crash 'n' burn

boxing n tom

okay but that boxing video? i’m deceased and very inspired so enjoy these 725 words of fluff. :-)

Your arms were crossed, one arm pulled out and holding a bottle of water that you had pressed against your chin. Your back was up against the wall of the gym, your eyes trailing Tom’s figure as it moved around the boxing ring. His shorts hung low on his hips; his hair bouncing slightly on his forehead with every move his body made.

You could see the muscles in his arms flex every time he would throw a punch, causing you to subconsciously bite your lower lip. A little buzzer went off and Tom threw one last punch at the pads the trainer had on his hands. His arms fell down to his sides and he shook them out, rolling his shoulders back to loosen his muscles.

You dropped your water bottle and pushed off of the wall. Your legs carried you to the ring, your fingers resting on top of the elevated mat. Tom’s back was too you as he swigged back water from his own bottle.

“Hey there, handsome,” you chirped, a radiant smile on your face. He turned around, a smile erupting on his features when he saw you.

“Darling, you’re here!” you pulled yourself up and into the ring, standing in front of him, you back now against the ropes along the perimeter. He stepped closer to you, pulling you against him by your hips. One of your hands reached up and ran a hand through his curls that were a bit damp from sweat.

You reached up your other hand, twirling his hair around your fingers. Tom let out a low chuckle. “Whatcha doing, love?” You smiled.

“Your hair looks pretty, s’all,” your fingers continued to thread through his hair, before they slid down his face and onto his biceps. You looked up and gave a bright smile, leaning in real close to his ear. You could hear his breath hitch in his throat when your lips brushed against his earlobe.

You paused for a moment before speaking, “I’m actually really tired right now.” Tom groaned, playfully pushing you off of him.

“Dammit, (Nickname), that’s not fair!” he whined, causing you to laugh. You linked your fingers together, pulling him over to you. You reached up, giving him a quick kiss.

“Sorry, sorry, I love you,” you giggled, pressing your lips against his again. Tom smiled a bit, releasing his hands from yours and running his fingertips from your hips up to your sides. He gave your sides a quick squeeze causing you to let out a little squeak and pull back from him. He let out a laugh as you gave his arm a light smack.

“You did not just tickle me,” you warned and he shrugged, a mischievous glint in his eye. Your own eyes slightly widened as you slowly backed away and to the side from him. “Uh, uh I know that look Thomas Stanley.”

“What look?” he asked, tilting his head to the side and feigning innocence. “That look.”

He only shook his head and stretched his hands out to try and tickle you again. You let out another squeal and ducked around him, running around the small boxing ring.

“You really don’t have much space to run or hide, love,” his voice was teasing and you tried to run faster, not that it would do you much good. You felt him catch up to you, his arms wrapping around your waist and lifting you slightly in the air. You let out a mix between a laugh and a squeal as he spun you in a circle.

“Tom, put me down,” you laughed. His fingers tickled your sides and you laughed harder, bending forward against his strong hold on your waist. You could hear his laughter directly in your ears when your back pressed against his chest again. You felt the ground beneath your feet and spun around in his arms, reaching your fingers up to play with his curls again.

“You look really pretty right now babydoll,” he said, reaching a hand up to push a piece of hair that had fallen from your ponytail, behind your ear. Your cheeks flushed and you leaned up to press your lips to his again.

“Love you, pretty boy,” you mumbled against his mouth. You could feel his smile as he mumbled back, “Love you too, pretty girl.”

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Broken Empire

Request: Could you write a fic about Crowleys teenage (about 200 in human years) and how she deals with him beeing dead and her beeing the new Queen of hell? Love you 😘 😘 😘

Requested by: @dont-trust-humanity

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Imagine… You and Hermione being partners in crime,best friends, and doing everything together. Talking about everything together,being each others rock.

“You are insane (Y/N)“

“What can I say? The best people are crazy.”


“There is no way i’m doing this you lunatic! We could get in trouble.”

“Oh come on Granger,live a little! Stop being a miserable good girl and come have fun with your best friend.”


“He called me a mudblood.”

“I’ll kick his ass.”

“Please don’t, I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“He made you cry Hermione, he can’t get away with that.”


“What would I do without you (Y/N)?”

“Crash and burn,become a lonely cat lady,have the most boring life ever?”

Only Weakness {Kim Junmyeon}

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Suho x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

“There has got to be something that embarrasses her,” Baekhyun paced up and down the room during the ‘family meeting’ EXO were having on a warm afternoon, all twelve of them sat around the living room. Except for Baekhyun, who was pacing backwards and forwards as if he was contemplating something incredibly important.

