crashes the bus


And if a double decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die
The Smiths // There’s a Light That Never Goes Out

when i was in fifth grade, me and a tour bus full of my classmates were going on an ‘educational trip’ across state lines to see a civil war POW camp. because sure. fifth graders love learning about emaciated corpses and starvation! but that’s not the point of the story. the point of the story is that they played movies on that bus, and they decided to play Madagascar…. and my god, if you haven’t heard a bus full of 80 children jump and scream in time to “I Like To Move It” you haven’t witnessed the full raw power of the human condition. the bus shook. the windows rattled. we lost our damn minds. the driver almost crashed the bus because he wasn’t expecing a fucking kamehameha wave of sound from the bus’ occupants. needless to say they didn’t take us across state lines ever again.

Spruce (Connor M. x Reader)

Anon- I havith a requstith!! all righty so the reader, jared, and connor go with evan to get his wisdom teeth out. so evan, being all loopy after the operation is in the car with the other three on the way home and starts talking to the reader in the backseat. so he’s like “hey *insert name here* you know my friend Connor? yeah well I’m not supposed to tell you this but he likes my friend y/n” and then everyone laughs and then like fluffy cute stuff (maybe a kiss) between Connor and the reader? Thank

Callout to @anotherstellarconversation for helping me out, bless u <3 (and go check them out please!!!!) Cries it’s been so long since this was sent, I’m sorry!! Regardless, I hope you enjoy <3,

Words – 1730

Warnings –  None (other than OOC characters)!

Evan just wanted to spend a day with his friends. He just wanted to sit down, maybe watch some movies, and just hang out. Instead, he is sitting in the back seat of Connor’s car, clinging onto Jared’s arm. The poor boy is shaking in his seat, and continuously toying with his shirt. He would occasionally run a hand through his hair, trying to get himself to calm down. It didn’t work.

“Evan, if you don’t let go I am going to lose my fucking arm.” Jared mumbled, shaking his arm.

“Wh-what? Am I really holding on that tightly?” Evan spluttered, quickly letting go of Jared’s arm.

“Jared, let him cling, he deserves it.” You say, turning in your seat to glare at Jared, who just rolled his eyes.

“Fine.” Jared said, holding out his arm. “Go nuts, Hansen. Just… Try not to cause a blood clot, alright? I kind of need my arm.”

Evan grasps Jared’s arm, grasping it not as tightly. He smiles at you and for moment, he seems a little less stressed. A little.

You turned your attention next to you, towards Connor. His window was down, which allowed his hair to flow freely, and occasionally fall in front of his face. His eyes were focused on the road, and his eyebrows would furrow in concentration (or maybe in slight irritation). To say that he was beautiful like this would be an understatement.

You fell for the boy hard. Even if everyone thought you were smitten for Evan, that was far from the truth. Sure, you might shamelessly flirt with the tree lover occasionally, but it was all in good fun. Evan knew this, and he was okay with it. You were even sure that Connor knew.

He didn’t.

And now you sit here, watching his hair flow, and his eyes reflecting the light of the sun.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you even paying attention?” A hand moved in front of your face and snapped.

You turn your head towards to back of the car, and look at Jared. “Sorry, what?”

Jared smirked and began snickering. “What? Were you staring at Mur-“

“What were you talking about, Jared?” You say, a bit stricter. Its best if Connor didn’t realize you were staring.

Jared kept a smug grin, but dropped the subject. “Right… What are we going to do after this? Should we stick Evan somewhere and see what he does?”

Evan froze up. “What- NO! No, please don’t do that.”

“What’s stopping us?” Jared said, his grin widening.

“I know where we could hide Evan if you really want to.” Connor added, glancing at the three of you.

You slap Connor’s shoulder. “Dude! Leave him alone! Besides, I’m sure that your places suck and are obvious as hell.”

“I could show you after Evan’s appointment-“

“You are not p-putting me anywhere! I just want to get this over with, please? And maybe we can all get ice cream or something?” Evan said, rubbing his arm.

“Alright, fine… We’re here anyways.” Jared mumbles.

Connor parked the car, and the four of you get out. Evan instantly grabbed you hand the moment you stepped next to him.

“Everything will be alright. We’ll be in the waiting room when you get back.” You said, gently squeezing Evan’s hand.

You gently lead Evan into the doctor’s office, looking back at the other two to make sure they were following.

Jared looked entertained, while Connor seemed agitated. Maybe he was just tired.


While the three of you sat and waited, you rested your head on Connor’s shoulder.

“If you weren’t so bony, you would be the best arm rest.” You grumbled, poking Connor’s cheek.

He flinched slightly and looked over at you. “Why not lean up against meme boy over there then?”

“Because he’s lame and won’t let me do that?”

Jared looked at you. “Who said I wouldn’t?”

“Would you?”

“Oh hell no.”

It seemed like hours before the three of you could enter the room that Evan was located. By that time, you fell asleep on Connor’s shoulder, and clung to his arm.

Connor looked down at you. Your hair was pushed around, and your mouth was slightly agape. He wasn’t sure if you were drooling on him or not, but your gentle snores were adorable.

Jared looked over at the two of you, and carefully took out his phone, taking a photo. “Wow, you are even more stalker like than L/N.”

