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DODRIO’S “2016 is Finally Dead” THANK YOU!

Hello, my friends! 2016 is finally dead and gee whiz, am I happy about that! It’s been a difficult year of transition and change for everyone worldwide, which is an understatement alone, but I want to thank you all for surviving it with me!

These last four months of creating content (Zoidberg Voice: Hooray! I’m useful!) and interacting with all of you guy’s has really helped and inspired me, especially through my own personal recent struggles, and it means the world to me that we all bring each other so much mutual joy. 

In no particular order, I want to send my love to some friends and mutuals I’ve made! And also blogs I adore, even if we’ve never spoken. You are all wonderful and I appreciate what you do!

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In other news! Please check out two new Fan Blogs I’ve created!

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I’ll be posting daily Rick and Morty content on the first (GIFs, Screenshots, Videos, Memes, News, etc.) and am looking to add Members there, and will be posting the same type of content, just Ren and Stimpy, on the second!

I am thankful for each and every one of you who follows me and (seriously) send a thought of well wishes and prosperity you’re way every night before sleeping. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s to 2017! May it be filled of prosperity, productivity and security!


Happy birthday Japan! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

National Foundation Day (建国記念の日 Kenkoku Kinen no Hi) is a national holiday in Japan celebrated annually on February 11, celebrating the foundation of Japan and the accession of its first emperor, Emperor Jimmu on 11 February 660 BC

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

03. Watch Me, Watch You (pt. 1)

Jimin x Reader, College AU, TA!Jimin, Camboy!JImin

Genre: Smut, there’s literally no plot yet. 

So, I wasn’t supposed to upload this today. I wasn’t supposed to do anymore series either but @lostinbangtan convinced me to upload it as one part because it builds anticipation. So, here you go, a couple tags: @btssmutgalore, @missbaptan, @kinkchim, @tayegi, @seaseok, @dailydoseofdia@war-of-hormoan, & @mlkygguk <3333

I can’t believe I’ve finally resorted to this. You thought, scrolling through the endless videos on PornHub. It had been months since your last sexual experience and you had no one to blame but the enormous pile of pending essays, assignments and midterms. You scrunch your nose, thinking back to the last time you had sex. You and your best friend had crashed one of the frat parties on New Years but that night in general was a blur… You were completely wasted by the end of it. Of course, going to a bar to find some random stranger to fuck was always an option but you simply didn’t have the time. 

Tonight however, you really needed to destress because you had requested to meet your teaching assistant, Park Jimin, tomorrow who had basically failed you on an essay that asked for your opinion. How was that even possible? It was your opinion. You felt that might vomit all your sexual frustration and stress on to the teaching assistant who you had yet to meet. Yes, university was very different from High School, you didn’t even get to see the person who graded your paper until they had done it. All you were given was a name and a dropbox location to hand in your essay.

So now, here you were sitting in front of your laptop on your bed, in just a really large baggy shirt with absolutely nothing underneath trying to reach an orgasm while watching porn but you were too dry to even try.

You let out a frustrated sigh as you stared at the stills of various video and humorous titles that accompanied them. None of them caught your eye or even sparked a bit of interest. Most of them were just… dicks. Unflattering, dicks that obviously had gone through some serious enlargements. Just as you were about to give up and fall asleep from your exhausting day, you stumbled across a video-still of a boy. The still did not looked like it belonged on Pornhub but on the cover of a magazine.

As you could only see the upper half of the boy’s body, you could only tell that he was shirtless. He leaned against the headboard of his bed, his head tilted back so that his slender throat was exposed almost invitingly. You desired to accept the invitation and nibble marks all over his flawless skin. His plump lips were parted, and a shade of deep pink, hinting that he had been biting them. His complexion glistened as it was covered with precipitation making you salivate. One of his hands was tangled within his hair while the second disappeared underneath the cut. The absence of anyone else in the still hinted that the boy had been masturbating and when your eyes reached his chest your suspicion was confirmed. You unconsciously squeezed your thighs, a soft groan escaping your lips as your eyes examined the streaks of white across his chest. You licked your lips and quickly clicked on the video before you accident lose it in the vast library of porn.

You wipe you sweaty hands as you impatiently waited for the page to load. You begin to feel your arousal between your legs in anticipation and almost scream at the joy when it finally loaded. The video started with the boy reaching over and adjusting his camera. His lips were curved into a small smile as he settled back against the headboard of his bed. The way he set up the camera made it seem as if you were sitting in between his legs, watching him. He pressed his index finger against his lips, as if he was telling you to be quiet and took off his loose black t-shirt, revealing his toned chest. Your eyes raked the delicious ripple of of his muscles as he moved.

