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Hey guys! I made a separate tumblr for my current comic project Crash'n'Burn, which is scheduled to be published end of this year at Tokyopop.

I will post work in progress, sketches, sample pages, doodles and music related stuff, as well as inspirations there. :}

As this is my main blog, I will probably post art here too, so I apologise in advance for annoying double-posts~ 

Feel free to send me questions too, I can answer a few things as long as I don’t give away the plot. ;D ♥



anonymous asked:

Can you tell a little bit more about Biscuit?

Biscuit used to be owned by one of Tyler’s neighbours, an 89 year old lady. She spoiled him and overfed him, and despite that, Biscuit would still waddle past Tyler’s window and beg for treats.

One day the old lady passed away, and Tyler found Biscuit outside at night, abandoned, hungry and unable to make his way back to the apartment (it was empty by now). Tyler decided to at least feed him, and took him in.

Originally he was going to give him away/back once Biscuit was better, but he grew on him and he never got around to it. (The old lady had no relatives he could contact)

External image

Despite his constant grumpy-face, Biscuit loves to cuddle. 


A bit of an insight into Liverpool’s accent. 0:

Both Tyler and Scott speak with a moderate accent which becomes thicker when they’re speaking to close friends/family. Kimi has only a hint of the accent and Kyle speaks accent-free. (He falls into Glaswegian accent when he speaks with his dad and Scottish relatives)

I really enjoy researching accents. :> A lot of them I find charming and fun to listen to. I myself have a West German accent when speaking German and Tokyo/Shizuoka prefecture hybrid when speaking Japanese. (And a weird mishmash of British English when speaking English. XD keeps startling people since they expect American I suppose!)

What about you?