crash tests for dummies


To commemorate the end of Car Boys I put together a playlist of all the music that appeared in it (mostly according to the credits). I also designed some rudimentary album art for it. Please enjoy one of my favorite OSTs from one of the best tv shows/let’s plays/cinema events I’ve ever seen.

Humans: Space Mythbusters

I was watching the last episode ever of Mythbusters today, and I randomly remembered all those “humans are weird” posts I’ve been near-obsessively reading.

So imagine aliens being exposed to the very show itself? I mean humans technically count as “space mythbusters” already (thing doesn’t work? Duct tape. Also we’re always asking ourselves “what if I do this, will that happen?” And trying flat out foolish ideas just because. Things usuallymight blow up when we’re around.) So imagine if aliens, slowly familiarizing themselves with human culture and entertainment came across Mythbusters- a crew of humans literally attaching rockets to a car just to see if it will fly and how fast, blowing cement trucks (and anything else they can get their hands on) up, fooling around with guns, wakeboarding behind a cruiser, messing with gravity by dropping things like human replicas (they call it “Buster”, and someone explained it is a crash test dummy) and elevators down from huge heights, and making ordinary everyday items lethal (usually by the means of Jamie Hyneman building a gun to shoot them as bullets), splitting boats in half, building an actual bridge out of duct tape, etc. All for the sake of science and entertainment.

I imagine they would be so terrified to find out that THIS is essentially what the “for science” exclamation when doing something dangerous, foolish, or lethal (or all of the above,) means to humans.

Feel free to add more.

it wasn’t until a few years ago that carmakers began regularly testing female crash dummies in drivers’ seats. For 30 years, it was just assumed that using male crash test dummies would suffice, even though women are typically smaller than men and the smaller a person is the less force they can tolerate in a crash. That cars were not tested to be safe for female bodies helps to explain why women are killed and injured in car accidents at disproportionately higher rates than men. It’s because women were not included in the analysis—at all.

when i was a kid i had a green Crash Test Dummy toy, and it was my genuine thought that Sigma from Megaman X was also a Dummy, and that he became evil because he was tired of being smashed and crashed in cars and wanted revenge on the humans that did this to him.

anonymous asked:

Is it true that there will be a voltron live action?? Would it be based off of voltron (1984) or voltron legendary defender?? What if they white wash the actors?? What if they ruin/ remove all the iconic klance moments?!?!?!! What if its complete crap and it completely differs from vld?!?!!!?!? WHAT IF KLANCE IS CANON AND THEY DONT MAKE IT CANON IN THE MOVIES?!!!! WHAT IF ITS RATED PG?!!! THAT SHIT BETTER BE PG-13 OR SOME SHIT ISTG. I'm so fucking scare

It’s hollywood so my expectations are low.

Tho if I were directing it it’d be rated r just so I can have a//ura destroy /otor

y’know how crash test dummies w/ essentially their sole purpose being to get destroyed and exist w/ everyone involved w/ them knowing they’re going to be fucking obliterated inevitably, by all likelihood? like that’s most likely what their fate will be? they’re constantly getting fucking battered? i’m the human version of that
  • Theo: Then why don't you ask some other girl out?
  • Draco: Like who?
  • Theo: Like Pansy?
  • Pansy: Okay, wait! I'm not some crash test dummy you guys can use to try out your dating skills.
  • [to Draco]
  • Pansy: You, if you like Granger so much, why don't you just ask her out and get it over with.
  • [to Theo]
  • Pansy: And you, stop acting like a Vegas bookie picks your dates. And both of you, treat me better.

You hit the concrete hard, and skid a few inches or so, you’re not really paying attention to that. But the important part is the impact; that’ll leave bruises and break bones, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll stay mostly whole. [boot across your ribs like a landslide.] Maybe you’ll even stay alive.

Rewind back an hour and you’re fighting even though you’ve been drugged even though the world makes more sense diagonally now you’re fighting because [punches connect] you can’t go quietly cant quit cant [hands tied behind your back. gagged. blindfolded] do anything now useless

Rewind even further and you can see this deal is going south, you’re a kid with a temper like dynamite, there’s nothing nice about you, you should have brought the golden boy but he’s off in the clinic bleeding gold because of them and the door locks behind you. You lunge but [needle in your arm] you hit the floor instead and get back up

Back to now, [rope burn] you can taste salt in the air, everything’s still woozy but you know there’s weights tied to you. The docks. Or a cliff. There’s an ocean here definitely. There’s a car pulling up and you hear gunshots and [knife through your thigh, pinning you like a butterfly] before everything is quiet. Everything is bright again [blindfold is peeled off, the gag is removed, ropes are cut.]

Fast-Forward. You and the golden boy recover together, scar but remain whole. You sit beside him one night and [a kiss, feathered against your cheek] everything is fine.


i think the way we do love is all wrong.

we collided like crash-test dummies. got blood on the good sheets. we filled our lungs with airbag dust and left windshield glass in the pillowcases.

watch me say your name over and over until it means almost nothing.

understand when i say i love you, i mean it’s like agony. i mean i love you like feral things venerate the dark. love you like empty. like forgive us for what we’ve done here.

—  e.k.t., “love is the potential to ruin someone”