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Tease (M)

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.1k 

Summary: His eyebrows furrowed as he took in your bare legs, before asking, “Baby, aren’t you cold? It’s freezing out.” His chocolate brown eyes widened immediately again as he saw you unbuttoning the sixth button on your coat and his eyebrows neatened themselves out when he noticed that you weren’t wearing anything underneath. 

» Song: Rihanna - Skin.

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 Author: exo-smut

Characters: Reader x Kyungsoo

Rating: NC-17, Mafia AU, daddy kink

Author Note: This is for the anon who requested for a daddy kyungsoo ;) plus he’s my ultimate bias and there’s not enough Mafia au of him that I can find so enjoy, and my requests are open, I’d like to see what you guys would like me to write.

“The taste of your lips I’m on a ride, you’re toxic I’m slipping under, taste of your poison paradise I’m addicted to you don’t you know that you’re toxic

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The Hammock

Summary: Your adventures with Jay Park and a Hammock

Originally posted by hpfanaticinfinity

‘Babe? Are you home?’ 

You’d been waiting for that voice all day. 

Ever since you’d woken up that morning to see that he wasn’t laid next to you in bed, having already got up, had a shower, and left for work, you’d been craving the sound of his scratchy, tenor pitch tone. When you’d rolled over to grab your phone from the dresser and checked it for messages, you’d found his usual morning greeting staring back at you; a selfie sent on snow, of him with puffed cheeks and widened eyes, today appearing to be a human peach, which was a great improvement on the day before when he’d scared you with a terrifying clown filter.

But after a day of hectic schedules and meetings that didn’t interest you in the slightest, yet demanded your presence, the sound of him kicking off his shoes and slipping into his monster foot slippers, humming as he drops his bag beside the entry way before making his way to raid the fridge, has you smiling happily as you’re pulled out of the reaches of sleep just as it was about to catch up to you.

‘I’m in the usual place.’ you call out tiredly, stretching your eyes wide to try and keep yourself awake as you feel yourself sinking into the cushion filled hammock Jay had set up in his snug a few months before. He’d used the excuse that you were ‘always falling asleep on him when he was trying to show you his music’ in order to construct the cozy, delightfully warm hanging, saying it was easier to just climb into it with you than to carry you back to bed after he’d finished his work. But more often than not, you’d found yourself making your way sleepily to the hammock in his snug instead of your own bedroom after a long day, enjoying how it felt like sleeping on clouds, and how, because he spent so much time there, the room smelt more like him than your actual bedroom, the scent comforting you as you’d fallen asleep.


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Behave Yourself, Santa

Summary: Dean looks hot dressed up as Santa Claus. Enough said.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 784

I wrote this for @winchester-writes SPN Christmas Song Challenge! 

“Ho, ho, ho…” You hear a deep sexy voice behind you.

You spin around to see your delicious husband dressed as Santa Claus standing directly in front of the fireplace.

The smirk on his beautiful face makes you instantly feel turned on. Even with the fake ass beard and bright red suit, he’s the hottest thing your eyes have ever seen.

“Hi Santa.” Innocently sucking on your candy cane, you witness Dean’s eyes travel down your body like he’s about to devour you.

“Looks like someone’s being a little naughty…” He stalks in your direction, seeing you seductively bite your lip makes a low growl rumble out of your husband’s chest.

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Forgive Me (Morgan x Reader)

Originally posted by jilybelly

Title: Forgive Me

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Request: Derek Morgan x READER they get into a fight and she cries because he said something hurtful and they make up with smut or fluff?

Triggers/Warnings: Smut

Words: 996

A/N:  Really glad someone requested a Derek one! Thank you so much for the requests! Keep em’ coming babes xoxo


Derek had been shuffling around the office all day, seeming in distress. He continued to mope at his desk, typing away at his computer. His eyes were glassy and blank, staring straight forward.

You noticed this and were immediately filled with concern. You had always kind of had a thing for Derek. His pet names for you, the way he smiled, his laugh, and, well, everything. He knew just how to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Sometimes, when you looked at him, everyone else disappeared and all you would see is him.

You stood up and walked towards JJ’s office, as she was the only female agent in your view. JJ was on the phone, smiling, while holding a picture of her beautiful baby Henry. You knocked twice on her open door, alerting her that you there. She glanced up and grinned at you, obviously in a good mood.

“I’ll see you tonight, okay. Okay. I love you too, Will,” she spoke calmly, with that same genuine smile plastered across her face. She hung up the phone, placing it back in its holder and focused on you.

“Hey Y/N,” JJ said bubbly. “What’s up?”

“Hey J, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything,” you said feeling a tad guilty.

JJ gave out a small giggle, “Oh no! I meant to get off the phone soon before Hotch came in, yelling at me.”

You chuckled in agreement before refocusing. “Hey is everything okay with Derek?” You tried to sound casual.

JJ cocked her head in confusion before peering out into the bullpen. “I dunno,” she replied. “Ask him!” she said perkily. She sprang up and moved towards the door. “I need more coffee!”

You smirked, it seemed like she had a little too much.

Biting down on your lower lip, you slowly make the trek to Derek’s desk. JJ was now out of sight, probably chatting up anyone who was by the coffee machine.

“Um, hey Der- uh Morgan,” you stammered, trying to sound professional, “everything okay?”

Derek didn’t even look up, his head resting in his right palm as his left hand continued to type.

“Yep Y/N.” he responded with no emotion.

