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By the way, did you know that there’s an officially licensed album of Transformers inspired music that isn’t connected to any particular movie or series or anything, it just simply exists because what the hell?

And it’s great?


(via 🇺🇸 Sweet Guinea Pigs on Instagram: “Cheesecake crashed into the cage full speed while trying to jump inside 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think he needs to practice his landing 🐹❤️”)

Every Silent Hill game in 'Local Man' terms
  • Silent Hill Origins: Local man loses truck, rescues burning child, remembers father's death
  • Silent Hill: Local man crashes jeep, loses child, helps ghost kill god
  • Silent Hill 2: Local man kills wife, meets stripper, adopts a child
  • Silent Hill 3: Local girl has bad dream, loses father, kills god
  • Silent Hill 4: Local man locked in apartment, finds corpse in walled up room, saves neighbour from ghosts
  • Silent Hill Homecoming: Local man with memory loss kills local judge, comes to terms with accidental drowning of brother
  • Silent Hill Downpour: Local man arrested, escapes from crashed prison bus, frees caged birds
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Local man realizes that he is actually a ghost, local woman comes to terms with father's death
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories: Local blogger hasn't finished game, can't make decent joke, gives up and moves on
  • Silent Hill P.T: Local man trapped in never ending hallway while Swedish radio plays, wonders whose baby is in the sink

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Prompt: Castle falls asleep on Beckett's chest.

Post 4x04, Kick The Ballistics.


She hated for him to see her broken, raw and trembling and overwhelmed with inner demons, but part of her had been grateful for the one time she had let him. In her own apartment, during an unexpected panic attack a couple of weeks ago, he had touched the shaking bone of her shoulder, murmured comforting words, relatable words.

I know, Kate, I know. I have them too.

She hadn’t necessarily believed that, couldn’t picture Rick Castle enduring the torturous episode of a panic attack, but he hadn’t been lying to her. 

The return of Jerry Tyson had rattled him, she knew that, and ever since the heartbreak she had caused him throughout the summer, their partnership had been a bit more tentative. Her shooting, those words she isn’t supposed to remember, still looming over them, she knew that too. Castle was under a lot of stress, probably dealing with a good dose of emotional turmoil, but that knowledge hadn’t prepared her for his mother to call her in quiet distress, worried over her son and unsure of what else to do.

“This has happened before, once not long after the divorce with Meredith, when he was under so much pressure,” Martha had babbled, her voice a contradiction of calm and factual, frantic and fearful. “And I know he doesn’t like for anyone to see him like this. But I could hear him when I went to let him know I was leaving and he just sounded so - so grief stricken, and I just can’t not-”

“I’m on my way,” Kate had promised his mother, already changing directions, turning away from the entrance of the subway that would take her home and towards the sidewalk instead, hailing a cab that would get her to his loft quicker. “Just ten minutes, I’ll be there.”

“I’ll leave the door unlocked for you, darling.”

Martha had stuck true to her word and after impatiently riding the elevator to the top floor of his building, Kate is able to stride inside the loft, take the path to his office without a second thought. Her fingers pause over the handle to his bedroom door, though, apprehension flaring in her stomach. She’s never been inside his bedroom and it isn’t her right to just barge in.

“I’ll be out in just a moment, Mother,” he calls out when she knocks, and he’s a skilled actor, talented in the roles he plays for those he doesn’t allow inside, but she can still hear the slight quiver in his voice. 

“Not your mom, Castle,” she calls back, hearing nothing but silence on the other side of the door for a split second before his footsteps rush towards her. 

The door swings open and despite the smile he musters for her, she can see the cracks in his exterior. 

“Beckett, to what do I owe the pleasure of an unexpected visit?” he quips. “And how did you get in here?”

“Your mom let me in while she was on her way out.” Technically, it was true. “I thought after everything with this case and 3XK… I thought you could use some company.”

His eyes ripple with surprised delight, gentle appreciation, and she wishes she would have thought to come to him sooner, to care enough to check on him without his mother having to inform her of his current state. 

“I - that’d be great. Have you eaten?”

“No,” she admits, biting her bottom lip when Castle steps out of his office, his hand rising to glance the small of her back before it quickly falls away. She misses the warmth of his palm without even having the chance to experience it. “Have you?”

“I was just about to,” he lies, the grin stretched across his lips charming but strained, enough for her to see through.

She doesn’t comment on it, doesn’t try to bring up what she knows is bothering him, but she does stick close to his side in the kitchen, helping him heat up leftover pasta that smells divine despite its time in the fridge. She sits beside him on the couch while they eat, engages in the comfortable small talk, the silence that falls between bites yet never becomes awkward. Not with him.

“How’re you holding up?” Kate finally asks after he’s set his bowl down on the coffee table in front of them, taken the last sip of the red wine he had poured in matching glasses for them. She still nurses hers between her palms.

Castle tilts his head at her in feigned confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Rick,” she murmurs, watching him physically deflate, sighing out in defeat as his shoulders slump, his lips falling into a frown and his eyes going dull, and she stretches forward to deposit her wine glass on the table beside his.

“I’m okay,” he states with a shrug. “Not even sure why it bothers me so much. Ryan is the one who went through hell during this case.”

“What Tyson did to you both was equally traumatizing-“

“Trauma?” Castle scoffs, shaking his head at her. “I didn’t - there’s no trauma, Kate. I’m fine. I just - I guess this case had me afraid that Tyson would step up his game, come after us, people I care about.”

“We never would have let him come after Martha or Alexis,” she swears to him, hoping the knowledge that he had an entire precinct ready to protect his family if need be would provide him with comfort, but she watches his lips purse instead.

“And you?”

Kate shifts on the sofa to face him, her brow creasing with confusion. “Me?”

Castle scrapes a hand through his hair and averts his eyes, looks as if he’s about to rise, take a page from her book and make a run for it, so she drapes her hand atop his knee, effectively stays him.

“I can’t protect you,” he gets out without meeting her eyes. “Couldn’t protect you. I wouldn’t have been able to stop Tyson if he had-“

“Castle, stop,” she breathes, her fingers clenching hard over the bone of his knee.

“And I know you don’t need my protection, but I can’t - God, I can’t lose you again, Beckett,” he confesses, his head in his hands and his body curling in on itself, protecting himself. From her. “Not like that.”

“You’re not,” Kate chokes out, the terrible grief clogging her throat, knotting in her chest beneath the bullet scar that consumes her sternum, consumes everything.

She’s close enough to drop her forehead to the rounded bone of his shoulder, the scent of his aftershave drifting up to greet her, embrace her, and she inhales a deep breath of it, of him, and swallows down her own anguish, focuses on Castle’s.

His spine is stiff, his entire frame rigid beneath the foreign proximity she offers, and Kate reaches for one of the hands fisted in his hair. He lets her have it without resistance, his head turning towards her to watch as she cradles his fingers in her palm, strokes her thumb along his knuckles.

“You’re not,” she repeats, feeling the intensity of his gaze resting on her, searing through her. “I’m still here, Castle,” she whispers, drawing his palm to her chest, up to her heart.

The harsh intake of his breath shudders through them both, but he allows her to keep his hand flat against her sternum, her heart galloping to meet his palm, crashing against the cage of her ribs to feel the warmth of his skin seeping through her shirt.

