crappy shit art shit

i was originally gonna finish this but nah

so yeah i’m still not over episode 10 lmao


Her Favorite

A stupid, crappy comic I just decided to whip out really fast. Nothing is accurate at all. Mainly just doodles. I just wanted to fuel my Amedot and Pearlmethyst feels. The poor precious babies…

Here you go, @doodlebetch​. Just for you.

Inspired by Electro Swing dance song ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Hahaha so WAY back in January, I was driving to work when this came on my youtube channel and I HAD TO DRAW THESE TWO DORKS DANCING! Not to mention I keep teasing everyone with this. So UNTIL I am able to get this colored, I am just going to give you all the camera phone scan in. So I apologize for the quality.

Now I need to tag my squad cause these people were awesome and screamed pure joy at this comic. I love you guys - @shadybug , @slaydybug @adjit

For @everythingelsegoesherethen (for some reason I am unable to tag you) Because you requested I let you know when I did post this up. :D

I hope everyone like it.

For extra close ups (even worse pictures sorry lol)

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“Sizing doesn’t matter for doodles/wips” says Nikko as they immediately delete the original post to fix the canvas sizes.

But yeah I’m trying to expand the generic ass college au past Creek related ideas, so here’s what Stan’s group is supposed to look like. This can also apply for how I headcanon their heights when they’re older (Kenny’s a tiny ass baby and nothing can convince me otherwise).