“Are you sure? I mean if it’s something I can…” you tried to speak once again, but he cut you off.

“Why you all up in my business? Something you want? No? Then just get outta here.” He snapped, finally meeting your eyes. It was almost like there were flames in his pupils.

You bit down hard on your tongue, fighting back tears. Turning on your heel, you spun away and hurried towards the bathroom.

Flinging open the door, you sighed with relief to find it isolated. Your back slid down the closed door, until you plopped down onto the floor. You began to bury your quiet sobs into your jacket, tears soaking your sleeves.

A loud knocking boomed against the outside. You jumped up, confused as to why someone was knocking.  You wiped away the tears and straightened out your clothes. You quickly combed your fingers through your hair before cautiously opening the bathroom door.


He stood there, looking like a lost puppy. He swerved his head looking around for anyone around before pushing past you and locking the door shut.

“Derek, this is a WOMEN’S bathroom,” you growled, crossing your arms.

“Y/N,” he stepped towards you. “I don’t know why I acted like that, I’m just…I don’t know tired? Stressed, too. Hotch has been on my ass a lot lately.” He confessed.

You uncrossed your folded arms and stared back at him.

“I’m sorry babygirl,” he sighed, reaching over to you and tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear.

You gave a small smile. “It’s okay,” You said softly.

He stepped towards you again until there was practically no space between you.

“No. It’s not,” he answered.

Without giving you a chance to even think about what to say back, Derek cupped your face with both of his hands and softly pressed his lips against yours. You stood there frozen in shock, but couldn’t help yourself. You melted into to the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. It started off soft and sweet, but once you let Derek know you felt the same, he went deeper.

He licked your bottom lip, begging for entrance and you opened your mouth wider, gasping as his tongue slid in. His tongue collided with yours as he then pushed you up against the bathroom door, running his hands down your waist. He then gave you no warning, pushing his hand into your pants and began rubbing your core.

You let out a soft moan, but were silenced by Derek’s lips crashing into yours. You could feel him getting hard as his bulge pressed into your inner thigh. He slowly slipped two fingers into your pussy, pushing in and out rapidly. You groaned in pleasure and he smirked as his lips traveled down to your neck. He sucked harshly on your skin, leaving his mark on you.

You started to unzip his pants, feeling a rush of excitement flood through you, as he continued fingering you.

There was a huge BANG BANG BANG against the wooden door and you and Derek froze.

“HEY WHY IS THIS THING LOCKED,” Garcia’s voice sounded through.

Locking eyes, you and Derek quietly began snickering to yourselves.

He leaned over and bit your right earlobe hungrily.

“We’ll finish this later baby,” he whispered seductively.

You felt a chill run through your spine as you nodded in agreement, feeling even more excitement as your heart raced.                                                                                                        

Good Night (Spencer Reid fluff/smut-ish?)

IMPORTANT: Exam season starts tomorrow and I have been studying A LOT and I’m so tired all the time. For the next 9 days I probably won’t be posting as much (I will try) please don’t be mad,and when I’m done I will be doing requests and another part of Lie to me (until the next exam season starts again) …..and I need to update the masterlist god damn

another note:this is smut I wrote last year and my sorry for not posting as much gift *runs away crying with notes and books* 

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Number 1 on the OTP prompt with Jason please

Jaybird! <333

1: You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.


At this point everything was a mess. You and Jason were sure of that. This whole charade started when you made Jason pretend to be your boyfriend while your family were in town because they wouldn’t get off your back about it. This having to pretend to be in a relationship didn’t help the fact your neighbors thought you both were siblings.

…Don’t ask.

Though Jason started this game, you both knew that this pretend relationship was turning into something real. Jason began to give you sexual looks behind everyone’s back. You’d glance over and he was giving some kind of alluring glance.

You’d roll your eyes in response, but eventually began to play along. Though he began to step it up a notch recently. If no one was looking he’d grab your ass or whisper some filthy comment to you.

Though your neighbors were becoming suspicious. You’d grown close to a pair of girls that lived next door to you and Jason. They’d notice your blushing after he had done one of these things, or the glares you’d send at him.

But you didn’t know how to explain away the situation at hand.

It seems Jason had gotten fed up with the game of ‘chicken’ you had been playing. You were both in the elevator heading up to your apartment, when you decided to make your first comment in the game.

That must’ve sent him over the edge, because as soon as soon as the words left your lips, he had you pinned to the wall. Crashing his lips onto yours.

Feeling him smirk when you kissed back, “It’s about damn time” you muttered.

Though you both didn’t notice the elevator doors open. You both didn’t pull away until you heard a gasp.

Both looking to see your neighbors standing there.

“WE CAN EXPLAIN!” You yelped as Jason stepped away. Both of you flustered.

“You’re not siblings are you?”

“No, zero relation whatsoever” Jason shook his head. Both girls breathing a sigh of relief. 

“Why’d you both lie?”

You and Jason exchanged a look,

“It’s a long story that turned into sexual glances and now I think we’re dating.”


I loved writing this lol!

