crappy valentines card

Batboys With A Male S/O Would Include...

Sorry if it’s short I have so much things to get done… also sorry if it’s bad


  • Have you seen that man’s butt?
  • It’s all yours
  • So yes I expect you to slap and squeeze it which flusters the fuck out of
  • But don’t worry he does it back too
  • Dick is not afraid of flaunting your relationship
  • He doesn’t care what the public says
  • He is the big spoooon
  • But he lowkey loves being the little spoon which you make sure to make him be once in awhile
  • Dick always having his shirt off dear lord
  • If you work out Dick will love to help you
  • Mixing up your clothes with his all the time
  • Which you don’t mind because his clothes just seem to be so much softer and better???
  • Eskimo kissessssss
  • Dick finds eskimo kisses ridiculously adorable so expect him to do that a lot


  • Number 1
  • why am I so obsessed with Jason and his s/o wearing his jackets???
  • Jesus you look ridiculous hot and badass in them
  • Jason doesn’t like small pecks
  • So if you give him once just know he’s going to pull you back in for a much more heated kiss
  • Jason absolutely hates when people congratulate you for doing basic couple things in public
  • Straight people do it all the time and are ignored
  • It’s not like it’s something out of this world it’s just a couple being a couples
  • But he thanks them anyways
  • Jason loves holding your hand, his is so much rougher compared to yours due to his night activities
  • If anyone dares say something bad about you get prepared for Jason to unleash hell on that person
  • He would call you so the most cliché nicknames ever to annoy you
  • “Hey honeybun?”
  • (I have so many sadly but I have so little time ugh, a second one is needed)


  • Tim would look so cute in your clothes
  • He isn’t the most buff guy but he does have some good muscle
  • Tim would give you cute little cheek kisses at random
  • Him being the little spoon
  • Giving Tim massages to let him relax and refresh for a while from all his work
  • Tim steals your hoodies all the damn time
  • Having long conversations at night with Tim because how screwed up him sleep schedule is
  • Tim always making a cup of coffee/tea for you in the, morning he knows just how you like it
  • Tim plays with your hair when he’s bored and you play with his as well
  • He would send you the dumbest things, for example crappy valentine cards you know the ones with comic sans fonts?
  • Memesssss
  • Play fights, he makes sure not to hurt you


  • He is so romantic
  • Damian once bought a pet for you on your anniversary, at least he didn’t almost buy a zoo like last time
  • One of your most romantic dates would be a picnic and ending it with star gazing
  • Damian laying on your chest all the time because he feels so comfortable and safe in your hold
  • Getting lost in those damn eyes jesusss
  • When someone says something about your PDA Damian makes the PDA more extreme to piss them off, he can’t stand people that are just so rude
  • Damian’s constant worrying for you
  • You’re the only that can calm him down and who he will obey fully too
  • You showing him classic movies and having to explain everything to him
  • He would carry you to bed if you fall asleep on the couch
  • Hugs from behind
  • When driving he likes to hold your hand
  • Just your simple touch calms him down

I’ve wanted to make these for a few years now.. and I finally could, so I did. 
(We won’t talk about the 6th one..)


I literally made anything that came to my mind.. so yes, there is a mish-mosh of them and no theme. Enjoy!