“What are you doing Baekhyun? Unless you have something important to say, do us all a favor and sit down.” Suho told the boy responsibly, but Baekhyun was barely listening.

“(Y/N) is just so fearless. There must be something that makes her blush.” Baekhyun spoke again, not getting the hint that Suho was getting agitated.

“More like someone that can make her blush.” Sehun smirked, causing Baekhyun to look up.


“Well, I was talking to (Y/N) about a week ago, and she accidentally let slip that she has a thing for one of us.”

“Guys I don’t think-” Suho tried to interrupt, but the others were too engaged in what Sehun was saying to really care for Suho’s responsible comment.

“What? Why would she tell you that and not me? I’m her best friend.” Baekhyun pouted, though Sehun laughed.

“She didn’t mean too, she tried to cover it up and all.”

Baekhyun hummed as he thought. “Well guys, I guess it’s time we get to the bottom of this!”

Suho stood up, “Come on, this is a stupid idea.”

“Actually, I’m pretty game.” Chanyeol smirked.

“Great, then it’s settled. What about everyone else?” Baekhyun looked around, and everyone else seemed to agree, even the likes of Yixing and Kyungsoo.

“Come on guys… Minseok?” Suho looked at the oldest member, supposedly the most mature.

“Sorry, Suho… But this is something I’d like to see.” Minseok shattered Suho’s final hope.

“I hate you guys.”

Later on that day, (Y/N) came over, looking bright and beautiful as she usually did, wearing a summer dress and her hair styled perfectly around her face, it was enough to make Suho feel weak at the knees, like he was a teenager all over again. It was a secret that he felt this way, the others thought his protectiveness was a result of his leader/mother image. But oh how wrong they all were.

Baekhyun was the most shameless, he was the first to approach (Y/N) in attempt to figure out her feelings.

“Woah, is it hot in here or is it just you?”

“No, it’s you, because you just crashed and burned.” (Y/N) responded with a smile, Baekhyun pulled a dissatisfied face and Suho smiled, looking down.

Chen tried next, that charming smile playing on his lips.

“I just googled "sexy” and a picture of you came up"

“If you try searching "not interested” the same picture will come up.“

Suho laughed this time, and (Y/N) saw, she cracked him a small smile in return. He desperately wished his cheeks didn’t flare with red like they were.

No one attempted to approach (Y/N) for a while after that, until Tao plucked up the courage and sat next to her. ”(Y/N) feel this"

She did as he asked, her hand moving to his chest, her hand running over his torso where his shirt lay. “Like that? It’s boyfriend material.”

“It looks a little clingy and hard to maintain.”

Suho grinned as Tao frowned.

The others tried to find out her feelings, Chanyeol pulled the classic 'did you fall from heaven’ pick up line, and D.O. tried implicating they had indirectly kissed when she tasted the food he was cooking from the same spoon he had tasted from. But nothing seemed to work, not a single thing, and all the members were starting to wonder if Sehun had simply misheard her, or if she was just good at hiding her emotions.

She had turned all but two down, Xiumin and Suho.

Xiumin walked over to (Y/N) from behind as she cleaned the plates after eating dinner.

She turned around, instantly stepping back upon seeing how close Xiumin really was. He took the opportunity to put his hands either side of her on the kitchen work top, his arms supporting him as he leant close to her.

“Are… you alright/” (Y/N) asked him.

Suho looked up, no, don’t like Xiumin now… not after turning them all down, don’t let it be him.

He was watching from the other side of the room, and the others were too, all content, as if something drastic was happening.

“You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend.” He smirked at her.

She didn’t respond for a moment. “I… what?”

She finally caved in, her eyes narrowing. “What the hell is going on? Why are you all acting so… weird? This is all on you Baekhyun, I bet you started this!” She exclaimed, her eyes moving away to shoot daggers at Baekhyun who was already sliding down his chair.

Xiumin moved away from her and she stepped away from him. “I’m going home now, it’s getting late.”

“(Y/N) wait!” Suho called as she grabbed her coat.

She looked around, “What?”

“Can we… get coffee?”

“Suho it’s 10 o'clock” (Y/N) told him, though her voice was a little softer now.

“I know, but you look so beautiful today and I want any excuse to spend more time with you… I don’t know what made me say coffee, I guess I’m just nervous and it slipped out… now look at me I’m a rambling mess, and my heart is beating really fast.” He walked over and grabbed her wrist, placing her hand where she would be able to feel his heart beat.

And to everyone’s surprise… (Y/N) blushed.

“Coffee it is then.” She told him.

