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700 Puffles

Ok, so, when I was a kid, I used to get up to a lot of dumb shenanigans on Club Penguin. I think this was around third or fourth grade; I did a lot of trolly things then. Some of the bans and glitches they had to fix around that time period were because of me and some of my online friends at the time.

We figured out pretty quickly that most of the like, your base-level curse words, y'know the amateur curse words, they’re all BANNED. So we started coming up with more and more inventive ways to express our feelings to the public, so that’s why every once in a while they would roll out an update, and it’s like, “the term ‘bitchbaby’ is now banned”.

And um, what else did I do?

Oh right, so do you know how they had those expansion areas every once in a while? And there would be those little zones and each zone had the same default shop that they copy-and-pasted over.

But there was this one expansion area… it was a cave or mine shaft or something like that. The default shop that they had there, it was Real Glitchy. So I figured out that if you buy seven puffles it gives you some ridiculous number for the price of TWO. So what I did:

I BOUGHT 700 PUFFLES…. And then I gifted them to the other person in the shop whose name I didn’t know and then I waited. And then I forgot about that for, quite a while, and then some time a week later I got a very angry email from said person, with a screenshot of their home, which was floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, just. Fur. And googly eyes. Like you could see nothing else, it was just puffle everywhere. They were rendering in and out of walls, like some of them were just plain feet, it was – it was an abomination.

And apparently once I read the email their main complaint? Not even the fact that I ruined their fucking household! It was the fact that when they opened the client and saw that, it CRASHED. Their Club Penguin client crashed, and when they opened their house and it loaded and there were seven hundred puffles.

I don’t know if you guys know this but puffles, as cute as they look (at least to some people), the sounds they make are not quite as cute. Especially when there’s seven hundred of them layered on top of each other, rendering in and out of walls emitting a sound collectively scary enough to get Lucifer to piss himself.

And yeah. That’s the story of why there’s a limit of 50 puffles that you can buy.

Punk (Chap. 9)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3423

Warnings: Language, mission/war related violence and gore, shooting, enemy deaths, i think that’s all…*shrugs*

A/N: Chap.9  finally, I know!  This is a it of an information dump/setting the rest of the story arc up chapter.  I tried to dial down the angst since you lovies all told me how you cried on the last chapter :( and put some action and humour in instead.  I hope you like this one and I CAN’T WAIT to give you guys chapter 10 in a few days so please stick around through this one!  it’s worth the wait!

**I’m actually legit terrified that i peaked with the last chapter and nothing will ever be as good, especially this chapter, but i hope to give you guys a good story for the rest of the series.

Feedback fuels my life btw….and the picture is from google…i searched for beautiful things… ;]

“Kiddo, wake up we gotta go.”

Clint’s rough, scratchy voice woke you from an uneasy sleep.  Your head was pounding and your eyes felt sticky, as if they’d been glued together in the night.  “Mmm, wha—w’as happ’nin’?” you mumbled, rubbing a hand down your face. 

“Problem in Brooklyn, we gotta go.  Get dressed,” Clint replied.  He smacked your leg and the bed bounced as he got up and walked towards the closet.

“What about the desert? Nebraska?”

“New Mexico,” Clint clarified with a snort. “There’s no desert in Nebraska. Remind me to get you a map for your birthday.  Now, get—up.” He ripped the blanket away from you, causing you to squeal as cold air rushed over your legs.

“Gah!  I’m up! I’m up!”  You jolted upwards and scrambled out from the bed.  

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Young ≠ Broke

Stop thinking because a man is young he is broke. This is why yall end up in arrangements with old and unattractive men (some older men can be attractive). Get your ass off SA and go freestyle. Stop going to dive bars with your broke ass friends, go to more upscale clubs where the trust fund boys party who just want to blow their trust fund and crash their dads’ car. The club scene isn’t for you? Fine bitch, stop blowing your money on Chic-Fil-a and go to a fucking restaurant (at least 3 stars)! Don’t know the local upscale restaurants, download Yelp! or better yet just fucking ask! If you are scared to ask where a restaurant is, unfollow me cause sugaring is not for you. These men may not be extremely young (early 20′s), but you can obviously see if they are extremely old. In college? Shop for all the basics in the cheap grocery store close to your school. However, the ice cream that you love so much, dress up and go to a more expensive store for that pint. Somewhere along the line, babies have created a mental image of, the only men qualified enough to be SD’s are old as white men. Wrong! 

