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Burden of Proof

Word Count: 2357

Request: “ Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” And a very pleasant thought it is. 

Warning: Language, making out, and utter ridiculousness

A/N: I had more free time than I anticipated, so you’re getting this early. You have the snow storm to thank for this nonsense.

Steve Version

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“Ow ow ow ow ow!” you groaned through clenched teeth as Natasha dragged you through the halls and over the bodies of the incapacitated Hydra agents.

“Hush! There could still be some stragglers hanging around,” she hissed at you, readjusting her hold in order to pull you along more quickly.

“Well if you hadn’t been there to pull me out of the way, that delightful bullet would have definitely silenced me for good. You have only yourself to blame.”

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Misguided Texts Part 2 // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Part One

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral (Male on Female), Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Public Sexish, and Swearing.

Word Count: 3,311

Song: Earned it by The Weeknd 

A/N: After the overwhelming amount of requests, here you have it y’all! I hope you guys like this, it’s very explicit and detailed much like part one. Also, thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. 

PSA: Here’s the black widow scene playing out in case you’re confused.

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since the hotel room incident and Dylan hasn’t done a single thing about it. My phone has never received another text from him nor did he ever talk about it with me again. The topic was completely avoided when we were together, but I certainly didn’t miss the other signs he was giving me. What with the knowing glances, the winks, the smirks, the lingering touches on my arm that aren’t necessary, the way he stares at my lips whenever I talk to him as he licks his own. I knew exactly what he was doing…

Dylan was fucking teasing me. And the worst part? It’s actually working.

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Who are we?

Ok hear me out

What if we are one of Mark’s egos???

think about it this way. Mark plays himself, the Colonel, Jim and the Mayor.

I wouldn’t be to surprised if we were one of the egos.

Firstly you always seem to be eye to eye with Marks characters showing that you are roughly the same height or in this case the exact same height.

this is shown when the Colonel comes up behind you at the beginning of chapter 2

Secondly the reason why no one has probably thought of this is because of a video Ethan put up on twitter of him with a camera mounted on his chest falling off the top of the stair well from the videos into a crash mat but maybe thats why Ethan showed the video in the first place? To throw us off. 

Just because Ethan is the one filming doesn’t make Ethan the character.


please share around so people are aware of this possibility :)

thanks for reading :)

theory edited-

Chapter 3

So I watched chapter 3 and I got some funny evidence to prove that we could be one of the egos.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet. The detective always seems to be flirting with the men characters. Here are some of those times:

sniffs underwear…

realises people are there..

But why does this matter?

Because the Detective must be gay and in the last photo he is flirting with us (kinda) which would probably make us a man which means we could be one of Marks egos.

Everyone Has A Weakness - Part 1

Request from @sborrinkBucky X Reader smut where the reader and Bucky get really competitive when they spar. The reader is good at trash talk and teasing and Bucky only knows one way to shut her up (kissing, but discovers kissing her neck renders her speechless as well.). Things heat up from there.

Bucky x Sparring!Reader

Words: 2,169

Warnings: Mentions of blood and injuries, swearing, smut and unprotected sex (wrap it up!). Maybe slight dub-con too? Let me know if I have missed anything. NSFW.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

“Come on old man! I know you can do better than that!”

You and one James Buchanan Barnes should never spar together; not only did both of you end up walking away with a multitude of bruises but you were far too competitive and instead of a session lasting the normal length of an hour long yours would continue until one of you simply put your hands up and surrendered.

From an outsider’s point of view it would look like you both loathed each other, would be more than happy to see the other lying unconscious in a gutter somewhere, but everyone in the tower (even down to the receptionist you spoke with two times at the most) knew there was quite the opposite going on between you. The sexual tension whenever you were together forced even the most strong-minded of agents out of the room.

They also knew that you were both stubborn and the likelihood of that tension being released anytime soon seemed slim….much to their annoyance.

“How do you know I’m not just letting you win doll?”

The brunette laughed to himself as he wiped away a line of blood from the newly acquired wound on his lips.

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Saltwater: Bucky x Mermaid!Reader

Summary: You have a secret while being able to control water, every time you touch salt water, you transform into a mermaid. You’ve done a good job keeping it a secret from Bucky, but will a new mission jeopardize your secret? 

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I watched Splash and this is what happened…

Requests are open!

