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Attention Guardians! A group of people living near the base of the tower have requested that guardians who wish to jump off, please aim for the newly painted target. last week 3 Titans crashed through a roof, one after the other, spoiling a civilian couples intimate moment.

Important information Guardians

Pay attention

things Rohan does in the Jorge Joestar novel

  • buys a house with giant bright sunrooms on every corner, puts his study in the gloomy windowless room in the middle
  • upon getting stuck underground in a state between life and death starts astral projecting from fear of missing deadlines
  • sleeps plenty by which he means three hours a night
  • describes self as “high-strung” on multiple occassions
  • (after AU!Morioh gang rings his doorbell) ““Oh, theyre back,” Rohan said. His eyes went dead.”
  • listen he doesn’t care if the universe is crumbling and his entire house is swarming with Italian mafia he WILL get his clock back
  • very irate about anyone touching his desk, DON’T touch his desk, it doesn’t matter if you were piloting a spaceship all the way from Mars and had to crash through the roof of his study to get into the tesseract time machine stand hidden under the floor, DO NOT TOUCH HIS DESK

Amazon representative: good morning! how may I help y-

me: would you send down one of your drones just for the sole purpose of it crashing through my roof, lifting me up 5,000 feet into the air and then dropping me instantly

poe dameron causes destruction wherever he goes and yells “put it on my tab!” as he crashes through the window in a dramatic exit

and a week later he shows up with his space checkbook to pay his tab and tip the servo-droids, because he is a Good Space Boy From A Good Space Family

TBH as much as i want bismuth to be brought back im scared tht they’re gonna do a:

“oh steven i was wrong and you were right. murdering the diamonds would be wrong even though they’re classist slave owning tyrants. even though they murdered thousands of gems that simply wanted freedom and have the entire cut of rose quartz under lock down where any day can be their last. they’re still people and I see that now. i was and will always be wrong.”

and then crewniverse will pat each other on the back and go, yes good we finally gave the fans the bismuth closure they were asking for uwuwuwuuwuwu


character aestheticsinej ghafa

she wanted a storm ― thunder, wind, a deluge. she wanted it to crash through ketterdam’s pleasure houses, lifting roofs and tearing doors off their hinges. she wanted it to raise the seas, take hold of every slaving ship, shatter their masts, and smash their hulls against unforgiving shores. i want to call that storm, she thought.

Hi all,

I watched TFP with a friend and we talked for a few hours afterwards. I’m not quite sure what to post here because I’m still trying to land on a reaction, but I feel like I should post something. 

Most importantly, I’m really sorry if I contributed to the hurt and loss any of you are feeling right now. I know none of us are actually responsible for that, but this morning, for example, I was so utterly convinced the leaked episode was fake after watching it that I know I built up some of your hopes even further. I apologize.

A few minutes of scrolling my dashboard and I see everyone’s already pointed out the many, many inconsistencies (Victor’s dog bowl had me cracking up, honestly), the horribly offensive stuff (all the villains are queer, but none of the heroes), the truly cruel scene with Molly that destroyed her character arc, Hulk smash coffin, not only surviving an explosion+crashing through a window+two story fall but not being so much as scratched, the fact that they could inexplicably hear MP child!Euros on the phone…and on and on. It felt so disconnected from the first two episodes, and all previous seasons. 

For me, it boils down to this: the first twelve episodes of this show had layers. Careful dialogue with subtext under the text, gorgeous compositions, stunning sets built with love and attention to the most minute of details, beautiful mind palace sequences––a lush Victorian London, even! And all of those things can be misinterpreted, surely. But god, I had so much fun trying.

This episode had one layer. For the first time ever, I have no urge to write a meta…not because I didn’t like what happened in the episode, but because there’s simply nothing to pick at. The lines were just the lines. The music, when present, was largely recycled from previous episodes. The concrete rooms were dull, the rest of the prison looked like something out of a 70s Bond movie – when the Garridebs brothers were dangled in front of the window and dropped, I half-expected Sean Connery to fetch them in a speedboat or something.

It looked and felt like a different show. I think maybe the reason I’m not feeling angry or sad yet is because I’m still waiting for…something. An explanation? A fourth episode? I don’t know. Something.

At the same time, if there IS something else coming, I can’t bring myself to get too excited about it. If this a trick or a plan or whatever, it’s not working on me. Maybe some fans will be psyched.

And if this is just it, well… I’ve had a blast with this blog and this community. I write novels, and picking apart these stories with all of you, talking subtext and metaphors and mirrors, has been incredibly educational for me as an author. I’ve learned what to do (and tonight, a heavy dose of what not to do!). I hope everyone here can take away something positive from this experience – I know I have. 

Most importantly, if you’re a writer or an artist or a musician or any sort of creator? KEEP CREATING. We need you.



  • Victor: *in a crowded room* Hey, I can't find Yurio...
  • Yuri: I got this
  • Yuri: *clears throat* *uses hands as a megaphone* ya know, I was maybe thinking about retiring-
  • Yurio: *crashes through wall* the fuCK DID YOU JUST SAY DAMN PIGLET I WILL FIGHT YOU, I SWEAR, RETIRE MY ASS-
  • Yuri: found him

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