If Indie Game Characters Were Gym Leaders

Another installment of ‘Gym Leaders’, this time I’m focusing on the Indie League, where non-triple A game character show their pokemon training skills!

Shovel Knight

Pokemon Typing: Steel & Rock
Pokemon: Steelix, Bastiodon, Excadrill
Badge: Shovelry Badge - for those who will go all the way in order to save their friends

Dustman (Dustforce DX)

Pokemon Typing: Ground & Flying
Pokemon: Sandslash, Gliscor, Pigeot
Badge: Dust Badge - for those who will ensure that their surroundings are pure and clean


Pokemon Typing: Fighting
Pokemon: Hawlucha, Hitmonchan, Heracross
Badge: Lucha Badge - for those who will go to land of the dead and back in order to save their loved ones

CommanderVideo (BIT.TRIP RUNNER)

Pokemon Typing: Normal & Electric
Pokemon: Porygon 2, Ditto, Rotom, Magnezone
Badge: Rhythm Badge - for those who will turn to their friends as there is strength in numbers

Green Knight (Castle Crashers)

Pokemon Typing: Poison & Steel
Pokemon: Seviper, Crobat, Doublade, Bisharp
Badge: Crasher Badge - for those who won’t let anything stand in their way of their goals

Tim (Braid)

Pokemon Typing: Psychic & Fairy
Pokemon: Musharna, Beheeyem, Mr. Mime, Gardevoir
Badge: Patience Badge - for those who understand that one must wait to truly understand

Captain Viridian (VVVVVV)

Pokemon Typing: Flying & Ghost
Pokemon: Noivern, Ledian, Drifblim, Haunter
Badge: Valiance Badge - for those who will venture into the unknown to find their friends


Quote (Cave Story)

Pokemon Typing: Dark & Flying
Pokemon: Honchkrow, Umbreon, Houndoom, Swoobat, Scrafty
Badge: Spur Badge - for those who are willing to uncover their past, no matter what they learn

The Kid (I Wanna Be The Guy)

Pokemon Typing:Various
Pokemon: Charizard, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Greninja
Badge: Precision Badge - for those who have the tenacity to risk life and limb for the success


Pokemon Typing: Water & Normal
Pokemon: Octillary, Tentacruel, Malamar, Castform, Huntail 
Badge: Concealment Badge - for those who are clearly a normal human being and NOT an octopus

Sir Dashforth (Foul Play)

Pokemon Typing: Fighting & Dark
Pokemon: Pangoro, Krookodile, Sawk, Blaziken, Primeape
Badge: Gentleman Badge - for those who have seen great danger and pass on the tales to others

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DIY Kitchen Decor with Simple Ways

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Are you one of those who like to spend time in the kitchen, it is a place where you just gathering with family and friends to have a good time? And also you love handmade detail and the world? Then do not miss these DIY Kitchen Decor with Simple Ways to refresh your kitchen in less than 30 minutes, they add personality and color. You will love! With this post I say goodbye until September, but I leave with a lot of work to do hilarious, happy holidays to all!

DIY kitchen decorating ideas

Whether you’re an expert handyman or you’ve never picked up a paintbrush, ideas that show you today are so simple and quick to make the most inexperienced can perform. For this you need very little equipment and utensils that everyone has at home. Go ahead and done any of these DIY projects.

In addition to this delicious list of DIY’s that I have prepared for you, do not forget to take a look at these links, DIY’s very Senility we have done in the blog and they are perfect to give life to your kitchen: stamping a bag for bread, customized kitchen jars or customize your glasses.

Some placemats and coasters with a touch neon

With a bit of rope, neon tape, a glue gun, a piece of felt and sewing needle can develop these lovely coasters, uses the colors that best fit with the decor of the room, leave the view to give life to your kitchen.

Although if you prefer, you can make yourself this another beautiful version of coasters I made a few months ago a very senility DIY also perform.

Your shopping list in endless paper roll

With just a roll of craft paper that comes wrapped in a cardboard tube, so you can move the rope, and some nails to attach the rope and hang it on the wall, we have this beautiful DIY.

Cups of coffee with a touch marble

To develop this game you will need a DIY coffee mug, nail varnish, of one color or more, yourself, old plastic bowl with warm water, a wooden stick. Strip the paint in the water, remove it to create marble effect and quickly plunges cup for the paint to adhere.

If you prefer to customize your cups with geometric patterns and add a Nordic touch to your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas then develop better test this lovely choice we made in my workshops:


Update your fridge these magnets with neon touches wood, wooden magnets need or otherwise magnets, and pieces of round wood, square or the shape that you like, silicone, acrylic paint, masking tape, foam brushes and spray varnish.

Diy kitchen makeover

Customize your wooden bowls and fruit bowls

To do buy acrylic paint, foam brushes, masking tape, wooden bowls and spray varnish. With the tape protects the areas not want to paint and make geometric shapes, so this signalizes areas will paint with a foam brush.

You can do it yourself or else you have time to buy in the online store or Wind and Willow Nicole Porter Home Design Find beautiful pieces as I show in this link.

Color your wooden spoons

Using the same technique we’ve seen in bowls before, you can decorate all your wooden kitchen utensils, like cutting table that we will see in the following DIY. Paint all those pieces that always want when you paint on an area that does not come into contact with food. Try to wash by hand without rubbing the paint too.

Vertical garden of aromatic herbs

It is all DIY the most complex and yet is very easy, we’ll use the same technique to paint bowls, and then will hold it with screws these flat flanges with metal holes which will hang the pots glass you previously pierced wood.

Hangers for dishcloths

Give color to your kitchen exposing your colorful dish towels, hang them with these fun tweezers. Paint them with chalk Paint or acrylic paint color you want, barnízalas with a matte spray, and silicone hit them a magnet to hang on the side of the refrigerator, or with extra strong adhesive double-sided tape to paste on the wall more you like.

Diy kitchen cabinet refacing

Decorate your stools

An original way to add freshness and life to your kitchen is decorating the legs or the top of your wooden stools to buy spray paint it in the colors that we like and masking tape to delineate areas to paint, to end after 20 minutes will add a layer of matte or glossy varnish Spray.

In this case the finished paint and varnish should be bright, the image that I show is Malmo stools Furniture Volume of the house, so if you do not fancy doing DIY can always buy.

Cotton napkins print color gradient

For this we need some white cotton napkins, a brush, textile paint, water and a bowl. All immersed in water and then drain napkins, which remain damp but not soggy. Each napkin placed on a flat surface it is fully deployed. In a bowl add a little water and textile paint and stir.

Then with a brush painting you see the fabric so that the paint is diluted to create a watercolor effect, fabric designs as you want. Once the napkin leaves dried in the sun, and once dry the iron and it is ready for use in the most beautiful summer table.

Degraded paper lantern

To do this you need a DIY paper lantern size and format you like, spray the desired color, light bulb, socket and cable. You must go superimposing layers of paint and work up gradually to create the gradient.

To do this properly covers an area with newspaper or plastic and hang the lantern so you can “sprayer” uniformly, once finished dried and mounted lamp with cable, the socket and bulb, is ready to be hanging. You will add a touch of color to your home in a very inexpensive way.

And the last we hope the post about DIY Kitchen Decor with Simple Ways will help you yo get awesome kitchen decoration ideas. See related post such as Wood Floors in Kitchen to Look More Elegant.