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It was a normal day in the Avengers tower, everyone was preparing for their next missions. They got Intel that Crossbones was building underwater bombs. So Steve decided to have Y/N and Bucky find where they were.  Bucky was sitting in the lab with Tony, trying to waterproof his new prototype arm. He glanced at the glass lab in front of him, he saw Banner and Y/N arguing over beakers of water. She had the ability to control water, why would they argue over it?

Y/N caught the super soldier staring at her, while normally she did like the attention from the man, today was a different story. She marched to the window and pulled the curtain shut so no one could see. “What’s her deal?” Bucky asked. 

“Some water stuff, I don’t know…I let banner deal with the water magic,” Tony shrugged, taking the screwdriver out of his arm. 

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Fluff!!!!!!

Request:  Another Bucky request.. Clints little sister that’s been training with shield and ends up meeting Bucky

Written for one of the sweetest people on this site the lovely @georgiagrl1990

Taglist is over here if anyone wants to join…. TAGLIST 

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Breathing hard your back slammed into the crash mat once more as you were flipped over Steve’s shoulder and hit the floor hard. The wind whooshed from your lungs and you stared at the ceiling trying to re-orientate yourself. Steve’s face appeared hovering above your own.

“Y/N, are you alright?”

“Yeah sure Rogers” coughing you allowed him to take your hand and pull you back up to your feet. “Jesus, did you have to slam me that hard” rubbing at your shoulder you idly wondered if you’d actually done some damage to the muscles.

“HYDRA won’t hold back Y/N”

“What so you decided to help them along?” rotating the shoulder muscle you felt it cramp up. “I’ve landed on this funny Steve”

Concern flashed across his face. “Y/N I didn’t actually mean to hurt you”

“I know Steve” reassuring him with a small smile. “I just landed funny. Come on, I’m gonna take myself to the med bay and get it checked out”

Steve walked along with you like a mother hen fussing over you, a remarkable change from the man who moments before had been the one slamming you into crash mats. He was still going on about strained muscles as how you could have a torn ligament when you finally got to the med-bay, his words soon dried up when he saw who was sat on one of the beds.

You’d only heard stories about the Winter Soldier. The other Avengers and especially your brother Clint had been very good at keeping you apart from him. He’d been at the facility for about 3 months now and you’d never once seen him in the flesh.

Bucky Barnes though was now sat directly in front of you, ice blue eyes flicked from Steve to focus on you and held so you were both staring at each other. His shirt was off and you could see the cauterised scar joining his skin to the metal arm.

“Buck! I didn’t know you were due for more tests”

Bucky didn’t answer apparently still to absorbed in staring at you. You didn’t think either of you had blinked in the whole time you’d been looking at each other. It was as if time had slowed down and there was a loud roaring in your ears. You couldn’t make yourself move and it was even becoming difficult to breath anymore.

Steve’s hand suddenly landed on your shoulder and jerking you snapped out of whatever trance you’d been in staring at Bucky. Instead managing to focus on Steve.

“I have to go”

“Go?” you asked confused about what was happening. “go where?”

Steve frowned glancing over at Bucky who hadn’t moved and was in fact still staring at you. “You didn’t hear FRIDAY? Tony needs me in the briefing room”

“Oh, ok. Well I’ll be fine here. I’m just going to wait and get checked out”

Steve plainly didn’t like that idea but there wasn’t that much he could do about it. Instead he went over to Bucky finally getting his attention off of you and onto Steve. He bent down and said something quietly into Bucky’s ear which clearly frustrated the soldier because a frown settled on his face. Bucky snapped out a harsh answer and Steve with one final look at you left the two of you alone.

You went over and perched on the bed opposite him to head to one side as you looked him up and down. “You’re not exactly as scary as I thought you’d be”


“Well yeah… all this time everyone’s been so careful about keeping me away from you but you don’t look all that scary” pausing you smiled, swinging your legs back and forth under the gurney. “Which makes me wonder why everyone has been just so desperate to keep me from meeting you”

“You’re Clint’s sister” he guessed. “Y/N”

“And you’re Bucky terrifying Winter Soldier super assassin” pushing hair behind your ear with a smile still on your face a smile which faded as you watched him flinch at the word Winter Soldier. “that wasn’t meant to upset you” resorting back to your usual method for dealing with sadness in others you defaulted to irony. “It’s possible it wasn’t me they were keeping away from you but you away from me. As you just witnessed I’m not exactly socially acceptable”

A small smile actually curled the corners of Bucky’s mouth. “I’m not the best in social situations either” he nodded at your shoulder. “What happened?”

