A The Wicked + The Divine HoO au. Where our heroes are the reincarnations of their parents. Ho boy, if that was written by Kieron Gillen, our poor hearts. McKelvie’s art would be awesome, though.

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Felix can barely contain his fury at Coral’s stupidity. Hadn’t he warned her not to put any of the powder onto Angelina’s food?

Felix whispers angrily: Coral, you damn idiot. What have you done?

Coral cries: I…put the powder onto their food…like you told me too, Felix.

Felix: Lower your voice before Will hears! I told you to pour it onto Xavier and Will’s food, not Angelina’s!

Coral stutters: Are they…going to die, Felix?

Felix: No, you dimwit! It’s just a moderate opioid. It’s meant to cause a stupor. I wanted to use it on Will and Xavier to keep them drugged and away from me and Angelina- I mean the three of us. How much did you put in their food?

Coral: The whole tin, like you said-

Felix: Nooo, I said use a little bit! Now Xavier and Angelina probably won’t wake until morning. Will is most likely very suspicious, the man isn’t a fool!

Coral whispers: I’m sorry, Felix.

Felix: Oh, you will be very sorry if anything happens to Angelina, Coral. Very sorry! I will KILL you if anything happens to her! She’s my woman!

Coral looks at Felix in shock and fear.

My dear anon,

Let’s absolutely talk about the perfection of Yugyeom on Hit the Stage!! This is going to be a giant post, so I hope you’re prepared, but I can’t hold back! He was just so incredible and wonderful, and he really does deserve so much more credit than he receives for how amazing he is!

[GIF by got7ish]

His performance was SO good and I am so incredibly proud of him… even if he was so sexy and striking that I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! Where is the fluff-ball baby from debut era???

[GIF by defsoulfeels]

I mean, his facial expressions were just too good! And the dance itself was so amazing! Ahh, I’m still so blown away by the fact that he did all of that!!

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Will remains awake, while his best friend Xavier and his lover Angelina remain in the deepest of sleep. Felix had poured some of the brew down their throats, but he cautioned that it could take hours for the medicine in the tea to work. 

Coral waits until Felix is asleep, then quietly sits beside Will at the fire. She was terrified of Will, but she hoped if she told him the truth, he could protect them all from Felix.

Coral softly: Will, can I talk to you?

Will: No.

Coral: Please, Will. I’m scared. 

Will: Do I look like Xavier to you? Get out of my face.

Coral babbles: Will, it’s about Felix. He…he was the one who put the powder into their food. Well, not him, I did. But only because he told me to! And he said not to put it in Angelina’s but I did accidentally, and then he gave me the mushrooms-

Will interrupts: Talk like you have sense, Coral. I know it’s hard for you but try. What are you saying?

Coral tells Will about the mushrooms, and how Felix had offered them to her to make her feel better.  She tells him about Felix convincing her to put the mysterious powder onto Will and Xavier’s food, in the hopes of drugging them. 

Coral: He got so mad when he saw I put it in Angelina’s food! He says she’s his woman. I guess he doesn’t know about you and her…

Will thoughtfully: Coral, take me to the mushrooms in the morning. Before Felix wakes up. It’ll be a long while before Xavi and Angelina are up, if you put that much opioid on their food.

The next morning, as soon as the sun was up, Coral takes Will to the spot in the forest where the mushrooms grew. Will bends down to inspect them.


Days have passed and Coral has done her best to avoid Xavier in the hopes that keeping her distance would stop her feelings for him from growing stronger. Xavier has also kept his distance out of respect for her. But they both miss each other’s company and friendship.

 Coral comes across Xavier chiseling away at a rock and decides to approach him.

Coral softly: Hello.

Xavier: Hey, ladybug.

Coral: Whatcha doing?

Xavier: I don’t even know. I’m so bored. I thought I was going to try and make some tools or maybe a hunting weapon. But now that you’re talking to me again, I think I might just carve something pretty for you.

Coral steps closer to him, places her hands on his chest. She takes a deep breath, and blurts out her feelings.

Coral: Xavier…I’m falling in love with you.

Xavier softly: Coral, you’re not. You’re mistaking gratitude for love.

Coral insists: Xavier,  I know what I feel. I love you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I always want to be near you. I was hoping…that maybe…we can spend some time alone together. Like Will and Angelina do.

Xavier steps away from Coral. His heart was pounding but he didn’t want Coral to notice. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship or take advantage of Coral’s fragile state.

Xavier snaps: I think Will and Angelina are being stupid and irresponsible. Being alone with a woman is the last thing on my mind.  I don’t want to become a father while stranded on a deserted island or have a woman give birth in a cave. 

Coral angry: Fine, Xavier! I guess Will was right! You do pity me! You’re just pretending to care about me! I can take a hint. I won’t bother you anymore!

Xavier doesn’t stop her. It was better for Coral to be angry at him than for them to make a foolish mistake.

Questions and Writing Prompts for “The Great Crash Diet”

What do you like about this episode?

Is it one of your favorites? If so, why?

What is the green mush that Chet is cooking?

Chet says extract of alfalfa will prevent baldness, because he’s never seen a bald horse. Using the same Chet logic, explain why he believes they should take bee pollen?

What is vitamin X? Why does Chet think they need to take it?

When Cap gets electrocuted, Stoker takes his place in the field. Write the scene from Stoker’s perspective.

Why is Chet so eager to take this diet to extremes and insist that they all do the same?

When they attend to the heart case, Roy seems a bit impatient with the patient.  Is Roy just hungry or is something else going on with Roy?

At the beginning of the episode, Chet tells the guys about a fourteen course dinner he’d had the night before. Write a prequel to the episode about Chet’s dining experience.

These are just a few ideas. Post anything you’d like over the next two weeks using the tag #emergencytopfive