You squeezed your thighs as he smirked at the camera - well, at you, he hasn’t even started yet and here you were already dripping for him. He bit his plush lips and glanced down. You followed his eyes and settled them on the hardened bulge hidden underneath his boxers. He slowly rubbed himself over the flimsy material, his breath catching in his throat. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back. You were curious as to what exactly he was imagining because it got him fully erect unbelievably fast. His hand grasped himself over the boxers, the material giving him the friction he needed. He let out a soft groan, his eyes staring at the camera pleadingly. You felt yourself blush at the intensity of his gaze and flicker your eyes to watch his hands. Entranced by the movements, you pondered upon what it would feel like to have those hands pleasuring you instead. 

You licked your lips as he reached inside his boxers and began to stroke himself under the curtain of the material. You felt yourself squeeze your thighs yet again as your arousal leaked from your lips. Suddenly, he lifted his hips off the bed and took off his boxers in one quick movement. His cheeks lightly tinted pink as his hardening cock was now exposed to the camera. You felt your mouth water at the slight of his length, you hadn’t expected him to be so large and thick, your opening was now begging to be filed with him completely. You eyes wavered between his face, chest and dick, your hands craving to touch any part of him but you couldn’t. It was torturous but it was also arousing. You slowly ran your finger tips across your inner thigh, slowly making your way to throbbing centre.

The boy licked his lips and settled his gaze on his own dick, clearly too embarrassed to look at the camera. His embarrassment was unbelievably sexy and his flushed appearance was making you weak. The boy bit his lips and slowly started stroking himself. He parted his lips and ran is hand over the length with only his fingers. You could tell he was very sensitive to any kind of touch, even his own, by the way his breathing escalated and his eyes closed involuntarily. It was apparent that he was denying himself the pleasure of the rough friction he needed for you. His purpose at present was not only to turn himself on, but also to turn you on.

You traced your finger along your opening and prodded at your clit. You spreading your lips as you watched his cock glisten with pre-cum and massaged your sensitive peak with your index and middle finger, teasingly tugging at the the bundle of nerves. You gasped as he suddenly shifted his gaze to the camera and ran his hand along his cock, spreading the pre-cum over his shaft. He licked his lips and gripped his cock tightly with his hand and began jerking at it. He let out a loud moan and threw his head back to rest against the headboard exposing his neck to camera, just like in the still of video.

Your eyes stayed on the angry red head of his cock as his hand enclosed around the shaft to yank at it roughly. His pants grew erratic as his hands increase the pace. You noticed his hips aiding him with each jerk as they thrusted effortlessly into his own hand. He ran his second hand through his hair, tugging at the roots. You unconsciously noted that he seemed to enjoy pain directly at himself. Without further deliberation, you dived your fingers into your leaking heat attempting to climax with your camboy. As his quietened pants, whimpers and moans echoed in your ears you found yourself inserting a second finger.

“That’s it baby girl,” The boy moaned, causing your breath to catch at the hoarseness of his voice. You slump against the headboard and parted your thighs wider. You entered a third finger into your heat and trailed your second hand under your shirt to tease your hardened nipple. It was as if you were giving him a show as well. The vulgar sounds of your fingers diving into yourself mingling with his pants as he yanked at his cock violently fuelled your desire.

“I’m so close baby,” he whimpered, you watched with half-lidded eyes as the boy continued to moan and jerk his cock. His pre-cum was now leaking over his fist was making your mouth water. You wanted his cum in you or even on you. You thrust your fingers faster into your heat you thumb probing your clit and it was as if you were both racing, chasing your orgasms together. Your pants mingled with his. You were so close, you could feel it. Your fingers dived deeper into your throbbing core, curving upward in attempt to hit your sweet spot when suddenly you heard the familiar chime of an email notification from your MacBook.

Your eyes opened wide in shock, the intrusion causing your orgasm to dissipate. You retreated your fingers angrily in attempt to close the annoying notification and go back to your camboy but the email notification had caused your old MacBook to freeze. You couldn’t see anything except the email from your teaching assistant saying he was willing to meet with you tomorrow. You growled in frustration pressed down roughly at the power button to shut your MacBook off.

“Fucking Park Jimin,” You screamed, as you threw your MacBook across the bed. He completely deserved the storm that was coming at him tomorrow.

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Lmaoooo I've been watching the note count on your Viktuuri "Are you gay?" vid and I actually cheered when I saw it'd passed 50,000 notes X'D


A,B,C or all of Above

hello friends!!!! ok so i’m gna try something new here and start taking requests if there’s any!! since i have a lot of time and i just finished a gfx for seventeen’s 2nd year lol bUT YES if y'all want some mediocre gfx from yours truly, send me an ask and i’ll get right to it :’)

My new phone is Great and I am very happy to finally have a working phone but it is also bad bc now I keep distracting myself with playing mobile games instead of writing….