Connor only glared at Jared, turning his attention back to you.

A lady opened the waiting room door, and peaked her head in. “You three are here for Mr. Hansen, yes? Everything is done now, you can come in.”

Jared stood up and glanced over at the two. “C’mon losers.”

Connor glanced over at you, and gently moved his shoulder. “Hey, wake up. Hansen is done having his teeth ripped out.”

You groaned slightly, and opened your eyes. “Please tell me Jared isn’t in there.”

Connor doesn’t respond.

You instantly stand up. “Alright, I am up.” You grabbed Connor’s hand, pulled him up, and tugged him towards the door. “Come on, Connor.”

Huffing, Connor stood up and followed you. “Stop pulling on my arm, and maybe I’ll follow you.” He didn’t let go of your hand.

When you walked inside the room where Evan was seated, Jared was near tears.

“H-holy shit… Dude, are you okay?”

Evan slowly looked up at the three of you. The way his eyes were narrowed made it seem like he was concentrating on something. Not only that, but he just kept mumbling something over and over again.

“Evan, dude, you alright?” Connor asks, raising his eyebrow.

“…Hey… I think… I think I died… What… What the hell are you guys?” Evan muttered, and looked quizzically at the three of you.

You just stared at him. “Evan, do want some nuggets?”

Evan looked up at you and smiled. “Hell yeah, Spruce.”

Jared almost pissed himself.

The four of you sat in Connor’s car. However, Jared decided it would be a great idea if he drove (he does not trust Connor’s driving, even if he did drive all of you to the dentist), and Evan sat in the passenger seat. This would then leave you and Connor in the backseat, kicking the other’s seats.

“Hey… Spruce! How… How did I die? Am I part tree? Wh-wh… What if I didn’t die, but you died. Maybe you – or the fluffy dude – are all a fragment of my imagination. Maybe none of us are real.”

Jared glanced over at Evan. “Hansen getting deep. Never do this shit ever again, thanks.”

You just smiled and gently pat Evan’s head. “Then you are a super cool fragment.”

“Super shitty.” Connor mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Evan just continues to smile for a few more minutes. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he gently gasped.

“Spruce! I… I have a secret!

You laughed and tilted your head. “Yeah, what is it?”

“Okay, so you know my friend, Connor?”

At the sound of his named, Connor instantly snapped his attention towards Evan. “What the fuck are you-“

Evan interrupts him. “Shh! Spruce won’t tell! Anyways, I have a friend, Y/N! They are also Connor’s friend, and Jared’s!”

“Oh, I like where this is going. Go on, Evan, please inform Spruce.” Jared urges, a wide grin began to form.

“Evan, shut the fuck up.” Connor said as his eyes began to narrow.

“Spruce, this is top secret okay? Do not tell anyone!” Evan whispered, a sly smile began to form.

You nodded. “I, Spruce, will not tell anyone this ‘secret’”.

By this time, Connor was beginning to suspect what Evan was going to say. You, however, had no idea what Evan was going to say. You were hoping that maybe you would be able to get some dirt on Jared or Connor, and be able to blackmail them later. Hell, you’ll take anything as long as you can blackmail one of them.

Evan slowly leans in closer to where you are, and Connor just watches, hoping that Evan is smart enough to not say shit.

“Look… My friend, Connor, really likes Y/N! But, you can’t tell them! Connor will be an angry bean pole.” Evan laughed at the end of his sentence, and looked over at Connor.

You froze.

Jared laughed.

“Evan. What the fuck.” Connor hissed, nervously glancing between you and Evan.

Evan just smiled. “Spruce won’t tell Y/N!”

“Spruce won’t have to tell Y/N, Evan. You did the deed for them.” Jared said between laughs.

You looked over at Connor, and he didn’t meet your gaze. Instead, he opted to turning nearly his entire body away from you. His hair was pushed in front of his face, and he made damn sure that Evan could see him glaring.

Evan sits there, confused about the situation, but Jared distracted him. Which left you ‘alone’ with Connor.

You couldn’t help yourself, you just began to laugh. You tried to hide it, but it just wanted to fall from your lips. The moment he heard this, Connor tensed up.

He thought you were laughing at him, and how could he possibly think that he has a chance with you?

The moment your laughter died down, you gently brushed some of Connor’s away from his face, causing him to flinch. His entire face was burning, including the tip of his ears. He looked utterly adorable.

What?” He hisses, a bit harsher than he meant to.

You smile falters slightly, but instead of saying anything, you gently press a kiss to his cheek.

“You are super cute, y’know that?” You murmur nonchalantly.

This completely caught Connor off guard. “Wh-what the hell are you talking about.”

“And you’re stuttering? Who are you, and what have you done with Connor Murphy? Is this Connor Murphy going to ask me out or do I have to ask him out?”

At this point, he is just staring at you, a very small smile gently tugging at his lips. Connor gently cups your cheek, hand shaking. He has never done anything like this before. What the hell is he even doing?

You just smiled and tapped Connor’s nose. “We can go hang out at McDonald’s or something tomorrow, yeah?”

Connor nodded slightly, and gently pressed a kiss to your lips. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“Spruce, why are you kissing Connor?”


