crappy quality but hes so cute



Ahhhhhhhhh Yusuke is the cutest in the universe \(*T▽T*)/ His little side story was about Ema going on a date with him for his birthday (which was like coincidentally 4 days ago) on the 31st of March. They went on a little cute date together and then Ema gave Yusuke a charm (it says “traffic safety”) and a cute little cookie shaped like a car for getting his driver’s licence. It obviously means a lot to Yusuke since he keeps a charm for himself and gave it to Ema in order to pass her own exams (in the novel). So he hugs her and tells her it makes him really happy and they hold hands and look forward to next year.

Gooosh I wish these two were canon. Just seeing interactions, as short is it is, makes me all giddy but sad. Sorry for the crappy quality pics. I kinda rushed in taking pictures since I was about to leave before I took them lol.


“ the lady host mentioned in Healer, there are a lot of intimate scenes with uri Young Shin, and she asked him ‘How does it feel’? So he explained things like - it has lots of skinships and kissing scenes, the most he has ever had, they worked really well together; later on they got to know each other more, and they started discussing how to do it so that it will look good on-screen. The lady host then asked, "So it means you are tired of (or fed up of) it?” Of course Wookie could not understand her, so he tilted his head *so cute* towards interpreter unni. Once he heard it he breaks into his JCW-brand of laugher, “AH~ HAHAHAHAHA!” and answered, “No, I’m not tired of it.”

Day 4 of the 30 day challenge: draw an uplifting picture of someone who inspires you. I chose the flower prince @floredoodler because he inspires me to try new things and to be better as a person and an artist : ) sorry I made your hair so floofy.. I just can’t stop imagining you with super floofy hair (-w- “’) hehe

well… i’m a huge fan of your comic (even though i started kind of late)…. and yeah dylan is one of my fav characters because he is really easy to relate to. I hope your comic becomes more popular than it already is. (again sorry for the crappy pic quality)

Aww so cute, especially that lil’ Joa there :) I’m glad to read that Dylan’s relatable. That’s very important in a comic.

Thank you!