crappy stuff but still


the babes playing video games. idk, this looked funny in my head lmao 

(i would’ve done them playing a few other games but I got lazy -_- sorry)

I’ve been seeing bunland all over my dash today so I thought I’d join in

in b4 Caliborn smashes the claykids flat and people try to predict endgame ships based on who got squished together


choose your weapons wisely.

Puck&Rachel||Coming For You

Puck wasn’t really thrilled about having to go to Finn and Rachel’s, especially not for the reasons that he was at the moment. Despite all the crappy stuff that he done lately, Puck still considered Finn his best friend and he didn’t want to feel the way he felt. But the rage was getting the better of him and it was a good thing that Finn wasn’t going to be there when he went to pick up Rachel. Otherwise… well, Puck’d never been very good at handling his anger. 

He pulled his truck up in front of her Rachel’s building, parking a little aggressively and crookedly. He didn’t care about all that at the moment. He wanted to see her face and see that she was okay. Taking the stairs two at a time, he got to her floor and jogged to her door. He made sure he tapped gently on the door so he didn’t scare her. “Hey, Rach. It’s me.”