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I’ve gotten quite a few new followers recently, so I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! I brought animated pie to bribe you into liking me.

My name is Tahlia, I draw pictures and post about Steven Universe, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Magical Girls, Pokemon, and sometimes original stuff and other gobbledegoop. Asks are always open, and I’m always up for suggestions on what to draw next (although I may not get to all of them).

Thank you so much for joining me here! I hope you enjoy your stay!


excerpt from “holocaust” // abby

(100 days of productivity - day 15 to 18) 

5th april to 9th april - I’m sorry for completely abandoning the ship, I didn’t really mean to do that (maybe I did tho lmao) :^) I have been having pretty neutral days and that pretty much sucks bc this is boring me to death rip ;u; 

+ I’m officially a freshman at high school now and hoo boy; I’m dying with the work load even tho the real crazy homework hasn’t even started yet and it’s just been 3 days at school hahaha (someone save me, seriously) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, remember to hydrate yourself and take care of your bodies; you come first. 💞