She couldn’t return his confessions of love, not yet, not with words, but she could offer him this - reassurance in whatever form he needed. She could let him hold onto her heart before she gave it over completely.

“Kate,” he whispers back, but she doesn’t answer, her forehead still sealed to his shoulder, a new favorite place of rest, one where she’s content to remain.

And that’s what they do for a long while - remain. His hand cradled to her chest, her forehead to his shoulder, and his body beginning to lean into hers as time passes.

“Don’t go,” Castle sighs out, his hand going slack beneath hers, and she controls the descent of his fist to her side before she attempts to rise from the sofa. “Beckett-“

“Shh, let’s get you to bed, Castle,” she murmurs, squeezing his bicep before she stands, tugs him up with her. “I’ll stay a little while longer.”

That earns a surprised quirk of an eyebrow despite his drowsy state, the exhaustion from the panic attack that had caused his mother to dial her number, from the pasta and the wine that has even her eyes feeling heavy, from the thought of losing her - all of it overtaking.

He shuffles towards his bedroom with her at his side, his warmth like a magnet she fails to stray from, her body easing onto the edge of his bed even as he plops down. Her mind is in turmoil, red flags and alarm bells plaguing every inch of her skull, but her heart beats hard and fervent behind the walls that bind it, keep it from the man lying next to her on the bed.

“You really don’t have to stay,” he mumbles around a yawn, offering her a reassuring smile, the one he often uses to comfort her, calm her, and they may still be waiting, but that doesn’t mean she can’t stick around, take care of him a little longer, whether he needs her or not. God knows he would do the same for her without hesitation.

“Just for a few minutes,” she replies, easing down onto her side, facing him, and holding her breath as he reaches out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Kate,” he murmurs, his fingers traveling to stroke up and down her spine, eliciting shivers and streaks of heat all at once, sending her eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you.”

They peel open at that.

“Always,” she returns, watching the blue of his eyes burn so brightly in the darkness of his bedroom before his lashes fall shut to hide the need she recognizes coming to life.

She falls asleep mere moments after she watches his eyes close for a final time, after she trains the rise and fall of her chest to the steady rhythm of his breathing beside her. 


The next time Kate wakes, it’s late in the night and her eyes are thick with sleep, her chest heavy with the weight atop the frame of her ribs, the press of his cheek to her sternum, his ear at her heart. It should hurt, her muddled brain muses, the pressure atop her gunshot wound, but the seal of his cheek to her sternum does the opposite. 

He anchors her.

It should terrify her too, but she blinks through the grit of her slumber to catch a glimpse of his face, slack and at peace, innocent and untouched by the grief she had passed onto him. She’ll dislodge him before morning, probably be out of his loft before he even awakens, but for now, Kate combs her fingers through his hair, sighs quietly when he tightens the arm around her waist and nuzzles gently, his nose grazing her collarbone.

This is what she’s working so hard for, trying to be better for, what they’re both waiting for. But for tonight, she erases her shooting from her mind, dispels thoughts of Jerry Tyson and the ache in Castle’s eyes when he’d said he couldn’t protect her, and gives him the beat of her heart, the drum of reassurance beneath his ear. For tonight, she allows them both a much needed rest.

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whoo boy i really want akira angst bc it soothes my soul thanks so much for doing this blog it is an amazing gift to the world!!!


“You’re so quiet.” 

Why don’t you ever talk?”

“You’re too passive.” 

“Don’t you have any opinions?”

If Akira obtained a single yen for every time those phrases invaded his ears, he could purchase one hundred pairs of noise-cancelling headphones to tune out the condescending and obvious statements. He was well aware of his reticence, and there was no need for people to constantly address it. Even a few of his current friends commented on it upon their first encounter with him; however, once they forged a deeper connection with the bespectacled delinquent, they realized that their original impression was a false one.

Indeed, Akira wasn’t always so taciturn and somber; on the contrary, when he still resided in his hometown, he was rather talkative and frivolous, frequently teasing his friends and attracting attention wherever he roamed by engaging in audacious or flamboyant antics. His daily activities included accompanying his cherished friends as they performed various activities, such as parkour, karaoke, or simply a stroll around town. 

Furthermore, Akira was quite popular for his kindness and levity. He was also fearless of the opinions of others; if his favorite song resonated from a store in the local mall, he would shamelessly break out into a small dance, or even strike a pose if he was ‘feeling saucy’. Alternatively, if he ever witnessed someone in distress, he would immediately take action and reproach the offender, shielding the victim from them as he did so. Akira would remain persistent until the one of them backed down, and he ensured that it would not be him, for if there was one thing he wholeheartedly loathed, it was those in power exploiting those that possessed no means of fighting back. That very abhorrence still remained within him, yet ironically, it is also what spurred the subsequent series of events that drastically altered his life, and consequently, his very identity.

After the deplorable day of his arrest, it was evident that Akira would never be the same jubilant, well-loved boy again. He’ll never forget the sheer petrification that usurped his body when the cold, austere slap of handcuffs clanked around his wrists, or how his heart crashed against his rib-cage, begging for a release from its prison as he stood trial, well aware that it was merely a formality before he was inevitably cast away. Although he understood this, he couldn’t quell the overwhelming entanglement of dread and wrath once the verdict echoed throughout the courtroom; the false declaration haunted his ears, in addition to his dreams, so that he may never forget that he was now branded a criminal.

Once Akira was exposed to the public as a guilty, violent delinquent, he was abandoned by the very same people that swore to extend their hand to him when he hit rock bottom, to help him crawl back out of his darkness and emerge into the light, revitalized and healed of his woes. They swore to protect him in the face of injustice, to guide him to the future that they proclaimed he deserved. They vowed to be there for him when he needed them the most…

Yet all that awaited him outside the courthouse was ostracism and his own heart handed to him in shattered pieces. 

“You’re no friend of mine. Get lost, freak!”

“I can’t be seen around you anymore. Sorry…”

“Please, don’t talk to me ever again.”

Akira’s own parents were included among those that eschewed him; they listened to his perspective of the situation, and they additionally believed his innocence. However, the combination of their embarrassment of him and the risk he imposed on their pristine reputation ultimately concluded that he would transfer to Tokyo, where a new life of inexorable scorn awaited him. 

There were many nights where Akira gazed longingly at his phone, desperately praying for a single text of consolation, or reassurance that he would be all right and make it through this hellish nightmare that was unfairly thrust upon him.

However, empty promises truly live up to their name; Akira discovered far too late that words are merely hollow, meant to fill the silence and temporarily dispel the burdensome worries that plagued both heart and mind. He was a fool to have expected them to fulfill their end of the bargain, to support him should he ever be swallowed by desolation and grief. Alas, loyalty will only get you so far so long as you provide a use and a purpose, so long as you’re not inconvenient to others.

Those are the unspoken words that ruthlessly permeate Akira’s mind when he is inquired of his jaded and withdrawn bearing, yet the only words that deign to slip past his lips are, “Sorry, I’ve always been this way.”