“Captain America forgot that some of us don’t have super soldier serum enhanced bones” rotating your shoulder you winced a bit at the stiffness building up in the muscles. “Getting slammed into the floor even a floor with a crash mat on still jars us mortal’s fragile bones”

“Are you always this sarcastic?” he asked you “or am I special?”

“Are you teasing me Bucky Barnes? Does GI Joe know how to joke?”

“He’s remembering pretty quickly”

You laughed at that fascinated by the sudden crinkling of his eyes when he smiled fully at your laughter. He was an incredible good-looking man and that fact was impossible to ignore especially when he was smiling like that and looking at you like you were some sort candy he really wanted to taste.

“Do you drink coffee Bucky Barnes?”

He looked confused by your sudden change of topic but he did nod his head. “Of course,”

“Want to drink some with me?”

Understanding filled his eyes and this time the smile reminded you of a kid coming downstairs on Christmas morning and finding his huge pile of presents or even the one singular one that he’d been praying and wishing for.

“Sure Doll, I’d like that a lot”

You were both still sat there like idiots just grinning at each other when the nurse finally appeared back in the med-bay to check your shoulder and start on whatever tests Bucky’s arm needed.

When the Teleport Fails - Nightwing x Reader

Requested by jet-the-glaceon92 -  an angst Young Justice Nightwing x Injured! Reader request

Requested by Anon - a Nightwing x Reader one where the reader has teleporting powers and is on the team  

“No fair using your teleport,” Dick whined as you teleported away from him to escape his punch. You grinned before teleporting behind him. Knocking him down from behind, you flipped in front of him with another grin.

“All is fair in love and war,” you replied smugly. Dick snorted, getting onto his knees. He held out a hand to you.

“Help a guy up, huh?” You narrowed your eyes before taking his hand only to find yourself being yanked down on top of him. Dick and you crashed against the training mat that softened your landing. Before you could reaction, Dick’s lips were against yours. 

You pulled away from him a moment later. “What kind of example are you setting, Wing-A-Ding, by kissing one of your teammates when you’re supposed to be sparring?” 

Dick snorted, capturing your lips again. “The best one, obviously.” You buried your fingers into his hair, losing yourself in his lips. However, you teleported away from him when a cry of disgust interrupted you. 

“Do you have to do that in here?” Beast Boy snapped, putting a hand over his eyes. You teleported next to him.

“You’ll understand when you’re older,” you remarked, flicking Beast Boy on the side of his head before heading towards the door. “I’m going to shower.” You winked at Dick, causing him to jump to his feet to follow you. 

“Nightwing, you’re wanted on the watchtower,” Beast Boy said, stepping in front of Dick to stop him. “Batman just called.” 

Dick sighed in disappointment. You, having heard Beast Boy’s words, turned to give him a pout before blowing him a kiss with a smile of understanding. Dick ran a hand through his hair, smiling back at you gratefully. “Okay, tell them I’m on my way.” Beast Boy ran off. 

“Later?” you asked hopefully, leaning against the door frame. Dick approached you, kissing you softly on the lips.

“Later,” Dick promised before the two of you headed in opposite directions. 

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Kiss Him Not Me

Lana had never really been all that interested in dating boys.
For one thing none had really ever showed her much attention, but she didn’t care.
After all the prince shouldn’t marry the princess.
The prince should be with another prince!
For as long as she could remember Lana has loved shipping hot guys together.
“It’s wonderful.” Lana sighed as she and her best friend Pidge watched the boys play volley ball.
Particularly Shiro and Keith.
“The perfect five seven.” Pidge nodded.
“I think my dear Pidge you will find they work much better as a seven five.”
“I got it!” Keith yelled as he ran for a long ball. However before he could hit it he slipped and went flying right into Lana.
One second she was oogeling the guys, the next she had hit her head against the wall and everything was going fuzzy.
“Lana! Lana!” Keith yelled shaking her “shit someone call the nurse!”
The last thing Lana saw before blacking out was Shiro placing his hand on Keith’s shoulder.
‘I can die happy.’ She thought as the world faded into darkness.