The to of them seemed to smile like no one else was in the room, just looking at each other for a few moments before leaving without another word to the other members.

“Holy shit…” Baekhyun spoke for the words everyone else seemed to fail.

Nothing Holdin me back

Synopsis: Based off Shawn Mendes’ Nothing Holdin me back music video.
Pairings: Archie x reader, Bughead
Warnings: Flying(?) Fluff, swearing (probably)

AN: fun request but i can no longer listen to that song ever again 😂

3rd Person

“If we were meant to fly we would have been born with wings” you rattled nervously in the brightly coloured plane seat. Your best friend sat next to you laughing at your irrational fear.

“It’s okay y/n/n it’s only like what? 9 hours” he took your rattling hand in his and rubbed the back of it.

“Not.helping.archie. this giant metal tube shouldn’t  fly!” you squeezed his hand tightly as the play hurdles towards take off. You squeezed your eyes shut as tight as possible and waited for the crash and burn.

“Y/N…it’s okay, open your eyes” Archie grinned at you as you slowly obeyed. You glanced out the window and regretted it instantly. You pressed head back to the headrest, completely clung to seat.

“Come on y/n! This is going to be the best School tour ever! It’s Paris! The city of… something” he said attempting to pry you from the seat.

“Love” your voice still shaking with fear.

“Yeah….love”. Archie draped an arm around you and pulled you in. You bury your head into the side of his chest, eyes still welded shut. Archie laughed lightly at seeing his brave and unbreakable friend cower in the face of flying. He rest his head on the top of yours and you both fell asleep like that, 9 wonderful hours.


After nearly breaking Archies. hand squeezing it so tightly on the landing, you were in Paris. And then sweet jetlagged kicked in, your tour group went straight the hotel without hesitation.

To save costs, the school booked rooms with double bed so the students would top and tail, no complaints from Betty and Jughead who planned to spend every moment they could cuddled up and with the boy’ apartment directly across the hall it was easy to achieve.

You rolled over in your sleep and practically touched noses with Jughead. “Hey y/n” he whispered. Not immediately recognising Jughead you screamed and threw yourself out of the bed landing on your ass.

“Jesus Christ Jughead! Get out!” You whisper screaming at him, not wanting to alert the teachers one floor up.

“Sorry y/n, Jug thought we’d all fit” Betty blushed, sitting up to see you lying on the floor.

“Well we don’t!” You stood up and hit Jughead with a pillow.

“Can’t you just go share with Archiiiiieee pleeeeaaasssse” Betty whined collapsing back onto her boyfriend’s chest.

You started grumbling and took your pillow from the bed. “Thaaaank you” Betty smiled.

“Yeah yeah yeah whatever” you hit Betty with the pillow and took Jugheads room key, still grumbling as you went.

You crept across the hall and let yourself into Archie’s room. He lay asleep facing away from door. You slowly walked up to the edge of the bed and then smacked him into the face with the pillow as he gasped.  

“Wakey wakey roomie!” You sarcastically smile as Archie blinks his eyes into focus.

He sits up and his shirtless state catches you off guard for a moment. “What? Where’s Juggy?” He groans.

You roll over him to lie on the opposite side of him “where do you think roomie? Scooch over you’re hogging the covers” you say pulling the thin double duvet from Archie’s grasp.

“Of course he’s over with Betty, that was quick” Archie snuggles back down into the bed facing you. Every nerve in his body wants to feel the electricity of your touch.  

“Shhh Archie, sleeping” you smile and he nudged you playfully. “Wish you had taken that into consideration for me 5minutes ago” he smiles. You don’t see it as sleep takes you away once again.

You’re woken to harsh banging on the door “WAKE UP!!! WE LEAVE IN 40! ROLE CALL IN 30!” a voice you recognise as your art teacher screams through the cheap wooden door.

Y/N groan into a solid surface only to realise it’s Archie’s chest.

Archie POV

I wanted to stay with y/n wrapped in my arms forever. Our legs were tangled and I wanted to keep it that way.

She took all my inhibitions but still made me crazy and I loved her for it. She challenges me, she takes me places I would never go, she really doesn’t like to wait, not into hesitation and I loved her for it. She pulls me in and keeps me guessing but I know I’m always safe with her and I loved her for it.

“YN…we should get up sweetie” I was met with a groan and she snuggled tightly back into me and I to her.

Soon another banging came to the door. “Arch! YN! Put your clothes back on and let me in!” Jughead whispered shouted outside the door.

Y/N slowly pulled from my arms and groggily hauled herself out of the bed. I laughed at her and she hit me with the pillow.