Bf! Suho

  • Suho just happened, it wasn’t planned
  • You moved into his neighbourhood when you were 10 and he was your first best friend
  • People often teased you both in school, how you were so close
  • He spent his free time with you, spending lunch times with you and often came to your house to spend his evenings
  • You started feeling things for him as you reached your teenage years, often blushing when he was around and finding your words stuck in your throat when he talked
  • Everything about him sucked the breather out of you and left you speechless and paralysed
  • You kept your feelings hidden, knowing that he would never feel the same about you. He had gained popularity because of his angelic voice and arresting features. But he was always so nice
  • You tried avoiding him but he would always be there
  • That was when he was accepted into SM. You were happy for him but so sad that you won’t see him as much. You were glad you kept your feelings from him, the love painfully crashing against your rib cage whenever he was around
  • When he told you he was leaving you smiled brightly at him but he saw, he saw your eyes water, your mouth lying as your lips stretched into a grin
  • “Y/N, before I leave, I wanted to ask you something. Something I’ve been aching to ask you ever since….” He stopped and looked away
  • “Will you be my girlfriend? It’ll be hard I know and we’ll rarely see each other but I promise I’ll make time for us”
  • You just stared blankly at him and then breaking into tears. He held you as you cried, not knowing why. Was it the fear? Was it the happiness? The relief?
  • But you said yes and he smiled so bright, he put the twinkling stars to shame
  • Suho knows more about you than you know about yourself
  • He would always see if you’re not feeling well of it you’ve had a bad day
  • He just knows, by the way you talk, the way you play with the rings on your finger or the way you stare too much out the window
  • And he also knows when not to talk about it
  • He would just hug you
  • And his hugs are really warm and he smells really nice, like expensive cologne and newly washed sheets. You bury your face in the soft material of his shirt and he strokes your hair really gently and kisses your head
  • “I love you, you know that right?” He would say while looking deep into your eyes
  • His kisses are gentle and passionate and he cups your face, his palms tender and warm
  • His eyes are often closed as you break away from the kiss and then he smiles like an idiots
  • He’s so romantic sometimes
  • Like bringing you flowers and texting you something really cute, and pulling you close by the waist
  • He loves staring at you fondly and playing with your hair and whispering cute things in your ear
  • You both love the rain and mostly stay at home and cuddle
  • When cuddling, he rests his head on your shoulder and play with your fingers and then raises them up to kiss them
  • You sometimes cringe by how romantic he is but it makes you feel wanted
  • He makes you feel so good about yourself, and its evident how genuinely proud of you he is
  • Even when he’s busy, he tries his best to call you 
  • Whenever he gets time off, he immediately runs over to your place to spend time with you
  • He can be an idiot as well
  • He make weird faces sometimes and its just…weird
  • And he’ll start dancing randomly sometimes and you have to stop him
  • like the time he danced to russian roulette. on a music show. stop him
  • Making weird ass jokes and smiles at you in a goofy way, expecting laughter from you but you just stare at him like what the hell
  • Sometimes he makes you rethink your life choices
  • “Why am I dating this man”
  • Bad pick up lines that makes you want to push him off the cliff
  • “Are you feeling sick? I guess we can say that you lack in Vitamin ME!”
  • Gets offended when you don’t laugh
  • “It is I, your first love, your knight in shining armour!”
  • “Suho please stop”
  • He’s always eagerly looking at him phone, hoping you’d call him
  • The other members tease him about it but he doesn’t care
  • Gives amazing advice and makes you feel better when you’re down
  • Sometimes nags you when you don’t listen to him
  • Loves buying things for you
  • Never forgets anniversaries, he legit remembers the day you moved in
  • He had a crush on you since day 1
  • “No, pfft you looked like a potato haha what crush”
  • Kept a diary and wrote about how much he loves you and you found it hiding in his room somewhere and some entries literally had you in tears
  • Had a mental breakdown when he found out you read his diary
  • Gets jealous fairly easily and doesn’t like it when you get too close to one of the other members
  • He becomes really quiet and frustrated and ignores you
  • You both don’t fight a lot but when you do he talks to you about it
  • He doesn’t like arguments 
  • Always so calm, you feel at peace next to him
  • Long walks on the beach and then watching the sunset together
  • Sometimes you would stand on the balcony and watch the far off twinkling lights and talk about life
  • You both love reminiscing about old times
  • Both of your parents were so surprised when they heard you were dating but literally threw a party
  • Your mom loves him, your cousins are jealous of you, your whole family adores you
  • He gets a little shy around your family though and follows you around at family gatherings
  • Is so scared of your dad and gets all gentlemanly and reserved
  • He is such a gentleman though, like he holds the door for you, makes you sit in the car first, holds you by the back whenever you both go together, pulls the chair from the table for you to sit
  • One time he pulled the chair when you were about to sit and you fell on your ass and he died laughing
  • Adores you when you wear his clothes
  • Late night conversations and then laughing like idiots
  • Holds you close when you’re sleeping
  • Morning kisses and sweet pecks on the nose
  • Going to the gym together and him laughing at you when you get too tired
  • Cute selfies at clothes’ shops, mostly him kissing you on the cheeks
  • Him giving you piggy back rides around the house
  • Baking and endings up in a mess 
  • Him going out of his way on your birthday and buying you presents and trying to make a cake but failing
  • Him singing to you late at night when you both can’t fall asleep
  • Watching kdramas on a lazy day
  • Your sheets smelling like him
  • Him running to your apartment when he gets off early
  • Hugs when he picks you up and swirls you and you both end up in a laughing mess
  • Dates in cute cafes or in expensive restaurants
  • His gallery is filled with pictures of you, eating, studying, sleeping
  • Walking along the river or cycling late at night
  • Adopting a dog together and having an argument on what to name him
  • Candle light dinners
  • He holds your hand really tightly
  • In bed he’s so dominant like totally has a daddy kink
  • But then also asks if you’re ok and it annoys you because
  • “But are you okay?”
  • Its such a bliss your relationships is beautiful
  • You’re so lucky ugh

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Your Wolfstar Secret Santa’s here to finally deliver your gift! :-)
I hope you like it!!

Just ask him
A wolfstar fanfic

They were standing in front of the bulletin board with a few dozen other students, all peering over each others heads at the parchment pinned there, announcing the date of the annual Christmas ball of Hogwarts.

“Thank Merlin! I don’t know what I would have done if they had scheduled the Christmas ball so that it overlapped and interfered with our practice. Like, what would I have done? I can’t choose between working for my promising career and having the opportunity to further woo Lily Evans at an event I can once more ask her out to. Like, she’s got to say yes this time, righ-“

“Oh sweet gallopin’ gorgons! Prongs! Can’t you shut up for a second! Not everything’s always about you, your sacred Quidditch or Lily fricking Evans! You know, at least you’re not risking ruining any existing friendship with her, the way you’re so obviously pining after her! If she says no, it’s just that. But if I even dare ask and I get a no, there’s a 99 percent chance I’d have managed to fly one of the most important friendships into the ground! With just one stupid question! Because of my hideous crush on my best friend! Like you’re always going on and on-“


“-and on and-“


“-on and o-“


With big grey eyes nearly bulging out of its sockets, Sirius only just stared at James. Had he just really unintentionally outed himself to his brother? Slipped on his secret that was his crush on Moony?