Lana sat up in bed rubbing her head and placing her glasses back in the end of her nose.
“Glad to see you awake. How you feeling?” Pidge asked.
“Oh I’m fine.” Lana smiled.
Suddenly the curtain was pulled back. “Well if that’s the case then we need the bed for actually sick people.”
Matt crossed his arms nodding behind him at the student clutching his stomach and groaning in pain.
“Hey!” Pidge looked about ready to fight but Lana quickly got up before the small girl let lose her fury on her only brother.
“It’s ok, I fine now honest.” She smiled.
“Alright… but that doesn’t mean Matt can be such a jerk to you.” Pidge huffed as they walked back to class.
“I know but I’m used to it. I am on the health committee with him.” Lana shrugged as she walked right into the chest of none other then Hunk.
“Oh Lana I was just on my way to check on you! I heard you got hurt during gym.” He smiled down at her and Lana grinned back.
“Nah I’m alright. Just a little numb is all.”
Hunk nodded letting out a sigh “good I’m glad your ok.”
He waved as he carried on his way and Pidge was eyeing Lana.
“What’s with you and guys?”
“Oh please Hunks just my friend from the astronomy club you know that.”
Pidge teasingly elbowed her in her well padded stomach “sure whatever you say.”
Lana rolled her eyes as she opened the classroom door only to be greeted by a worried looking Shiro and Keith with crossed arms and a scowl staring at her.
“Oh Lana, I’m glad your feeling better. Keith’s super sorry about what happened. Arn’t you Keith.”
Shiro kept the smile on his face but there was a note of irritation to his voice when he said Keith’s name.
“It’s ok.” Lana said quickly “you went to hurt were you Keith?” She asked mentally screaming at the fact Shiro apologised for Keith!
“Nah I was fine, your so big it was like landing on a crash mat.”
Shiro’s eyes widened as he placed his hand over Keith’s mouth.
Lana didn’t mind the comment.
She had always on the big side with a large stomach and legs.
But she never really wanted to attract the attention of guys.
She wanted a life on the side lines where she could watch and ship.

“Finally I’ve been waiting for the season finale for months!” Lana grinned as she switched on her show.
However as it went on and her dear Zuko was getting closer and closer to death.
This couldn’t be happening!
Her eyes began to water as she watched her wifu die in Sokkas arms.
“NOOOO!” She screamed as she fell to her side.
Her precious Zuko was gone.

(B)romance in the NHL

Summary: A viral article about Kent and Tater’s bromance sparks some confessions.
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: G

The music skips with an incoming text that Alexei ignores as he mixes his smoothie and hums along. Once he adds the last chunk of banana he slips the lid on the blender and turns it on. A few moments later he turns it off and the silence is jarring. Alexei walks over towards where his phone is laying on the counter, hoping his battery hasn’t died yet again. His phone has been on the last leg of life for a couple weeks now, but he’s too attached to it to change it in for a new one, no matter how much the rookies tease him. 

Alexei picks up the phone. It isn’t dead. It buzzes incessantly in his hand as 20 messages turned to thirty with three missed calls and several voicemails. Alexei swipes in his password and scrolls down the list of names until he reaches the first message. It’s from Kent. The first is a link with three messages in quick succession after.  

Kent (8:57 am): I didn’t even notice them take this 
 Kent (8:57 am): It makes us look kind of gay… don’t you think?
Kent (8:58 am): Okay yeah other ppl think it’s hella gay too wtf 

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One Foot Out of the Grave (Part 4)

Read Part 3

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, discussion of death

Words: 1,391

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Crash and Burn 7

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, unprotected sex, blacked out drunk, getting married in Vegas, smoking, angst, fluff, draaaaaaama!!

After a long weekend in Vegas, you wake up next to Steve Rogers with a five carat ring on your hand. A blacked out wedding in Vegas, made you Mrs. Rogers and neither of you remember a thing. The two of you agree to keep it a secret to have it taken care of when you get back to the city, but will Steve stick to the plan?? When the team starts to pick up on things going on with the two of you, they’ve got a lot of questions themselves, and you don’t have the answers to explain. Divorce lawyers, witnesses, plus signs, marriage licenses, and lies…. Will things work out or will you say the wrong thing and kick yourself later?

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anonymous asked:

FAHC meeting Jeremy for the first time?