He deserves this

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i love this owl man and no one can change my mind


Machetes and Near Death Experiences (A Steve Harrington x Reader imagine)

Words: 5286

Summary: Being a babysitter for the Party requires a full set of abilities. Battling inter-dimensional monsters, being a machete swinging pro and managing a bunch of dorks with a penchant for attracting danger being just a few. Add Steve Harrington to the mix and things get a lot more interesting.

Warnings: swearing, violence, Dustin being a sassy cutie

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stranger Things or any of its characters. This is merely me turning my wishful thinking into reader insert imagines. GIF credits to the owner.

Originally posted by glowgurl


No answer.

“Harrington, what do you think you’re doing?”

Still no reply.

“Hey this ain’t funny, dammit!”

You weaved a frustrated hand through your hair as you watched the former King of Hawkins High leave the safe haven of the boarded bus in a bid to ‘expand the menu’ as Dustin put it. “Stay here and whatever you do, don’t open the door unless I tell you to.” You ordered the kids in a no nonsense manner and they merely nodded. They knew you enough from previous babysitting sessions to not mess with your instructions.

Gripping your machete tightly, you followed the low growling that was slowly filling the night air. “Y/N what are you doing here? It’s not safe…” “Exactly asshole, you need someone to watch your back here. I won’t let you turn this into a suicide mission”, you answered as a demo-dog entered your field of vision. Steve took its jump head-on, the baseball bat landing with a sickening crunch. “That was easier than I had…” another snarl interrupted his sentence as more beasts appeared out of the fog. “3’O clock! 3’O clock!” Lucas shouted and all Steve could do was utter a low “fuck”, as another beast jumped on you both. Snarling with razor sharp teeth, its face opened up in a macabre parody of a flower. Pushing Steve out of the way you swung the machete in an upward motion, slicing half of the petalled horror clean off.

You had known this Upside Down shit was no laughing matter when you encountered it last year while babysitting the boys. Keeping El a secret had been a bitch but you had managed, somehow. So the Party knew they could trust to be handy when things started getting strange again. You were no telekinetic Mage like El but you could slash your way through with a machete alright. It was no surprise really, when Dustin showed up at your house with Harrington no less (that pairing had been odd but who were you to judge), asking for your help regarding certain ‘pet’ problems. Turns out, pesky pets were actually demogorgon hounds masquerading as slugs. Code red could have justified one demo-dog, what you weren’t prepared for were a dozen more menaces appearing out of nowhere. “I thought you said there was only one!” you screamed as Steve rolled off the hood of a rusting car, kicking off another demo-dog. Too many. There were too many to hold off.

“Steve! Y/N! Abort! Abort! Abort!” Dustin shouted and you guys didn’t need more incentive to abandon a plan which had been foolhardy from the very beginning. The door was thrown open on your shouts and quickly slammed shut just as one of them lunged at the bus, crashing on the door and sliding down. A thrashing limb tried to get in and you heaved the machete, putting your strength behind the swing as you repeatedly clobbered it until it slinked right out. Steve readied his nail ridden bat and you huddled the kids behind you, switching the machete to your other hand. “You think they can bust through the door?” a loud thud echoed off the roof, answering your question. “Shit!” This was followed by a scream from Max the one closest to the ladder, when a demo-dog reared its ugly head through the roof. Steve pushed her towards you and landed a solid hit with the bat. But more kept coming, making him retreat towards you. He clutched your hand blindly, tightening his grip once he found it as if saying a silent goodbye and you started fearing the worst. You hoped you could at least shield the kids before they took you down, when the monsters suddenly withdrew. All of them.

With Harrington in the lead, you gingerly opened the door and stepped out to investigate. The coast seemed clear for the time being. “What happened? Lucas asked. “Steve scared’em off? Dustin sounded hopeful. “No. No way”, he replied, “They are going somewhere.” Steve pointedly stared in the distance before shaking his head and looking at you, checking for any signs of injuries. “You okay?” you gave a small nod. “You?” “Peachy”, he answered. Sighing in relief, you took a step towards him. His expression softened on seeing your approach and he was about to say something when you interrupted it by hitting him on the arm. “OW! What the…” Another hit, this time harder. “THAT HURTS!” “It was MEANT TO!” you screamed, huffing loudly at his stupidity.

Sighing, you said in a deathly calm voice, “You dare try another heroic stunt like that again Harrington and I won’t just use my fists next time”, you brandished the machete in his face. Steve put up his hands in surrender, nodding in awe. “She’s so cool!” Dustin exclaimed, earning a weird look from Lucas and Max. “Okay. What do we do next?” Lucas asked, finally letting go of Max’s hand. “We need to find out where they went. If they were called back, maybe we can find the source of it and come up with a plan on how to deal with them”, you replied, wiping the machete with your hand, trying to get the blood off. Steve stared at you for a bit longer than necessary, absentmindedly answering, “Yeah, yeah you’re right.”

