON FURY !


Hope you like her :D
I probably won’t draw her often since SHE’S A PAIN AND HAS TOO MANY DETAILS !!! But I might draw chibis maybe ;D
If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask !!

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httydfangirlz  asked:

The fandom has literally been so dead recently and i really need a fic to survive until season 6.😂 Could you write just like a hiccstrid one or literally anything else in canonverse to do with hiccstrid or the gang😊 I MISS THEM SO MUCH😢😢😢😢

It’s very short, and crappy, but something. :) I hope it’s somewhat enjoyable!


“And you did this… how?” 

Snotlout crossed his arms. “By falling, obviously!” 

“But after he crashed into me- and Ruffnut, since… we ride the same dragon…” Tuffnut hobbled in after the howling Snotlout, while Barch dragged Ruffnut along. “We’re all a mess of bruises, scratches, and I’d say a few broken limbs.” 

“You think!?” Snotlout sobbed from his chair.

Hiccup sighed heavily and ran a hand slowly down his face. He peered over at Astrid, who looked both concerned and amused. Mainly amused.

“You guys should seriously be more careful-” 

“Don’t tell me! It’s their fault!” Snotlout objected, as expected.

Tuffnut pointed a finger and narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “Yeah? Then how come I’m the one with the broken arm, and you only have a sprained ankle?” 

“It’s broken, I’m certain of it!” Snotlout squealed.

“Quiet, all of you. Snotlout-” Hiccup walked to his cousin and knelt down, snatching the “broken” foot in his hands. “It’s fine, Snot. You twisted it is all.” 

“it’s BROKEN. I must take days off to recover.” he replied stubbornly. Hobbling to his feet, he limped to the doorway. 

“And what about me?” Ruffnut finally said. Her head was propped in her hand from her place lying on the floor, staring up at them all through partially opened eyelids. “Should I be concerned that I can’t feel my leg?”

“Really!?” Tuffnut piped. Dashing over to his sister, he picked up the said leg and dropped it limply to the floor. “Did you feel that?” 

“Not a thing.” 

Hiccup walked over and prodded the limb, gaining no reaction from Ruff. “Does it tingle?” 


“Is it just asleep?” 

She shrugged. “Probably.” She crawled to her feet, slammed back to the floor, and sighed. “I’ll just… stay here…” 

“And what’s wrong with you?” HIccup asked, turning to Tuffnut. “Your arm?” 

“Yes, my dear Haddock. I do belief it’s unsavable.” He jiggled his arm to demonstrate. “I’ll get the axe!” 

“N-no! We do not need an axe.” Hiccup said as he glared at the cackling Astrid. She waved her hand weakly in her amusement, urging him to ignore her. He straightened Tuffnut’s arm, while the boy picked his nose distractedly.

“You’re fine.” Hiccup stated as he turned to Barf and Belch, checking them over for injuries. 

“But- does this mean I don’t get a metal arm?” 


“But… I really wanted one.” Tuffnut whined and pleaded. He rolled up sleeves and held it out. “Pleaaaase?” 

“Absolutely not!” Hiccup laughed and returned to the fire, stepping up onto a stool to grab some aloe from the ceiling. He tossed it at the twins. “Rub that on any bruises or scrapes, it should help.” 

“But my arm-?” 

“Maybe next time.” 

With a pout, Tuffnut slumped and stuffed the aloe into his mouth, chomping it absently.

anonymous asked:

🔥 su rubies

hooooooboy ur about to open a big can o worms here:

rubies as a whole get some of the worst treatment, and it’s ironic for a show that spends SOOO much time talking about how Gems are not what HW stigmatizes them as and are deserving of respect (PEARLS) the way they seem to ignore this concept entirely when it comes to them. no one in the narrative EVER seems to adequately stick up for them (save for sapphire):

• our ruby gets written off as a hysterical “problem” when she’s been seriously wronged and expresses her emotions about it

• the ruby squad as a whole gets branded as “dumb” for not knowing the classified/plot information that our heros only know by chance, literal “alien” Earth customs, for trusting the word of Jasper’s own staff, they get held to the standards of actual villains when they’ve LITERALLY just been hired as a 5-pilot UBER for a celebrity they’ve never met

• i could go ON for HOURS about how skeevey it was for them to leave them to die in space despite: having the means to rescue them, admitting degree of guilt and awareness that its fucked up, hitting them with their own ship and SAYING THEY WERE GONNA THEN NOT DOING IT, admitting to leaving them to rot to Navy after she fucking crashlands to earth and pledges her allegiance to them

• Navy’s actions being branded as unreasonable when she could have EASILY flown them into space and stranded them there like they did to her and the crew (which i woulda done lmao), she just jerked them around and called them on their bullshit while doing a sick flip to go save her gals

and its not just an “i’m mad this happened in the story” its that the writing never goes to justify in any way that the rubies are worthy of the respect and love they deserve or to imply any degree of subversion of the stigmas they impose on them, no one (save for sapphire on the rare occasions we see her and only in reference to her own gf) goes “rubies arent dumb and disposable” or “wow it was fucked up what we did to them we kinda had this coming”, you’re supposed to see them as dumb and irrational /or as villains and it still pisses me off because they are SO GOOD and really need some justice