Oooh, I love this:

Geoff doesn’t gamble often (he leaves that to Jack and the lads), but sometimes when he sees a sure thing he’ll throw a few large bills down. Most of the time it pays off, other times he’s lucky to leave having broken even, but at the end of the day it’s just money. He can’t take it with him when he dies, he might as well use it while he has it.

Tonight he’s feeling lucky, has a few thousand burning a hole in his pocket, and it’s fight night down at the local gym. Two or three times a month, the owner opens the doors to the public and shows off some of his boxers. Strictly speaking, betting isn’t allowed, but for a few hundred dollars the owner looks the other way. Everyone in Los Santos is greedy, they just have to be offered the right price.

It’s loud inside the gym when Geoff and his crew walk in, cheers and jeers from the crowd encouraging the two men fighting in the ring. Jack mentions something about going to place a bet, already disappearing into the crowd before anyone can respond. Michael heads towards the makeshift bar for a drink, Gavin on his heels, while Ryan and Ray follow Geoff towards the ring.

The fight is mostly over, both guys bloody and sweaty, no doubt running on autopilot. The final blow sends one fighter crashing to the mat, the other folding in on himself, hands on his knees, chest heaving, and the crowd explodes.

The winner straightens up, lifting a fist above his head, and the screams get louder. The loser is dragged off the mat, leaving behind a trail of blood.

After the mat is cleaned a man gets into the ring. Geoff recognizes him as the owner, having had a few run ins with him over the years. A hush falls over the crowd when the guy raises his hand, and he smirks over his shoulder at a woman standing off to the side. She winks back at him, melting into the crowd, and the owner returns his attention to the crowd.

“I find it hard to believe you all are here for some two-bit fighters,” he starts letting his eyes scan the crowd. “I know why you’re here, you know why you’re here, so let’s get this show on the road.”

The crowd cheers when the lights dim, and Geoff looks around, intrigued. This is new, at least it’s never happened when he’d been here in the past, and he can’t help feeling a little excited.

“Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you…. LITTLE J!” The crowd gets louder, if that’s at all possible, and the lights brighten once more as a new guy jumps into the ring.

He’s short, that’s the first thing Geoff notices about him, and young. He looks a bit like a kid brother, maybe a tag along cousin, and for the life of him, Geoff cannot figure out what’s so special about this kid.

It’s pretty obvious this kid’s special the moment he starts fighting. His challenger is bigger than him, but Little J is fast and wily, his blows landing quick and hard. He’s had training, a lot of training, and Geoff’s impressed.

“He’s good,” he hears Ryan say behind him and Ray murmurs in agreement.

The fight lasts fifteen minutes, Little J’s opponent hitting the mat with an audible thud, and a deafening scream erupts from the crowd.

“I don’t know if Geoff wants to recruit this guy or suck his dick,” Ray says and Ryan starts laughing.

“Fuck off,” Geoff grumbles stalking away from them, following the owner and Little J into the back of the gym.

He finds Little J sitting alone, unwrapping his hands. He looks up when Geoff enters the room and says, “Hey, I know you. You’re Geoff Ramsey.”

“That is my name. I’d be more surprised if you didn’t know me,” Geoff replies leaning against the wall. “Impressive fight.”

“Nah, that’s just a regular Friday for me.” Little J balls the tape up, tossing it into the trash can in the corner of the room. He sniffs, wiping blood off his face. “No one has ever asked for an autograph, but if you want me to give you one…”

“I was actually wondering if you’d like a job.”

Confused, wary, Little J says, “What?”

Geoff crosses the room, holding out a business card, making a mental note to never, ever tell Gavin these were a good idea. He waits for Little J to take it, and when he does Geoff knows the kid is interested.

“Give me a call.” He then turns, heading out of the room and into the crowd, stopping short when his cell buzzes against his leg. An unknown number flashes back at him when he checks the screen, and he ducks into a bathroom, answering with a cautious, “Hello?”

“Alright, so I thought about it,” Little J says excitedly, “and I’m in.”