800 Milestone Drabbles

Detention ~ Fred Weasley imagine

if you please, with an imagine where the reader is a girl whose never had somebody who’d want to genuinely talk to her, but the strange pairing of her and Fred together in projects and whatnot is almost way too coincidental to go unnoticed So one day Snape has a potion project for them (doesn’t matter which, your pick haha) and they, of course, end up together. They work on it, she is not talking much, only the necessary talking, even tho Fred /is/ trying tot talk (like seriously this is a Weasley we’re talking about) and when they’re done, they just part ways and she goes to the Puffy common room and sits there and reads and bla bla But when they are to present the potion to Snape, it turns out Fred did something to it and IT BLOWS IN HIS FACE AND THEY GET DETENTION TOGETHER. You already can tell she is burning mad at him because she’s never had detention before. What happens in detention is up to you, but I’d love for it to end up fluffy.


“Okay, pass me the moonstone powder,” you requested, holding your hand out.

“What’s the magic word?” your potion’s partner, Fred Weasley, asked in a sing-song voice.

You glared at him. “Please?”

“There you go,” he winked, passing you 
the tube.

You took it out of his hand, not breaking eye contact. He put his hands up in defeat.

Professor Snape had place everyone in partners to create a draught of peace for a project, and, as always, you were put with Fred Weasley.

He was in most of your classes, and you thought it was strange how you were always partnered with him.

Not that you entirely minded.

He was very cute, you couldn’t deny that, but he was very mischievous, and you never got in trouble.

“So, (Y/N)-”

“Shh, Fred! We have to get the measurements right or this’ll put someone in a bloody coma,” you warned.

“Just trying to start conversation,” he answered.

A few moments of silence passed.

“Wait, you forgot to add this.” Fred poured in a mysterious powder.

“What was that?” You questioned.

“The-uh-powdered porcupine quills,” he stammered.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “I don’t think it’s supposed to be that color,” you said, looking in your potions textbook.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” he said, attempting to hide a smirk.


“Okay, let’s see how you’ve done,” Professor Snape said, walking towards you and Fred.

You lifted up the lid, but as soon as the top came off the cauldron, the potion blew up, leaving nothing but smoke.

Professor Snape scowled at you and Fred.

“Detention tonight for the both of you, and ten points will be taken from both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff,” he said angrily, moving onto the next pair of students.

“Oh my god…” You breathed, eyes completely wide.

“What?” Fred asked, looking over at you.

“I just got detention… I-I’ve never gotten detention, not once.” Your heart began pounding fast.

“Hey, it’s not that bad. Trust me, I’ve been detention many times,” he chuckled. You didn’t laugh.


Detention with Professor Snape seemed to last forever; he had made you both wipe down the tables of the classroom.

Suddenly, Professor McGonagall stepped into the room.

“Professor Snape, I need your assistance. There’s a student stuck in… Well… Just come with me, please,” she said frantically.

Snape put down his book, looked up at the clock, and sighed.

“Fine, you both stay here while I go tend to this,” he said, walking out of the room.

You put down your rag and took a seat, hiding your face in your hands.

“What’s wrong?” Fred asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m not speaking to you, Weasley,” you spat, keeping your face in your hands.

“What? Why?”

“Because, you’re the whole reason we’re in detention!”


“I’m pretty positive that it wasn’t porcupine quills you poured into the cauldron,” you growled, looking up at him.

He opened his mouth to speak, but stayed quiet.

“Yeah, I thought so,” you said quietly, putting your face back in your hands.

Fred pulled up a chair in front of you.

It was silent between the two of you for a few seconds.

“You know what’s weird?” Fred asked, breaking the silence.

“What?” You responded quietly, looking up at him.

“How we’re always partnered up in projects,” he answered. You let out a small laugh, making Fred grin.

“So, you do smile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile before,”

You shrugged, a tiny smirk still on your face.

“You should smile more; you’ve got a beautiful one,” he said softly, gazing into your eyes. Heat began rising up your cheeks and you quickly looked down again to hide them.

Fred slowly lifted your chin so that you were gazing back at him.

“(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?”


“Do you hate me?”

“Not at all,”

“Do you like me?”

“…In what way?”

He inched closer to you so that your faces were close together, making your heart pound.

“As in ‘more than just a project partner’,” Fred smirked, glancing down at your lips and back to your eyes.


“Well, I like you. Quite a lot, actually,” he said softly, his lips slightly brushing against yours.

“Show me, then.”

As soon as you finished your sentence, you felt Fred’s lips crash into yours. You could feel him smiling as you kissed. He wrapped his arms around your waist whilst you ran your fingers through his hair.

“Okay, as much as I love snogging you right now, we might wanna look busy so Snape doesn’t give us more detention,” you said once you pulled away, smiling up at Fred.

“Mmm, well, if detention with you involves more of this,” he placed a kiss on your neck.

“I wouldn’t mind much.”

~The End~
•Thank you for requesting!•


Word count: 653

 You are running through the compound to meet Four. It’s almost midnight and the halls are empty. There’s no need to hide anymore since Eric won’t bitch about it, but sneak out to spend the night with Four is something completely different.Even when it’s just a dinner. You’re just about to turn left when someone grabs your arm. You almost scream but you know who it is. He pulls his arms around your waist and leans closer.

 “Planning to go meet someone? ” He whispers and you can’t help but smile.

 “Busted.” You crash your lips into his, feeling the warm of his body against yours. But sadly, it ends too fast.

 “What?” You ask, seeing the worried expression on Four’s face.

 “We need to talk.”

 “About?” As always, you get irritated, an inherited characteristic of your beloved brother.

 “Eric, (Y/N).” Four takes your hand and leads you to an isolated hallway where he knows there are no cameras.

 “Are you worried about Eric? Well, he’s fine, actually. He’s still annoying me even though I’m done with initiation.” Sarcasm has always been your way out this kind of situations.