Keep reading
Smolder - vaenire - xXx (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: xXx (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Xander Cage/Xiang
Characters: Xander Cage, Xiang (xXx)
Additional Tags: Domestic, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Sappy, Frottage
Series: Part 2 of (Crash and) Burn verse

It wasn’t that Xiang didn’t feel it for Xander– really, he felt the same way. At this point, it would be cruel to keep this up with Xander if he didn’t.

Xander was very obvious about it. The staring, the compliments, the way they went about living together and doing domestic shit like grocery shopping. Xiang had never been domestic before, but after living like this with Xander for well over a year now, he didn’t know how to go back. He could if he had to, but he liked what he had.

And he loved Xander. He was scared to say it, to make himself that vulnerable and exposed, but he did.

Not Dead yet (Part 12)

*Thank you all so much for liking this series and sending me such kind comments! Makes my day! I am looking forward to getting some more development going on next chapter!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, some violence

“Y/N!” Devin rushed up to me, “We thought Pan had killed you!”

“No, that would have been too easy.” I stared up at the cage where Ben was, “You okay, Ben?”

“I’m fine. What the hell happened to you?”

“Pan has a twisted sense of humor is what.” I rested against a tree, “How long have I been gone?”

“About three days or so.” Devin answered.

“Three days?” I growled, “That idiot had me trapped in that room for three days? Oh I am going to kill him!”

“What room? Where were you?” the boys asked.

“Doesn’t matter.” I rolled my shoulders trying to relieve some of the ache in my muscles, “What does matter is that I escaped because I was worried that Pan had done something terrible to you.” I pointed toward Ben.

“Aw, you’re worried about me. That’s sweet, Y/N.” he cooed mockingly.

“Don’t act like I didn’t hear you worrying about me, Benny boy.”  I pulled out my dagger and started to saw through the rope suspending him, “I hope she’s not dead. We can only hope Y/N’s alive. You act like I’m a demon spawn but I know you love me.”

“Or maybe we just know better than to–”

“Brace yourself!” The rope snapped and the cage crashed to the ground and spilled out the Lost Boy from inside. “What was that you were saying?”

“You are a heartless wench.” Ben groaned.

“Yeah, yeah, nothing I haven’t heard before. But first time I’m hearing it from you. What have I done recently to warrant such language?” I stuck out a hand to help him up.

“Besides being the reason I was put in the cage in the first place?” he took the hand and hauled himself up to his feet.

“Oh please, that was three days ago.” I smirked at him. The three of us chuckled and I wrapped her arms around the two boys’ shoulders. “Now someone take me to get some food because all I have had to eat these past couple of days have been some imaginary noodles.”

“Come along then.” we started walking back to camp.

“So, do you think we’ll get in trouble for this?” Devin asked as we neared the camp.

“For what? Me escaping or freeing Ben?”

“Let’s say both.”

“Well seeing as how they are both my doing I will take the blame if any blame need be placed. But I say we cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Agreed?”

The boys nodded along. After finding some food and wiping off some of the mud I had found myself covered in the three of us joined the night time festivities of the camp. After spending apparently a couple days in complete solitude I was ready for some interaction. Nick at some point found us and was glad to see I was not dead as the others had feared.

I may have gotten up and danced if it wasn’t for the fact I was already so tired from digging my way out of the cavern. Not only digging but climbing up along the narrow crumbling walls. At one point a rock came loose and almost hit me square in the face.

As much as I loved being back in the open with food and friends the day was catching up to me and I needed some rest. I walked back to my tent and laid down for some well deserved sleep.


Hm? Where am I? I looked around and noticed I was laying in a deep hole. Did I fall asleep in a grave again? I must have been really tired last night. I hauled myself up out of the grave.

What the–? How did I end up in the funeral home? I looked down at the large hole dug right in the middle of the floor. Oh no, he is going to kill me!

“Y/N!” a voice shouted from the other side of the door to my room. Doctor Beadnell.

I shoved all that I could into the hole trying to fill it back up.


The door shook on its hinges. Come on! Come on!

The door burst open. Doctor Beadnell stepped into the room and caught sight of the hole in the floor. “You blasted girl! Ruining my place of work!”

“I’m sorry! I’ll fix it! I promise!”

“That’s not good enough!” he cracked his cane against the hardwood floor.

“No! No!” I ran for the window but my feet tripped over themselves and I fell to the floor.

“Get back here you worthless thing!” he yelled as he stomped towards me. I scrambled again trying to reach the open window.

A hand wrapped around my ankle and pulled me back.

“AH!” I screamed my eyes popping open.

Neverland. I’m in Neverland. I breathed out in relief.

“How the hell did you get out?” I stared up and saw that Pan was the one that had pulled me out of my tent.

“Sorry I was–I just–” I was still reeling from my nightmare. “Damn…”

“Did I interrupt a dream?” Pan mocked.

“Yes–no–sort of–that is…” I took in a deep breath. “What do you want?”

“Are you shaking?”

“No!” I snapped, “Now what do you want?”

A beat of silence. “I want to know how you got out.”

“How’d you even know?”

“I went to let you out this morning but you weren’t there and there was a hole in the ceiling!”

“Okay let’s think about this: the exits were sealed and there’s a hole that leads straight to the surface. Ask me that again and look into my eyes.” I stretched my arms up over my head with a yawn.

I thought he would lash out but instead he sunk down to the ground at end of my feet. “A Lost Girl…stupid…why did I think this was a good idea?”

“Isn’t it a little early for you to be regretting bringing me here?” I asked as I rubbed the last of the sleep from my eyes.

“Isn’t it too early for you to be making me wish I left you for dead?” Pan scowled at me.

“I think it’s just a permanent state of being between us.” I smirked back at him.

“If that’s true then I really should have just tossed you off the cliff.” he was frowning but the way he said it put me at ease.

“You adore me.”

“I loathe you.”

“Uh huh, sure.” I crawled back into my tent suddenly aware that I was only clad in my shirt and knickers.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed.” I called back.

“Well make it quick.”

“Why? You gonna shove me back in the cavern for escaping?”

“I should.”

“I wouldn’t see the point. I know how to get out and you were going to let me out anyways.”

“Perhaps I’ll just lock you in a cage this time. You can swing around right next to Ben.”

I paused as I pulled on my shoes. “About that…”


“I freed Ben last night.”

“Why am I not even surprised?”

“So, am I being punished or do you give up?”

“Are you done dressing or not?” he snapped and I felt a small shot of victory.

“Yes.” I stepped back out fully dressed. “Did you need something?”

“Come on.” he grabbed my wrist and in a rush of wind we were suddenly at the top of Dead Man’s Peak. “Since I can’t seem to punish you normally I have to get creative.” he handed me a jar, “You are now in charge of harvesting dreamshade. Have fun and don’t prick yourself.”

Then he was gone and I was alone again on the peak. I let out a long sigh and leaned against one of the stone spires. It was way too early for this.

I stared at the thicket of dreamshade in disdain. Harvesting dreamshade. Sure, why not. It’s only the most deadly poison on the entire island. What’s there not to love? At least the sooner I finish the sooner I can get back to camp.

Careful to avoid the thorns I cut a trimming from the large bramble and squeezed it out into the jar until it was full. I held up the small jar in the morning light, its sides stained black. How much dreamshade do they go through that they need it refilled so often? It was such a strange thought to think that such a simple looking sap could be so deadly.