You have entrepreneurs, more than ever before. Young ass investors, bankers, lawyers, app developers, trust fund kids, heirs, and so much more. All you have to do is take the time to assess whether he is SD or Gift Daddy material. Don’t let him say, “I'm a lawyer.” Then you start jumping out your draws, bitch make sure he actually has the coin (and is willing to give). Stop trapping yourself with these old ass white men, who are typically conservative, racist, weird fetishes, smelly, stingy as hell with your allowance, and emotionally abusive. 

Venomous Anonymous

Bane crashed my AA club meeting last night. Not literally, thank Superman, he just sat in the circle and talked about his experiences with venom and the junkies under his command. I had no idea he was so well spoken. #HeEvenBroughtSnacks #BestChurrosIveEverHad #IWonderIfHellPartWithTheRecipe

Not Alone (with bonus fluff at the end)

Breath of the Wild from a certain Point of View

Zelink… but not what you’re expecting.

Badly written fluff at the end (I’ll admit it, but I’ll feel no shame in it)

Word Count: 2900

Goddess Hylia saw all that happened within Hyrule, and even beyond the borders into the smaller, but no less important, kingdoms of the world. She allowed privacy within the mind and paid no attention to personal affairs, but generally nothing significant escaped her eye.

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Exam Time with Rei and Nagisa
  • Teacher: Please push everything aside.
  • Nagisa: *pushes Rei*
  • Rei: Why?
  • Nagisa: Because you're my everything.
The start of something great

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A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Could you, please, write an imagine for juice in which the reader is Tig’s daughter and she is always dating idiots so her father wants her to be with Juice, who has a crush on her?”

I sat on top of the picnic table smoking a cigarette as my dad walked out of the club.

“Hey, baby girl,” Dad said while he made his way over to the table before taking a seat.

“Hey, dad,” I said, smiling. I inhaled another puff of my cigarette before passing it to him.

“Where’s Fred?” I sighed, I was secretly hoping that he wouldn’t bring up Fred. Thankfully Juice had walked up before I had the chance to answer.

“Hey, Tig! Hey, (Y/N)!” I smiled at Juice as did Tig.

“What is it Juicy? Can’t you see a father trying to spend some quality time with his daughter?” I rolled my eyes at his words.

“Uh, Clay wanted me to let you know, that he needs you to get back to work before he kicks your freeloading ass,” I chuckled at Juice’s words while Tig just glared. “Hey! His words, not mine,” Juice replied holding his hands up defensively. Tig removed his eyes from the Puerto Rican before looking at me.

“I’ll talk to you later, baby girl and don’t think I don’t want to know what happened with Fred,” I smiled before nodding my head in response as Tig pulled me into his chest for a hug. I hugged him back before pulling away gently. Tig stood up before heading over to Teller-Morrow while Juice took his place next to me. I put out my smoke as he began to speak.

“So, (Y/N). What did happen with Fred?” He questioned as I sighed.

“Promise you won’t tell my dad?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. Juice raised his hand while he proceeded to mark a cross on his chest.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” I giggled at him before beginning to explain.

“Well, you see. Last night, Fred and I were supposed to go on this really romantic evening, like, dinner and a movie, then a long walk back to here where we were going to crash here at the club in my dad’s dorm but when I went to his house to pick him up I found him pounding into this slut on his couch,” I said with a sigh. “I broke it off with his ass before coming back here and having a few drinks then eventually crashing in his dorm,” I said simply. Juice gave we a sympathetic look while he spoke.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You-,” I cut him off before he could give me the “you deserve better” speech.

“Save it, I’m used to it by now,” I said as Clay called out for Juice to get back to work. “Duty calls,” I said with a chuckled before sliding off the table and heading for the club. Juice said goodbye before running back over to Teller-Morrow.

As I walked back to the club I began to get lost in my thoughts.