 “(Y/N), it’s not a joke. Things are getting serious now. The… whole Divergent thing.” He whispers.

 “He doesn’t need to know.”

 “Yes, he does.” Four takes a deep breath, taking both your hands in his.

 “You know I don’t like Eric, but you’re still the only family he has that is worth having. I need to know what to do if…”

 “If it comes to war.” You nervously toss your hair. The Divergent thing scares you more than almost anything.


 “What if he… starts to hunt me down?”

 “Eric wouldn’t kill you. You are his sister; it doesn’t matter what you are.”

 “And what…” You hear Eric’s voice coming from behind you. You jump a little and turn around. Eric stares at you with eyes of a killer. “…are you?” He asks, walking up to you and Four.

 “Nothing.” You say quickly.

 “When you told me you loved him, did I say anything?” Eric asks you.

 “Yes. We argued a lot, actually.” You try to ease the tension, but of course, Eric doesn’t budge.

 “Now you and I have secrets? How is this better than back at Erudite?”  Eric becomes angry and grabs your arm, taking you away from Four, who tries to help to say things you don’t understand.

 “Let me go! Or I’ll never tell you anything ever again!” You snap at your brother as you try to pull free from his tight grip.

 With one more push, you’re free.

 “Let’s talk in your apartment.” You mutter, taking Four’s hand to calm yourself down.

 When you get there, Eric doesn’t let you or your boyfriend sit or anything. He just stares at you, waiting.

 “Are you ready, brother?” Vainly, you try to get some time to think.

 “If this bastard got you pregnant, I’ll throw him…”

 “Eric, I’m not pregnant. I’m Divergent.” You say all of a sudden, just to get the blank look off of Eric’s face. You wait to see if you’ll need to fight or run or murder your own brother in order to survive. You would be glad if you stupid boyfriend would say anything to help you, but he remains silent by your side, still holding your hand tight.

 “I already knew it.” Eric simply says as he walks towards the kitchen. “I’m an ex-Erudite, I’m not stupid. I modified your test and everything else. You’re safe as long as you don’t make any stupid decision. As you should not as a former Erudite and Divergent.”

 “Ya know I love you, right, bro?” You run to the kitchen and hug him tight, relieved.

 “Yeah, I know. Now get your boyfriend out my apartment. ” He snaps.

 You and Four run out of Eric’s apartment, rushing to the Pit to dance a bit. You need to celebrate.


Author: Mikala

Characters: Scott Lang x Reader

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: Smut. But it’s like, really cute smut?

Author’s Note: I would like to offer this super adorable Scott fic as an apology for having to postpone our character takeover. It’s not really based on a song, but I was listening to a playlist of three Lifehouse songs on repeat while I wrote it (Hanging By A Moment, You and Me, and First Time), so the general feel of the fic and a few of the lines are kind of set to those songs. Feedback is always appreciated!

The slightest brush of lips against the back of your neck was what woke you. You kept your eyes closed and your breathing even, savoring the feeling of a strong pair of arms wrapped securely around your waist for a few moments, before you settled your body back even further into the warm embrace of the man lying behind you. He hummed lightly in response, pressing a kiss to the back of your head.

“Good morning, sweetheart” Scott whispered into your hair. You opened your eyes slowly, taking in the morning sunlight streaming through your bedroom window. Remembering that it was Sunday and the two of you didn’t have anywhere to be for the day, you smiled and stretched lethargically. You moved to face him, but stopped mid-roll when you got tangled in the covers and it prevented you from going any further. The two of you erupted into giggles, and Scott helped pull the blanket off of you, tossing it down towards the bottom of your bed. You nestled into him with your head tucked underneath his chin, your face snuggling into his chest while your fingers danced softly over the muscles in his stomach. One of his arms was underneath you, wrapped loosely around your shoulders, while the other came over to rest his hand on your hip. His bare skin was nearly hot to the touch, and he shuddered faintly when your fingertips reached the top hem of his boxers. You pulled your head back from his chest to look at him, smiling lazily.

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For the First Time - Barry Allen Smut

Prompt: None

Author’s Note: What a creative title, right? I decided to write some more in-character awkward, nerdy Barry Allen smut. Also, this is way longer than I thought it would be. Oops.

Warnings: NSFW

Summary: You and Barry have been dating for a while (you still don’t know he’s the Flash). You two are having a date night at your apartment! Fun stuff ensues!

Most people wouldn’t think take-out and Lord of the Ring movies would be much of a date. But for you and Barry, it was perfect. You two didn’t get very many nights together because it seemed like he was always busy so your impromptu dates were the standard. You two had been together for a while, but you had already spent the nights at each other’s places a few times. Mostly because one of you ended up falling asleep during the movie. Nothing had happened, although you two had talked about it. You had a few relationships before and had sex before so you were comfortable with it. Barry, on the other hand, was still a virgin. He had only had one relationship before, in high school, and they hadn’t gone farther than kissing. His girlfriend had wanted to go further, but he got really awkward and ended up leaving. But with you, it was something different. He wanted to go further with you but was scared of ruining it or not measuring up. Tonight was different though. He decided to make his move.

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anonymous asked:

“I did a pregnancy test.” With Dick

Awww! I love this request!


“I did a pregnancy test.”

Those words made Dick almost spit out his mouthful of cereal. “Y-you what? When did you expect?” Staring at you like a deer in headlights.