I tucked the jar back into my pocket and started the trek back to camp.


Should have just left her to die. How much simpler his life would be if Y/N wasn’t around causing him grief. Peter could still kill her. No one would question him, no one would dare.

He wouldn’t though. As annoyingly nosy, stubborn and infuriating she was he would keep letting her go because no matter what he couldn’t deny that she was a Lost Girl. She was a perfect fit for Neverland. That and her reactions were priceless. She always found a way to surprise Peter.

Like this morning. The shaking, the fear…

“Pan,” Felix approached Peter with a look he knew only too well.

“What now?”

“Ben, someone broke him out.”

“I already know that.” Peter groaned, “Y/N escaped her punishment and got the bright idea to liberate Ben from his.”

“Do you want me to take care of them?” Felix offered.

“No, I’ve done that too. Although I don’t know how effective it will be.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that Y/N refuses to respect me no matter how I threaten her. The only time I had her truly listening to me was when I was dangling her over a cliff!” Peter rarely blew his fuse but it was becoming a more common occurrence as the months went by.

“That can’t be true.” Felix said calmly, unflustered with his friend’s outburst.

“It is. Even when I know she’s scared she still acts like she’s fearless and while I can respect never letting your fear show it doesn’t help me any.”

“You can’t think of one time when she’s done as you said or been any kind of tolerable outside of you almost killing her?”

Peter paused as he thought. In truth Y/N did listen to him. She listened to him a lot and had days where she seemed to truly respect him. When he helped her she was genuinely thankful. She didn’t respect him out of intimidation like the others.

A snippet of a conversation they had months ago flitted past his mind. “Fear only earns you some people’s respect…” Peter mumbled to himself.

“Pan?” Felix inquired when Peter didn’t answer him.

“Huh? Oh right, don’t worry about it.” Peter waved him off, “I know how to fix this. You go with the others to training, I’ll meet you there.”

Felix shrugged and started to round up the boys for the morning training. Peter stayed back at the camp thinking. This had better not backfire on him.

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The Tease

Originals Imagine: Imagine Void!Stiles teasing you until you feel like you’re going to go insane (sequel to my first Void!Stiles oneshot)

Author: Lupy22 

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Void!Stiles is a major tease, fingering, oral (reader receiving), nipping, dub-con, reader gets knocked out 

Heavy raindrops trickled down the windows as you sunk down to the cold linoleum floor. Things weren’t looking so good for you. Stiles was being possessed by the nogitsune and he was looking for you. After he knocked Kira out you didn’t bother waiting to see what he was going to do. Somewhere along that moment you lost Scott and that was how you ended up alone, wet and cold in an empty room at the vet’s. 

The moment you heard the door squeak open you froze behind a pile of empty cages. You didn’t dare show yourself. If it was Scott he would have called out for you or given you some kind of signal that you were safe now. All you heard was light footsteps and a door close. Your stomach practically dropped to the floor when you heard the lock click. 

He was here and he wasn’t Scott. It was the fox spirit taking over your best friend. 

“Y/N, I know you’re in here.” A very familiar voice announced.

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Imagine seeing Sirius again...

“I don’t think I can do this.” 
My voice was barely higher than a whisper, my hand gripping the fabric of Remus’ suit jacket tightly as he pulled me up the hallway of Grimmauld place. It hadn’t changed much since the last time I’d been here, it was still dark, musty and highly unwelcoming; the thought of Sirius’ Mother not being here not bringing me any comfort. 

For the last twelve years I’d stayed as far from here as possible, I didn’t want to be around anything that reminded me of everything I’d managed to lose in a couple short months. 

As we got closer to the kitchen door I pulled on Remus’ jacket, digging my heels into the floorboards to stop him from walking. My heart was beating so fast I thought it might come crashing through my rib cage, the lump of emotion that had been building in my throat causing my breath to hitch. 
“I can’t do this Remus.” 
“Of course you can y/n.” 
“What if he doesn’t want to see me? It’s been twelve years, his changed, I - I’ve changed, I’m not the same woman I was…” 
“You’re still his wife y/n, he misses you.” 

Wife. I hadn’t thought of myself as that in years, we’d only been married six months when he went to Azkaban, we’d barely had time to get used to the feeling. After that first year I’d taken my wedding band off my finger, hanging it from a chain around my neck instead, I didn’t want to look at my hand every day and see it. In the whole twelve years I’d never stopped loving him, he was the only man I’d ever wanted, he was the beginning and the end. I just wasn’t so sure he’d feel the same about me, it had been such a long time. 

Before I had time to protest any further however Remus was moving again, pulling me along with ease; the closer we got to the kitchen the higher my anxiety over this whole situation felt. I could feel tears building up along my waterline as he pushed open the door. 

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The Tease

Imagine Void!Stiles teasing you until you feel like you’re going to go insane (sequel to my first Void!Stiles oneshot)

Author: Lupy22 

Reader Gender: Female

Word count: IDK 

Warnings: Void!Stiles is a major tease, fingering, oral (reader receiving), nipping, dub-con, reader gets knocked out 

Author note: all these imagines I’m basing my oneshot off of come from the tumblr pagimaginesteenwolf. lf I ever make an imagine on my own then I will personally say “this is something I made up” or something like that. I did write the oneshot but it is based off the imagine 

Heavy raindrops trickled down the windows as you sunk down to the cold linoleum floor. Things weren’t looking so good for you. Stiles was being possessed by the nogitsune and he was looking for you. After he knocked Kira out you didn’t bother waiting to see what he was going to do. Somewhere along that moment you lost Scott and that was how you ended up alone, wet and cold in an empty room at the vet’s. 

The moment you heard the door squeak open you froze behind a pile of empty cages. You didn’t dare show yourself. If it was Scott he would have called out for you or given you some kind of signal that you were safe now. All you heard was light footsteps and a door close. Your stomach practically dropped to the floor when you heard the lock click. 

He was here and he wasn’t Scott. It was the fox spirit taking over your best friend. 

“Y/N, I know you’re in here.” A very familiar voice announced. 

You tried remaining still but your joints were beginning to ache. You swallowed softly and listened to his footsteps, they were getting closer. Adrenaline was soaring through your body and at that moment you weren’t sure if you were more scared or excited. 

The nogitsune had made you feel so good before and you secretly liked it. Although you had kept the encounter a secret, there was no denying the fact that you wanted the evil spirit to do it again. However, you weren’t sure if it was going to happen again. 

” Don’t bother waiting for Scott to come, he’s a bit out of it.” Stiles voice was so close. 

You jumped when you felt a pair of hands grab your arms. He hauled you up and practically threw you into the cages behind you. Luckily you had quick reflexes and stopped yourself from tumbling to the floor. All the cages crashed behind you and almost fell in the shape of a rectangle. The cages alligned made it look like a huge desk in front of you. 

Your eyes went up to see the nogitsune dressed in all black. His hair was soaked and sticking to the top of his forehead. Those eyes that were once a honey brown color now seemed so dark. So hungry. 

“I told you I would be back for you.” He stepped up to you and you backed right into the cages behind you. 

