captainniehaus asked:

Okay how in the name of Delphine Cormier did you make that fading gifset? Did you sell your soul to Stana or something because it is so freaking perfect I am losing my mind.

haha, well just with a lot of patience. I knew what i wanted to make, I just didn’t know how, so it took me a while to figure out how i was gonna do it. First I had to make the backgrounds and then the frame-by-frame horror started.


I made these animated icons (50x50 pixels) for a bit of fun and also because I was considering opening up for animation commissions and heard that animated icons are often requested.

They are quite rough and I wasn’t sure on how to go about making them but I’d be happy to make more for practice and when I open up to animation commissions.

Also I think they may have too many frames and stuff going on in them to be usable icons but whatever, practice is practice I guess

(edit) my bad on the low res, didn’t realise how crappy the gifs looked until just now :s