You sighed and sat beside him, “I’m late this month. Dick, I’m pregnant” A smile blooming on your face. “Y-you’re pregnant. I-I’m, I’m going to be a dad.”

“I’m going to be a dad!” He cheered before pulling you into a tight hug. He crashed his lips onto yours, feeling the wide smile on his lips.

When he pulled away he beamed down at you. Returning the smile you reached up and ran a hand through his hair. “I hope whether if it’s a boy or a girl they take after you.”

“I love you but I’m going to have to disagree” He chuckled, looking down at you.

“I love you too, and I can’t wait to have this family with you.” Grinning at him before he connected his lips to yours once more.

600 Milestone Sentence Starters (Closed!)

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cheating on suga with rapmon? :3

oh my gosh nooooooo Dx that would be so heart breaking! 

You sat on the couch of your living room, staring at the inactive television in front of you. It was almost two in the morning, and here you were, alone again, waiting for Yoongi to come home.

This was absolutely ridiculous. You two had been together for almost two years now, and he chose now to act absolutely senseless? He was never home anymore, and it bothered you to no end.

You pulled out your phone and dialed his number.

“Yoongi,” you said once he answered the phone. You could barely make out his voice with all of the commotion in the background.

“Yeah?” He yelled into the phone, his voice sounding thick with liquor.

“Where are you?”

“Out,” he replied. You could hear the chuckle of his friends behind him. You sighed.

“It’s almost two in the morning, and I’m really worried. Could you-”

“There’s nothing to be worried about,” he said.

“Please don’t cut me off, Yoongi. I was gonna ask if you could maybe come home. It’s too late for you to be out and drunk, anyway. You could get in trouble with the cops. Curfew is at three a.m.”

“That’s for people under eighteen,”

“That’s for anyone under the influence,” you corrected. He mumbled something away from the phone and turned back to the speaker.

“Well, then I’ll be home at three. Don’t wait up.”

Before you could reply, you heard the line on his end cut off. You sighed in frustration.

“Fucking idiot,” you groaned, putting your head in your hands. This was all so much. Yoongi was, without a doubt, the love of your life. You loved him more than you loved yourself, so why was he acting this way? Why was he literally avoiding you every chance he got?

It was hurting you in more ways than one. Did he not care anymore?

You sighed, picking up your car keys and your coat. You just couldn’t stay in this apartment with your head reeling the way that it was.


You didn’t know what brought you here, but you were absolutely petrified as you knocked on his door.

Maybe I’m not thinking clearly. I should turn around. You thought to yourself.

You knew your head was spinning and that you were anything but logical, and that whatever had brought you to Yoongi’s best friend’s house should also be your reason to turn around.

Before you could turn to leave, the door opened.

A tired Namjoon opened the door, rubbing his eye from slumber.

When he saw your red face, he immediately pulled your arm and took you into the apartment.

“Hey, hey, why are you crying? What’s wrong?” He asked, sitting you on his couch. You were crying? You hadn’t even realized it as you looked into his eyes. They displayed nothing but care and appreciation—something you hadn’t seen in Yoongi’s cold glare in months.

Once you cleared your throat, you spoke up and said, “I don’t think Yoongi loves me anymore.”

“What? Why?” He asked, his eyebrows knitting together.

Maybe he wasn’t aware of it, but the compassion for you that he was displaying made you want to cry even more.

“He’s out right now. He’s drunk and he’s avoiding me. This has happened so many times, Namjoon. Why is he acting like this? Has he told you anything?”

Namjoon shook his head. “He loves you. He’s just being a dumbass right now, don’t worry about it.”

“I just can’t think straight.” You sighed. He held your shoulders.

“Hey, look at me. You’re a beautiful girl, okay? If Yoongi’s out drinking and being stupid, let him learn from his mistakes. He’ll come around.”

“I hope so…thanks, Namjoon. I should go,” you said, standing from the couch. You headed for the front door as Namjoon prepared to walk you out.

“Take care of yourself, okay?” He said once you reached the door. You nodded as he pulled you into a hug.

He was so warm. All you could think about was how cold you’d been lately since Yoongi was never there to hold you anymore. You never wanted him to let you go.

With your mind completely numb, you kissed his jaw while still embraced in the hug.

You immediately felt your lips sting. He wrapped his arms around you tighter as you felt his breath pick up.

You didn’t know where the thought came from, but you wanted him, more than you’d ever wanted anything. Yoongi deserved it. After all of the shit he’s put you through, he deserved to feel the same pain.

You pulled away from the hug and crashed your lips onto Namjoon’s, feeling your body melt as you did.

A million tiny voices rang in the back of your head.


Don’t do this.

You love Yoongi.

You couldn’t listen to them…not now. You felt Namjoon push you against the wall as he kissed your lips. His kiss was hot and erotic; his tongue moved fluently against yours and his teeth nipped at your lip whenever you tried to take control of the kiss.

You moaned into his mouth as his hands pulled down your pajama pants and your underwear in one swift pull.

Before you could catch your breath, he was sending fiery hot kisses down your body until he was eyelevel with your hips.

You felt him start to lap at your entrance, and you thought you would die from pleasure.

It was such a foreign feeling. You felt so wrong, but so right.

Namjoon’s head bobbed against your stomach as he licked, nipped, and kissed your sensitive core. You leaned heavily against the wall as it hit you that you never wanted him to stop—ever. You wanted him to continue like this.

You pressed your hands into his hair as your core started to feel electrified. It was so much, and you still wanted more.