You trudged up ahead with Max and Lucas as Steve and Dustin brought up the rear. Following the sounds that echoed off in the distance was your best bet. More like, your only lead. “Dude, did you see how she swung that machete at the demo-dog? That was pure art in motion!” Unknown to you Dustin raved on, repeating the same movements, swinging with an imaginary weapon albeit much more clumsily, stumbling in the process. “Watch your steps, Henderson.” Steve warned. But he couldn’t have agreed more as his gaze unwittingly watched your shadowy figure walk with an arm slung over Max and Lucas’ shoulders, the machete tucked at your waist, its blade glinting under your plaid shirt.

He had been expecting that darn monster to be sweepingly fast but he hadn’t been prepared to face a dozen salivating horrors. He would never admit it out loud but never had a woman looked more attractive than you swinging your machete to slice off inter-dimensional creatures. Dustin noticed his gaze on you and chuckled, “You getting sappy, Steve?” Snapping out of his daze, Steve replied, “Shut your trap, dipshit.”

He hadn’t expected to be attracted to someone so soon after what happened with Nancy. Let alone start falling so fast and so hard. It made him wonder whether what he had felt for her was love to begin with. It had been all fuzzy butterflies and tumultuous emotions with Nancy, more feelings than actual understanding. Whereas with you, he got a sense that everything was much more real, as if he could never be more grounded and aware than when he was with you. He had been swept away by Nancy’s perfection, failing to see the cracks that had developed in that facade over time. On the other hand, he was awed by your ability to transform imperfections. You owned them as if they were worthy laurels to be worn with a head held high.

But all this over thinking was in vain. There was nothing between you and him, he mused, and it never would be. Even though a part of him hoped otherwise. After all, you were Y/N L/N, a machete swinging, protective badass in plaid. You didn’t do sappy nonsense like romance. Right?

Steve couldn’t have been more wrong. You crouched in a corner of the Byers’ living room wondering what exactly you had gotten yourself into. Bob Newby’s death had come as a shock to all of you. You had interacted with him twice or thrice while babysitting Will and he was one of the nicest people you knew. Slightly weird but nice. You couldn’t come to terms with how someone so good could be with you one moment and gone the next. Your gaze slid over to Steve Harrington as he sat with the boys, a sombre silence blanketing the room. With his perfect hair, kind eyes and warm smiles that brightened even your sulky mood, that beautiful bastard had managed to worm his way into your heart. God! You had hated the way your stomach became all tingly when he had clutched your hand and hovered protectively in front of you, braving the onslaught of a dozen demo-dogs. Brave and stupid nonetheless, but it was the thought that counts, right?

You watched as Max sat next to you onto the floor. “Hey” you murmured. She had been taking all this surprisingly well considering she didn’t have as much time to adjust as you had. “Hey. You think this will work?” she gestured vaguely at the scattered papers on the table, ‘close gate’ scrawled across one of them. You merely shrugged, “It’s as good a plan as any. If there’s anyone who could beat that Mind Flayer, it would be El.” An awkward silence grew at the mention of Eleven. Not wanting it to continue, you asked, “You okay?” she muttered something under her breath. “What?” “I said, Eleven probably hates me.” You smiled at that and shook your head, “Nah, I doubt it.”

She furrowed her brows, “How can you be so sure?” “Well, for one, I literally had to keep these idiots out of danger last year”, you gestured to where Mike, Lucas and Dustin were sitting. “Also, think about it. She was the only girl among them and then she had to leave these dorks for the longest time, only to find you amongst them. Maybe all she’s feeling is insecure, worried that you will replace her.” “But I’m not even part of the party. Mike specifically said so”, she mumbled the last part. “Oh don’t take him to heart. He’s just been miserable without El, missing her for so long. He’s been in a crappy mood with every one of us.” You gave her hand a small squeeze, “They’ll be fine, trust me. Just give them time.” Max pondered over your words before giving you a toothy grin. “Thanks Y/N! Dustin was right, you are pretty cool.”

“Don’t you mean pretty and cool?” you looked up to see Steve hunching over you both, obviously having heard your conversation. “Was that a lame attempt at flirting, Harrington?” you smirked, though you had to admit you were pleased on the inside. “Really? Is that the best you can do, man? I thought you could do better than this!” Dustin complained from his place on the couch. Pink dusted Steve’s cheeks as he placed the dish cloth he had been holding on his shoulder. “Hey. Hey. Hey. Don’t sass me you little shits. Let’s clean up this mess. Better than sitting in one place and just waiting for them to come back.”

Everyone got up one by one, ready to clear up. Steve offered you a hand as you were about to get up and when you took it, a small smile bloomed on his face. “You are good with this,” he said, pulling you to your feet. “What do you mean?” his touch lingered on your hand as if not wanting to let go. Or was it just something you had imagined? “With Max. With the kids. You’re good with handling them, considering all this.” You found a smile tugging at your lips. Steve intertwined his fingers with yours and you found that you didn’t mind it at all. His smooth fingers filled the gaps between your calloused ones perfectly. “Yeah? You aren’t half bad, Harrington.” “Half bad?” he sounded affronted. “I’m a pretty damn good babysitter!!” Your laughter rang out through the room at that and unlike other girls (he had to admit you were unlike any other girl he had ever met), who giggled or gave high pitched squeals, this was a throaty laugh, rich in timbre and echoing from the heart. Steve found himself mesmerized by the sound. He wanted to hear more of it and above all, he wanted to be the reason for causing it.