” Stiles, I know you’re in there. It’s me Y/N!” you cried as fear made your voice quiver. 

“Don’t run.” He warned as he closed the space between you. 

You didn’t listen and decided to take your chance while you could. Two lousy steps was all you got before his iron grip clamped on your black shirt. He brought you right back to the stack of cages and slammed you on the closest one. Those dark eyes searched you up and down as he held his right hand down on your stomach to keep your back pressing into the cage beneath you. 

” Sometimes I wish you would just listen, it would be alot easier on me.” Stiles began unbuttoning your dark blue jeans shorts. 

Chills were running down your spine and you immediately felt that heat grow between your legs. It was easy to say that the fox possessing your friend made you wet. Seeing Stiles so dark, it just twisted you in such a wonderful yet sick way. It didn’t help that he kept looking down at you with this evil eyes. 

Then you felt the tips of his fingers dig in your panties and after that you were truly doomed. 

“You tormented souls are always the best meals.” He complimented before pressing two digits into your moist entrance. 

You rocked your hips and let out a quiet sigh in pleasure. He went in just a little deeper before pulling them out and licking them with that beautiful pink tongue of his. At this point your whole body was on fire and your clit was tingling. Begging for any kind of touch, any kind of attention. Those dark eyes of his stared into your’s and you felt your insides burning with desire. 

He pulled your wet shorts all the way down and off your legs but left your panties on as he spread your legs wide. Your heart pounded as he moved the material of your panties to the side. He sunk to his knees, never breaking eye contact. Next you felt that warm tongue lick a long stripe up to your clit. Then he pulled away. 

What the fuck? 

You tried jumping up but he slammed you back down on the desk. He stood back up and let you sit up while he went back to working you with his slender fingers. At first he just brushed your clit but then he went in small smooth circles. You looked up at him through hooded eyelashes, silently begging him to keep going. You were two seconds away from coming but then he stopped. In one smooth motion he pulled his hand out of your panties and flipped you so you were on your stomach. 

He leaned over you and kept you pinned down with one of his hands as he grinded his clothed erection against your clothed entrance. By now your panties were soaked and your clit was throbbing. 

"Quick question. You think if I fuck you one good time-” He grinded his erection deeper so you could feel it rub against your clit. “ that I could just take all of your pain?” He rolled his hips in a circular motion. 

You bit your lipband whimpered in anticipation. You’re whole body began to tremble at his touch. The fox snickered at your reaction. Those dark piercing eyes trailed up your legs, your round ass and all the way to your face. He flipped you again and gave a chaste kiss on your lips. 

” I could eat you up.” He whispered. 

He grinded his hips right into your pelvic area making more whimpers escape from your mouth. Then you felt his fingers dipping into your wet entrance again. This time he curled his fingers at the right angle and you nearly came undone but he withdrawled again. You suddenly felt so empty. 

“ Damnit, stop that please!” You shouted frustrated. 

He laughed, licking his lips while gripping onto your right shoulder. “you want that release, don’t you Y/N?” He asked. 

You did. You wanted him to make you come so bad but you didn’t say a word. You just stared at him and he stared back. Finally he leaned forward and pressed his lips into your’s. His kiss distracted you so much that you didn’t even hear him unzip his jeans but you definitely felt his erection prodding at your entrance. You wiggled your hips to get him inside you but he yet again, withdrawled. 

“If you want it. . beg.” The evil spirit demanded. 

He grabbed a handful of your hair to force you to look him in his eyes as he slammed his erection into you. You didn’t even get to let out a moan because he pulled out all the way, leaving you with that empty feeling again. 

” Beg!” He growled. 

Once more you remained quiet, refusing to give him the satisfaction. Finally loosing his patience he slammed your head down on the cage that you were sitting on, so hard that your vision went completely black. 


Sophie Devereaux: I’m a grifter. For better or worse

Unlikely Alliance-Chanyeol!Wolf AU Part 8

Disclaimer: Photo not mine. Credit to owner.

Part 7 here


Summary: The Exo pack is being targeted by vampires for unknown reasons (at first). Suho, the Alpha, seeks the help of an old friend, Leo, who happens to also be a vampire. Despite the protests of the pack, Leo sends in his second in command to handle the situation. Chanyeol, the last mateless werewolf of the pack, struggles with the sudden realization that his destined mate is neither human, nor wolf. Chanyeol x OC fanfiction. Warnings: mature and sexual themes. Some Exo members may seem out of character.

Part 8

A week later, Kira was sitting outside on the porch, wrapped up in a soft blanket that she didn’t really need but that felt good against her skin. She was watching the night sky and listening to the crickets while sipping hot jasmine tea, holding the mug tightly in both hands, keeping it propped on her bent knees. It was the first time in a while that she got any time for herself. Except for the human mates, the rest of them hadn’t slept in days. They had spent their time training in combat, testing their reaction speed, their strengths, while Kira had had to fight each and every one of the wolves in order for them to get used to a vampire’s style of fighting. It was very important for them not to let the vampires wrap their arms around them, or they would crash their rib cages immediately.

Suho had been extremely grateful for the information that Kira had obtained, but now that they knew exactly when they were going to be attacked, everyone had become even more tense, counting down the days. Therefore, their days were spent drawing up battle strategies, plans and punching each other in the faces.

Kira did not feel physically exhausted as the others did. She didn’t actually need sleep, she just chose to sleep in order to pass time. She felt emotionally and mentally drained, however. Plus, she kept trying to find a way to tell the wolves that their chances were not very good. They were already outnumbered, plus they had four helpless humans to protect. Leo and the coven had been caught in an on going war themselves and there were very slim chances that they could come and help. She wondered if she was willing to die for these people that she had just met. Would Leo ask that of her? Would he tell her to leave if he found out that they were outnumbered? And if he did ask her to leave, would she? The thought of leaving the cozy house in the woods made her stomach drop. And for some reason, whenever she thought of saving herself and bolting, Chanyeol’s face would spring into mind, flashing his goofy grin that amused her so much.

Even though he had apologized for running his mouth, that didn’t stop him from doing it again and again. Kira often asked herself why she allowed him to treat her like that. Or why even when he was insulting her, hearing his voice made her skin prickle and her blood boil in excitement. Were it anyone else, she would have punched them a long time ago. But she just couldn’t bring herself to hurt him. Even when she had to fight Chanyeol while training she would only defend herself and dodge his hits, she would never attack him, causing the moody wolf  to throw numerous fits about her not wanting to help him.

She would think the others would have grown tired of intervening when they fought and bickered like kids, but she noticed them smiling, snickering, raising their eyebrows, as if they knew something she didn’t. It infuriated her. It infuriated her how she felt like she wanted to leave, but felt like she was at home at the same time. After only two weeks, she had grown fond of every single person in the house, and even the humans had begun treating her like they treated each other, like a sister. It was all extremely confusing to her. The only explanation that she found was that maybe wolves were that warm and friendly with everyone and she had just spent too much time amongst vampires.

Chanyeol. Chanyeol. Chanyeol. He was always in her head. Always. What was it about him that had  ignited inside her a fire that had been dead for hundreds of years? She was embarrassed about how she acted around him, as if she were a schoolgirl with a crush. A crush which would never be reciprocated as he made it clear to her daily how much he despised her. Right before she went out on the porch he had made one of his usual comments:

“You know that’s tea, right? Something normal people drink.” He tilted his beer bottle and drank, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

“Bite me, Chanyeol.” She rolled her eyes and went outside. She heard him coming after her probably to continue throwing insults at her.