Juice was a good guy. He worked hard, he was smart, and he was sure as hell trusting and loyal. The type of guy a girl dreams for. But for some reason, I never gave him a chance. I knew Juice liked me, well was more in love with me to be more specific. Yet, I always saw him as more a best friend than a lover, someone to care for and to come home too. No, I always went for idiots like Fred. Idiots who lie, cheat and use me. I knew once my dad was done work he would be grilling me on how he knew Fred was bad for me, how I deserve better, and blah blah blah.

I walked over to the couch in the club before taking a seat next to Happy who was currently trying to get this croweater to have sex with him. I chuckled to myself as I hauled out my phone and began to scroll through it with nothing better to do.

Time skip:

It was currently five o’ clock which meant it was quitting time for the boys at Teller-Morrow. I stood up from my place at the bar before heading out of the club and taking the seat next to Jax on the picnic table.

“Hey, darlin’, how have you been?” Jax questioned as he slid a cigarette between his lips for lighting it.

“Ehh, I’ve been better, how about you?” I questioned before taking the cancer stick from him and sticking it between my lips.

“Good,” I smiled at him as Tig began to make his way towards us.

“Baby girl!” I sighed when I heard Tig call out to me.

“I’ll see you later, Jax,” I said while I slid off the table and began walking over to him.

“Hey, dad,” I said once I reached Tig. Tig immediately stopped in front of me as he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Hey, baby girl. Listen, I was talking to Juice and he told me what happened with Fred,” I groaned before shooting Juice a glare over Tig’s shoulder.

“I’m going to kill him,” I said as Tig chuckled.

“Hey, hey! Don’t be mad at him! He just cares about you like I do, like the club does,” I sighed, knowing what my father was saying was true.

“I know, dad,” I said while Tig chuckled.

“Why don’t you stop dating idiots like Fred and try giving Juice a try?” Tig suggested as I looked back at the Puerto Rican who had looked away when I looked in his direction.

“Hmm, maybe. I’ll talk to you later,” I said as I began walking passed my dad and over to Juice.

“Hey Juice!” I yelled while he perked his head up.

“Yeah?” Juice said while he began wiping his hands and making his way towards me.

“How would you feel about going on a date with me tonight?” I questioned as Juice’s eyes went wide.

“Me? Go on a date with you?” Juice questioned in disbelief. I nodded my head, Juice smiled big before responding.

“I’d love too. How about I come around seven to pick you up?” I smiled before nodding my head.

“That sounds great,” I said before turning and heading back to the club to get ready. I smiled to myself as I reached the club.

‘I think this was the start of something great.’

Bikers, Booze and Monsters

The reader leaves due to Dean’s attitude and goes back to Charming to have a fresh start but when the boys notice that it feels like there is something missing and go to bring her back home.

Dean and Reader, Jax and Tara Teller, Lyla Winston and the rest of the characters on the show

Warnings: Angst, fluff, dick dean, sweet dean, sad sam, angry sam, extreme sweetness and overall teeth rotting awesomeness

I have had a horrible week! If you have requests, send them in! I can do Sons of Anarchy or Supernatural please send some in??

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              Another day, another argument. Sam and Dean were my best friends, but Dean was a jackass all the time. According to him I couldn’t cook, I didn’t clean right, I didn’t do laundry right, and most of the time I was a crappy hunter. Sam on the other hand was a saint, he always appreciated the things I did, and after the bad hunts told me I was amazing and a badass. It wasn’t him though I had feelings for, it was Dean. Coming to the present this time I bought the wrong beer, but this time I was done, I’m staying any more just to keep being used as a punching bag.

              Dean had just left to pick up his skank of the night when I went to Sam’s room to let him know my plans. I knocked on the door and a heard a quiet ‘Come in’, I popped my head in asking if I could talk to him. “I thought I would say goodbye, I can’t stay here anymore. My depression is worse than ever and my panic attacks are destroying me physically and emotionally.” “I understand, I’m sorry he chased you away. I was hoping things would get better” “I’ll be staying in Charming if you need me, I haven’t seen my family in a while” I wrote down where I would be staying and gave him one last hug.

