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700 Puffles

Ok, so, when I was a kid, I used to get up to a lot of dumb shenanigans on Club Penguin. I think this was around third or fourth grade; I did a lot of trolly things then. Some of the bans and glitches they had to fix around that time period were because of me and some of my online friends at the time.

We figured out pretty quickly that most of the like, your base-level curse words, y'know the amateur curse words, they’re all BANNED. So we started coming up with more and more inventive ways to express our feelings to the public, so that’s why every once in a while they would roll out an update, and it’s like, “the term ‘bitchbaby’ is now banned”.

And um, what else did I do?

Oh right, so do you know how they had those expansion areas every once in a while? And there would be those little zones and each zone had the same default shop that they copy-and-pasted over.

But there was this one expansion area… it was a cave or mine shaft or something like that. The default shop that they had there, it was Real Glitchy. So I figured out that if you buy seven puffles it gives you some ridiculous number for the price of TWO. So what I did:

I BOUGHT 700 PUFFLES…. And then I gifted them to the other person in the shop whose name I didn’t know and then I waited. And then I forgot about that for, quite a while, and then some time a week later I got a very angry email from said person, with a screenshot of their home, which was floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, just. Fur. And googly eyes. Like you could see nothing else, it was just puffle everywhere. They were rendering in and out of walls, like some of them were just plain feet, it was – it was an abomination.

And apparently once I read the email their main complaint? Not even the fact that I ruined their fucking household! It was the fact that when they opened the client and saw that, it CRASHED. Their Club Penguin client crashed, and when they opened their house and it loaded and there were seven hundred puffles.

I don’t know if you guys know this but puffles, as cute as they look (at least to some people), the sounds they make are not quite as cute. Especially when there’s seven hundred of them layered on top of each other, rendering in and out of walls emitting a sound collectively scary enough to get Lucifer to piss himself.

And yeah. That’s the story of why there’s a limit of 50 puffles that you can buy.

Punk (Chap. 9)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3423

Warnings: Language, mission/war related violence and gore, shooting, enemy deaths, i think that’s all…*shrugs*

A/N: Chap.9  finally, I know!  This is a it of an information dump/setting the rest of the story arc up chapter.  I tried to dial down the angst since you lovies all told me how you cried on the last chapter :( and put some action and humour in instead.  I hope you like this one and I CAN’T WAIT to give you guys chapter 10 in a few days so please stick around through this one!  it’s worth the wait!

**I’m actually legit terrified that i peaked with the last chapter and nothing will ever be as good, especially this chapter, but i hope to give you guys a good story for the rest of the series.

Feedback fuels my life btw….and the picture is from google…i searched for beautiful things… ;]

“Kiddo, wake up we gotta go.”

Clint’s rough, scratchy voice woke you from an uneasy sleep.  Your head was pounding and your eyes felt sticky, as if they’d been glued together in the night.  “Mmm, wha—w’as happ’nin’?” you mumbled, rubbing a hand down your face. 

“Problem in Brooklyn, we gotta go.  Get dressed,” Clint replied.  He smacked your leg and the bed bounced as he got up and walked towards the closet.

“What about the desert? Nebraska?”

“New Mexico,” Clint clarified with a snort. “There’s no desert in Nebraska. Remind me to get you a map for your birthday.  Now, get—up.” He ripped the blanket away from you, causing you to squeal as cold air rushed over your legs.

“Gah!  I’m up! I’m up!”  You jolted upwards and scrambled out from the bed.  

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Young ≠ Broke

Stop thinking because a man is young he is broke. This is why yall end up in arrangements with old and unattractive men (some older men can be attractive). Get your ass off SA and go freestyle. Stop going to dive bars with your broke ass friends, go to more upscale clubs where the trust fund boys party who just want to blow their trust fund and crash their dads’ car. The club scene isn’t for you? Fine bitch, stop blowing your money on Chic-Fil-a and go to a fucking restaurant (at least 3 stars)! Don’t know the local upscale restaurants, download Yelp! or better yet just fucking ask! If you are scared to ask where a restaurant is, unfollow me cause sugaring is not for you. These men may not be extremely young (early 20′s), but you can obviously see if they are extremely old. In college? Shop for all the basics in the cheap grocery store close to your school. However, the ice cream that you love so much, dress up and go to a more expensive store for that pint. Somewhere along the line, babies have created a mental image of, the only men qualified enough to be SD’s are old as white men. Wrong! 

You have entrepreneurs, more than ever before. Young ass investors, bankers, lawyers, app developers, trust fund kids, heirs, and so much more. All you have to do is take the time to assess whether he is SD or Gift Daddy material. Don’t let him say, “I'm a lawyer.” Then you start jumping out your draws, bitch make sure he actually has the coin (and is willing to give). Stop trapping yourself with these old ass white men, who are typically conservative, racist, weird fetishes, smelly, stingy as hell with your allowance, and emotionally abusive. 

january lookbook #02

eyes - hair - bangs - glasses - choker - shirt 

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Me: Oh good, Choices won’t load for me. I can make this into a positive, and I’ll be able to focus more on my actual real world responsibilities. Also, save money on diamonds!

Also Me: -downloads LoveStruck- Oh look a fantasy love story with a knight and elves and magic! Oh wow, a sci-fi romance? A romance where Greek mythology is alive?!?

🎈 Party Meme for muse 🎈

🎊 - Has your muse ever hosted a party?

💃 - Do they have a party preference?

🎉 - Wildest thing they done at a party?

🤢 - Have they ever gotten ill during a party?

😨 - A time a party didn’t go well?

🎭 - Have they ever been to a ball or a masquerade?

🎤 - Have they ever performed at a party?

😒 - The kind of party they would absolutely never go to?

😠 - A kind of party they despise?

💣 - Has your muse ever crashed a party?

🌠 - A kind party your muse wants to go to?

Venomous Anonymous

Bane crashed my AA club meeting last night. Not literally, thank Superman, he just sat in the circle and talked about his experiences with venom and the junkies under his command. I had no idea he was so well spoken. #HeEvenBroughtSnacks #BestChurrosIveEverHad #IWonderIfHellPartWithTheRecipe