“Come any closer and I will be the one doing the biting, wolfboy.” She growled, and heard Chanyeol’s footsteps retreating, mumbling curse words to himself.

However, she would always catch him stealing glances at her or sometimes even downright staring shamelessly and only stopping when she would return the stare, clearing his throat and acting as if nothing had happened. Even though he would insult and tease her every chance he got, sometimes he would surprise her.

She was in the kitchen washing some dishes, wanting to do something nice since everybody was really tired and she was the only one with a fully charged battery at all times. A bunch of wild multicolored flowers was unceremoniously shoved in her face. She didn’t even have to look up to know it was him. Chanyeol. For some reason, she could smell him from miles away. She had heard him come into the kitchen, and was expecting harsh words, not flowers.

She looked up at him with big eyes, then down again at the flowers. Chanyeol’s cheeks were flushed and he was gulping nervously.

“I saw them.. and well.. they were pretty, and um.. I-I thought.. um.. of you.” He stuttered, looking extremely flustered and cute. Kira was still gazing at him in awe.

Chanyeol then retreated the hand holding the flowers, whispering to himself like a crazy person.

“You don’t like them, of course, you probably like fancy flowers…I should’ve bought you fancy flowers, I’m so stupid.” He went for the garbage bin to throw them away.

That seemed to have woken Kira from her daze.

“No, no,” she was by his side in a swift blur, taking the flowers from him. “Don’t throw away my flowers.” Chanyeol’s goofy grin appeared on his face as he watched her leave the kitchen, her nose buried in the flowers, smelling them. She whispered a small ‘thank you’, knowing he could hear her. And he did.

Episodes like these confused her so much, she didn’t know why he acted that way, she didn’t know why she cared, or why she craved his attention and his presence like a drug. She would always find herself taking large intakes of breath whenever they were in the same room, getting drunk on his scent.

And then there was his body. Damn, his body. It was as if he was doing it on purpose. Almost everytime they ran into each other in the house or in the yard he would be shirtless.

“Don’t you own any shirts?” she asked, annoyed at how seeing his perfectly sculpted muscles set her insides on fire, heat pouring all the way down between her legs. She could’ve sworn he sensed her arousal, a small smirk playing at his lips. Damn, his lips.

“Why? Does it turn you on?” he teased, flexing his muscles and tensing them. Kira licked her lips and did her best not to whimper at the sight in front of her, her breathing accelerating. She heard him growl lowly, almost inaudibly, clearly noticing the change in her breathing pattern. Kira cursed her body for betraying her.

“Please, don’t flatter yourself. I’ve seen better.” She scoffed, turning away, eager to get as far away from his glorious body as possible before she did something she would most certainly regret. Like kissing those pouty lips that looked so soft and inviting. She suppressed another needy whimper.

“That’s not what you were saying last night in your sleep!” he yelled after her.

Yes. There were also the dreams, wet dreams to be exact. Every time she closed her eyes, there he was: naked, ripped, sinful, good to sink your fangs in. And there she was: needy, moaning, whimpering, calling for him to make her his. She was so ashamed of those dreams, and of how she was also looking forward to them because they felt so real. Each time she saw Chanyeol it was hard for her not to remember where his mouth and hands had been in her mind. And sometimes he looked at her like he knew.

Why? Why was all this happening to her? She had no one to talk about it with. She couldn’t tell Leo she had the hots for a wolf. And she most certainly couldn’t talk about it with anyone from the house. They would think she was crazy, getting so worked up over someone she had met only two weeks before. And getting so possessive.

“I’ll help you, noona.” Chanyeol spoke gently, coming very close behind Chen’s mate, getting the box from the top shelf that she needed.

“Thank you, Channie.” She smiled, ruffling his hair.

A hostile hiss came from Kira, as she watched the scene and she quickly tried to cover it up with a cough, rubbing at her eyes, which she could feel gleaming red. She didn’t know why she felt a sudden murderous impulse, wanting to shove Chen’s mate a million miles away from Chanyeol. Did she have to touch him? Did he have to use that soft tone with her?

She was being ridiculous. The woman was mated, Chen was her world, yet she still wanted to rip her head off.  She was being so irrational she wanted to punch herself. She didn’t even notice when Chen’s mate had left, leaving her alone with Chanyeol. She didn’t notice when Chanyeol had crouched in front of her, as she sat on the edge of the couch, her head bent in her lap, still trying to make her murderous vampire face go away and failing miserably. Her emotions didn’t seem to be in her control anymore. They were in Chanyeol’s control.

He stroked her head gently, hearing her breathing steadying, actually feeling her calm down and her worries go away. He could only imagine how confused she was, not knowing what was happening to her. At least he knew why he was feeling the way he did and he was struggling to come to terms with it. But she didn’t even know what she was supposed to come to terms with.

The truth was he had forbidden everyone in the house to tell her about their bond. He knew he was the one who would eventually have to explain it to her. He had told Suho he was postponing the moment because he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to mate with her. As if he had a choice. In fact, the prospect of her rejecting him terrified him to his very core. Every day he was more and more in love with her. Every day he discovered things he loved about her: how strong and determined she was, how skilled she was in battle, how smart, witty and sarcastic she was, how she smelled after she came out of the shower, the little frown on her face when she was concerned, how cute she was with her little cup of blood avoiding everyone to go feed, how brave she was, how tolerant she was with him when he was being nothing but a pig. He felt so guilty for treating her that way, but his emotions got the best of him. Even though he craved her every second, and not being able to touch her was torture, he still had moments when he felt angry at her for being what she was. However, he was surprised to notice how normal she seemed except for her feeding habits. He could get used to it. He most certainly could get used to her.

He didn’t even realize that Kira had lifted her head from her lap, and that he had been absentmindedly playing with her hair the whole time he had rambled on in his head. And she had let him.

The tea in her mug had gone completely cold, while thoughts of Chanyeol had been running through her mind for the past two hours. She sniffed the air feeling him approaching her, but she didn’t turn around when she heard him sit on the steps behind her. Without a word, he began playing his guitar, the soft melody filling the silence of the night.

Kira felt herself relax completely, leaning back in her chair, closing her eyes, letting herself be engulfed by Chanyeol’s scent, his presence, his music. The feeling was indescribable. It was something she had never experienced before. She couldn’t think of anything else she needed in that moment. Somehow, not talking worked best for the two of them. She turned around, placing her chin on the back of the chair, watching Chanyeol’s beautiful hands caress the strings. She found herself wishing she were that guitar he was holding so carefully and gently in his lap. When he lifted his gaze and their eyes locked, Kira finally knew how she felt.

She felt complete.

Part 9 here

A Girl in the Company: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Groans echoed through the large cave the company was in after all fifteen crashed into a wooden cage. However shocking the situation was, Kiera couldn’t help but be thankful for the distraction. Thorin had got in her head. Part of her knew she never would have said what she did under different circumstances, but the other part knew the dwarves were bound to find out eventually.