              I had everything packed in my truck, and got out of there as soon as I could. I decided to drive straight through, planning on crashing when I reached the club house. I reached the ‘Welcome to Charming’ and felt the nerves building up, what if they don’t want me back? I saw a liquor store and decided to bring a peace offering hoping it would work. I loaded the two cases of Johnny Walker and found the place quite easily. I took a couple steeling breaths and got out, hoping for a good reception.

              No one noticed me walking up so I did what I usually do, I tilted my head and cat called. “Damn your asses get better with age huh?” All their snapped to see the one person they had been searching for. “Lass is that you?” I nodded my head overcome with emotion. He hugged me first and just held me as I cried at how much I truly missed my boys. “Where were you? We looked everywhere!!” “I’ve been hunting, not in Bambi but things that go bump in the night”

              They looked at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. Tig was the first one to speak up “I knew I wasn’t seeing things!” “Well darlin’ I think we need a welcome back party for you! What do you say?” I could feel the lump in my throat and then got squished in a huge group hug. I text Sam letting him know I had gotten there safely and thanked me for keeping in contact with me.

              Jax led me to my old dorm, they hadn’t changed a thing. I sat down at the end of the bed, and tried to reign in my emotions. “What else is going on? I can see that y/l/n mask you did when you hid something” I told him everything, from being rescued by the brothers to how Dean treated me and how he always spoke down to me. I told him about Sam and how he always gave me a safe place to be when things got overwhelming.

              He held me to him as I cried out everything that I had buried, I let my walls fall finally letting myself feel all the pain. He tucked me in and promised to have dinner ready in a little bit, I hugged him one last time before falling asleep.


              Once I got the message that she made it safely, I decided to find out why Dean was being such an asshole. “Hey Sammy, where’s y/n?” I scoffed at his arrogance “She’s gone” “What like a solo hunt or a supply trip?” “Nope just gone” “That’s not funny! Where is she?” “SHE’S GONE! Maybe if you weren’t such an asshole to her she would still be here instead of being out there alone”

              I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer, sitting down and wishing that she was still here. The bunker felt lonely and dark, there was no sign that she had ever been there, no sign that she would come back either. “I’m sorry Sam, I really screwed up this time, huh?” “Yeah you did but I can only hope in time she’ll come back”

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              I called my mom, letting her know that y/n had shown up and of course invited everyone over for dinner making y/f/m and buying plenty of beer for the celebration. I went to check on her and saw she was awake and in the shower. I knocked on the door and let her know I had an errand to run but I would be back to get her for dinner at Gemma’s. She poked her head out of the shower and asked me to get the whiskey out her truck to put in stock. I smiled and winked, assuring her that I would get it done.

Reader POV

              The nap and shower had woken me up and helped me get into a better frame of mind. I walked out and got dressed, ready for a night of laughter and stories. I put my hair into a braid, grabbing my bag and heading out. I was starving and desperate for some of Gemma’s home cooking. I sat down at the bar, drinking a double of the ‘Johnny Walker’ I had bought, I wasn’t always a whiskey girl, but the older I got the more I enjoyed the slow burn of it.

              “You look like you feel better” I smiled at Tig and nodded my head. “So, who do I have to kill?” “What?” “You have that heartbreak look on your face, the one you get from having your heart broken” “It’ll heal over time but right now I need food!” Tig just laughed and hugged me to him kissing me on the side of my head. “Ready darlin?” I jumped off the stool and threw him the keys to my pick up when I saw all the boys on their bikes ready to head out with us.

              “Once we made it to Gem’s, I hugged everyone and got the chance to meet Abel and Thomas. I always wanted to be an aunt, Tara and the other old ladies were in the kitchen helping with the food. We all sat outside drinking and laughing at the ridiculous stories being told. “Hey doll, do you still dance?” I groaned at the question, I was hoping I could avoid that topic. “Hey! I paid for those lessons! You better be still dancing”

              “Yes Gemma, I do what I can, but I have been keeping up” Right then ‘La Tortura’ came on and I said I would dance if the other old ladies did it with me. Tara was the only one who had the balls to come up and let me show her some moves. We started laughing and shaking our asses and moving our hips to the beat. When dinner was ready we decided to give up while we were ahead of the game.