“Bye Arch” she kissed my forehead and left juggy in. Why’d she just kiss my head?! What does that mean?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

“Good morning light of my life” Jughead teased a disgruntled yn. She practically growled at him before crossing the hall. “Not a morning person eh?” Jughead laughed calling to her. Y/n turned on her heels and hit him with the pillow before going into her room.

“My God she’s deadly with that pillow” Jughead laughed as he began getting dressed.

Yn kissing my head was still running rampant in my mind. Did she want me to kiss her back?

I didn’t see yn for the rest of the day, she did art, I was here for my politics elective and so our time tables just didn’t overlap. From our excursions during the day, Juggy was too tired to cross the hall so stayed in our room that night. This was very much the whole story for the rest of the week. I had never seen so little of yn, we only had breakfast and dinner together and it just wasn’t enough.

By the last night I was ready to go back to Riverdale, I missed dad and Vegas and even though she’s across the hall, I see more of yn in Riverdale.

I rolled over to find the space next to me empty. As if on cue the door opened and there stood a fully clothed yn, shoes in her hand.

“Arch, get up!” She threw a shoe, narrowly missing my head.

“What whhhyyyy”

“I haven’t seen you all week and despite being out and about all week I feel like I haven’t seen Paris so let’s go” she began rooting around in my suitcase throwing me a t-shirt. I put it on and pulled on jeans as she continued to root around in suitcases.

“What are you doing?” I pulled on my runners((trainers, sneakers etc.)).

“Tying all of Jugheads shoes together” she said without batting an eyelid. I laughed at her. YN and Jughead got on really well and Jugheads approval was another reason I loved her.

We snuck out into the streets of Paris. It was totally amazing.

“Hey Archie”


“Race you!” She took off running with me hot on her heels. She finally stopped when she met the railing of the river.

“I win” she proclaimed.

I crashed into her, “no fair! I had no idea where we were running to!” our bodies were nearly touching and it was taking everything in me not to grab her and kiss her.

“And you followed me anyway?” She laughed wrapping her arms around my neck. The mixed messages are driving me insane.

“I’d follow you anywhere” I put my hands on her hips and she smiled to me.

Suddenly a brash voice from the direction we had just run from started shouting

“Arrêtez! Faites-vous partie du groupe de tournée américain! Arrêtez! reviens ici!” ((Oh you guys I haven’t done French in 3months don’t be mad if that’s all wrong hahah))

From my broken french I gathered he said something along the lines of “stop! are you part of the american tour group! stop! come back here!”. While I was busy translating in my head, yn grabbed my hand and started running.

She ran down into the underground ((subway etc)), dodging late night commuters. I finally caught up and passed her out and now I was leading her.

We ran out the other end of the underground and I pulled her up more steps and through arches. We finally met a low wall and turned to see if we were still being chased, definitely not.

We both laughed so hard tears came to yns eyes.The place was empty but even if it was full she’d do the same.

Still holding my hand she walked to the low wall “wow” she whispered. I followed her gaze. “Wow” I agreed louder.

Paris. Practically all of it. The Eiffel tower glowed glittery in front of our eyes. Stunning.

“It’s beautiful” yn admired. I looked down to my amazed best friend. “Yeah you are” I let slip.

She looked up at me and met my eye smiling. She bumped me with her hip before leaning into my chest. I wrapped my hand around her waist and continued to take in the view.

She moved from me while taking both my hands. I spun her around and we danced in silence through and under the arches of this Parisian landscape, just messing around. We were the only two in the world.

There’s nothing holdin’ me back. I leaned into her and kissed her. She instantly wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss.

“About time Andrews” she smirked at me.

There’s nothing holdin’ me back.

“I love you” I admitted, a huge weight leaving my shoulders instantly.

“Really Archie? You’re such a cliche in the shadow of the eiffel tower” she teased and I pushed her playfully.

“I love you too Archie Andrews” she kissed me again.

There’s nothing holdin’ us back.
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fav on/ey or supe/rmega fics? I need some recommendations! Like are there any people on ao3 u like?

here’s some gooood ones

cupid painted blind by sammo - ryatt and dingdulian (sfw) (also mafia au YEET)

artificial flavoring by cottonstones - ryatt (nsfw)

5am by iguanadepalo - ryatt (nsfw)

crash ‘n’ burn by depresso - dingdoney (sfw) (I’ve sent this to four people in the past two days I just love it and need everyone to read it)

blood under the sand by nonsensenotebook - (sfw) (2000s detective show au it’s good shit)

Ohm revealing himself(maybe not) Edited

Guys I think Ohm is gonna revel himself at the 2017 choice award. He’s tweeting things about positive body types lately.

