Sophie Ellis “Crashbangsquak” My Fiancée by Patrick Eggert
Via Flickr:
3 Years ago I met the girl of my dreams on Flickr and now we’re engaged. It’s been a long journey this far and honestly it has just begun. This photo was taken on a road trip back in September with my iPhone as we watched the sunset over Mount St. Helens. Moments like these are ones I will never forget and they wouldn’t have been possible if I had not started a 365 on this site. For this I will always be grateful. I dont post a lot of photos on Flickr much anymore, I feel like I have lost my nichè. But I would like to post again and I am toying with the idea of starting a project. Also if you have Instagram I post on that frequently and is my go to right now. I’d love to see you over there if you have Instagram too.