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Titanium Lyric Starters
  • "You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say"
  • "You're talking loud, not saying much"
  • "I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet"
  • "You shoot me down, but I get up"
  • "I'm bullet proof"
  • "[I've] got nothing to lose"
  • "Fire away"
  • "Take your aim"
  • "I am titanium"
  • "Cut me down, but it's you who has further to fall"
  • "Ghost town"
  • "Haunted love"
  • "Raise your voice"
  • "Sticks and stones may break my bones"
  • "Stone heart, machine gun, firing at the ones who run"
  • "Stone hard, as bullet proof glass"

Even though Thanksgiving is already finished, I’m still finding things that I’m forever thankful for. Right now, every single part of my own house is something I am thankful for. And pizza. I will forever be thankful that pizza exists.

In honor of my thankfulness for pizza, I will happily order and pay for pizza for anybody who wants it all weekend. I feel like we all deserve it after the week we’ve had.


🌻 - Our muses at a flower field
🌙 - Our muses pulling an all nighter
⚜️ - Our muses in an old castle
🎁 - Our muses giving each other gifts
🐠 - Our muse going to an aquarium
❤️- My muse confessing their love to yours
💔 - My muse being heartbroken by yours
💄 - My muse giving yours a makeover
🎤 - My muse overhears yours singing
💌 - My muse sneaks a love letter into your muse’s locker/bag
🕯- Our muses in a dimmed room
🔥 - My muse saying your muse is hot
🎀- My muse saying your muse is cute
🕶 - My muse saying your muse is intimidating
🖍- Your muse drawing on my muse’s arm
💍 - Your muse asking for my muse’s hand in marriage
🍭 - Your muse taking my muse to a candy store

          “If you’re here to talk about hands or claws or whatever the hell was found now, I don’t wanna hear it.” She was tired of all the gossip that seemed to flutter through the city, especially more recent afflictions that were much more violent. She came to this city to blend in and forget such horrid violence and now she felt stuck in the middle of it all over again. “Besides, limbs and things are hardly important; just wait till they find the whole body-—”

The break had been exactly what Scarlett had needed and now that she was back for season six she felt refreshed and little more put together than she had been previously. The end of season five had been a mess and one she was all too happy to leave behind her as she stepped into the Sydney house with a smile on her face, determined to leave the past in Hawaii. Collapsing on the couch, Scarlett leaned back and closed her eyes for a second, the flight over to Australia had taken it out of her and she was exhausted. The blonde’s eyes only began to flutter open as she heard footsteps, a sleepy “Hello” coming from her mouth.

Seb was used to new places, in fact it wasn’t even his first time being in Hawaii. He’d been here before for skate competitions and tours, but the house, the cameras…that was defiantly new. Wandering into the house as though he belonged there, which as of that moment he supposed he did, Seb walked straight into the kitchen, chucking his backpack on a stool and leaning his board against the bench as he started to make himself a cup of coffee. “Mornin’” He greeted as though he’d been there since day one, hearing someone enter the room.

Grant’s been to Chicago before, back when things were normal, but that was long ago and now he’s here again as a different person. Bag perched on his back, he started walking around, looking for something to steal for lunch and he found this conveniently placed fruit stand. After looking around to make sure no one was looking, Grant went invisible and grabbed an apple. He then walked into an alley and went visible there, taking a bite off the apple when he stepped out of the alleyway.

As the crowd gathered to witness the lighting of the great tree, Elias sat down and watched the whole thing unfold. Suddenly, the street illuminated in bright lights, beautiful, mesmerising… And be brought a beer bottle up to his lips to take a sip. He had a lot on his mind tonight and he let out a breath of exhaustion, “Almost another year…” He mumbled, more so to himself than anyone else, “I’m four hundred and fifty next year, fucking hell.”

No habían transcurrido muchos minutos desde que llegó, pero extrañamente Abby se dirigió en primer lugar a conseguir una bebida. Quizás era el hecho de que hasta ahora no habia reconocido ninguna cara familiar entre los asistentes a la fiesta. Ella se dirigó hacía una zona donde se estaba desarrollando una actividad, y se quedó mirando mientras tomaba un sorbo de su bebida.

              CRINKLED EYES AND A scrunched up nose occupy harley’s features. the party was in full swing but quite frankly, she already needed a breather. stepping out for a smoke, she was instantly greeted with a male who was desperately seeking a kiss.  ❝  can’t i just draw a pair of lips on you ?? --nevermind, just fuck off.  ❞  waving her hand dismissively, she attempted to light the joint in her frail hands but to no avail. looking over to the closest body, she nudged them lightly.  ❝  you got a light on you ?  ❞