crash banditcoot

crimsontigerlord asked:

Crash Bandicoot (Any game)

“Is this a kids game?.ah well I’m bored I’m willing to play anything…”

Crash Banditcoot 1

“So Is suppose to be his girlfriend?….He’s the size of a baby compared towards him..”

Few stages later on

“I like this game but oh boy this is a hard game I think I would broken my controller in rage specially at Slippery Climb…almost channel my inner child rage there”

Crash Banditcoot 2

“So this is the sequel….feels alot better I would totally play the hell out of this music is catchy…”

“So there a bear that barks?….eh you sure it’s a bear?”

Crash Banditcoot 3

“This is the 3rd one I guess there going make more in the future…no pun intended…”

“So now were riding a tiger around China…I don’t remember seeing thoses flags however..”