• (Widowmaker looks through her rifle sight)
  • Widowmaker: It’s, like, one of them drug dealer boats. Five guys on it. Headed our way.
  • (Fires rifle)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. Four guys on it.
  • (Fires rifle)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. They’re not headed our way anymore.
  • (Fires rifle, explosion heard in the distance)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. No boat.
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For the final episode of Physics, Shini shows us how the things we’ve learned can help us understand the universe.

Sick Scenario

I’m a massive fan of characters pushing through an illness. I want A being terribly sick but having to give a class presentation, and B can do nothing but sit and watch with bated breath while A grips the podium and struggles through the presentation.

Bonus: A makes it through, but as soon as they start back towards their seat, they stagger, and B is out of their seat and at A’s side in seconds.

i love how crash love is so heavily hated, but “it was mine” and “darling, i want to destroy you” are two very well written songs and two of the best imo that they have ever produced. elegantly composed, davey’s voice is crisp, all of the instruments sound great, and the lyrics have a lot of meaning behind them.

yeah, AFI doesn’t necessitate to the former 90s “punk” genre anymore. but please tell me when you heard another song or band that sounds like anything AFI has produced in the last eight years. i’ll wait.

i won’t wait for you another night, but i’ll wait.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if I could get some advice? One of my friends has a crush on me and we've talked about it to an extent (not much bc they were really uncomfortable but enough for them to know that nothing's changed) and I've been treating them the same as I usually do. The potential problem is that I'm very affectionate- I send friends compliments and tell them that I love them and hug them and cuddle them. I don't want to accidentally lead them on, but also don't want to treat them (1/2)

differently. I respect and love them a lot platonically, but at the same time I want to avoid hurting their feelings whether it be through making them think that they have a chance or through becoming more distant. They get really panicky over people leaving them, to the point of having a panic attack when I accidentally didn’t reply to a text for a day (and that’s happened with many other friends too). I wanted to know if you think that I’m leading them on, and what you think I should do? (2/2)

When it comes to leading people on, I believe it has 100% to do with intent.

Someone could feel another person is leading them on. They feel like the person owes them some reward for their actions. Most people classify this as “the friendzone” and blame the person for making them feel like there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, this is in no way your fault.

Now, if you were manipulating your friends feelings because you didn’t want them to leave you, I’d say stop. But from what I can read, you care deeply about your friend’s health, which makes me believe you are the protagonist to this story. 

If you force yourself to behave a certain way around someone, you’re going to end up in a hellish place. Take it from someone with social anxiety. I’m always afraid I’m going to offend someone, to the point where I’m afraid to sneeze because the world will think I’m disgusting and avoid me. Don’t do that to yourself.

Plus, it might make your friend feel as if they did something wrong. If they are as touchy with relationships as this ask makes me believe, it wouldn’t do them any favors to stop acting the way you do. It’s hard enough to admit your feelings. It’s harder when the bond you share drifts apart because of those feelings. 

So I wouldn’t worry much about changing yourself for your friend. Your friend is your friend because they like your you-ness. :)