“Okay, if you two love birds are done canoodling and giggling, can we do some actual work here? Steve, need your help with somethin’.” Steve reluctantly let go of your hand, cursing under his breath about burying Dustin with some unwanted demo-dog bodies.

You proceeded to clean up the shattered glass along with Max, noticing for the first time how restlessly Mike had been pacing the whole time. “Mike, would you just stop already?” Lucas tried to reason. “You weren’t there, okay Lucas? That lab is swarming with hundreds of those dogs!” Mike argued. “Demo-dogs!” Dustin corrected from the kitchen. “The chief said he’ll take care of it!” Lucas bit back, exasperated at Mike’s behaviour. Steve tried to simmer down the argument in his own misguided way, using ball game jargon. Mike was visibly irritated and voiced it out aloud, “Okay. First of all, this isn’t one of your stupid sports games and secondly, we aren’t even in the game. We are on the bench!” Steve sputtered out, “So- so my point…is…” you held your head in your hands, this was getting ridiculous. “Right, yeah, we are on the bench, so, uh, there’s nothing we can do.” He again placed the dish cloth on his shoulder.

“That’s not entirely true”, you looked at Dustin, intrigued as he spoke about how the demo-dogs had a hive mind, basically connected to the Mind Flayer and if they were called back, the lab would be obstruction free for Eleven to close the gate. “Yeah, and then we all die!” Steve exclaimed. “Well, that’s one way of looking at it.” Despite yourself you chuckled, earning a grin from Dustin and a glare from Steve. ‘Sorry’ you mouthed at him. Mike started off about distracting the dogs by setting the hub of the tunnel on fire and the rest of them were pumped about the idea, completely ignoring you and Steve. “Hey.” They ignore him again. “Hey! Hey!” This had gone on long enough. You gave out a shrill, piercing whistle calling their attention to you. Silence fell in the room and all pair of eyes were trained on you, “I believe Harrington wants to say something.”

“Thank you Y/N for that kindly interruption. This”, he pointed at them, “is not happening.” “But…” “No buts. We promised that we’d keep you shitheads safe, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing. We’re staying here. On the bench. And we’re waiting for the starting team to do their job. Does everybody understand? This isn’t a stupid sports game.” Steve paused. “I said does everybody understand? I need a yes.” “We should ask Y/N for her take on this. She can’t be agreeing with him” Dustin proposed, pointing at Steve as if he hadn’t said a single word. “Why are you even asking this? WE”, Steve waved a hand between you two, “are together on this!” “Oh shut it Harrington, we are asking for her opinion not your relationship status.” Steve sputtered incoherently at that. “Yeah, Y/N gets a say. She’s senior sitter, her vote carries more power than your’s.” Mike spoke up.

You had been listening to this exchange with mounting annoyance. “Hey shitheads, stop talking about me as if I’m not even here. And that includes you as well Harrington!” you pointed at him with a ticked off expression on your face. You continued, “They aren’t completely wrong…” “Please don’t be actually considering this…” Steve begged. “All I’m saying…” the sounds of an engine revving loudly interrupted you. Max scrambled to the window, fear evident on her face. “It’s my brother. He can’t know I’m here. He’ll kill me. He’ll kill us.” She looked at you and Steve, just as you both recognised the person to whom the car belonged to. Steve exclaimed, “You are Billy Hargrove’s sister?!” she nodded. You frowned as you motioned to follow him outside. “Y/N stay here.” “If you think I’ll let you go suicide squad again…” “They’ll need someone tough if things go wrong”, he jerked his heads towards the kids.

That was your first mistake. Letting him go out there alone to face that savage Neanderthal named Billy fucking Hargrove. You just wished that King Steve wouldn’t be dethroned by the new Keg King in a fist fight as well. You noticed too late that the kids were crowding in the window when they were supposed to hide. Suddenly they ducked. “Did he see us?” Dustin asked. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. This was turning into one hell of a night. You shuffled them into the kitchen and prepared yourself for what was about to come. The door was kicked open with force, as Billy strutted into the room. “Well, well, well. Y/N L/N and Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise.” He looked at you and then at Lucas behind you with a manic glint in his eyes.

“Hargrove, you need to leave this house. Now.” He merely laughed. “Step aside L/N this doesn’t concern you.” He merely laughed. “Step aside L/N this doesn’t concern you.” “Like hell it doesn’t. You stay away from my kids, you understand?” You kept a hand on your machete, prepared for the worst case scenario. He snorted, “Did you and Harrington decide to take the next step and start adopting kids? If so, leave that bitch alone. ‘Cause I ain’t leaving this house without my sister.” “And I ain’t leaving Max with an asshole of a brother.” That was your second mistake of the night. Your sass was going to get you killed one day. Well, who cares, Hargrove had it coming anyway. He laughed out loud as if you had cracked a really funny joke but the mirth didn’t reach his crazed eyes. With a shout he rushed towards you. You whipped out the machete and hit his head with its handle in a bid to throw him off course. The leather grip and your force dealt a sizeable welt to the side of his head. He grunted with the blow but took you down nonetheless. The machete slid out of your grip and fell too far from your reach. Well, shit.

