crappy quality as always


A compilation of cute Rhink gifs I made in the past!

This goes to all my fellow shippers and very especially to the ones who just joined this amazing fandom. Know that you’ll have a great time shipping these two over here (romantically or as the cute besties they are) and that there’s never-ending material for you to feast your eyes on! Enough to get you dizzy whenever you make the bold choice of creating a compilation gifset and realize there’s just too much and end up having to settle for just a few!!


Nano in wonderland!
I drew this for Valentines day. Nano is Alice and Lalna is March Hare.
I also had an idea of Echo as the Queen of Hearts and Lalnable as the White Rabbit. 8)
( Sorry the quality is crappy as always, because I don’t own a scanner.. :I )

Happy Valentines Yognaughts!