So this is like a super crossover between Teen wolf, My Baby Sitter’s a Vampire and occasionally Wizards Of Waverly Place. (Jenny Weir is an OC)

“Mrs Weir we have been patient with Benny and Jenny, their parents passing obviously troubled them but this time they have gone too far Benny and Jenny have angered Anastasia for the last time, the vampires of Whitechapel will not stand for the blatant disrespect they showed by bringing Jessie into Whitechapel again, you were told to control their magic it has been ten years since they accident and they have become unruly.”

“I understand but they are thirteen and losing their grandfather so soon after the accident didn’t help I’m sure some time together they will become less, well… wild after all once I’m gone all they will have is each other.” Mrs Weir looked up at the coven leader who was looking down on her from his position on his wooden throne, a scowl fixed firm upon his face. 

The old woman knew that the twins would be sent away but she had never thought it would be so soon.

The last time they had broken the Coven’s rules Jenny had been sent to Wiztech in hopes that she would learn discipline but ended up being sent back a few months later when she and another witch, Alex, had filled the school with plastic bool-pool balls.

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Imagine Jensen kissing you on impulse on New Year's day.

Originally posted by beautifulmess555


“Come on guys!” you squealed excited, gathering everybody around as the final count down began.

“J!” you giggled as you dragged your best friend – crush towards the living room. The only thing the man could do was laugh, maybe a little nervously when you touched his hand, but smile widely nonetheless at your childlike behavior.


“Sweetheart, easy. Don’t want to have to spent the first day of the year in the hospital.” he chuckled, feeling a little giddy when without realizing it you locked your fingers with his.

You turned your head and gave him a glare, one that he found all too adorable and that he only laughed at.


“You’d deserve it! You are the only one running away from this, everybody has been gathered in the living room for over 20 minutes!” you scolded with a stern look that he’d be willing to face everyday even if you had to shout at him for the least of things.

“I’m not running away from this.” he said with a small smile, and roll of his eyes. Although part of him knew that he was slightly running away from being so close to you. It felt as if he had no control of himself whenever you were standing next to him.


“Like hell you are!” you exclaimed a little breathlessly as you joined all your friends and family in the living room. The moment you had asked him to spend New Year’s Eve he had been so greedy he had not stopped himself from saying yes.

And he couldn’t lie to himself, he had felt slightly disappointed when he realized you had called Jared, Misha and Mark and their families too. But he was a great actor, your words, so he had done his best to hide it. And he had done his best to not let you realize how Jared and Misha’s teasing had gotten the best of him all night.

As if it wasn’t enough that he had to put up with them encouraging him to make a move on you after years of having feelings for you, but he now had to deal with it all night. After all: who could blame him? He was unable to take his eyes from you when you looked more beautiful than he ever thought you could have. Just when he thought you were perfect you went and proved him wrong, showing that you could look even more beautiful.

Gosh, he was a goner.


“I told you I am not!” he huffed as he downed the rest of his drink and you took the glass from his hand and put it away.

“Right-” you rolled your eyes with a smile “-Jensen if you’re trying to skip the New Year’s kiss I’m telling you- there is no getting away.” you winked and for a moment he held his breath. His hopes got the best of him but he let out a breath when you patted his cheek with your finger.

“What? Jensen can’t wait for my New Year’s kiss?” Misha asked with a grin, making a kissing face at his friend and Jensen only rolled his eyes, hitting his friend on the shoulder.

“Go to your wife you idiot!” he said with a grin as Misha laughed, walking to his wife and kids… after he winked at you.

“Does he know something I don’t?” you asked Jensen and he only shrugged, avoiding eye-contact for a moment.

“What? Who? Misha? No, no absolutely not.” he shook his head a little over-dramatically.


“Ok” you giggled, glancing at the rest of your guests as the countdown kept going “The year is almost over.” you whispered and he nodded his head with a small sigh.

“Yeah- it’s almost over.” his eyes however remained on you.

“Did any wishes come true this year?” you asked, locking eyes with his and he shrugged softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Not the one I’d really want to, smalls.” he kissed your forehead as you hugged him.


“But- was it at least a happy one?” you looked up at him and he sighed.

“Every year had been a happy one ever since you came into my life, (Y/n).” he tucked a few strands behind your ear as you only smiled shyly.

“Then I’m guessing you like the party tonight huh?” you asked with a sheepish smile and he grinned, nodding his head.

“More than you can realize.” he breathed out.


“Really?” you breathed out “I mean I saw that Jared and Misha had not stopped teasing you. I don’t know what about but-”

“It’s nothing princess.” he shook his head.

