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Hi there. I saw you reblog Mic vid about lesbian porn, and thought maybe I can bring another side of story. There are actually some queer women creating lesbian porn already. Bree Mills, Jacky St. James, crash pad series to name a few, Jacky wrote a piece about this (missjackystjames/com/post/156512346295) Also because you are from Spain, Amarna Miller is also another interesting person to check out (she's a performer though) good day hope I wasn't being too noisy or something ^ ^

thanks for this and don’t worry i’m always open to learn new things. tbh i didn’t watch the mic vid when i queued it i only read the gifs and i still think part of what they say is true but after reading the post you linked i can see how saying that without mention the women who are trying to make a difference can be a problem because that video could have been a good medium to bring attention to them

also i know some of those names and i’ve actually seen good lesbian porn, like i’m aware not everything out there is crap and made for men or by men, but i think it’s like in the film industry in general there are women directors and good lgbt films but that doesn’t mean we stop fighting for better representation or complaining about the things we don’t like even though things are getting better. and right now if you want to watch good lesbian porn you have to search for it, you can’t go to idk pornhub search “lesbian” and find something not made for men and even though i dont really have a problem with that i can see how thats problematic

and yea i know amarna miller and i really like the fact that she’s bringing attention to the porn industry in mainstream media and always talking about feminism and empowering women