You wanted more of him. You wanted all of him.

“I can’t take it,” you panted out as Namjoon went faster. Your eyes were shut so tight that tears started to leak out of them.

This is what he deserves, you thought to yourself. This is what Yoongi deserves.

As his name popped up in your mind, so did his face.

At that moment, everything around you crashed.

“S-stop!” You groaned, pushing Namjoon’s shoulders as he detached his tongue from you. He could see it in your eyes immediately—the regret and the hatred for yourself that was building.

“________, listen to me-” he started, pulling up your sweatpants for you and trying to reach for you.

“What did I do…what the hell is wrong with me?” You screeched, feeling yourself start to cry. Before Namjoon could catch you, you ran out of the apartment, not from him but from yourself.


You didn’t sleep. You couldn’t. Not after what you did.

Your mind felt fried and your body felt dirty. The minute you stepped into your apartment, you ran into the tub and tried to scrub all remnants of Namjoon off of you, but you couldn’t. His scent lingered on your skin.

You sat on the couch, your eyes dry and your body shivering. How were you gonna tell him?

You heard the front door unlock and your heart almost stopped. You filled with fear.

He was gonna kill you. He was gonna kill Namjoon. You were absolutely petrified to know how he’d react…he would leave you for sure, and although he was being a complete asshole lately, you couldn’t lose Yoongi. You loved him.

“Hey,” he said once he saw you sitting on the couch. “I told you not to wait up.”

It was roughly five in the morning as he came in. When he realized how dark it was, he turned on the living room light. That’s when he saw the color drained from your face.

“B-baby, look at me,” he said, going up to you instantly and patting your face. “What’s wrong? You’re so cold, why are you so cold?” He panicked, rubbing your hands in between his to heat them up.

You were frozen, figuratively and literally. You didn’t want to move, and you couldn’t. You were too disgusted with yourself.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Talk to me.” When you didn’t reply, he kissed your lips. “Look, I know I’ve been stupid, but you’re really scaring me. I haven’t been appreciating you, I get that. I promise I’ll stay home. I’ll stop going out so much and I’ll stop drinking, just please. Answer me, baby. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Y-Yoongi,” you breathed. The minute you said his name, you started to cry. He hugged you.

“I’m here. What’s wrong, baby? What happened?”

You felt your heart start to patter against your chest. This was the Yoongi you knew. This was the Yoongi you loved.

This was the Yoongi you cheated on.

This was the love of your life, the one person who knew you better than you knew yourself, and the one person who knew how to make you laugh and make you cry in a heartbeat.

This was your other half, and he deserved to know.

You sighed as you lips started to quiver.

“I have to tell you something…”

I made this one really long, but I just couldn’t write how Yoongi would react…I would probably cry. Thanks so much for submitting! I hope you liked it! 

Today’s project:

Baking a cake.

Because I want to turn something blue.

Political and Compassion Fatigue - Self-Care in Troubling Times

Managing stress and flare-ups is a regular challenge for any person experiencing fibromyalgia. In recent times, however, it’s hard not to get emotionally invested in our sociopolitical climate, and these heightened tensions can wreak havoc on our systems. A brilliant commentator put it so well: “Being woke shouldn’t mean your spirit’s broke”. Now is the time when demonstrating the principles of self-care is seriously important - when attending to your own function means you’ll be that much better equipped to offer yourself to your community.

  1. Take a rest from social media - or at least feel okay with disengaging for a while. You’re allowed. It becomes a psychological trap and that is like a tornado tearing through our well-being, with obvious repercussions on your chronic illness.
  2. The same goes to news outlets - the world will continue to spin without you constantly observing it. You will still be doing humanity great service by looking after yourself and taking time to recover. The toxicity of being exposed to those triggers over and over throws your immune system out of whack and promotes chronic stress, and we know what a clusterfuck of a state that is. Not only that, but compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are legitimate, serious, damaging things.
  3. Recognise the signs of burnout, which include: Increasing apathy towards other areas of your life (a defense mechanism against anger), cynicism, deeper fatigue than normal, feeling overwhelmed, hypervigilance, depression, triggering reactivations of your own mental health issues, and a sense that nothing you do is making a difference. These are warning signs that you’re about to crash. Hard.
  4. Share your feelings with others - this is a safe way to vent so long as the motivation is to release, not burden or attack.
  5. Spend more time with people and things that ground and settle you. Be with your loved ones, get stuck into your crafts, sleep your precious sleep, nourish yourself - do whatever you need to do to start bringing yourself back down to your baseline.
  6. Remain aware of your own needs and put them #1 on the list. First off, no one else will, so you’ve got to be your own most passionate advocate before you can even consider being that for anyone else. Secondly, you’re going to be most effective and kind for yourself if you come from a place of balance. Make looking after yourself a routine, not just something you do after the damage has been done.
  7. Give yourself permission to say no. This is just a really good rule for managing your fibromyalgia all-round.
  8. Ask for help when you need it.
Primal Kisses (M)

►Character: Got7′s Yugyeom || You

►Summary: Werewolves are possessive, especially with their mate

►Genre: Smut; Wolf!au; Wolf!Got7

►Word Count: 2, 442

This is a sequel to Fluttery Touches. Can be read as a standalone. 