The kids were shouting out loudly, telling him to leave you alone but all you could stare at were the eyes of Billy Hargrove as he grabbed your head and struck it against the floor. The pain thundered through your skull, dark spots danced across your vision and all sound turned into white noise. He didn’t give you a moment’s respite, grabbing you by the throat. You were hoisted momentarily in the air before being pushed against the wall. A groan escaped your lips when he choked you, “You should learn to keep that smart mouth of yours closed Y/N, never know who could rip it off.” You crumpled to the floor as he let you go and approached Lucas, slamming him into a wall cabinet with threats of dire consequences on his lips. Had it been somebody else they would have shit their pants. Not Lucas Sinclair. On being threatened, he kneed Billy in the groin. Despite being dazed and disoriented, you were a proud parent.

“You are so dead”, the mullet wearing bastard threatened him again before Steve interrupted his tirade, “No. You are.” You were thankful for that as he seemed to have an upper hand in beating Billy out of the house. That was until you saw Steve being clobbered on the head with a plate and subsequently pulverised to a bloody pulp. The white noise was slowly turning into a dull buzz as you stumbled to your feet and approached the pair. “Hey asshole, stay away from my guy!” Billy looked up in time to see your fist rushing to meet his face. Muttering profanities he grabbed you again and returned the favour. You could have dodged that punch, but all you did was smile at the pain, feeling the bruise already blossoming on your jaw. Confused at your reactions, he cursed as the needle pricked his neck. Max had needed a distraction to plunge the syringe, so you gave her one. You left her to threaten Billy with dire consequences, with liberal use of Steve’s bat of course. You crawled towards him, watching King Steve in all his glory, knocked out cold with a bloodied face. God, he had had the daylights punched out of him. Your head pounded and you had a feeling that you were no better than him, though minus a split lip and a slowly blackening eye.

You watched Billy promise Max to leave all of you alone and then slump into unconsciousness. They all looked at you as you chuckled, wondering if you had become deranged from his hits. “Did he knock something loose in your head?” Mike wondered out loud. “Nah, I was just thinking that I trained you kids well.” They all grinned at that. You managed to scrap together a few colourful band aids and carefully placed them on Steve’s injuries. That would have to do for the mean time.

Once you reached Billy’s car, you and Dustin somehow squashed Steve on the backseat. You were overcome by a wave of nausea and swayed on your feet. Most likely a concussion, you mused. “Max can you drive? If I attempt to do that in my state, I’ll probably ram it into a ditch.” That was how you found yourselves racing towards the hole Hopper had dug, Max swerving and accelerating at dangerous speeds.

Just as you started thinking that maybe this had been a bad idea, Steve groggily woke up. “Y/N?” he asked Dustin. “I’m here Steve.” He looked at you, before nuzzling into your side. “You look nice.” He felt your chuckle vibrate through his side, if he moved any further, he would be practically in your lap. “Speak for yourself Harrington.” A moment of silence passed before he asked, “Wait did you just call me Steve?” You turned your head to look out of the window, your cheeks flaming red. “What? No! I think you’re still too dazed to think straight.” “Wait, if you are sitting here. Then who’s driving?” His gaze shifted to Max and a chant of ‘Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!’ started. Frankly you don’t really know how you reached where you needed to be. Suffice to say, it involved a lot of shouting, a lot of cursing, one hyperventilating Steve and a smashed mail box. By the end of the ride, you and Steve were clutching each other for dear life.

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“I told you, zoomer.” Max said proudly, once you rushed out of the car never more grateful for solid ground. “Guys? Hey guys?” Steve shouted at the kids as they started taking out bandanas and goggles from the boot, ‘protection’ you had insisted would be required if you were to go through with this. You mumbled your thanks to Dustin as he handed you your pair. “Y/N you should be siding with me on this! We aren’t going down that hole! This ends now!” You stared at the ground for a moment before saying, “They are right, you know. I can’t sit there waiting for others to do things knowing I could have done something to help El and Hopper out. And anything goes, even crawling into a slime infested Upside Down tunnel trying to lure flesh eating demo-dogs if that means we can shut this shit down for good.” “You really have a way with words, you know?” Dustin said while giving Steve his protective gear, “Steve, you are upset. I get it. But the bottom line is a party member requires assistance, and it is our duty to provide that assistance. Now I know you promised Nance that you would keep us safe. So keep us safe.” He handed him his bat and your machete was thrust into your hands. Steve sighed and took his trusty bat after you gave him a nod.

Getting down the hole hadn’t been difficult. Once you landed, the sight that greeted you was hardly scenic. The floating dust particles, the slime lathered pulsing tunnel and the chilly air gave you eerie vibes. It seemed like a piece of hell had been recreated in Hawkins. “Holy shit”, Steve exclaimed. “Pretty cosy, right?” you replied sardonically as the party looked around. “Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s this way.” Mike shined the torch on the crude map of the tunnels you had drawn. You were glad that Steve stopped Mike and took the lead; these little shits could go running blindly into danger and not even know it. Bringing up the back, you swung the machete in your hand hoping that the demo-dogs would at least let you reach the hub and not make any surprise appearances. Getting there had been fairly incident free if you overlooked a minor hiccup (Dustin being spewed with otherworldly vomit could be considered that, in the grand scheme of things) and before you knew it, you were dousing the hub with all the inflammable liquid you could get your hands on from the Byers’ household.

