crash and burn 2013


I went to a movie theater with a bar with the bestie to get some drinkies. The bartender was a lovely, chatty, flamboyant man who led us to conversation about Britney, and how she’s a ‘studio singer’ etc, which led to him telling us about how he used to layer his own music like that etc etc…

I asked if he was going to audition for The Voice or if he was working here, and he said he’d been a contestant on American Idol that made it to the group rounds. When he told me what group he’d been horribly combined with I immediately remembered him (because it was so tragic.) Of course I can’t ever bite my tongue and I’m like ‘Yeah dude, that was terrible for you.’ and he was saying he wished they gave them a chance outside of the group situation and we were joking back and forth and I was comfortable with him and how he’d take it, so I said “Well, at least you don’t have a contract with Simon Cowell’ And he said “Nah, Simon’s cool.” (I make a disgusted face, knowing he’s surely signed the ‘can’t talk shit even on the moon clause’ as he pauses,) “As long as he likes you.“

So we talk some more and he says this was back in 2013 when ratings crashed and burned down to like only 6 million viewers and he told me that even then, the ENTIRE live audience was all GRANDMAS.

Simon crashed and burned and had already lost his demographic more than 3+ years ago. We’re seeing the last of the desperation while he blows on his last few embers as they’re burning out.