Aaaand I did it without crash mats! A bit sideways because I was scared 😂 But I still did it, even though I hit my head the day before. I’m kinda proud of myself 😊

Made with Instagram
Brendon Urie and Josh Dun do backflips on stage....I’ll do roly poly’s

Those two fkers, Brendon Urie and Josh Dun, can backflip like freaks

Here’s what it is…. Don’t expect that kinda carry on from me yeah, you think I wanna be swingin round like a bloody monkey breakin me neck, NOT HAPPENIN

Josh Dun is 5,5 Brendon Urie’s 5,9, they’ve got the room to do that

I’m friggin 6,3, I leap like a sonbitch and my head’s still twattin the ground


I’ll do a roly poly at my gigs, that’s all you’re getting from me Yearlings/OYSters, a front roll and I’ll probably still botch that you bellends

Get me a crash mat and I’ll do a swanton bomb, but bollocks to backflips

Get used to it

The (not so) Gentle Giant

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none, really. it’s fluff-ish

Word Count: 1200-ish

A/N: As both my other fics, this is written in the middle of the night. This one with a bit of help from @wheresthekillswitch (thank you so much sweetie <3) please tell me if you want to be tagged in the few fics i write :)

Your breath is knocked out of you as you crash to the mats, landing on your back. As Sam is getting ready to make his next move, you realize that there is no way in hell you will be able to jump to your feet before he charges at you, and chooses to instead put up your hands, effectively protecting your face, while considering your options. He leans forward to grab your feet in an attempt to pass your legs, but you are faster than him. Quickly grabbing a hold of his right wrist, you yank him down towards you, rolling to the side just in time before a large thud sounds in the small room as the giant hit the mat covered floor.

Unfortunately the maneuver doesn’t grant you as much time as you thought, Sam throwing himself at you once again almost immediately. He lands with his entire weight on top of you, making it hard for you to breathe as you struggle to push him off of you. In the end, both of you know that your ground game is stronger than his, and had it not been for the weight difference, you would have whooped his ass already. Digging into your mental archive of sweeps and submissions, you decide what your next move should be. 

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Abigail’s Demon

Summary: Sister Abigail has been dying to meet Finn Balor. Is she the key to his downfall or is she his salvation, the one who will end his feud with Bray once and for all?

Notes: First of all, Thank you all so much for all the likes and the reblog of the Miz Imagine that I did. I appreciate it all so much. I know it’s been a while since then, but I couldn’t figure out who to write next until now. I was inspired by Raw tonight.

Warnings: Slight language, A little smut(my first one eek)

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anonymous asked:

If you could take any Jane Austen novel and make it into a musical, which one would you choose and why?

I’ve a friend working on a Northanger Abbey musical, actually! :) For my torrid-ballad-loving heart, though, I’d love a Persuasion musical. Louisa falling from the Cobb would be the blackout horror moment to end Act One on. Maybe with overlapping harmonies/reprises of earlier songs where all the gathered characters in Lyme are singing bits of their own songs: Charles and Mary sniping and whining, the Harvilles and Benwick ruminating on what comes next after Phoebe’s death and the potentials of moving onward, Anne privately berating herself for her weakness and having to watch Louisa and Wentworth’s burgeoning flirtation even as she herself is becoming an object of some interest to people like Benwick and the Stranger who turns out to be William Elliot, and all that, a bit like the chaotic tune reprises we get in One Day More and then our girl Louisa just appears at the top of the steps and in a shattering moment of sudden silence cries “I am determined!” and jumps into the void with some canny stage-lighting and a crash-mat and a shriek and then everything plummets into darkness for intermission.

Left Behind Part 2/10

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: I am mixing two requests together, I hope you guys don’t mind.

Anonymous Request: Hi! I love your stories. Could you do fanfiction where reader is Tony’s younger sister who was in car with her parents that night when they died and Winter Soldier took her to HYDRA where they made her one of Winter Soldiers? Before final fight between Tony and Steve, Tony wakes reader up and she would fight them if there wasn’t Bucky who calm her down. Then Bucky isn’t freeze again but he is helping reader to get back into normal life. I’m sorry for my mistakes English isn’t my first language.

Request #2: hiya!!! I love a love across time!!! I was wondering if you would consider doing Fic where the reader has been kidnapped by Hydra and Brock Rumlow becomes her handler and he turns her into a weapon and she has trigger words but the reader has been trying to escape from his control over her. she meets Bucky and he is trying to protect her from Brock and they are on the run from from hydra and she is struggling to get Brock out of her mind. Bucky is trying to get her back to her normal life again.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10


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