“Is it?” you whispered.


“Why are you asking?”

“Jens, does this maybe have to do with that… wish that didn’t come true this year?”

“What- what do you mean?” he blinked, feeling the temperature on his face rise. Was it getting hotter all of a sudden or was it his idea?

“I-” you bit your lip, looking at him for a split second “I may have heard you and Misha talk about… me.

Well, that was certainly not what he expected to hear. His heart stopped beating and he held his breath.


“Are you not going to say something about it?” you whispered feeling more awkward and shy than him “J. Come on please, jus say something.” you breathed out shakily.

But Jensen couldn’t. He couldn’t say nor do anything as it all finally happened and he wasn’t prepared about it in the least bit. HE had thought about how this would happen so many times and he had prepared so many things to say. But he didn’t expect it to happen now and not like this. He was at a loss for words. So instead, actions spoke a thousand more.

He grabbed your face and crashed his lips to yours as the ‘Happy New Year!’ and cheers were heard. And even much much later…

…none of you pulled away.

New Year Calls

im three days late whoops 

Pairing: Reader/OptionalBias
Genre: Fluff

“I can’t believe its our first New Years together and we can’t even spend it together.” A voice whined over the phone. Y/N only laughed sadly at the words, knowing she was feeling the same way he was. They both knew there would be times where they wouldn’t be together on special occasions, one of the many downfalls of two idols in a relationship.

“I know, but the new year will still be there when we return to each other. Only two more weeks.” She consoled, smiling to herself as she maneuvered her way through the busy airport. With festivities nearing many people were traveling, Y/N’s group among many of those people.

“But who am I supposed to kiss at midnight?” He asked, the whine still evident in his voice. The girl laughed and made sure her members were still in line of sight, opting to stay behind so they didn’t hear her conversation.

“Kiss one of your member like you did last year?” A loud sound of disbelief came from the other end, making her move her phone away from her ear.

“How did you know about that? It was an accident!”

“I know things,” As the group arrived to the gate they were supposed to be at Y/N sighed, “I’m about to board, I’ll text you when I get off, okay?” A gloomy atmosphere was felt as she heard him sigh but respond,

“Okay, I’ll be here.” Quickly turning into a more dramatic performance, “Counting down the days. How will I survive?!”

“Okay you drama queen.”


One week later and both sat on the phone, one in their practice room and the other on the bus. The pair had been counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds till the clock striked twelve and celebrations commenced. Both wanted to be the last voice the other heard in that year. It was the next best thing to a kiss they supposed.

“Only ten minutes left.” A tired voice said with a yawn soon
“Did that vlive make you tired?” Y/N joked, eyes wandering at the scenery rushing past her, familiar streets and buildings blurring by.

“You watched it?” He sounded shocked, a smile forming on the girls face.

“I watch all of the streams. Did you think I wouldn’t watch something my boyfriend is in?” Feigned offensive in her voice made the male go on the defensive,

“No no! I just thought…You know there are now eight minutes left of this year, do you really want to end it fighting?”

“Hmm, since you put it that way, I guess I’ll hold it against you until next year.” The two shared a laugh and sighed in content, silence overtaking the two as the bus came to a stop where Y/N needed to be. Even so, she didn’t hang up, instead deciding to walk through the crowded streets while still on the phone.

“So how are promotions going?” He asked, voice still laced with fatigue. The girl looked around for the right building, picking up her pace and thanking the stars no one recognized her in the flood of people.

“Better than our comeback, let me tell you that.” She replied, “But I still can’t wait for them to be over.” He made a sound of understanding,

“One more week.” Those three words brought smiles to both of their faces.

“One more week.” She repeated.

“And three more minutes.”

“Can’t forget about those few minutes.” She stated, entering the building and heading towards the stairs, silently cursing her leg for falling asleep on the bus ride.

“How’s practice going?”

“We finally got through an entire dance without mistakes., so it been fairly successful. Everyone’s pretty tired so we plan to leave after people start clearing out outside. They’re all asleep though.” Right as Y/N stopped in front of a door she heard the crowd outside counting down, “Looks like there’s only a minute left.”

“One minute left of the best six months of my life.” Y/N cringed at herself for the sappy line, and with the fake gagging sound coming from the other side, he was too.

“Please leave those lines to the professional.”

As soon the chants fell to ten, the pair both counted along too.


The two said it unison.


Y/N smiled to herself.


Her heart raced.


She held a fist to the door.


A knock on a door.


Confused, the male went to answer it.


Y/N took a deep breath.


The two stood face to face.


Lips crashed and an aura of joy filled the two as they started the new year right.