I know we’d be proud no matter what he looks like but every day he probably sees high expectation fan art n stuff.. it would make him worry..

And it’s a huge honor and a huge reason.. I just don’t know.. it has just been on my mind.. I thought someone should say something

-Edit- Okay so it looks like I made a post about something that I had no idea about what happened or what I was getting into. Things about exploded a little. It looking better tho! I wanted to apologise about not doing all of my research and asking questions before posting. I probably dragged alot of others into either what’s happening or made their hopes fly or crash n burn. I just wanted to say Im sorry.
And a finale!

Thanks for playing, all. :)

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At first, everything’s okay. They make it home, there’s hugs and stupid selfies and promises to do this again soon (hah), and then it’s back to their regular lives, albeit with new tans on everyone. Dean still gets to see Cas regularly, what with their apartments being in the same building, and Dean uses every opportunity he has to make right what he knows needs doing right.

So with Dean on the clock, there’s always something good to eat in Cas’ kitchen, and books to read on his table, and DVDs to watch on his shelf. Cas doesn’t have to go through this alone because he has Dean.

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your hal jordan headcanons/social media stuff IS ON POINT please bless us w more hc (doesn't have to be just social media stuff!!) <3


  • breaks every coffee machine he uses. they just magically stop functioning in his presence… which annoys everyone in the watchtower!!! BAN HAL JORDAN FROM USING THE COFFEE MACHINE 2k16!!!
  • RLY LIKES “girly” COFFEE DRINKS… girly beverages from starbucks in general, like a typical white girl. which PAINS him a lot, every time somebody goes on a coffee run for the jl (aka barry), hal is just like (strained voice) get me a medium psl and doNT TELL ANYONE
  • he generally puts a lot of sugar in his coffee because there’s no sugar in space?? like yeah, there’s sweet stuff but it just doesnt taste like earth sugar!! he misses it a lot whenever he’s in space so when he comes back he just dumps like 5 teaspoons of sugar into his coffee and feels alive again
  • NASA once tried questioning him about specific of space travel etc… hal is not an idiot, idiots cant be top pilots in usaf, but he doesnt know much about astrophysics and stuff like that… so when NASA specialists are like ‘how do black holes work!!!’ hes just ‘idk my dudes… kinda feel cold when u go thru them???? not recommend…. *winks and fingerguns* did that help???’
  • oh and everyone is a “dude” to him. diana was a lil confused when he first called her ‘dude’
  • uses a lot of filter words when he talks… (like in darkseid war: gl)… often goes ‘so– like–’. also unironically says ‘brah’ and ‘hella’
  • i have a hc that he realized hes into guys when during his air force training, there was a guy in his squadron who was into him a lot and hal just rolled with it – and also it was the first meaningful relationship in his life, not just immature high school stuff… they had to keep that stuff top secret bc back then it would mean getting kicked out of usaf… then hal got himself discharged, boyfriend stayed behind and then died in afghanistan during service. hal wasnt even on the planet when the funeral was being held B’(
  • suddenly things got sad so im gonna add to this - hal’s oldest brother canonically blamed hal for causing their mother so much stress that she got cancer, he mostly blamed hal’s reckless life etc but i hc that he also blamed his sexuality, the main reason he got kicked out of their house was the fact that he was dating a guy
  • OK LIGHTENING THINGS UP…. hal jordan has a true love for top gun and he can watch it anytime, ur not his Real Friend if he hasnt forced u to sit down and watch top gun with him !!! its his Religion
  • hal has seen like 5 movies in his life tbh, he always falls asleep when watching one… unless its top gun
  • fucking…. loves… *clenches fist* the beach…….. 
  • always tanned?? how does he do that???? how!!!
  • really, really hates the scars he has… it has to do with how vain he is, he views scars as something that decreases his attractiveness (BELIEVE ME HE KNOWS HES BEAUTIFUL). he doesn’t have many of them though, he has unevenly colored and smooth patches of skin on his thighs and hips - courtesy of his many crash-n-burn landings. he also has lots of tiny scars on his back (a result of him getting drunk before getting the ring and then being thrown thru a window after starting a fight, he passed out while lying on glass shards B’( ). other than that he’s fine, tho i sometimes like to imagine him with an eyebrow scar bc that SHIT IS HOT
  • him and smol wally once sneaked onto ferris airstrip and totally borrowed a jet just for a night B’)))
  • takes up like 85% of space in a bed, drools and snores a lil. he wakes up early tho (courtesy of his military training)… unless he’s been banging, then he sleeps in
  • AND MORE STUFF… idk i just love HIM OK i think abt him a lot