With everyone calling out that they were ready, Steve took out the lighter and flung it into the darkness whilst muttering, “I’m in such deep shit.” For the rest of your life, you would remember how the small flame sailed through the air, almost in slow motion, before landing on the floor and lighting up the room like a bonfire taking to dry wood. Nothing could be more horrifyingly beautiful than an inferno of flames engulfing the slimy tendrils that started screeching on being burnt. “Go, go, go, go, go”, Steve yelled snapping you out of your daze when he pulled you together with him. You quickly ran ahead of the boys, taking the machete out of its place at your waist. Was this how Vikings felt when they launched surprise attacks on enemies? Well, they probably didn’t have someone like Steve Harrington shouting, ‘oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!’ throughout the escape but you wouldn’t have liked it any other way. The euphoria of having burnt an evil shadow monster’s lair pumped through your veins, the frigid air rushing past your party as you ran through the winding tunnels.

That was until Mike’s cries for help brought you to a screeching halt. You changed directions, running back to see him being dragged by the vines. Lucas, Dustin and Max reached him first and tried to pull him out of the vine’s clutches. “Stand back!” Steve swung the bat at it once, twice. You delivered the third blow, cutting it clean from his foot as the shrieking critter gave a few dying wails before flopping lifelessly. You were hoping that that would be the end of your problems. You should have known better. A hungry growl diverted your attention from checking if Mike was hurt and the hair on the back of your arms stood up. A demo-dog stood in front of you in all its slimy, many toothed glory. You made a move to go full Viking on it just as Dustin called out, “Dart?” This was the thing that had been mistaken for a pet?? You lowered the machete as Steve tried to pull him back but he just shushed you guys. You tried to call him back, “Trust me on this!” he replied and you lapsed into silence.

Your eyebrows rose up in disbelief as Dustin talked with the creature as if it were a beloved dog returning to its master. You were fairly sure your brows had disappeared into your hairline by the time he had managed to calm the demo-dog with nougat bars and waved you guys to move forward. This night was breaking all previous charts of trippy events but stranger things had been known to happen.

You swiftly moved on ahead but a loud rumble shook the ground, tripping you and the others. “What was that?” Max asked. “They are coming. Run. RUN!” Mike shouted from the rear. You all ran like your lives depended upon it as growls echoed deeply from the tunnels, sounding closer and closer as you approached the rope. “There! Let’s go. Go. Go. Go.” Steve steadied the dangling rope while you hoisted Max up and urged them to climb up ahead one by one. You were about to follow Dustin as he was helped up by Lucas and Mike when the growls echoed too closely for your comfort. “Shit” you muttered. Hordes of demo-dogs rounded the corner and filled the tunnel, piling over one another in their haste to reach you. It was too late, you could never make it out in time. This was the end, this was how you would die. At least you both had got all the kids out safely.

Your fist gripped the machete tightly, readying it for one last swing. Steve looked at you and gave a solemn nod. You held his gaze and a silent understanding passed between you. Whatever may happen, you would go down fighting. You saw the distance between them and you diminishing at an alarming rate. Running at you at full throttle, closing in on you, faster and faster….

And just continuing on as if you were invisible. Completely ignoring your presence, they roughly brushed past you, almost knocking you off balance. Did they not see that there were two prime steaks standing smack dab in their midst? Steve pulled you in his arms as the tide of demo-dogs made its way around you, disappearing around the corner heading god knew where. As you clutched onto him for dear life, your mind finally registered that you had nearly died just then. You stared at him, not comprehending that the ordeal was at long last over. He gazed right back, holding on equally tightly. As if letting you go would make the monsters come back. As if being nearly run down by literal hell hounds had finally opened his eyes and he was seeing you for the first time.

You gave a hysterical laugh and flung yourself into Steve as he buried his head in the crook of your neck, clutching your waist even more tightly than before. You both stayed like that for what seemed like eternity before being interrupted by Dustin. “Guys? Guys, I know it’s literally the end of the world but can you have your lovey-dovey moment after you are safe and out of that hell hole?” You sprang apart at that and let go of each other. Blushing the shade of ripe tomatoes, you climbed up the rope. Once you reached above ground, you slipped your hand into Steve’s, took off the bandana & goggles and gave him a dazzling smile. The headlights burnt bright like two miniature suns, signalling that El had managed to close the gate. He looked at you then, with the fading light reflecting off your sweat and grime stained face. You looked as bone tired as he felt, hair greasy and all over the place. There was a purplish bruise on your jaw that was darkening with every passing minute (Hargrove was going to be so dead once he was done with him). Nobody had looked more beautiful in his eyes.

In that moment, Steve Harrington thought that if the end of the world meant you would look at him with such adoring eyes, may be facing ravaging demo-dogs and enduring near death experiences wasn’t that bad of a deal after all.  

A/N: My first Steve Harrington imagine! Not exactly sure how this turned out. Please excuse any typos that may have crept in. I love Mom Steve, if you didn’t notice. I react to feedback the way Dart acts with Nougat. ❤
~mystical reading nerd.

