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first of all i love you very very much okay so we all kind of know damian's begrudging relationships with most people (smol brother, son, friend, rival, possible love interest but not yet bc he's still a little baby) so what do you think damian's relationship would be with babs? since her and dick are quite good friends (i would let platonic dickbabs murder me i love them)do you think it would be positive? you don't have to answer or take this seriously, but i've always been rather curious :P

oh my gosh thank you!! I love you too~~ <3 <3 

And I’m going purely on preboot Babs because new52 and beyond babs I highly dislike - but I think they do/would actually really care for each other? Not openly of course, that’s not either of their style when it comes to each other, but just. Bond over their shared intelligence. Technology. The crappy life hands they were each dealt. 

I mean, in preboot, Damian seemed to almost respect Babs to Dick’s level. He at least didn’t disrespect her as much as he did Tim, or even Steph for a while. There were moments here and there, but of course they didn’t interact a whole heck of a lot. Like, one moment I remember in the Life After Death arc something-something happens to Dick and he’s totally conked out. Damian finds him, and instead of taking him back to the bunker, he took Dick to the cave, where Babs had set up shop with Steph. Not to mention he trusted Babs to take care of Dick and stay at his side, and that was at a time I don’t think Damian would allow anyone outside of himself or Alfred to really do. 

On the opposite, I recall seeing panels from Steph’s Batgirl run I think it was, where Babs had gotten like…trapped in her own mind or in a computer or something? (I never read the arc so I don’t actually know.) But in this mind-trap thing, Babs was living a ‘normal’ life, and the scene they showed was her creating some sort of Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Dick was there as her lover, obviously, and her dad was there. But so was Damian. (And Tim I think?) And just…to me, I feel like if Barbara didn’t at least marginally care about the kid, she wouldn’t have included him in a ~perfect life~ scenario, you know?

So I think they’d have a really close, platonic friendship/sibling-ship. He’d never be in love with her, and I don’t think he’d ever see her like a mother (like I sometimes talk about he might see Kory.) But I think he’d see her as a very dear friend, like Colin, or a big sister, like Maya or Steph or Cass. 

I could definitely see, after long nights of crime fighting, Robin holing up in the Clocktower with Oracle for a few hours, both sipping on tea or coffee or hot chocolate, talking about recent science or world news. Even about the latest video gaming convention. No Dick, no Bruce, no Steph or Cass. Just the two of them. 

God now I’m just sitting here. They’d just be so close. Like fuck. FUCK!!!


Doing a little digital art doodles after a long time of @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye! This is the first time I’ve ever drawn Jack. This turned out pretty good.

I’ve had a crappy day with technology not working properly on terms of handing in work so I wanted to draw my favorite youtubers to cheer me up a little.

First of all, dislike of phones is valid because phones are crappy, inefficient, awkward technology that never would’ve gained the ubiquity that it has if something better had come along first.

Second, some people have specific issues with phone communication because it is very inaccessible. I’m not hard of hearing, but I have major difficulties parsing speech over the phone (ditto with movie/TV dialogue, but that comes with images and captions). I also have major difficulties with processing, recalling, and applying information I receive in audio format, which applies not just to the phone but to podcasts and audiobooks. As a result, I have a lot of anxiety about talking on the phone for anything other than making basic plans. I can’t hear you, I can’t ask multiple times for you to repeat every single sentence, I forget things you said a few seconds ago even though I was paying attention, and I’m anxious about speaking without seeing the listener’s nonverbal cues so I can judge how they’re receiving what I’m saying and adjust accordingly.

I don’t know why I have these issues. I can’t afford a goddamn MRI. However, I suspect that it’s less a neurological issue than a language issue. Most American English speakers mumble and enunciate poorly. (In fact, I often have to ask them to repeat themselves multiple times in person.) I’ve almost never had this problem with a native Russian speaker. I’ve had my hearing checked and it’s perfect.

It’s *infuriating* to be blamed for a communication issue that’s definitely not my fault, and may very well be the other person’s fault. It’s infuriating to have my dislike of phones treated as some annoying millennial quirk rather than the serious auditory processing issue that it is.

Please stop pretending it’s such a shame that kids these days don’t recognize crappy old technology.

Kids these days are too busy having access to 3D printers and computers that let them communicate with people around the world and designing the future to care about overhead projectors and Gameboys.


@one-shots-supernatural ) I don’t know why, but I was looking around and I ran into this gif…..

And I don’t know why, but it just made me think that this is probably how we both look when we’re texting each other and throwing ideas back and forth, and I started laughing so hard.

But then I found this……

And it just reminding me of how crappy I am at technology and new things. I seriously yell the same thing. And I know you laugh at me off to the side. And then I know….I know for a fact that this is what we both look like when you’re trying to help me through whatever you’re helping me with.

I don’t know why….I know this is so random, but just……it made me laugh at how much a like we are lol. 

And then there’s this……

That’s when we finally get everything figured out and we can finally move on to the next story after being stuck for so long. 

Again….random. But it made me laugh. Love You!