shikatema selfie!

The result of last week’s date with le bae badhare-carula (/゚Д゚)/

i forgot to upload this.. and damnit i don’t have a working scanner so please bear with this crappy smartphone camera shot 

the sketch and lineart are mine.. i borrowed her koi brush and it was so hard to use.. but i kinda like it i guess.

we kinda collaborated on the coloring, since it was the first time i used koi brush. she adds some finishing touch to the piece.

Here’s what I’m intending for my Skelita custom. Probably with the additions of a hat with a veil and something ridiculous and feathery on top, some sort of coat or cape and some little button boots.
All in black.
I’m going to really hate black by the time I’ve finished her costume. I may have to add a few touches of white and purple for the sake of my sanity.

She is inspired in equal parts by the Victorian obsession with death and their customs of mourning dress and those skeleton lady cameos that are all over Etsy.