crash bandicoot 2


So I’ve got this messenger bag and decided to decorate it with my favourite games. I’m a specimen of “the Master PC Race” and at a time I couldn’t afford a PS1. But I used to rent that console. I remember my very first PSx game - Crash Bandicoot 2 and how Resident Evil 2 made me jump lol.

I now own a PS3 but I hardly play it (you can friend me on PSN here) as I have a great gaming laptop; but Playstation (just like Megadrive that I still have in working condition!) will always be in my heart!


Gaming Nostalgia: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine - Covers

This concludes the gaming nostalgia series for January 2015. I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgia trip back to some of the best days in gaming. I will bring this series back soon.

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<3 TheOmegaNerd


Playstation games I still own, they all work. I tended to be a snotty lil brat and never lent out my games to anyone, I took care of them as if they were my babies (ノ; ̄V ̄)ノ

I had tons of others too but sold those to get newer games.
Alot of these I still have are games that I wouldn’t even dream of selling back then. I still play most of these even up til today.

"Well, well, well. If it isn’t Crash Bandicoot. Welcome. I apologize for the crude means used to bring you here, but I’d rather expect a written invitation to be turned down. I need your help. Surrounding you are a series of five doors. Through each door lies a well-hidden Crystal. The Crystals look like this. Bring me the crystals, Crash. That is all I can say for now. We will speak again."