              The food was amazing, as it always is, then the stories started. The whole table was laughing at how weird I was when I was a kid. “Do you remember that one run we had to go to and they wouldn’t let us bring y/n in unless she could beat their best fighter?” I started laughing so hard I was crying, shaking my head “He never knew what was coming” I just smiled and winked at Clay. “Can’t say you didn’t train me well”

              Once the food was consumed and the beer was drunk we just sat and talked and just reminisced about the good times. “We still have your baby” “Really? I’ve missed her so much!” I was promised a group ride tomorrow and started to feel like I could heal myself from everything I had been through. Once we came back to the clubhouse I collapsed on the bed exhausted from all the laughing I had done, not from the constant crap that was shoved at me. I woke up the next day and decided to make breakfast for the boys before our ride. I made everything I could find from scratch, once the food was close to done. I walked out and yelled out to the guys that breakfast was ready.

              After an amazing meal, Juice brought my bike out, looking gorgeous as ever. The ride let me clear my head and my heart of all the nightmares I had experienced.

6 Months Later

              I had gotten a job at the adult film studio they had bought and all the ladies knew not to mess with me. They knew not to piss me off or things would be very difficult for them. We had finished filming early, which meant I could leave early. There was always that one girl that would try to get under my skin, and that was Ima. My phone started going off and saw that Sam was calling me, I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple weeks and missed our phone calls we had.

              “Hey Sammy! Long time no hear” I heard laughing and automatically smiled. “I was wondering if you were going to come back, I really miss you and Dean well he isn’t himself. A lot of stuff has been going on and it just feels like there’s something missing” “All I can say is I’ll think about it ok?” “That’s all I ask” I said good bye and hung up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

              I walked out to Ima trying to get into Jax’s pants again, I swear that girl was a special kind of stupid. “Go home Ima, for fucks sake, he’s happily married” “Just because no one wants your fat ass, doesn’t mean I’m not wanted” “Let’s go Jax” He started the bike and headed back to the clubhouse, there was another party tonight and I wanted to get some sleep before it started.

              We pulled into the lot as my breath got caught in my throat at the sight of baby with the two men I missed dearly. He backed the bike up and parked it, watching me making sure I didn’t have a panic attack just at the sight of them. I could feel the tears building up, so I just ran inside to my dorm and locked the door. I was happy to see them but I also felt my heart shatter, I guess I wouldn’t get over him.  “Sweetheart, please open the door? I’m sorry with how I was just please?” How was I supposed to answer him?

Dean POV

              I knew I screwed up but hearing her cry on the other side of the door and knowing I was the cause of those tears. I walked back out into the main room seeing a bunch of pissed off bikers, I had a lot of talking to do. A blonde guy about my height walked up and introduced himself as Jackson Teller, we both sat down at the bar, having beers.

              I began explaining what the hunting life had entailed, the danger, the injuries and everyone that both of us had lost. At the end of the whole speech I was in tears with all the hurt and loss that we had gone through. “I understand, we’ve dealt with the same thing, this life is never easy but as long as you have people that love you it makes it better” “How do I fix this? I was a complete asshole to her” “Don’t worry brother we have a plan”

              We had everything set up and ready to go, now I hope that I’m not too late to fix the error of my ways.

Reader POV

              Tara and Lyla had brought me a few outfits to try on, hoping to get Dean all hot and bothered and ready to pounce. Both ladies started saying that he was both the most beautiful man they had ever seen. “Yeah, both are Greek Gods, but Dean is beautiful inside and out” They both nodded, “Those are the best kind” I agreed and smiled when I had finally found an outfit to drive him wild.

              I took one more look and joined the party, hoping to have Dean absolutely fall apart. Of course, Ima had to be there and rubbing herself all over Dean. I walked over to chase her away, when Dean saw me and knew it was not a good thing. “Hey!” “Hey y/n I don’t think this one wants your gross as hell body, not when he could have mine” I swung my leg and knocked her on her ass, pressing my booted foot to her throat. “I’m tired of dealing with your skanky ass, your nothing but a piece of shit whore with no use! I’m warning you right now, you come back here ever again I will kill you” I stepped back as she scurried up and out the door the rest of the place cheering me on.