© to picture owner

You never thought werewolves could be so possessive but it was proven to be the truth after all. Yugyeom’s arms were securely wrapped around your waist since you’ve arrive to this mall. He insisted on coming with you when you announced that you’re doing some shopping. When both of you were out of the car, his hands never left your body. Sometimes just lazily circling your waist while you’re choosing clothes and other times they would always interlock with your delicate fingers. Even a few pecks here and there, not as if you’re complaining. Maybe it’s because of the mating season. It’s been a week since the mating season started and since the first time he had fully claimed you as his mate. You’re still blushing at the thought. At the thought of what he did to you every night after, even sometimes the morning after. You captured your lower lips between your teeth, glancing at Yugyeom who didn’t even notice anything. When you were finished, he dragged you to the nearest cafe for some snacks before going home. You eagerly waited in the line with Yugyeom beside you who was grinning at how you were bouncing on your heels with excitement. When it was your turn, the cashier was smiling brightly at you, as if not seeing Yugyeom next to you. Yugyeom frowned, feeling uneasiness in his stomach. “Welcome miss, may I have your order?” Unknowing the cashier’s intention on you, you ordered caramel latte with a black forest cheesecake. “Caramel latte for the beautiful lady.” Yugyeom felt a pang in his chest. The boy turned towards Yugyeom with bored eyes and a forced smile. “And you sir?” Yugyeom gritted his teeth before spitting his order to the cocky boy. His heart was burning when the cashier shamelessly threw a wink at you as you only smiled awkwardly at him. You glanced at Yugyeom who was glaring holes into the boy’s head. You quietly wrapped your arm around Yugyeom’s waist to cool him down. He tensed under your touch before you hurriedly dragged him to one of the seats. “He’s still staring at you.” Yugyeom’s eyes never left the counter. You grabbed on his hands to bring his attention to you but failed. “Yeom-ah..” Even his nickname didn’t work. “Should I rip his head off or slowly torture him first.” You sighed before grabbing his chin to make him face you and pecking his lips. He relaxed a bit, making you smiled.

“Just ignore him, he’s not worth it.” He was about to reply you when the buzzer vibrated on the table. Yugyeom snatched it quickly. “I’ll get it. You go wait in the car.” You were about to protest when Yugyeom gave you the look. The one that said you’re in great danger. Swallowing you obeyed with a small nod. Walking out of the cafe to his car was the longest walk ever. Once you reached the car parked near the cafe, Yugyeom also reached on the other side of the car taken you aback. ‘That was fast.’ You slide in the passenger seat as Yugyeom put the coffee in their place and your cake at the backseat. His jaw was clenched. You could only hope that the boy was okay. He drove away silently; you too sat silently since you don’t want to get on his bad side. His brows were carved in a frown as he set his glare straight on the road ahead. You’ve never seen him like this before since he had been behaving rather good for the past days. However, today the boy just ticked him off. You jumped when you felt his calloused fingers on your knee. “You enjoyed his attention, didn’t you?” You blinked at him. “What?” You were totally stunned by his question. “I was just being nice.” He scoffed. Your breath hitched when he glanced at you. His eyes were dark. His fingers crawled underneath you skirt. “It seems like I have to make sure you know who do you belong to again, hmm?” His voice dropped making you inhale sharply. You flinched when he grasped your thigh, a silent command for you to spread them for him. Silently you obeyed him, as his fingers found their destination. He presses against the thin material of your panties making you gasp. You gripped on his forearm, feeling his thick muscle flex as they work his fingers on your clit.

Heat started to pool in your lower region. You looked up at him to find that he was drinking in every of your expression upon his little demonstration underneath your skirt. You leaned your head on the headrest as you stare back at him with your hooded eyes and parted lips. “Yugyeom…” He growled through his gritted teeth when you whimpered his name. You’ve hit a button. He took a sharp turn before parking in front of his house. You whined when he pulled his hands out of your skirt. He got off the car before stalking towards your side making you quickly unbuckle your seatbelt. Yugyeom yanked the door open before dragging you out and slammed the door closed. Your steps turn into a jog to keep up with him but you dare not to complain. He punched in the passcode, making the door ding before he pushed them open and dragged you inside. He let you go only to shrug his jacket off. “You better move fast if you want to be fucked in the bed.” You heart was beating fast by now as you turned away from him before kicking your shoes off. The chase only excited the wolf within Yugyeom. He smirked as he watched your figure disappear behind the door of his bedroom. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks before unlatching his watch to toss them on the sofa; taking his sweet time. He could smell your arousal in the air that made his mouth water. With a growl, he stalked towards his bedroom, managed to pull off his shirt and tossed it aside. This is why Yugyeom hates to go out of the house during the mating season. He would always be in need to feel your heat around him even in daylight, and the little incident earlier doesn’t help at all. The sight of your skirt and blouse scattered on the floor greeted him. He pushed the door wider to find you standing by his bed. Your hooded eyes were staring at him, full of lust as your natural pout stuck between your teeth; your hair was in a ruffled state making his fingers ache to run through them. He reached forward to capture you in his arms before crashing his lips onto yours, feeling your soft pairs smacked against his, a bit parted due to a surprised gasp.

