I apologize it’s utter crap - I do, however, think I know where my pen is. But sadly, I believe it’s at my mother’s. So I’ll have to eventually meander my way that way - and I don’t do that often.

But I felt bad, because that would mean a long time without any picture updates. So here, have a long tongued Dimitri on pencil and paper.

He’s proud of it.


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So I was hanging up more stuff in my room and I realized I hung my Crest of Friendship from Digimon AND my Wayfinder from Kingdom Hearts next to my Scott and Stiles piece.

The Crest of Friendship is self explanatory, but the Wayfinder charm represents unity and bonds between friends that can never be broken. Friends that will always find their way back to each other no matter what happens.

This is so perfect and I didn’t even intend for it to be like that.