Rising to her feet, Kiera’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings and was horrified to recognize where they were. She, herself, hadn’t been here before but she had heard the dreadful stories of Goblin Town from the very few who had escaped. Neither the dwarves nor the hobbit seemed to realize who it was they would soon be dealing with. Just as she was about to speak up, a hoard of goblins came running at them. The gross creatures barged into the tiny wooden cage and carried them all away, except for Bilbo, who was easily overlooked by the Goblins and left behind. Kiera wasn’t sure if the others saw, but she hoped Bilbo would be alright by himself. 

The goblins’ boney fingers seemed to be all over her as she squirmed uncomfortably. A few were given a forceful kick or punch, but it didn’t deter any for long. Finally, they were dropped roughly on the ground in front of the throne of the goblin king. Quickly assessing the situation, Kiera realized they were surrounded and really had no way out, especially since their weapons now lay a few meters away. 

“Who would be so bold to come armed into my kingdom?” The disgusting King said as he stepped closer to the company. “Spies, thieves, assassins?" 

"Dwarves, your malevolence,” a goblin near Kiera spoke and she grimaced in disgust.

“Dwarves!” His voice echoed in the caverns.

“We found them on the front porch!”

“Well, don’t just stand there! Search them!” the goblin king roared.

The goblins’ nasty fingers were all over the dwarves and Kiera again. As her jacket was patted down, she felt the tip of her smallest knife poking just above her stomach. The knife itself was located inside the left breast pocket and she hoped the goblins would miss it a second time. 

“Hey! Inappropriate!” She yelled at the one goblin whose hand got a tad too close. Luckily, the goblin just grumbled and moved his hands elsewhere. 

“What are you doing in these parts? Speak!” The goblin king questioned, but no one spoke up. “Very well. If they do not talk, we’ll make them squak! Bring up the mangler, bring up the bone breaker! Start with the youngest!”

Kiera’s hand immediately flew to her jacket pocket, ready to defend the smallest of the dwarves. She knew there was no possibility of any sort of victory, but if she drew attention to herself, maybe the goblin king would spare Ori. Kiera only hesitated when she heard Thorin yell out. 


"Well, well, well! Look who it is; Thorin Oakenshield! Son of Thrain, son of Thror, king under the mountain!” The goblin king paused to bow mockingly. “Oh, but I’m forgetting you don’t have a mountain. And you’re not a king, which makes you nobody, really." 

Kiera sensed this conversation was going bad, and fast. Her hands lying reached into her pocket and drew out the small dagger, hiding it up her sleeve instead for easier access. 

"I know someone who would pay a pretty price for your head,” the goblin continued. “Just a head, nothing attached. Perhaps you know of who I speak. An old enemy of yours; a pale orc astride a white warg.”

Throin and the company look utterly shocked at the information. As for Kiera, she had heard of Azog the Defiler’s return, but hadn’t known he was the enemy hunting Thorin. If she had, she would’ve surely told him. But now, she would never reveal she knew. It would just be another reason for Thorin to distrust and despise her. The goblin king continued on taunting the king under the mountain before he and his fellow goblins began singing the most wretched song Kiera had ever heard. As she turned her head, she saw the awful torture instruments making their way towards the company as well as Ori’s petrified face next to her. 

“Ori,” Kiera whispered. “Those machines will not be used on you." 

Ori turned his fearful face towards her as her knife finally slipped into her grip. Pulling her arm back, she aimed for the king’s stomach knowing it was a big enough target. She heard Kili say her name in a desperate attempt to stop her, but his attempts were futile. The dagger soared through the air before embedding itself in the stomach of the king. The goblins all roared in anger as their king pulled the weapon, which sadly had caused little injury, from his stomach.

"Who dare?” The king sneered as his eyes locked on Kiera’s defiant face and pointed in her direction. “The girl first!" 

The dwarves all turned to look at Kiera in horror as a couple goblins dragged her from the company. She could here Kili yelling for her over the mayhem, but it was no use. The goblins strapped her down to one of the torture devices, whether it was the mangler or the bone crusher, she didn’t know. All she was sure of was that it was going to hurt. A lot. 

A few goblins began cranking levers on the sides, causing both Kiera’s arms and legs to stretch further than they were meant to. Mangler, she thought. Definitely the mangler. Eventually, Kiera knew this machine was going to tear her limbs from her body in a bloody, painful fashion. She could feel the sweat forming on her forehead as she tried to pull her arms and legs back towards her body, but it was no use. The machine was much stronger than she. Her ears starting ringing as someone’s scream echoed through the cavern and she realized it was her own. A light flashed before her eyes and she thought for sure she as dying. This was the light at the end of the tunnel, the one she wasn’t suppose to go to. But if going to the light meant leaving behind this pain, maybe she wouldn’t mind as much.

The light went away, though, and so did the pressure on Kiera’s extremely sore limbs. She closed her eyes and tried to slow her heavy breathing, silently thanking whoever or whatever stopped the torture. When she opened her eyes once again, she was met with Kili’s panic filled face. He was quickly cutting the thick leather straps from her wrist and Kiera looked around to see the other dwarves taking up arms as the goblins lay on the ground appearing to be in shock. As she turned her head to the other side, she let out a breath of relief at the sight of the grey wizard. 

"Are you alright?” Kili asked as he helped her to sit up. 

“I- I don’t know,” Kiera winced as she slowly moved her limbs. 

“Can you walk?” He asked, voice filled with desperation and hurry.

“I can try." 

With Kili’s help, Kiera stood on her shaky feet and started to walk towards where the other dwarves were rapidly disappearing down the creaking wood ramps. Fili was the only dwarf who had waited for them, and he ushered them to hurry. Kiera snatched her weapons from where they lay on the ground before quickening her steps and taking off after the others.

if your heart beats too strong for your bones,
crashes bruising against the cage of your ribs–

if your blood flows too fast for your veins,
races ‘round your body and leaves your fingertips burning–

if your lungs strain in the cavity of your chest,
aches for something it never seems to find–

darling, it is because you were born of stars.
your heart beats with the power of black holes.
your blood flows with the surge of solar flares.
your lungs seek the aether of the heavens.

I didn’t know what it meant to love a star
until I met you
and your words sang songs my heart had forgotten
and your voice whispered the secrets my lungs breathe
and your mere presence soothed an ache I hadn’t known

I didn’t know you could love a star
but darling, I look at you
and my heart leaps in awe of something greater
something precious
something celestial
something kindred.

I didn’t know love could feel like this,
like walking home under a sunny sky,
like finding the perfect word in a poem,
like the first sip of water on a dry day.

I didn’t know there was love greater than friends,
greater than lovers,
sweeter than the wine of Aphrodite’s blood,
sharper than the tip of Cupid’s quivering arrow.

I didn’t know
until I heard you speak
and my heart remembered.


Dear Phi,

I’m sorry that the world is being crueler to you than you ever deserved. I’m sorry that there is nothing I can give you except my best wishes and my words. My fingers ache with the desire to lift the burden from your shoulders, and I’m afraid mail will be too slow to satisfy my impatience, so I hope pixels on a screen can suffice. 

You are a different kind of treasure I didn’t know existed in this world, and I love you. Thank you for reminding me how precious the world is, how precious people are.