              I turned around to have Dean grasping my face kissing me with everything he had. “That was so hot! Damn it woman, you got me hard as a rock” “I can help you with out that” I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my room locking the door behind me. I got on my knees and quickly unbuckled his belt and pulling down his jeans to have his erection bounce off his stomach.

              I started sucking him down, even swallowing around him. He was making the dirtiest sounds I had ever heard, he had gritted out he was coming as I swallowed everything he gave me. He tucked himself back in, kissing me again. “I love you y/n and I’m so sorry I was an ass” I could feel the tears filling my eyes “I love you Dean, always have, always will”

              He kissed me again then headed back out to the party to enjoy being here with my family. We played pool, we drank, we danced. The boys decided to stay a few days, getting to know my family and just relax. I even let him drive my motorcycle, which wasn’t like me at all. I showed him the best and most beautiful places to see.

              When I showed him my baby, he went over the moon. He absolutely fell in love with her and begged me to bring her home so that we could go on more rides together. I woke up the day before we were going to head out, not seeing Dean so I grabbed my yoga pants and walked to see Gemma and Dean talking. Dean had a black backpack that was full to the point of possible explosion. “Good morning” Gemma hugged me and walked out leaving Dean and me.

              “Go get a shower, I have something very special planned and yes I’ll make your coffee” I giggled and kissed him walking back to get cleaned up and head out. I washed up quickly and put on a pair of shorts and an ac/dc tank top with chucks. I walked out to see him waiting patiently for me, two coffee travel mugs and the stuffed backpack.

              I kept trying to ask him where we were headed but he just kept saying that it was a surprise. So, we rode in silence other than the country station playing in the background. The truck stopped in front of a beautiful little cottage on a lake, I knew this place well. He wouldn’t let me talk just helped me out of the truck and led me inside to see rose petals and candles lit.

              “Dean?” “I wanted to do this right but when I’m around you I lose all thought. I already talked to Clay so now it’s time to talk to you. I love you so much and I’m not going to wait any longer to make you mine. Baby, you are the bright spot in my world and my light in the dark. Will you please do me the honor and marry me? Make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?” I gasped at the ring and just nodded quickly.

              Let’s just say we spent the rest of the making love while the storm rumbled through. Once it got late we headed back and of course they had a party celebrating our engagement. I didn’t want to leave but I was also home sick.  

              After ten days of relaxation, we decided to head out and get back to the bunker. We said our goodbyes and left Charming, but this time I was excited, because I was going to come back and visit as much as I could. I made sure to steal a couple bottles of ‘Johnny Walker’ to have once we made it home. Dean grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers “Ready to go home?” I raised his hand and kissed his knuckles “More than ever”

sassoffrass  asked:

For the Frat!au My sorority did a thing called 'Lavaliering' where the girl would give a necklace to their partner in a ceremony that had their letters on it, thus allowing someone not part of the sorority to wear our letters The frats on campus did this as well, but could take it a step farther if basically every guy was really good friends with the partner and felt they brought something to the organization. So Geno totally lavaliered Sid, and within 3 months Sid was definitely sweethearted

i think mine had something like this too! But I don’t remember getting lavaliered was if it was only super serious like these two chumps were engaged or whatnot. But for fraternity sweethearts, the entire group of guys would come in and have the sweetheart sit in one of their laps (most likely the boyfriend’s) and then sing (sometimes pretty off-key) to her while giving her roses and junk. 

So what I’m saying is that the Rhos crashed Sidney’s Public Health club weekly meeting to sweetheart him; first G pokes his head in the classroom and Sidney sees him with a rose, and his first thought is, “Oh no.”

And then the entire Rho Ep house start streaming in, holding roses, and Sidney is really like, “Oh, no.”

It’s super embarrassing and Sidney’s dragging his hands down his face even as the pledges encourage him to sit on Geno’s lap as the entire chapter starts crooning/butchering Sidney’s favorite song. He gets a lettered sweetheart sweatshirt and his public health club buddies all tease him when he sits back down surrounded by like 100+ roses.