The San Antonio Railway Ghost Children - Texas’ most famous ghost story, arguably, is that of the ghost children that supposedly haunt a San Antonio railway track. An intersection of roadway and rail road track, which is located near the San Juan Mission, is the scene of this mysterious tale. As the tale goes, in the 1930′s, a school bus filled with children stalled on the rail road track. Tragedy struck, when an oncoming train crashed into the bus, killing all of the children and bus driver. Legend says that any car that stops in the same area, will be pushed by unseen hands over the train track until they reach safety. People believe the ghosts of the children haunt the area to protect people from another misfortune like the one that cost them their lives. Many curious people have driven to the area in an attempt to see if the famous legend is true; there have even been numerous reports of tiny fingerprints being left imprinted on the car and claims of ghostly children’s voices and laughter being heard in the area.

Running (Steve Harrington)

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Word Count: 867

Warnings: None?

Request: No one, I write this because of my love for Stranger Things

 My requests are open!!! So send me stuff you would like me to write!!!!————————————————————————————————

 “You guys are unbelievable” you groaned lifting a piece of metal to board up the bus. Somehow your brother had manged to get caught up in the trouble with the upside down again, and was harboring a creature that ate your cat and wanted to eat you too.    

“You agreed to come Y/N” Steve smiled. 

“Only because I have to make sure the little dork doesn’t get himself killed” You jested, seeing a brown mop of hair that belongs only to your brother, pop up from behind a car. 

“Hey, I’m not dork” Dustin objected. 

You smiled at them and turned to continue your search for metal to secure the bus. Ever since Steve and Nancy broke up, he had been spending more time with Dustin. It was sweet and Dustin seemed to enjoy have someone else around. But for you, it made your heart ache every time you saw him, You used to think he was a jerk, but he was slowly becoming a sweetheart and he was growing on you. Sometimes he seemed like he felt the same way other times he acted like he didn’t care. You weren’t like Nancy or any of the other girls Steve had been with before, so it was probably all just in your head and he was just being nice.

Steve lifted the other end of the car hood that you were trying to lift by yourself. The daylight was beginning to fade and you knew night would bring trouble.  

“I can’t believe that Dustin kept a pet in our house that wanted to eat our faces, I thought we put this all behind us last year” you hesitated. 

“I’m- I mean we’re gonna fix it tonight, you won’t have to be afraid anymore Y/N” comforted Steve. 


You guys had the bus secure and were now waiting for the “Demodog” as your brother put it, to show up.You had the bait set up and it was covered with gasoline. After a while of waiting, you heard a low growling and Steve jumped to look out the window. 

“I’ve got eyes! 10 o'clock!” your brother’s friend Lucas yelled down from the top of the bus, where he sat with Max. You spot a shadowy figure of what looked to be a large dog through the fog. 

“What’s he doing, he’s not taking the bait” Steve whispered. He got up and walked down the aisle of the bus, grabbing his baseball bat on his way. 

“What are you doing” exclaimed you and Dustin. 

“Just get ready, okay?” He called throwing a lighter to Dustin. Steve opened to door to the bus and slowly crept across the junkyard, whistling as he went, to catch the attention of the Demodog. It noticed Steve and began to make its way toward him. Suddenly another one jumped onto a car beside him. 

“Steve watch out! 3 o’clock!” exclaimed Lucas. 

A third “dog” jumped onto another car. 

“Steve! Abort!” Your brother pushed past you, where you were stood frozen in place. Opening the door telling Steve to retreat. Realizing he was out numbered and didn’t stand a chance, he made a run for the bus. Rolling over cars and hitting Demodogs with his bat on the way. You had snapped out of your state and had begun to join the kids in screaming for Steve to run. Steve ran through the door, slamming it shut right behind him. A dog crashed into the bus right behind him. He pushed you and the kids back farther in the bus for safety. They had now surrounded you. One of them jumped through the opening in the top of the bus, it growling, eyeing up everyone. Steve swung his bat hitting it on its head. It charged at him knocking him onto a seat. You reached for Steve’s bat and began to hit whatever it came in contact with. Steve swung a large piece of metal and caused the Demodog to cry out. It turned to look at its friends outside before they all screeched and retreated back into the woods. 

“Are you okay Y/N?” worried Steve, grabbing your face, checking for injuries. You nodded and Dustin said that we should follow them. Steve pushed open the door in the bus and checked for danger. When the coast was clear, you began to follow them into the woods. 

“You know Y/N, what you did back there was pretty hot, the way you swung that bat” You giggled at him.

“No, but seriously Y/N you should have let me deal with it, you could have gotten hurt” Steve stopped walking and looked into your eyes. 

“I could say the same about you” He smiled. 

“Listen, I don’t know what I would do if you got hurt, I probably should have told you before now. I like you Y/N, hell I might even love you. No one has ever made me feel this way, not even Nancy. You’re always running through my mind” confessed Steve. 

You saw your brother and his friends stop walking. You stood on your tippy toes and placed your lips on Steve’s. You pulled away and giggled at Dustin’s horrified face. You looked at Steve and saw him smiling down at you. 

“you’re always running through my mind too”