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Heyyy my babes. It is I, Kaylee! 

So this is my first masterlist and it’s pretty crappy but whatever. So please enjoy this and send me any requests you have, I will be happy to do them! 

Smut content: ♡ 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover ♡
Eating Appreciation 
Shoulder Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation  
Thigh and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover
Thigh Appreciation ♡
Forehead Appreciation

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover ♡
Tongue Appreciation 
Lip Appreciation 
Smile Appreciation
Arm and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover 
Lip Appreciation 
Booty Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover
Eye Sex ♡
Leg Appreciation
Vein Appreciation 


Choker Appreciation 


BTS Reaction to Their Gf Sending Them a Video Of Her Masturbating ♡

BTS Reaction to You Wanting a Quickie Before Heading Out  ♡

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Hugging Their Arms and Hands When They Walk Together 

BTS Reaction to You Saying That Some Of Your Tattoos Are Private

BTS Reaction to You Accidentally Calling Them Daddy In Bed  ♡

BTS Reaction When Their S.O Wakes Them Up By Giving Them a BJ ♡

BTS Reaction When Their Best Friend Is Sick

BTS Reaction to You Being Shy and Having a Conversation About Wanting To Have Kids

BTS Reaction to You Moaning One Of the Other Members Name In Your Sleep

BTS Reaction to You Being Upset And Them Trying To Comfort You

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Saying They Don’t Want to Sleep With Them Because They’re Insecure 

BTS Reaction to You Rejecting Them After They Confess to You


BTS Favorite Sex Positions  ♡

BTS Kinks  ♡

BTS Pet Names/Nicknames For Their S.O

BTS When They Orgasm

BTS Sex Songs  ♡

This Masterlist will always be updated, so if you want, check every few days to see if there is any new content. Thank you. :)))

anonymous asked:

How would be clexa Christmas in the mystic coffee universe? ❤

oh gosh, okay here, take this gross mess of holiday mystic au clexa feels

Clarke is generally unused to celebrating the holiday since she definitely doesn’t (can’t) go home, and her friends are usually busy or they go to distant relatives houses and Clarke hasn’t wanted to impose by inviting herself along. So usually she’d just crash on her couch and watch whatever crappy Christmas movie was on tv and get drunk on corner-store eggnog and eat mini candy canes until her stomach is sick. After the first two years of doing it, it was basically a tradition and it hadn’t really occurred to her just yet that this year might be a bit different.

So it’s mid-December when she offhandedly tells Lexa with a shrug that she usually doesn’t put much thought into the holiday, and the other girl stops them dead in the middle of the sidewalk aghast because, “Clarke, it’s Christmas.” And when this doesn’t garner the response she wants, she becomes determined to make sure Clarke gets caught up in the spirit of it. They end up running to a bunch of different stores, picking up lights and decorations right then and there and Clarke is mostly humoring her because she’s so amused by how excited Lexa is and okay maybe it’s a little contagious and I guess some of these decorations aren’t so bad. But then a day later Lexa buzzes Clarke’s apartment and she’s standing on the sidewalk looking half-frozen, breath coming out in puffs, next to a christmas tree. "Don’t just stand there, help me carry it in.” And when Clarke finally gets over her shock, they somehow manage to get it inside her apartment before any of the neighbors catch Clarke using magic after the two of them give up halfway up the stairs. 

And then Lexa is running around the room hanging up paper snowflakes and going on about sugar cookies and this new peppermint drink they’ve got on the menu in the coffee shop that doesn’t actually taste like pure sugar. And Clarke is just shuffling from foot to foot and helping when she can but it all seems kind of foreign to her. Because she still doesn’t completely get it, she doesn’t get the whole point, the whole fuss. But later, it’s dark out and Lexa asks “ready?” and flips the switch on the wall, and the small tree that she dragged all the way to Clarke’s apartment from god knows where, is softly set aglow…and Clarke gets it. 

And Lexa is watching her with a soft, knowing grin and after a moment Clarke just shakes her head and pulls her close and kisses her, because it’s the easiest way to convey this indescribable fullness in her chest. The lights on the tree blink and twinkle in response and the branches get fuller and Lexa is laughing softly and saying something about how Clarke is mixing up christmas tree traditions with mistletoe ones. 

And on the day, even though the forecast calls for clear skies, Clarke’s window alone has soft flurries on the other side. It’s late and she’s wearing a ridiculous sweater and they’re dozing together on the couch, neither wanting to move anywhere. Half-finished mugs of still-steaming apple cider sit on the table next to the snowflake shaped cookies that Lexa stole from work. The Christmas tree is lit up softly (it’s grown a bit since they first brought it in) and now sits with ornaments that like to appear and disappear or rearrange themselves on their own and it might be a little strange to anyone else but to them it’s perfect. 

Clarke feels warm and loved and thinks that maybe this new tradition isn’t so bad at all.

[writing soundtrack, taken from my mystic au playlist, was Weather by Novo Amor]