Your arms naturally found their way around his neck, fingers lacing through his thick mane tugging at the root of it. Yugyeom broke away from your lips making you whine. “Get on the bed.” Yugyeom rasped into your ear sending a shiver down your spine as you quickly comply. Sitting on top of the bed, you bit your lips as you scooted backward with Yugyeom’s stature looming above you. He look as feral as the wolf blood that ran through his veins, his ripped arms tense as they supported his weight on the mattress; on either side of your legs, his dark eyes gleamed with lust, raking through your trembling body. You swallowed when he released a deep throaty growl reminding you that he is not human, he could literally crush you to pieces if he wanted to but right now, all he ever wanted to do was leave a few of his marks all over your milky skin, so that every eye that landed on you knew that you are his. His mate and only his. Yugyeom’s fingers circled the crook of your knees before pulling you down making you lay flat on the mattress. His lips latched on a patch of skin on your neck that he knew so well, where he could draw out a wanton sigh from you and he succeed. Your back curved away from the mattress to allow him some more space for him to brand. You knew his purpose as choosing an obvious to eyes place to leave his mark. All of this is because of the little incident earlier. Heat started to pool between your thighs when the thought of not being able to walk properly after he had finished you filled your mind, sending a ripple of shiver ran down your spine. By the time Yugyeom had finished with his branding your skin, your breathing had turn to panting, gasping for air as your fingers gripped his scalp. Yugyeom reached around your back to unhook your bra, fumbling with it a bit before throwing the lace somewhere in the room. Your erected nipples greeted the cold air making you sigh but not so long before Yugyeom clamped his lips around one of them, nibbling and sucking. The sound resonated across the room along with your whimpers and whines, he swirled your hardened nub with his tongue before releasing it, moving to the next nipple to repeat the action. His hand spread across the curve of your back, supporting your body as the other one anchored on the flesh of your ass.

Hooking one finger on the band of your panties, he pulled it down, almost ripping it off. Your eyes were fluttered close with your arms on either side of your head, your lips heaved hot breathes that were laced with his name making Yugyeom twitched in his too tight pants. Reaching over the nightstand, Yugyeom fished out a leather bind from the drawer without you knowing. He grasped both of your wrist before pulling them up above your head before binding them together. Your eyes flew open upon feeling the leather dug into your skin, Yugyeom sat back to drink in the view before him. With a smirk, he skimmed your bare body with his dark eyes before meeting your confused pairs. His finger fell on your quivering thigh, growling as he sniffed the air that was thick with your arousal. His wolf was howling deep inside, roaring for him to ravish you until the only thing that filled your mind was his name. Slipping his fingers swiftly between you thigh, he dipped one finger only to see how wet you are and he wasn’t disappointed. You were dripping wet, your back curved slightly as you whimpered due to the intrusion deep inside your wet channel. With a smirk, he pulled out before getting off the bed making you whine at the loss of his body heat from yours, clamping you thighs together to relieve the ache in between them. You could feel your inner thighs were slicked with your leaking juice. Your eyes fixed on Yugyeom’s figure who was looming over the feet of the bed, unbuckling his pants and pull it down along with his boxer that strained his shaft. Once he had freed his erection that stood proud against his lower stomach, you swallowed. You could feel your core aching to feel his thick shaft stretching you again, filling you up with every inch and fill you to the brink but Yugyeom was not going to be easy tonight. He wedged himself in between your legs once again, positioning himself against your slick entrance before thrusting in with one fluid motion. You cried out his name, your back arched with your fingers fisted in the bind above your head.

Yugyeom adjusted his position, wrapping your legs around his waist making your hip lift up before leaning down to grip on your bound hands. You mewled when the new position making him sinking into you deeper, with your arched back that made your nipples jutted out seeking for attention. Your eyes flutter shut as you wait. After a while, Yugyeom was still pausing deep inside of you making you whine and buck your hip. He just smirked, watching your eyebrows knitted together with frustration. “Yugyeom…” He tsked, making you go quiet. “Say kitten, what do you want?” You whimpered. “Please Yugyeom move…” He took a deep breath before rocking his hip a bit making you whimper again. “As your wish.” He pulled back, almost completely out of you before swiftly thrusting back in, slamming his hip against yours. Repeating the action, he set a quick and rough pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the room. You moaned with every thrust, feeling the familiar feeling coil inside of you before Yugyeom stopped completely making you cry in protest. “Kitten, tell me who do you belong to if you want to cum. Tell me who made you feel this good. Is it that boy in the cafe earlier? Does he made you this wet?” You cried out, rocking your hip against him that was once again closely pressed against yours. “Tell me, sweetheart. Scream my name loud and clear. Who do you belong to?” He growled, his fingers tightly clasping your bound hands with his erection lodged deep inside of you. “I belong to you, Yugyeom. I’m all yours and yours only, please…” He groaned at the sight of you begging for him, letting the beast took over, pounding into you with his fingers latched onto your hip that gonna bruised in the next morning. You moaned as his pace started to turn sloppy, signalling that he was nearing his climax. The building tension in your lower stomach coiled tighter as you whimpered his name. “Cum sweetheart, cum for me.” With that, you cried out his name with your back arched, toes curling and fingers digging into your palm. Your juice dripped as it coated Yugyeom’s length pounding into you before he froze deep inside of you, spilling his seed inside with a deep groan. He bowed down to lean his sweaty forehead against yours, his hot breath clashing with yours as he collapsed on top of you before undoing the leather that bound your wrists..

Once his breathing had turn normal, he pulled out of you making both of you groan in distaste. He lied down beside if you, dragging you along making you chuckle. His arms wrapped tightly around you, both if you fell silent to savour the feel of being in each other arms. “I’m sorry about earlier.” He groaned. “Don’t even mention it anymore. It only made me angrier.” This time, it’s your turn to smirk. “Maybe you should get angry more often. Just saying.”